The final part.
Sammy's Ruined Life 4 (Bad Ending) Part 2

This is the final part of Sammy's Ruined life, It's pretty
horrible stuff, even by my standards. I hope you sickos
enjoy it, let me know in the comments what kind of story
you'd like to read next! I'm thinking of a more vanilla incest story.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Sammy's best friend walked away from him. Next up was his
mother, who now straddled his face. The thick diarrhea that
covered most of his face was washed away by a torrent of
salty piss that gushed from his mom's pussy. While playing
with his own small cock, he opened his mouth and used her
piss to rinse out his friend's shit.

Before long he was soaked in warm golden piss that
gleamed under the lights. His mother hadn't finished with
him however, and with an open hand she struck Sammy
across the face. "Yeah!" Yelled his ex-girlfriend.
His mother gave herself a quick rub before striking him
again, each slap stung his face, though didn't hurt as
badly as he thought it would.

When her foot swung into his balls however, he doubled
over as the pain flooded him. His cock throbbed harder
despite his balls screaming in protest. Shoving him back
so she could strike again, another kick stuck his balls, and
Sammy was sure he would pass out from the blinding agony.

Laughter from his mother and friends filled the room, as
Sammy made low moaning sounds, his face pressed to the
floor. "Ooooh fuck, looks like that one hurt!" Said his
mother, who now stood over him, pushing down on his
head with her foot. "Want more, Sammy?"

"Enjoy it!" Yelled his friend who was now stretching
his balls with one hand, and pulling on his cock with
the other. Sammy groaned in protest, but his mother
took it as a sign to keep going. "Well if you want
me to destroy your pathetic little balls that badly.."

Sammy tried to get away, but before he could move
his mother had gripped his balls in hand. Sammy shook
his head, tried to speak but only a moan came out as
his mother squeezed them. "What's wrong? You don't
need these tiny things! You're never going to use them!"
She said. Sammy had reached down and was trying to pry
her hands away, but she simply squeezed tighter and
Sammy arched his back, thrusting his hips higher while
moaning loudly in pain.

"You know what's funny? I never let him have sex with me."
His girlfriend said as Sammy struggled on the floor.
"It's funny because he's gonna die a virgin!" She said
laughing. Everyone else laughed, until his bully spoke.
"Well he's been ass fucked a few times, but I don't think
that counts." His mother had now l starting pinching
each of his balls, Sammy rolled and flailed on the floor.

"Loser's like him shouldn't get laid." Said his friend.
With a final twist and a quick punch to his ball sack,
his mother released him and rejoined everyone else.
Sammy now cried in pain, rather then humiliation.
"Fuck me!" His mother yelled at his bully, leaping into
his arms.

"Kay, my turn." Said the funeral director. Walking to
Sammy, his cock bounced and wagged around.
Reaching down he pulled Sammy to his knees, and
started slapping him across the face. Sammy's cries
slowly faded as his cheeks became red from constant
hits. The sounds of his mother being fucked filled his
ears in between each slap.

Pushing his fat old cock head against Sammy's lips,
Sammy refused to open his mouth. His balls ached
and he wanted no part of this anymore, but the
funeral director wouldn't take no for an answer. He
smiled evilly at him, then pressed his bare foot down
onto Sammy's balls with great pressure. Sammy's
mouth popped open to scream but was quickly stuffed
with a fat old cock.

Taking his foot off his balls, he held Sammy's head and
throat fucked him without mercy. Shoving hard and
pushing his cock as far as it would go, Sammy could only
see the grey pubes hitting his face as tears rolled down his
cheeks. This only lasted a few minutes, at one point stopping
so Sammy could puke on himself before the throat fucking
continued. What the old man lacked in stamina, he made up for
in cum. Pulling Sammy's face into his crotch he flooded his
throat with huge amounts of thick cum, choking him.

It had been a long time since he had came, and he made sure
to spill every ounce down Sammy's throat. After giving him
every drop, he pulled out and allowed Sammy to swallow
and breath. Coughing and wiping his mouth with the back
of his hand, Sammy looked up at the old man who stared
back. "Open up." He ordered, not wanting his balls stepped
on again he quickly obeyed.

Holding his breath as the semi hard cock was forced down
his throat again, Sammy watched his mother being gang fucked
by his best friend and bully from the corner of his eye. His ex
girlfriend was helping by licking and sucking anything her mouth
touched. Not sure what to expect from the softer cock in his
throat, Sammy's eyes widened in terror as his head was held in
place and the old cock released a heavy stream of hot piss down
his throat.

Sammy faught with all his might, pushing back, trying not to die
from the piss that choked him. Able to pull away his face was
hit with the same stream that had just almost choked him to death.
"You faggot!" The old man yelled before back handing Sammy to
the floor. Sammy was glad to be hit, rather then being choked to
death on piss. However in the next moment the world flashed
white, and Sammy felt an incredible numbing pain as the old man
had just stomped on his balls in one quick motion.

Sammy couldn't even scream, his mouth hanging open with ringing
in his ears from the pain his tormentor joined the gang bang still
in progress.

It took him a few minutes before he was able to sit up, a
throbbing pain still filled his small balls. Even through the
abuse he had taken, his cock had remained hard and ready
for attention. Watching his mother get gang fucked in every
hole, he couldn't help but stroke himself. They laughed at him
briefly, then continued to focus on fucking. Sammy felt regret
well inside him, knowing he wouldn't get to feel the inside of
a woman's pussy.

But just as this feeling had started, his ex-girlfriend had broken
away from the group and walked over to him. She had been the
lesser evil of them, perhaps she wouldn't treat him so bad he
thought. His hopes were dashed as her spit stuck his face, and
she pressed her ass against his face. With nothing to lose he
started licking her pussy, flicking her exposed clit and sucking
each part of her pussy his lips would reach.

She gave a surpized moan, and shockingly allowed him to
continue. She let him eat her out for at least 5 minutes before
getting bored, pushing him away she spread her cheeks in
front of his face. "I just came over here to do this." She said
before cutting a sour fart into his face and laughing. "Loser"
She spat before skipping back to the gangbang, ready to
be fucked.

Having no choice, Sammy fingered himself and jerked off
watching everyone have such wonderful fun he wasn't allow
to partake in. Every now and again someone would come over
and slap him, or practice spitting in his mouth from a few
feet away. They simply used him as an outlet while they took
small breaks from trying not to cum.

Once everyone had blown their loads inside his mother and
girlfriend, they rejoined Sammy and pissed on him while making
small talk about how to snuff him.

Sammy stayed on his knees, listening to their ideas while
stroking his cock. The talk of snuffing him had made everyone
horny again, and already dicks were hard and pussies wet.
Sammy's broken mind wasn't helping his own survival, each
idea on how to snuff him caused a moan to escape his lips.
But the worst came when his best friend suggested they dig up
his father, stuff Sammy in with him, shit all over him, and rebury
the casket.

The horribly sick idea had everyone laughing and saying how
great it would be. The final nail in the coffin however was when
Sammy came, loudly moaning and shooting across the floor
when his friend wanted to do it right now. They all smiled at
each other. "Looks like Sammy loves the idea, he wants it right
now don't you Sammy?" Asked his mom. Still on high from his
incredible orgasm, he moaned yes and everyone smiled.


However it wasn't done then. They had to prepare and set
everything up, they wanted it to be perfect. One day later, news
reached them that Sammy's father had been dug up, and was
ready for Sammy. Everyone had eaten plenty, and taken laxitives
in prep for the big day. Shoving Sammy into the trunk they drove
and laughed about how great it would be.

Sammy's broken mind continued to betray him, his cock remained
hard no matter how much he stroked it or tried to worry about
his own death. Fingering himself while thinking about being locked
in his fathers casket, Sammy moaned louder as the car came to a

Pulling him from the trunk, Sammy's mind began to race, details
popped everywhere, his mind was in overdrive from fear, and
excitement. The sky was blue, puffy clouds hung high above.
The grass was wet against his bare feet, everyone seemed to be
in a great mood. Standing beside a muddy casket was the funeral
director, Sammy's heart raced.

"Everyone need to shit?" He asked. Everyone agreed and smiled at
Sammy who continued pulling at his dick. Sammy was pushed in
front of the casket as it was opened. A horrible smell escaped and
everyone but Sammy stepped back. His cock gave a strong throb
and his stomach swirled at the sight before him.

Laying there, covered in died shit was his father. Sammy beat his
cock as tears flowed down his cheeks. Looking rather bad his
dad had not started to rot yet, but didn't look far from it. By
now everyone had gathered around and was watching Sammy's
reaction. "Still looks like a fag to me, only a dead fag now."
Said his best friend.

"What's wrong Sammy, arent you glad to see him?" His bully said
laughing, before patting him hard on the back. Giving a heave
Sammy's last meal came up and spilled over his fathers face.
"Oooh fuckin' nice one Sammy!" Cooed his mother.

"So here's what I think." Started the funeral director, getting
everyones attention. "We put the faggot in 69 style before
we shit on him and bury him." His best friend laughed, then said:
"Great idea! But I can make it better! Lets strip his daddy down,
and flip him over so Sammy will have his face in his dad's ass!"

And so it was done, Sammy was forced to roll over his own father,
then remove his clothes, Sammy had to fight from both cumming,
and throwing up again. The concept of escaping had now left his
mind, since they had broken him, death no longer seemed that bad.

Laughing they beat Sammy one last time, leaving fresh brusies and
red marks across him. "I wont get another chance, so I'm doing
this now." His mother said, grabbing Sammy's balls. She squeezed
them hard as she was fucked from behind by his bully. "You were
an accident! I've never loved you, and I'm glad your fathers dead!"

With that she squeezed his balls as hard as she could before
shoving him into the casket. Face down Sammy looked up to see an
ass above him, just as it released it's contents.

Everyone had finished shitting on Sammy, when the director spoke.
"Well everyone, looks like we're done here. Sorry Sammy, but you
wont be missed!" With that he slammed the lid, and locked it with a
padlock. Sammy could hear everyone laugh.

In the next moment the casket started to move, but instead of being
lowered into the grave, it was pushed and landed upside down.
Now with his fathers ass pushing into his face, the truth settled into
Sammy that they were seriously doing this.

No one heard his screams however, they had already left as the hole was



One month later..

Everyone's lives had become even better since Sammy was gone.
His mother had become pregnant from his bully, and so had his
girlfriend. His best friend had went on to find other loser friends
for them to treat like Sammy, and the director had been helping him.

Sammy slowly faded out of memory as their lives continued on, but not
before the video was put online for everyone to enjoy. And so, everyone
lived happily ever after, except Sammy.

The End


Well you sickos, that's all she wrote. Or all I wrote rather, I hope
enjoyed the multiple endings, and I hope this ending was to your
liking. Let me know what I should write next in the comments. I hope
to hear from you soon!

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I could see a sequel where they have to deal with a Dexter-type of character, oh snap

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