Part 1 of the bad ending.
Sammy's Ruined Life 4 (Bad Ending) Part 1

Sorry for the delay folks, some personal stuff came up and I
haven't had time to write. Please leave me some comments on
what I should write next: ideas, themes, anything. Your
comments are what makes me want to write. Sammy is in for
a rough time, I hope you enjoy what happens.

Two days after the grave incident.

Sammy's father had faked his own death, and now Sammy
was delighted and on his way to meet him. Riding with the
truck driver he felt so happy he decided to lean over and
give the chubby guy a quick blowjob. Sucking and licking
the fat cock he noticed he couldn't pull away from it. Not
from desire to stop, but from some unseen force holding
his head down.

Sammy started to panic, he couldn't breath and the driver's
cock was being pushed deeper into his throat. His eye's
popped open, and he found his bully's cock invading his
mouth. The room swirled and the dream of finding his
father died away as his bully's dick left his throat.

Coughing and catching his breath, he felt the sloppy wet
cock slap his face sevral times before laughter followed.
"Awe did I wake you up, faggot?" His bully said laughing.

Sammy closed his eyes and tried to focus on his dream, his
father was alive and waiting on him. It couldn't have been a
dream, it had felt so real. Sadly it was a dream, and while
thinking of his dad, his bully felt it was a perfect time to
fart right into Sammy's face.

His father's face faded away again, replaced by the hairy
smelly asscrack of the bully who snuffed his dad. Stunned
for a moment he watched the wet asshole open and felt
a warm blast of air against his face, followed by the
horrible smell. It was all he could do to stop from crying
as his mother laughed in the doorway, and his bully farted
loudly again.

With eyes watering up from the odor, Sammy leaned forward and
pressed his lips to his bully's asshole. Another fart escaped
just as Sammy inhaled, more laughter followed and tears ran
down his face. "Thank you." Sammy choked out, before the
smelly ass was removed from his face.

After giving his bully's asshole a good morning kiss, he was
instructed to take a shower. They explained his best friend
had come up with fantastic plan for him, and that Sammy should be
clean and ready for it. Sammy doubted how fantastic it could
be, nothing would bring him and his father together again.

As he showered, he kept thinking about the dream, how he
had escaped them and the happiness he had felt, but reality came
crashing back as the memories of his father's grave returned.
Sammy's cock betrayed him, it became stiff as he tried to
force away the thoughts of his best friend shitting on his dad's
resting place. Clearly something in his mind had snapped, they
had broken him in someway, and now he stroked his cock
thinking about the horrible events, enjoying every little detail
he could remember. Sliding two fingers into his own ass, Sammy
let go of his emotions and cried. Pushing his fingers deeper,
harder, and faster, his hand working feverishly on his cock,
Sammy replayed each vivid moment until his cock could take
no more.

This was one of his most intense orgasms yet, globs of cum
shot across the shower, again wasted as it dissapeared down
the drain. While cumming, he withdrew his fingers and cupped his
hand to catch his own shit as it poured out of his ass. Now out
of breath, and down on his knees he stared at the overflowing pile
he held in his hand. Even though he had just came, a small,
though strong, sexual desire remained. Without thinking, Sammy
pressed his nose to his own waste and inhaled deeply.
Followed by sliding his tongue across it several times, before
noise outside of the bathroom caused him to abandon it down
the drain.

After jumping out of the shower and brushing his teeth he
joined everyone in the living room. His evil mother, the bully who
snuffed his father, his former best friend, his ex girlfriend, and the
old funeral director. Sammy's heart started to race when he noticed
the video camera set up beside them. "Enjoy your last shower, Fag?"
His best friend asked. Sammy's eyes grew wide, and his cock jumped.
"Shhh! He's not suppose to know yet!" His mother said. "Fuck that!
I want to see him beg and cry more!" His best friend said, rubbing
his cock through his pants.

Sammy couldn't believe what he heard next. "Yeah fuck hiding it!
Okay faggot, we've been talking, and we're all in agreement, you
need to die just like your faggot father!" Said his bully.

Sammy just stared, dumbfounded. "Yeah we would really like it
if you just died for us." Said his ex girlfriend. "I mean we don't
love you, so you wont be missed or anything." His own mother
added. Sammy dropped to his knees in disbelief, fresh tears

"Oh but don't worry, we're going to wreak you the best we can
before the end, so it'll be fun!" Said the old funeral director.
"And we'll get it all on camera so we can watch it over and over
again." Said his bully. Sammy didn't know if he should scream,
cry, beg and plead, or just accept it.

"Well? What do you think faggot?"
His mother asked while rubbing the bully's crotch.

Sammy looked up into everyone's evil staring eyes, and nodded.

"We want to prolong this as much as we can, this is the last
loser we'll get to snuff for a while." Sammy's mom said. "That's
right, so everyone treat him as horrible as you want!" Said his bully.

"Let's get started on him, I've been holding it in for a while." Said
his best friend. His bully stood up and switched on the camera, the
little red light stared at Sammy like an evil eye. His mind was racing
so much he didn't know what to do, so he smiled and waved at it.

Everyone laughed, even Sammy gave a slight chuckle. His best friend
had now walked over to him and bent down to whisper into his
ear. "Since you're going to be worm food soon, do me a favor
would you?" Sammy's mind was still racing, he could only give a
slight nod and a smile. "Good, I want you to enjoy everything we
do to you. You might as well, you wont get anymore after this."

Sammy nodded again, the world around him seemed to become
more vibrant, details and colors seemed greater. Perhaps his mind
was trying to help in some way, to cope with what was happening.

As the camera rolled, his best friend was first. Bending over at
the waist, and pointing his ass at Sammy's face, he reached back
and spread his cheeks. Everyone gathered to watch.

His friend's ass was smooth and shaven, clean looking except
for the moist looking brown hole that slowly opened and closed
as his friend strained. Sammy let his mind go blank, and leaned
in, licking his friend's asshole, probing it with his tongue. His
friend moaned, and pushed his ass into Sammy's face, grunting
more, trying to empty himself onto his former friend's face.

Sammy reached around and grabbed his cock, stroking it
slowly. "Um, just pretend you're shitting on dad's grave."
Sammy said, to everyone surprise. His friend laughed, then
gave a loud grunt and pushed again. A bubbly fart hit his
face, but was quickly silenced as thick brown mud like shit
erupted from his friend's ass, pouring into Sammy's mouth
and coating one side of his face. Sammy's cock sprang to life,
and he hungerily swallowed it.

"Enjoying one of your last meals, loser?" His friend asked.
Sammy moaned through another mouthful his friend had
just released. Everyone laughed, and started playing with
themself, the fun was only just starting. Before pulling away
his friend gave one last fart that blew small speckles of shit
across Sammy's face. "Ahhh, thanks pal. I think I'll miss
you when you're gone. Nah just kidding, I can't wait till
you're dead!" His friend said, looking him in the eyes.

Sammy's cock gave another jump on it's own, and he swallowed
the last of his friend's horrible shit.


Sorry for the short chapter, I wanted to get this out so you
wouldn't think I had stopped writing. I am working on the
next part, and a lot will happen, so don't worry.
Keep those comments coming!

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Jesus Christ, what the fuck am I reading

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Guess this branch of the story is a Love it or Hate it style... My favourite was the revenge ending, i wish you could make that longer.

Don't mind me, I just had to see this version for myself. Didn't enjoy it, though, so I'll back off.

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Oh fuck yes. I've been waiting for this and it was so hot <3 I can't wait for the rest of it~

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