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A girl finds a master in a cemetary. A master who loves to bite.
I loved the cemetery. Something about it seemed peaceful. Quiet. The perfect place to be. Especially when skipping school. It was a Friday; the first warm day in months and I couldn't spend it at a desk listening to teachers drone about useless information. So I played sick. My mother went off to work and I put on a pair of shorts, combat boots, black tank top, and I snuck out and walked to the cemetery. It was slightly raining but I didn't mind. I loved the rain. When I got to the cemetery I found an old oak tree and opened the book I had brought. There was a strange fog swirling around the tree but I barely noticed. I put on some old classical music. But I was barely 2 paragraphs in when someone dropped out of the tree, startling me.

"Oh!" I could see it was a boy. He scattered the dead leaves around him but they settled. He stood up and promptly said,

"I apologise miss. I did not mean to startle you." He extended a hand "My name is Vladimir. Vladimir Dracul." And then I took in the sight of the most handsome man I had ever seen.

He towered over me. He looked to be at least 6'2". I was only 5'4. He had black hair. Cut short and spiked slightly. He wore a "My Chemical Romance" t-shirt (my favourite band), black skinny jeans, black converse, and a trench coat. He was wearing glasses. But behind those glasses were black eyes. Black as night. Surely they must be contacts I thought. I took his hand and he pulled me up.

"So," he continued "what's a beautiful girl like yourself doing out here...on a school day?" I was blushing but I found my voice and replied,

"Well, it's the first warm day in months. Should I spend it outside or in a school, listening to some teacher drone about a subject I will never use in real life?"

"Fair enough. And, I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name"

"Krista" He took my hand and kissed it. Sending an electric shock through my body. He released my hand.

"So tell me Krista, is your face always that colour red, or is it just when a man is around?" I realised how badly I was blushing. Words escaped me and he laughed.

"It's alright my dear. I do tend to intimidate people sometimes." I regained myself but I couldn't help staring into those eyes. They were beautiful, almost hypnotic.

"No, it's alright. Say, aren't you hot in that trench coat?"

"No, my dear. I'm actually, rather cold all the time. I could always use someone to warm me up" he wrapped his hand around my waist to pull me closer, and stared deeply into my eyes, like he was staring into my soul.

"I...I should go." I pulled out of his grasp and gathered my book and started walking away but barely 2 steps away, he called to me

"Krista..." I stopped. I was confused, I wanted to get away. But my body seemed no longer to be in control of myself.

"Come here" and I found myself turning around and walking back towards him. When I was face to face with him again he stared into my eyes a few more moments. He brushed my hair aside and before I could question what he was doing, he leaned in and bit into my neck. I couldn't struggle, couldn't move, couldn't push him away. I was frozen. I realised what he was doing, he was DRINKING my BLOOD. I started to feel weaker and weaker. Until finally he pulled away and I collapsed. The last thing I felt before losing consciousness was him, carrying me in his arms.

I awoke in a bedroom that was not my own. It was large, huge wooden bookshelves were around the room. And in a corner, there was a roaring fire. Then I looked at the bed. It was huge; the bedspread was silk and the colour of blood. BLOOD! All of the memories came flooding back to me in a quick rush. Vladimir, the cemetery...him drinking my blood. I had no clue where I was but I knew I shouldn't be here. I swung my legs out of the bed and it was there I noticed what I was wearing. A black baby doll night gown...but no bra or panties. That freak undressed me!

"Yes I did" and there he was. Standing in the door frame. He had changed his shirt to a black button up but was still wearing the jeans and converse. He strode over to me and took my hands in his.

"And I must say darling, you look lovely." He leaned in to kiss me but I jerked out of his grasp.

"What...what am I doing here? Who are you? What did you do to me?" His face did not change from that smirk he had.

"My name is Vladimir Dracul, last of the original vampires. You're here because you now belong to me. And what I did to you was claim you as mine forever." My head was swimming. Vampires...
They couldn't be real....could they?

"What do you mean, I belong to you? I'm not something you can own like a piece of meat!" I started heading towards the door way but before I could take two steps towards the door, his hand wrapped around my throat and he was growling in my ear.

"Darling, you misunderstood. I did not give you a choice in the matter. You will be mine and you have no say in it." I struggled to breathe, gasping for air.

"Oh good, you're learning to stay quiet. It's so much better you don't struggle." He ran his tongue across my neck and bit down, sending a shock through me. My body was burning and I felt my clit start to ache with desire. He drank for a moment or two before pulling away.

"Your blood. So sweet. I wonder what the rest of you tastes like." His hands traveled down lower to my hips. I'd always been bigger than normal girls. Wide set hips, a few extra curves. And until recently, I'd always been ashamed of them. So when I could feel the hands of a man on me, my body started to become consumed with lust. But I couldn't let this creep know that.

"Look at these curves, they're wonderful." He started pulling up the night gown and it was then that my mind came to its senses.

"No!" I struggled out of his grip but before I could reach the door, I found myself back on the bed, my wrists pinned above my head. Seriousness was all that remained on his face. His eyes full of lust and rage.

"Listen to me, you little slut. I tried to be gentile, romantic. But fact is, you BELONG. TO. ME! And as my property, I will use you. However I see fit" He completely ripped off the night gown. Exposing my c-cup breasts. His eyes roamed my body hungrily, like a hunter stalking his prey.

Before I could utter a word of protest, he pressed his lips against mine. His tongue ran against my lips and I parted them, allowing his tongue access. It met mine and they started intertwining with each other. And I couldn't help myself, I moaned into the kiss. And I knew I was getting wet. I could only pray he wouldn't notice. But he pulled away, that same smirk in his face.

"Oh, does my girl like that? Good. Behave and I'll make sure you enjoy everything" he pressed his lips back against mine, and keeping one hand on my wrists, his other hand started tracing down to my breast. He grabbed it roughly, squeezing it. A small whimper escaped my lips. He grinned down at me sadistically and let go. I could feel his cock harden through his jeans. His hand moved down in between my legs. He edged my thighs apart and started rubbing my pussy.

"Well, someone is enjoying herself. You're soaking wet my dear." I opened my mouth to try and deny it but he raised an eyebrow at me, as if to dare me to try and deny it. I shut my mouth and turned away blushing

"Oh don't be embarrassed my dear. In the days to come I will give you so much pleasure, you will be BEGGING to have me take you again and again." He kissed my cheek and used the hand that had been pinning me down to turn my face towards him.

"Haven't you always wanted the loving touch of a man? Give yourself to me and I will open up a world you could never dream of. Passion, lust, desire, romance. All of that and so much more. I will be your master, your dominant, your guiding hand. Krista, be mine." He gazed down into my eyes and I knew he meant every word. I couldn't do this! It was crazy but those eyes. Something about them made me say

"Yes....master" He had me. He grinned and kissed me deeply and passionately. My hands traveled down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt, trying to feel him against me. With his shirt unbuttoned, I started pushing down his jeans. Beneath them, black silk boxers that had a wet stain on the front of them from the pre-cum. I reached to pull those but he pinned my hands down and grabbed a rope from a drawer on the nightstand. He swiftly bound my hands to the bed posts. He grinned wolfishly as I bit my lip and whimpered ever so slightly.

"Don't worry little one. Soon you will feel my cock pounding you relentless but first, I must taste. He kissed me once more before making his way down to my soaking wet cunt. He admired and spread the lips.

"Well well well, someone is soaking wet for her master" he looked at me and I blushed, making him laugh.

"No need to be ashamed, my dear. This is how I want you every night. Soaking wet, ready for my cock." He then bent his tongue down and licked a slow line from my ass to my clit. Making me moan and squirm. He slapped my cunt once.

"I'd knock off that squirming if I were you." He warned. Then returned to what he was doing. Running his tongue over my sensitive slit and licking up the juices. He stuck his tongue in my pussy only to feel how tight it was.

"You really are a virgin aren't you?" I nodded once only to be surprised at the feeling of him pressing a finger into me.

"But no cherry. Tell me, how did that happen?" I blushed and refused to tell him. He forced another finger in me.

"Come on now. Be a good girl and tell your master. How did my sweet little slut remove her innocence" he inquired, forcing a 3rd finger in, making me gasp and writhe my hips. I was finally able to compose a sentence

"Alright! I'll tell you!" He pulled two fingers out.

"Good girl"

"When I was 13, I was using a marker to masturbate and I accidentally pushed it in too far." I blushed and look away. He pushed my hair back so my gaze met his.

"There now, was that so hard? I told you, I can very gentile and loving. So long as you obey." He kissed me long and passionately. Allowing me to taste myself on his lips. I moaned longingly into the kiss. He pulled away.

"I think someone is ready to be fucked like a proper slut." He slowly pulled his boxers down and out sprung a cock that made me want to scream. 10 inches in length. 5 in girth. Far bigger than anything I had seen in porn. I was silent and he noticed my staring

"Surprised? Oh don't worry, it'll hurt at first but after a while you will crave it and be begging me to fuck you over and over and over again." He pushed his boxers completely off and spread my legs wider. He tested how ready I was with one finger.

"Oh Krista. Still so tight." He pulled the finger out and rubbed the head of his dick against my pussy. He groaned and ordered me

"Beg for it. Beg for my cock in your pussy. Tell me you want my cock deep in your pussy. That you are my slut. Tell me now or play time is over." I was so scared that this was end I was crying and I whimpered out

"Master! Please! Please fuck me! I want your cock deep in my pussy. I'm your slut oh please just fuck me!" The words had barely left my lips when he shoved his cock in my tight wet cunt. He was only about half way in but I still felt so full. It was unlike anything. Having something so massive in me. It was so painful but so wonderful at the same time. He paused for a moment to let me get used to it. I sat there whimpering and moaning for a moment while he placed light feathery kisses on my lips and neck. I finally nodded to him, not wanting to ruin the moment with words, telling him to continue.

He slowly started pulling out and pushing back in. Pushing a little more in each time. Making me moan and him groan.

"Oh Krista....fuck! I love your cunt squeezing my cock like this. I'm going to fuck you every day, every night. You are mine Krista. Say it! Say you're mine!"

"....I'm ....I'm yours master. Oh please fuck me like the slut I am!" He started going at me at a frenzied pace, pounding me hard. Pain and pleasure mixing. Almost battling over my body. Until finally pleasure won. All I could feel was his hands me. Squeezing at my breasts and pulling on the nipples. And his cock buried deep within me. And his lips. All over my face and neck. Until there was pain as he bit into me and was again drinking my blood. He drank for a moment then reached one of his hands up and dragged across His shoulder, causing him to bleed.

"Drink Krista. Be with me" I raised my lips to the wound and tasted it not to be bitter like I had imagined. But sweet. But also familiar. All in once I felt his essence entering me. Completing me almost. Like I had been a broken mirror and bits of him fixed the cracks. Until I was brought back to reality in an earth shattering climax. Causing me to scream and cum hard, writhing my hips wildly as I felt his cock filling me with cum. I don't know how long it truly lasted but when it was over, both his and my bodies were trembling. He gazed down at me. He looked stunned.

"I've never felt....ANYTHING like that before. Almost like, like you were made for me." Before I could respond, he kissed me. With a more burning passion than a thousand white hot suns. He removed the binds and held me close to him.

"I love you Krista. You are mine. Forever. Understand?" I wrapped him in my arms and whispered back to him

"Yes master. I love you too. And I am yours. Forever."

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