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I thought for days about everything that happened. I was only twelve, and I should not be having sex at all let alone with my brothers. I tried to rationalize that they were not blood brothers. But that was no excuse. I had to tell Kevin that I would not do this anymore. He got very mad at me and told me he did not agree. I just left his room and told him to forget it. I knew how wrong it was, and how degraded I felt. It was hot and heavy while it lasted but I could not permit it anylonger. I had to consider if I ever got pregnant, what would I do. It was best to just forget it all.
About 4 months went by, and it was Kevins birthday. He was 17. My parents took him to a Phillies game in Philadelphia. Everyone went except Don and I. We were home together. We watched TV for a while and then he went out. I went over my girlfriends house and we went to the mall. Sandy was my age, but not as mature. Not that I was Ms. maturity at that age, but Sandy was still just a kid all around. We had a real good time at the mall. We flirted with some boys and then went back to my house. Don was still out and we went to my room. We read over some magazines and looked at different clothes adds. Sandy was a very pretty girl with bigger tits than I had. Although I had a tighter body all over. I wondered if she had ever cum or not. I pulled out one magazine that I saved from my friend Cindy before she moved. Sandy was awe struck. She didn't know at all about sex really. I wanted to know what her body looked like and maybe what she tasted like. Immediately my pussy got wet. I thought maybe I was some sex freak. But Sandy really turned me on. I came right out and asked her if I could see her tits. She was very shy and flatly refused. It took me a while of reassuring her no one would know, that she finally let me touch her. Real gently I reached up under her shirt and unsnapped her bra. Her tits sprung nicely and I wrapped one in my hand. It felt so smooth and warm.I was really getting hot. Without a word, I pulled her shirt up and sucked on her nipple. She held my head and pressed me to her.I knew she liked it. I worked my way over to her other tit and sucked on it also. She stopped me and asked to see my tits also. I eagerly removed all my clothes axcept my new thong. But she noticed how wet my pussy was. She reached out and felt my tities. It was wonderful. Her hands were so soft and gentle. She told me she never did this before and I told her I never had either. She leaned foward and licked and sucked on my tits for a few minutes. I felt her feeling my body and I was closing in on an orgasm out of shear excitement. She looked up at me and asked if she could take off my thong. I got up and slowly pulled them down, bending over to show her my puckered asshole. I got back onto the bed and asked her to take her clothes off too. She did and her pussy was beautiful. Her inner lips hung lower than her main ones and it was very bright pink. My pussy was more like what I saw in the porn mags, not so pink as hers and bigger outer lips. She climbed onto the bed and licked her way from nipple to clit in about 2 minutes. Her tongue was hot and slippery as she took my clit in her mouth. I began to moan loudly as my orgasm neared. In the back of my head I heard a clicking sound. I couldnt place it though. I just laid spread eagled for Sandy who was working magic with her mouth. My pussy juice was running on full as my orgasm ripped through me and lathered Sandy's face. I heard the clicking noise over and over. I opened my eyes to my horor that Don and 3 of his friends were standing there. They all had huge smiles as I noticed Don had a camera in his hands. Sandy looked around and screamed. She pulled up my sheet and wrapped herself in it. Don came over and sat down. I asked what the hell he was doing. He asked the same of me. He left for a minute as his 3 friends Bill, Jake and Pat stood there. He came back with my fathers rope from the basement. Pat and Bill each held my arms as Don tied me to my bed. I asked what the hell he thought he was doing. I threatened to tell my Dad. But he reminded me of the pictures he took. Sandy was terrified and got up to leave but Jake grabbed her and pushed her to the floor. Jake pulled the sheet from her and she was now naked. Don tied me very well and I was useless to Sandy. Don and Pat held Sandy down as Jake pulled his pants down. He had a very big cock and it was rock hard. Sandy struggled with all her might but Jake pounced on her and knocked the wind from her. She was crying loudly as Jake pressed his cock up to her virgin slit. He licked his fingers and wiped his cock with it. Then like an animal, he shoved his cock all the way up her 12 year old virgin pussy. She cried out in agonizing pain as Jake slid his cock in and out. Don got up and took off his pants and came to my bed. He climbed up and started sucking on my nipples. It felt incredible, but I wanted him gone. I begged him to leave us alone but he just laughed. He said if I do as he says he promised not to show the pictures to anyone. He untied me and lay down on his back. I knew he wanted me to ride him. Feeling like a total tramp, I climbed onto him and grabbed his dick. I rubbed the head up and down my soaking slit and lined the head up with my tight hole. I bore down and felt his dick slide deep into my pussy. Don grabbed my hips and held me up as he fucked my pussy. Jake had now rolled Sandy over and was making her ride him. Bill took off his clothes and was now lining up his long pole with Sandy's asshole. Bill pushed her foward and spit on her asscrack. He then pressed his cock up to her bung and popped it in. He was kind enough to wait till her screaming subsided somewhat before he continued to sodomize her. Pat got up on the bed behind me and I knew too that he was going for my ass. I looked and saw that he had a smal dick and I was not so scared about him fucking me with it. He moved up and wiped some spit on my asshole. I felt him pressing his dick up to me when it finally popped in. He slid it up to the hilt. I felt his balls against my pussy. Don and Pat were in a steady rythym. Don pulled out and Pat slammed in. For a 12 year old, I was getting fucked pretty well. My friend Sandy did not see it that way. She continued to cry as the boys raped her asshole and pussy. Bill had a long thick cock and was giving every inch of it to Sandy. She was being sodomized brutally and probably hated me for it. I felt Don tighten up and shoot some serious cum deep into my womb. It felt like he would never stop. Don worked his cock out as Pat slammed deeper and deeper into my asshole. Don told him to pull out and cum in my pussy, so they can watch Sandy drink it right out of me. Pat was slamming into me faster and faster when he pulled out and shoved his meat into my pussy. He came hard as he buried himself deep in my body. I fell foward and lay there, as Bill pulled out of Sandy and jumped up. Don told me to get up quick and grab my ankles. I did and Bill jammed his dick deep into my soaking wet pussy. He was very big and it stretched me out more than ever before. He pulled me tight to him as he emptied his balls deep in my pussy. Jake let out a moan and came way up inside Sandy. She cried out for him to stop but he sprayed her pussy good with his hot cum. Jake pushed Sandy onto her back and told her to open her mouth. She wouldnt so he did it for her. He slapped her hard which made her gasp. When she did, he grabed both her jaws and held them open. She squirmed, but Pat and Bill held her down motionless. Don moved me over to her and had me squat over her open mouth. Soon my brothers cum and that of Pat and Bill slowly oozed from my freshly filled pussy. It ran straight out into her mouth. She tried to choke but was unable too since her mouth was bieng held open. I pushed down and a huge gob of cum dripped down into her mouth. I held there for a another minute and got up. Jake pressed her mouth shut and she had to swallow. Tears were streaming down her face. I felt aweful, but wondered what all that cum tasted like. Don warned us to keep our mouths shut or he would show the pictures to Sandy's parents. It wasnt Sandy's parents I was worried about, but my brother Kevin. What if he found out and used it against me?

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2013-03-03 10:12:52
HEllo Nathalie, awesome photo! again Avignon sepaks in the streets.Well my comment here will be a bit rambling and dreamy.I beleive in freedom of speech as far as we can take that.If this band had performed their number on their own stage and not in a cathedral then I would be backing them up one hundred percent.apparently, as stated by the one member that was released they are going to continue with their protests.well they are courageous and I wish them luck.anyway back to my opinion on this. Yes freedom of speech is good but so is freedom of worship. and people who attend this cathedral have a right to worship in an environment that is respectful.this performance is not acceptable or respectful for the cathedral.if this was allowed then what next in the cathedral.Religion ceremony is founded on ritual and this is blasphemy.Ifeel that it is fair to give legal consequences for their actions.but to cage them up like animals I do not agree with.But then the entire penal system is brough

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2011-09-18 16:12:20
With all these silly websteis, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

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2008-06-10 13:49:03
Keep fucking the girls and get them both pregnant.


2008-03-08 14:12:14
That was hot. My pussy was so fucking wet!


2007-11-11 05:42:36
i thought Kevin was 14 in the last story and you were 7

then five years passed

and now Kevins 17?

14 + 5= 19

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