She had been my neighbor for almost maybe 10 years, and I had just turn 18 last month. My family would always go over to her house (which by the way, she was married with 2 kids) for stuff like superbowl Sunday or birthdays and stuff like that. Her name was Alexis and had to be around her late 30's or early 40's. She had a really nice ass, along with an incredible rack as well. Green eyes with dirty blonde long hair that went down her back. Her husband was constantly working at a hospital and was barely ever home, although my dad and him were very close friends. Same with my mother, she was very close friends with this lady.

So one summer day, my parents went out to go eat lunch and see a movie. I had noticed that Alexis was home alone because her husbands car wasn't there. So I waited around for a while until I could make a move. After about half an hour watching TV I saw Alexis trying to mow her lawn, but couldn't get the lawn mower to run. That's when I made the gutsy move. I walked over to her front lawn to see her struggle with starting the lawn mower and asked if she needed any help.

"I can't get this damn thing to start!", said Alexis. I could tell that this was pissing her off. "Here, I got it..", I mumbled. I was shy just because I knew it was me and her alone, just like how I fantasize about this situation all the time. After a few tries I got the damn thing to work, and offered to mow her lawn for her. It didnt take long for me to finish the entire lawn. I told her to go inside while I took care of her yard work for her where I was hoping it would turn her on.

After about an hour went by I finished both back and front yards and sat inside on her comfortable couch. She offered me a glass of lemonade, which I gulped down immediately. She sat down next to me, wearing a tight shirt exposing her enormous breasts, and wearing a pair of jeans which showed off her extremely sexy ass. Just by seeing her clothing gave me an erection. She then went on to say, "thank you so much for your help today, I'm so grateful to have you as a neighbor." "No problem!", I said. Once again, she looked extremely sexy. She started to put her hand on my leg, which then led to my thigh. "I wish there was a way I could repay you back because I have no money on me." Her voice started to get smoother, sexier, and slower. I knew where she was headed. By now my cock had been fully erected, and could easily be seen in my shorts. I let her take the lead, where she started to rub her hands on my hard cock. The feeling was amazing. She pulled my shorts down and my cock flopped right open, and her eyes lit up.

"Oh my goodness, your dick is huge!", she said. After she stroked it back and forth several times, she put her lips on my cock, and away she went. On her knees right in front of me, Alexis, my long time fantasy, had been giving me the best blow job I'd ever received. No gagging sound, no gasping for air, just pure sucking, and it felt amazing. I grabbed ahold of her shirt and took it off. Wearing no bra, I squeezed her tits, which almost made me cum. Soft yet perky tits I was holding. She put my cock between her breasts and rocked back and forth vigorously. She stood up and turned around and bent over. Her juicy, huge ass right in my face for me to grab. I started squeezing her ass cheeks like no tomorrow. I pulled her pants down and started sucking that beautiful ass of hers. Her sexy red thong made my cock even harder. I loved her panties. I pulled her thong down just to the bottom of her ass where I started to eat her out from the back. Soon enough we were 69ing. She started screaming "I want you cum, I want your cum, I want your cum!" I bent her over on the couch and stuck my cock deep inside her amazing pussy. I could tell she loved doggy style.

We did so many more positions. Missionary, cowboy, sledgehammer, you name it. I loved it, and I knew she was enjoying every second. We were in doggy style at the end, and I couldn't take it anymore. I was going to explode with cum. I wasn't going to cum inside of her, hell no. She started screaming again, "Cum on me baby, cum all over me!" I took out my dick and started stroking harder than I ever had. She got on her knees begging to be soaked with my hot, steamy sperm. It didnt take long for me to shoot. As I came, it felt like I was literally dying because I began to feel weak. I gave her lots of cum, and I mean lots. I shot in her mouth, her face, and finished on her gigantic rack. Pure white, hot sperm. It felt fantastic. I groaned for energy as she gulped down my sperm. She licked the cum off her tits and spat it back out slowly and trickled down her amazing, sexy body. She looked at me dead in the eyes and whispered "Can't wait for next week's yard work list.", and threw me her sexy panties as a souvenir.

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Way to rushed. Try descriptions and actual story telling if you bother to write another story.

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