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We stand outside in warm, sticky evening air, each contemplating. He is leaning on the rail of the patio, and you take a drag from your cigarette, and close your eyes as you feel the toxins seep into your cells, and sigh softly. It fills you with a certain pleasure and pain simultaneously. You like both of them. You look over at him. He is so small, lithe and cat like, and his dyed-raven-black hair cascades down past his jaw line, just a little.
You walk up behind him and gently press the front of your body to his back. He moans softly in appreciation. He starts, “We should talk about the…” you turn him around by the shoulders, and push him up until he is sitting on the banister. The last traces of sunlight on the horizon are fading into black, a chill is creeping into the air, enhancing the thrill racing up your spine, and you press yourself close to him between his spread legs. “shhh, I don’t want to talk about anything tonight.” You run your lips slowly up his jaw, and hear his breathing accelerate. “I just want to have you in every way.” You pull on his ear lobe with your teeth, and then take another pull from the cigarette. You bring your lips close to his, teasingly close, and he opens his mouth in anticipation. You let the smoke drift from your mouth into his, and you see his pupils are dilating, as they tend to do when his brain is being overridden by lust. You know that you have this effect on him, and intend to use it to your every advantage. You lightly trace your fingers up his thigh, close to his groin. He whimpers in desire. You lean in close, close enough that you know your voice in his ear tickles, and your whisper in a rough and husky tone “I’m going to fuck you like a dirty animal”. And with that you kiss him. The teasing is over, as you both let your lust sweep aside any façade of self restraint.
Your tongue enters his mouth, and tangles with his own, and you pull him forward, crushing him to you. Your r hand runs down, over his jean clad ass. Your rub your fingers in just the right spot, and he breaks the kiss to throw back his head “ooooh, fuck yes, keep doing that.” You do it once more, and then stop. You pull him towards the sliding glass door, slamming his back into it, and grinding your crouch into his, as you desperately search for the latch to let you back into the house. You can feel his hardon struggling against the tight material of his jeans, jabbing your hip. You find the latch, and throw the door open, both of you falling back onto the carpet, him laying on his back, and you over him on all fours. You pull his shirt off, and bite him on the shoulder. Hard. He whimpers again, and puts his hand on the back of your head. You release, and look at what you did. He will probably bruise by tomorrow. But you know he wears the bruises you give him like a badge of honor. You continue down his body, and lick his waist line. He squirms in anticipation as you undo the bottom and drop the zipper. He’s not wearing anything under, just the way you like it.
His hard cock is sitting there, but you don’t go for it. Instead you pull his pants off him slowly, then nip his thighs, and flick your tongue around his pubic region, placing kisses and sucks everywhere besides right where he wants it the most. “You fucker, stop, please.” You slowly move up over his member, holding it towards you with your hand. Then viciously deep throat him, easily taking the whole thing. He moans involuntarily, and his body spasms slightly at the sudden application of pleasure. You work him over for a few minutes, then release him, and begin removing your own clothes. You get your shirt unbuttoned and removed, and release your jeans before he recovers enough to help you. He quickly pushes you pack into a kneeling position, with your calves tucked under your thighs, and your legs spread, almost as though you are praying to some pagan god of old. He pulls your large member out of the slit of your boxers. He moves close, but you stop him before he closes his mouth around it. “You know how to start”. He looks up at you, and then very pointedly licks the pre cum off your slit. Mmm you love watching him lick it up. He proceeds to take your cock in his mouth. He uses his tongue very well, and you know that he is comfortable taking about three fourths of your dick in his mouth. He gets to his comfort point on your cock, and you feel the resistance as he attempts to go further. He pulls back to go down again, but you decide he just needs some help instead. You put your hand on the back of his head, and force it forward. You close your eyes as you feel the hot moth cover all of you. He was half expecting this, but he still gags as you force his lips down to the base. You love it when he gags. It’s so hot. And you know he likes it too, so you force his head down five more times. ”yeah, suck me, you good little slut” tears form in the corners of his eyes from his gag reflex being hit so many times. Then you let him up, and he gasps for breath. He goes back and sucks the head of your cock for a few more seconds.
“Ok, get on all fours.” He does as you say, and you remove your jeans as he fingers himself, getting ready. “You’ll be glad you got all the spit on my cock in a couple seconds” you say, and he chuckles with anticipation. You move behind him, and lean forward, next to his ear. “See” you whisper ”I told you I would fuck you like an animal.” Then you enter him. He moans in ecstasy “fuck, yes, fuck me.” And you oblige. You drive into his tight ass deep and hard. He bends his back, and pants, loving every second, every inch of you pounding inside him. He reaches up to tug on his hard dick, but you slap his hand away. “I’ll decide when you get that” you say through clenched teeth, and drive into him extra hard, making him whimper.
After a few hot, sweaty minutes, you can see the end in sight. You pull out, and roll unto your back. He pounces on you, jamming himself back down onto your cock. “You love my cock, don’t you, you whore” you pant as his hot ass closes around you. “yesssss” he half keens, half hisses. His hair is hanging in front of his face, and his pupils are so dilated that you can hardly see the emerald color of the iris. You thrust up into him and his body shutters. “mmmmm” he shoots cum all up and down your torso, his anus tightening around you as he does so. So tight, fuck. His fingernails dig into both your shoulders, almost hard enough to draw blood. You feel the tingling in your own spine, and know you are near.
“Fuck! Go down!” he slides off your dick, and quickly goes down on it. You force his head down, than feel the orgasm well up. “Im coming! Fuck you, look into my eyes when I’m coming, damn it!” he does, his eyes fixed on yours as you shoot into his mouth. He greedily drinks almost all of it, and you pull out and let the last couple of pools of cum land on his face, on his right check. “You love my cum, don’t you, you bitch?” he nods. You breathe heavily as you are done, and he crawls up onto you, searching for your approval. You give it to him by kissing him softly, the first truly tender action of the night. You reach down and stroke his stretched asshole. “It kinda hurts. My throat too.” He says softly, fishing for what he wants to hear. You kiss him again. “I know that sometimes I get rough and hurt you, but it’s because I love you.” That’s what he wants to hear. And he believes you. And you almost believe yourself for a second, you almost believe you care about him for any reason besides fucking. But you know that is a lie.

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2013-05-24 20:03:32
i rather arrogantly published before reviewing either my tags or my paragraph breaks. i figure ill just take it down wholesale and repost it with the correct changes.

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2013-05-24 20:02:54
i rather arrogantly published before reviewing either my tags or my paragraph breaks. i figure ill just take it down wholesale and repost it with the correct changes.

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2013-05-20 15:02:32
I suppose your tags were 60% correct.- Where were the teen females?

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