hot sex
This story is not true.
At 10 years old, it was his choice.

I am a 20 year old black guy. I have a house in the forest because I love to be in the wild. There are only five houses in my community where I stay. A new black family was moving in and I noticed a cute light skinned black boy helping to unpack. I also noticed that there was a mom and two girls. The boy looked about 10 and the two girls look about 6. I had my eyes set on this boy, and soon I was going to have my way with him. As the weeks went passed I made my plan. Finally on one hot night, I got my chance. The boy had his room window open, and I could see he was just about to lay down. I waited a few hours until I felt he was sleeping, which was about two in the morning. I then climbed into his window, put my hand over his mouth and he woke up. I told him if he makes any noise, I would hurt is whole family. I then took my hands off his mouth and told him to climb out the window. I told him if he does everything I say, I won't hurt him. As he climbed out the window, I could not stop myself form squeezing nice soft round ass. I followed him out the window, and told him to walk to my house. I could here him crying, so I told him to shut the fuck up. We reached my front door and walked into my house. I asked the boy what his names was and he said James, he then asked what I was going to do to him. I told James he could choose. Either I fuck the shit out of you, or I go hurt your mom and two sisters. James then said" please don't hurt my family, I'll do what ever you say. I told James to take off all his clothes and I did the same. When my dick popped out my boxers, James could not stop staring. James was fully naked and looking good as ever. His dick was not that big, but then again he was only 10. I told James to turn around so I could see his ass. When James turned around, my dick jumped at the perfect site. I told James to bend over revealing his tight ass hole. At this moment pre cum inched out my dick. I told James to come to me and get on his knees. As James got on his knees, I could see in his face he knew what was about to happen. I told James to grab my dick and put it in his mouth. As my dick made it was into James's hot mouth my knees nearly buckled. It only took about five minutes for me to blow my first load. As James kept sucking load after load shot into his mouth. I leaned his head back so none of my cum would come out his mouth.As James sucked I pumped not realizing I was making him gag. I Stop pumping so deep as my orgasm came to an end, but that was only the first one, I had two more to go. After James had swallowed all of my cum I told James to come over to the couch and lean over. James did as I asked and his knees were on the ground, with his stomach on the couch cushion. I got down on my knees and spredded James ass cheeks open with both my thumbs. I licked James's ass hole until it was nice and wet. As I licked the outside of James's ass hole, he started to moan. I opened his ass hole even further so I could taste the inside of James. As my tongue went round and round, in and out James's ass hole, his moans got louder. By this time James was pushing his ass into my face trying to get my tongue inside him, as deep as possible. I then started licking James's entire ass area. When I started sucking and licking James's ass cheeks he could not stay steal, the pleasure was to much for him. I sucked James's ass again and again until hickie's began forming. I then went back to James's ass hole to prepare him. I wanted James's ass hole to be nice and wet, for it was almost time for me to fuck the shit out of James. As James was still in he doggie style position I picked my head up, and placed the head of my dick to James hot wet ass hole. I pushed a bit and James said ouch. I reminded James that if he did not take this dick in his ass, I would hurt his family. I then got up and sat on the coach. I told James to get on top of me with his dick facing me. James did as I asked and was sitting on my dick. I lifted James's ass and placed the head of my dick to James's ass hole. I then told James that he had five minutes to get my entire dick in his ass. James immediately began to move his hips up and down. As my dick entered James's hot tight ass hole, it could not have felt better. I could hear James in my ear moaning in pleasure but also crying in pain. Each time James would come down I would push up. James's mouth was wide open but no sound was coming out. I told James to go faster, he did but said that it hurt. I told James I don't care go faster. James started speeding up again but started crying. As James kept this speed up, I started pumping harder. My hands where gripping James's ass and I could feel his ass wiggle, with every pound. Now my 8 and a half inch dick, was far and deep in James's ass. James stopped crying and again had his mouth open, with no sound coming out. I could feel I was about to bust a nut, so I pumped even harder. Again James started making painful facial gestures, but he was not crying. James's tight ass hole clenched even tighter, when I grabbed James's dick. I then busted a second nut all into James's ass. I could feel the cum pouring out James's ass and down my dick. This nut felt even better than the first one, but I still had one more nut to bust, and I was determined to make that one feel the best. I told James not to move because I just wanted to sit for a wile with my dick still in him. James seemed to be a bit wore out from all the fucking we were doing. I then told James to get up and get back in the doggie style position. I took two of my fingers and pushed them into James's ass hole. I took no time going fast right away. James layed his head down on the bed and closed his eyes. I kept pounding harder and harder with my two fingers. James's ass hole was still tight but just a bit more loose. The sound of James moaning, and the feeling of James's hot and hole around my fingers made me hard again. I then got to my feet and placed my dick to James's ads hole. I pushed and the head of my dick popped into James's ass hole rather easily. James moaned louder and louder as I went balls deep into his ass hole. I wasted no time and immediately started fucking James as hard as I could. With each thrust James tight round ass would giggle. I was so deep into James that he could not stop moving around. I know it was hurting a bit, but I did not care. James tried to get up and get away but again I told him I would hurt his family. James took my dick crying and moaning, and I enjoyed every bit. I could feel I was going to cum, so I put all my weight into every pump. James screamed in pleasure as I let off my load. I pulled my dick out of James's ass and Jacked off all the cum ink my dick in his ass. I told James to get up and to go shower, so he could be nice and clean. I watched James as he took a shower and again I got hard. I know I said I was only going to fuck him 3 times, but ....he is looking to good. I guess one more fuck should do the job.
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