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the story is about me and my friends having gay sex orgy and bondage (true story)
One day we were at the gym me avren and jhon . Avren was 15 year old boy who was handsome . Had the perfect hands to give handjobs and perfect mouth for blowjobs he had a 7" inch cock ! And always rubbed his bulge over his sweat pants that he always wore . Jhon was normal 15 year old kid but had an incredibly long and thick cock almost 10"inches . So after the gym jhon invited us to go to his house we agreed and went to his house. We played X-box for 1 or 2 hours then jhon got to his room and got undressed and wore only boxers and came towards us ohh there was a huuuuugeee thing hidden in that boxers I could see his huge bulge . I couldn't get my eyes off his boxers and then jhon said that we should group masturbate I agreed avren as well agreed we got undressed we were wearing only boxers jhon was hard and avren was semi-hard me too I was hard I thought that I could be bisexualand jhon and avren could be gay so we started rubbing ourselves then we got off our boxers ohh a huuugge 10" inch cock was just in front of me and beside it there was avren the most handsome guy that was made for gay sex . Then jhon said to me if he could touch my 7"inch dick I was okay with that but ill will touch his too so we touched each other oooh I grabbed that 10" cock it was actually in my hand and started stroking it he to started to stroke mine avren was just admiring at us and masturbating he started moaning me to I started moaning then he stopped but I continued then I could feel something sucking my dick ohh jhon was giving me a blowjob I couldn't believe my eye and then avren said my turn and started to suck jhon's cock . We all moaned oh cz it felt sooo goood and soo right so we took an orgy position everybody was sucking each other I was sucking jhons huuuge cock and avren was sucking mine and jhon suck avrens ohh avrens mouth all humid was sucking my cock he was turning his tongue in circular motion on my dicks head ohh and his smoooooth hands were playing with my balls ooh damn I was waiting this a looooong time avren was giving my a blowjob and I had a 10" cock in my mouth and jhon was moaning soo hard and 2 seconds later he exploded his load of cum in my mouth I couldn't resist either and exploded my load in avrens mouth avren swallowed it so I did to it smelt bad but had a great sweat and sour taste. Jhon slept on the bad on his belly and avren jumped over him and started to ass-fuck him I couldn't resist so I jumped over avren and ass-fucked him too . They were heavily breathing but they enjoyed it ! . Then we got turn by turn the first was avren so jhon gave him a blowjob and a handjob then I gave hima a blowjob ohhh his cock was well shaped and had a great smell ohh it felt good to have a dick in my mouth and played with his huge balls at the same time . Then I gave hima a handjob. Then it was my turn . Jhon. First gave me a handjob . And he entered my dick to his mouth ohh it felt good but I wanted to avren to suck it I loved that guy more and was made for blowjobs then was avrens turn to give me a handjob and blowjob . Ohh he bent on his knees and started sucking my cock like a pro could do oohh I said that I was going to cum and then there was a full load in avrens mouth ohh he was gooood then after swallowing all the cum he started to give me a handjob oohh his smoooth hands were on my dick and one hand was playing with my balls ohh it felt sooo good. Then it was up to jhon I gave him a blowjob he won't forget ! He was moaning all the time but avren was a pro and made him explode ! Oh no one could deny a blowjob from avren !! Than we started to stroke each other . Then me and jhon talked with each other without avren and decided to catch avren and bondage him . So we cought him I tied his arms to the barfix (which was on the door) and his legs far apart from eachother and attached it to the doors then it was teasing time . I squeezed avrens breasts and slapt his ass 10 time it was red now then I started playing with his balls while jhon was slaping him . Then I resqueezed his breats and started licking them ohh it felt so good (I don't know y but avren had a breast like a girl that is at the first step of developing breasts) . Then I made avren to suck my cock and I sucked his and smacked him at the belly (it was jelly). I started squeezing his breast and mouth-kissing him ohh it felt so gooood and my cock was rubbing over his cock ohh jhon kept slaping him at the ass now waqs the time jhon penetrated his huge cock into avrens ass as he moaned I squeezed his breasts and played with his balls . It was one heck of a day we did this once or twice and it just felt right.hope you got an hard on ;) .

Don't forget to vote ;) hope you liked it if not just contact me ! Please don't forget to comment please tell me whether its good or bad don't criticise me if it was to bad I'm still a beginner and this is my second story !! Vote positive ;)

More stories are coming up soon (gay and. straight) in case if you want to contact me just inbox me at this account !


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2015-10-15 12:51:46
This story was just awfully put together,it sucked ass

Anonymous readerReport

2015-06-29 05:23:47
Is this supposed to be real? I wish authors would quit saying the guys in their stories had 10" dicks and actually present this realistically. It would be a better story if the young guys had normal sized genitals. It turns me off to see this as I know it is all wishful thinking and a hell of a lot of exaggeration.
Paragraphs or at least some spacing will make this a lot easier to read. Do some proof-reading and use a spell checker.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-03-11 14:44:16
p a r a g r a p h s !!!!!!!!! Idiot

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-19 08:18:30
Try using punctuation (in the right places of course) a little grammar help wouldn't hurt either....

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-19 04:16:46
Without criticsism you can't get better. To be fair I don't see you getting better at all

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