Cindy has fun with a stranger
My name is Michael aged 37 years and I have two daughter's named Michala and Ashley that I molest on a regular basis. Actually they often come to me when they are bored to tears and kiss me with tongue to get things started. Michala and I started having sex when she was 8 and I deflowered her at 10. Before that sex was oral and anal. When Ashley was 8 I introduced her or oral sex and anal sex at 9 but she won't let me deflower her because Michala told her it hurt like hell. Michala became friends with a girl named Shirley at school and the two of them were talking about sex. Shirley admitted having sexual feelings for her father and Michala returned the revelation.

A couple days later Shirley said she had fucked her Daddy and Michala admitted fucking me. Shirley told her Dad about me and he started to invite me to his club meetings. I went to one at Bill's house and met Charlie and his lover Cindy.

Charlie took Michala to bed. So I took Cindy. This is what happened after we left the bar room.
As we were walking upstairs behind Paula Cindy told me she came here to get her rocks off so I had me make sure she came. I told her I could make my daughter's cum easily with my fingers or tongue but they seldom if ever came during sex. She said, "I know how to fix that!"

I'll admit that was intriging. I wonder what she was talking about. I've seen the advertising for creams and pills, what was this little girl thinking?

When Paula left us alone in a bedroom she stripped naked without my asking her to. So I stood there looking at her slightly swollen nipples and hairless pussy as I felt the old boner coming up. She came up to me and untied my shoes and asked me to lift them up so she could take them off. Then she stood up and unbuckled my belt and took it out of the loops. She knew to unbotton my dress slacks after unhooking the waistband. She pulled them down and asked me to step out.

She saw my briefs tenting over my erection and carefully pulled them down holding my cock up out of the way. Then she told me I would have to take my shirt off myself. So I did. Looking up to my chest she said,"You must spend some time in the gym." I was honest with her. It is easy when the gym is in the house. She stepped back a bit then and asked me, "Are you rich? Then I had to explain, "My wife was killed in an automobile accident and we sued the driver. Bill was our attorney in the case. We got a lot of money in the settlement.

Cindy then said, "If you do me right maybe I'll have my gang bang at your house. if my Mommy will let me. He said, "Gang bang? Aren't you a little young to be that hard up.? She said, "Oh, I am not hard up at all. I just love cumming and I want to see if I can keep having climaxes while being fucked by a bunch of guys. I want 9 guys and if some came back for seconds that is okay too."

The she opened her mouth and started to suck my cock. Her tongue circled the head of my cock when she pulled back an I'd never had a girl do that before. If not for her demand that I make sure she cum I might have let her finish me. This girl was a fellatio artist. She was getting to me big time. The way she slid her tongue along the bottom of my cock as she pulled back then pulling her tongue away as she slid forward then circling the head of cock when she was pulled back all the way was better than either of my daughter's ever did for me.

Then it happened, my prostate began to pump and my cum shot out of my body into her mouth. I didn't want it to but this girl was some cocksucker! As if she had not done enough for me already she swallowed the whole load with no hesitation at all. Then she came off it and said, "While you recharge you can eat me and see how many times I cum until you are hard enough to fuck me." She went to the bed and laid on it sideways with her legs up in a V-shape. I walked over to do what she had asked and when I knelt she laid her legs over my shoulders.

I licked up and down her slit and put a finger into her pussy for better effect. She heated up slowly and did not start panting until 5 minutes had passed. She told me, "Lick my clit more?" So I did and she came about two minutes later. I kept at it while inhaling the aroma that was hers.

She was getting hotter a lubricating well and finally after she had at least four climaxes I start to feel a little life returning to my prick. I put one hand down to jack it. She raises herself up on her elbows and says, "Two fingers please?" So I slip a second finger into her. Then she noticed my undulating arm. She said, "Lay on the bed face up please." I release my grip on my prick which by now is half hard.

She climbs over my head and keeps on going until she takes my organ in her mouth and begins to fellate it. Her head is bobbing up and down and I'm getting harder. She stops and says, "Keep on eating me please." So I put two fingers into her a tickle her insides as my tongue laps her clit and slit. She cums once more then says, "You are hard, Let's fuck." I expected her to want to be on top but noooo. She lays down on her back and waits.

Okay she wants to do it missionary style. Fine. I go around the bed and approach from her feet and she spreads her legs and I line myself up. I press myself into her and then she tells me, "Put your legs out." I didn't understand, "Say what?" She says, "Put my legs in and your legs out now. I lift my right leg and she pulls in her left leg. I lift my left leg and she pulls in her right leg. I try to hump her but I've got no leverage! I tell her, "This is not going to work!" She said, "Just rock your pelvis. It will put you in and out. Don't worry." So I started doing what my wife used to call pelvic thrusts. This was not bad. And what's more after 2 minutes of fucking in this position she climaxed. I lost my leverage as she thrust her hips up in the air but as soon as I was on the bed again I resumed pelvic thrusting.

So this is what she was talking about. The key to making little girls cum during sex is reversing our leg positions. I looked down and realized my penis was going into her vagina at an angle that put it closer to her clitoris than normal. I continued to apply the pelvic thrusts to her without thinking any more about it. Then she had another orgasm and lifted me and her off the bed depriving me of my leverage so the thrusting stopped. As she came out of this third climax during intercourse she told me, "Three weeks ago I lost my virginity in a painless way. The guy that did it told me once that he learned it from the old man who brought me here tonight. All he did was put his dick in me but not too far and wiggle it around until I climaxed then as I came he thrust through my maidenhead.

Then her speech became more difficult since she was having trouble breathing. She was panting and getting ready to cum again. A couple more minutes and she did cum and lifted my 190 pounds off the bed again. For a few seconds I was unable to thrust but only to hang on. She came out of it again. Then she said, "If I cum again it will be more times than ever before with one lover. I've had more with the foreplay but never 5 while actually fucking except when I had two guys switching off.

"Would it be okay if my Ashley called you? I want you to tell her about the painless way you lost your cherry. Maybe she will let me do it if I do it that way." She replied, "Sure, our home number is 555-1212" I told her I would try to remember.

I knew I was finally getting close again. I looked at my watch and realized we'd been up her nearly an hour and half and it was 8:30 already. Then I noticed she was gasping for breath again and she screamed, "YOu are making me cum again you motherfucker." That was it. This time when she came so did I and I pumped rope after rope of my cum into this cute pale skinned red head. My erection faded and I pulled out. She got up and went to the bathroom and I heard a douche dispenser discharge and she came out and got dressed. I had gotten dressed while she was douching and she came up after getting dressed and held her arms up. I picked her up with hands under her armpits and she wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. She said, "I hope you will come again to the next time I come to one of these and I will be sure to invite you to my gang bang.

I put Cindy back down and we went down stairs hand in hand. I met Charlie in the parlor and handed Cindy back to him. I told him, "I'm glad I picked her, she taught me a few things I never knew before." My daughter Michala came up and asked me "What did this little white girl teach you?" I looked down at her and said, "A new position I never heard of before. I want to do it with you next time we do it."

Charlie came up and told me good night and wished me luck then he left. Michala and I stayed a few minutes and I had a drink with Paula and Bill. Michala went upstairs and helped put their kids to bed. Hope's twin brother Harold had spent the entire evening playing video games in a closed bedroom upstairs that he normally shared with Hope. When Michala put Hope into that room she felt sorry that Harold had seen no action. So she sucked him until he shivered in climax. After she had done it he told her, "You can call me Harry from now on." She said "Thank you" and came back down to me.

While she had been gone I had asked Bill about Cindy's desire to be gang banged. He explained he was considering doing specials like gang bangs or cherry poppings since some men reported their daughter did not want to lose their virginity to their fathers so if it hurt they would not hate their fathers. I told him if Ashley decided she wanted someone to pop her maidenhead then maybe he should throw a special for that. I kissed and hugged Paula and shook hands with Bill before Michala and I went out to the car and drove home.

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