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my first try
Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt 1)

This is my first attempt at writing a story. It is totally made up, and hopefully offends no one. IF it does, just exit out and look for another story to read. If I get positive feedback, I will finish Pt 2 and maybe more. PLEASE, no rude remarks, or postings for hook ups. Thanks….

First let me point out, I don't look at myself as a pervert, monster, or such. I am a normal married father of a wonderful daughter of 16. The problem is when it comes to sex, I have no willpower.
Usually that is not a problem. I love my wife, and stay faithful to her. I drive a truck over the road so except for the lot lizards (which I would NEVER touch) have limited contact with females. No, the problem started one night when I was in and me and my wife had just finished a round of love making. Laying there talking she brought up the subject that our daughter, Debbie, had told her that she felt like she didn't know me because I was gone 2 weeks at a time year in and year out.
I have felt bad about that for years and told her, but, we needed the money to live on and it paid better than anything I could do locally. Plus, I was 45 years old, and that’s a little to old to start another career. That’s when the bomb shell hit. Smiling, she told me that Debbie wanted to ride with me this summer instead of staying home and spending her summer with her friends at the local pool every day. I started to protest but my pointed out that she would like it too. That our daughter was at the age of discovering boys and their "wants" and that if she was on the truck with me, that she couldn't see any boys and that it would also give me a chance to bond with her again. Yes, the beginning of the end for me....


1st of June I was in loading the truck, you have to have a place for everything and I had to make more room for Deb (she hated Debbie now). I was standing in front of the bunks trying to figure out where I was gonna move things from the top bunk where I used the space as storage when Deb climbed in with her first bag. Asking what I was doing, I explained to her that the top bunk was hers for the summer and I needed to clear it up. Looking around she said why not we both just use the bottom bunk. I laughed and said for starters, it wouldn't seem right, and plus, her mom might not like that and laughed. She thought for a moment, looking around, and said, she wouldn't tell mom, and no one else would know so unless I was a perv, what was the big deal, that it looked like we needed the space on the bunk for storage. I told her I was no perv and that sealed it. She threw her bag on the top, got down ad got another and did the same, then grasped her pillow and blanket and said she was ready. Looking out at the house and wishing my wife was home from work and had a moment of sanity and would tell Deb that she would miss her friends and lose out on summer at the pool was a fleeting dream. Sighing, I fired up the truck and backed out of the drive. It was gonna be a long summer.

We picked up my load and luck had it, we were heading for CA. Deb was excited. First thing she did was ask would we see the beach, Laughing I told her there where not many road for trucks near the beach. She looked dejected, and said she was hoping to see a beach, and even brought her swim suit. I laughed and said sorry. She said she at least wanted a tan which I showed her my left arm and said I got one. She groaned and reached over and hit my arm grinning.
After 11 hrs of hard running, we pulled into the Flying J in West Memphis TN. Shutting the truck off, Deb stretched and asked what now? I told her we go in, shower, eat, and then bed time. That in 10 hrs we roll again. She grabbed her bag, and we walked in. When getting the shower tickets, she leaned close and asked if we had to share a shower? Laughing I told her no, I had credits on my card and we each got one. Explaining to her that each time I fueled up I got a shower credit. She smirked and said cool. Then asked what happens if we ran out. I patted her on the back of the head and said here, handed her ticket, and showed her the monitor with her number and shower number and pointed her in the right direction. While I was showering I thought, yea, what IF I ran out. Mental SLAP. Where did THAT come from?


Deb looked at herself while undressing in the shower room. At 16 she was developing nicely she thought. 5'6 140 lbs and as she pressed her breasts up, smiled. 36C. She thought they was the best part of her body. She felt she needed to lose about 25lbs to be as hot as the popular girls where at school. Oh well, maybe this summer she could lose it. It was one of the reasons she didn't mind riding with her dad all summer. Although she had brought her bathing suit in hopes of a beach day, she didn't want the guys she knew seeing her in a bikini. Strangers where different. Grabbing her razor and shampoo, she stepped into the shower and washed herself. When she was done, she shaved her legs, and for a second, looked at her patch of hair between her legs. smiling, she decided why not, no one will see out here, and lathered it up and shaved it all off (like the other girls she had seen in the showers after gym). Feeling it afterwards she smiled, thinking this feels good.

Drying off, she got dressed and not thinking, put on a pair of thong panties, and no bra by habit. It was what she was sleeping in lately. That and an old tee shirt. Waling out to the TV room to wait for her dad, she found him already out there, playing a game in the little room besides it. Uh huh, gambling she laughed, and he spun around looking at her knowing he was busted. (His wife hated gambling, but he loved it) Grinning, he said NOPE, rule #1, what happens on the road stays on the road. Deb smiled and they grabbed their bags and went to eat.


After eating while walking back to the truck, Deb thought that this wasn't so bad. The showers where big and clean, and eating out every day would be a treat. Climbing into the truck, her dad pulled the curtain around the windows so that no one could see inside. And put their bags up. Scratching his head, he said that he guessed that they would just turn away while each other changed for bed. Then he said something that made her laugh, he forgot his sweat shorts to sleep in so he would have to sleep in a pair of pants. Since he didn’t need to change them, he stood up, and faced the front and told her to change for bed. When she started undressing, she realized SHE had forgotten her sleeping shirt too. She told her dad and asked if one of his would be ok. He told her I guess, but would they cover everything. She shrugged and said hope so (she was thinking of WHY in the world did she wear a thong now lol) after putting on a shirt of his, barely covering her ass, and tight on her chest, she climbed into the back of the bunk, he turned off the bunk lights and climbed in. Man this is tight she mumbled, to which he told her that they should have made room on the top bunk. "Naa" she told him, it would be ok, as long as they lay on their sides. Soon they both had drifted off to sleep.

About 3 in the morning, I had to pee, so I got up quietly and pulled out the port a potty I had made using an oil changing jug from Wal-Mart and the chems used in a port a potty so no smells. making as little noise as possible I drained my bladder and, turning around, started to crawl back into bed when I noticed in the little lights from the window snaking in my daughter, facing the back, her bare looking ass (took me a min to notice the small strip of cloth from the thong!) All I could do was look, and think WOW, my baby’s grown up nicely. Getting back in bed now with a hard on, I faced the front and tried to make it go away so I could go back to sleep. I must have because next thing I know, its morning, and Deb is starting to move a little like she does when waking up. Problem is, I had rolled over, and spooned her in the night and now, and my morning wood was right up against her naked ass! Sliding ever so slightly, I moved back, and rolled over and PRAYED she didn't wake up and feel it. After what seemed like 30 min, she rolled over and threw her arm around me and said Morning dad. Whew, I dodged the bullet.

WOW thought Deb. He got a woody from looking at my ass. As much as it should have made her sick, she couldn’t believe it made her slightly horny. Luckily he didn’t notice me awake or it would have been so awkward. Smiling to herself, she didn’t even notice when she put on a tee-shirt with no bra on today. Now why did I do that she thought when they was sitting up front and getting ready to roll. Oh well she thought and looked out the window as a new day dawned.


2013-05-23 22:43:13
Okay I have finished part 2. I will posted Friday afternoon 5/24/13. Which part 3&4 to be posted by Sunday night. I think I have come up with a really wild ending that will make the story worth reading. And I guarantee it's not what you expect. If it turns out that all four parts are well received I have another story in mind this completely different in nature. Thank you all for the comments.

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2013-05-23 01:35:54
please hurry up, i can't wait


2013-05-21 23:31:14
Ty all for the comments. I will work on PT2 And post it before Sunday. If I keep it going will post about once weekly. Work prohibits anything faster.

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2013-05-21 13:09:16
Horny keep going tell us whst happened next

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2013-05-21 11:43:02
Very good for your first story. i would love to see where this goes. I drove otr for 6 yrs and my daughter rode with me quite often, she was only 6 or so, and no im not a pedo like some of the fruitcakes on here. It was nice to have daddy/daughter time in a non sexual way. She is 14 now, and has asked me numerous times in the last few years if i could take her out again like when she was little. I would but considering my main fantasy, and her youthful beauty, and also the fact that she is becoming a beautiful woman, that may not be such a good idea. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE STORY!!!

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