A small town photographer with a secret past and fondness for young girls, becomes sexually infatuated with a preteen girl named Rhiannon. In part one, he begins seducing her into his world of sexual depravity
If you’re not into stories about older men having sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded please read on. This is a multiple part series, and there’s more to this story of dark depravity then meets the eye.

A quote from Nabokov’s Lolita.“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”

Chapter 1. The day he met Rhiannon.

Its Friday afternoon, picture day at Otter Creek middle school. Chester Mcalister, the county school systems photographer is hard at work making sure every child from the fifth grade through eighth grade will receive a perfect set of photos. Chester calls for the last student, as he reloads his Nikon camera with fresh film.

"Ok next victim," he joked. He heard a young girl giggle nervously. His back was turned towards her, he turned and his warm brown eyes fell upon the girl of his dreams.

She’s at least twelve, and she’s tall for her age, maybe five foot at the least. Her long hair is auburn brown. Her eyes are deep blue. Her nose is perfect; neither too large nor too small. Her lips are full and naturally pink. Very kissable he thinks.

"Well hello beautiful, what's your name," he said, trying not to sound as if he were flirting with the young girl, although he was.

"My names Rhiannon Jones," she said fidgeting nervously as she spoke.

"Well its very nice to meet you Rhiannon, my names Chester Mcalister."

He reached out to shake her hand, grasping her hand, his heart skipped a beat and his cock throbbed in his pants. He likes the dress she’s wearing. It’s a short one piece with a low cut lace trimmed neckline, exposing just a slight bit of preteen cleavage. On her feet she wore black patent leather shoes over white socks with pink lace around the ankles.

"Well Rhiannon, that pretty blue dress you have on almost matches your eyes. Its going to make you stand out among the rest of your brothers and sister, when your mom and dad place your picture on the wall at home," he said this letting his eyes roam discreetly over the young girls developing body. He noticed a change in her body language caused by what he said. Her shoulders slumped slightly, she frowned.

"I don't have any brothers or sister's,” she said.

"Oh…So you're an only child,” he said pointing to a chair in front of his camera he tells her. “Have a seat sweetheart, you’re my last photo shoot for the day. And my prettiest too.”

His charming comment made her smile, this made him even more interested in the pretty auburn haird beauty.

"I love your name. Have you ever heard the old song about a Welsh witch named Rhiannon." As he focused his camera on Rhiannon's pretty face, the lyrics of the song flashed back in his memory, he began singing his best rendition of the tune.

"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't you love to love her. Take to the sky like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover?" He stopped singing and told her. "It needs a guitar and drum solo, but that's how the song goes. Are you sure you've never heard it before?"

Her frown turned to a smile, she liked the corny way he serenaded her. She giggled . "Nope, I've never heard that song before. Is it a new song?"

"Well it was new back in the seventies," he said. Peering through the view finder of his camera, his cock grew hard. "Ok smile sweetheart." he snapped a photo, then asked.

"Has anyone ever told you, how photogenic you are?"

She smiled. "Nope...I don't think so. What's photogenic mean?"

"It means you look beautiful in the camera's eye."

She blushed, he took a perfect picture of her face as it turned a slight shade of red. He took photo after photo: Actually more than any other student for that day. Looking through the view finder, he became completely infatuated with the young girl. He posed her in different ways, just to get better shots of her face and body. The final school bell rang, interrupting his fun. He said goodbye, thinking he’d never see her again.


Driving home through the small town of Otter Creek, he couldn't get Rhiannon's pretty face and perfect virgin body out of his head. Stopped at a four way stop, near the intersection of the street he lives on. He began daydreaming about Rhiannon going down on his hard cock with her luscious full pink lips wrapped around his shaft, as if she were a starving child needing to be fed.

A young girls voice interrupted his thoughts. "Hi Chester!" said the voice. Turning his head towards the voice, he noticed Rhiannon standing on the sidewalk near the drivers side of his car. Rolling his power window down, he spoke.

"Well hi Rhiannon, what a pleasant surprise.” A broad smile crossed his lips, his cock grew hard in his pants. "Can I give you a lift honey," he said in a pleasant tone.

Rhiannon contemplated the offer. "My mom says I shouldn't ride with strangers."
"But I'm not a stranger honey, you know who I am. Heck you and I are almost neighbors."

She brushed a lock of auburn hair away from her face and smiled.

"Well...I guess it'll be ok.” She opened the door then climbed in.

"Ok what's your address sweetheart."

"Nineteen twenty two Maple street," she said. As he drove he made small talk wanting to know more about her.

"You’re new to Otter Creek, aren’t you. I haven't seen you around before today."

"My mom and I moved here just before September. My dad died last year," her voice trembled when she told him of her father. He looked over noticing tears welling up in her eyes. She wiped them away. “I'm so sorry honey, you must miss him a lot." he said.

He caressed her knee, the sensation of her warm soft skin sent warm tingling sensations to his aroused manhood. To his delight, she didn’t push it away.

"I know how you feel Rhiannon,” he said. “My father died in the Vietnam war, when I was fourteen. And about six months back my wife died. Yes honey I do know how it feels to lose someone you love."

Truth being told. His wife died of breast cancer, and his father was killed in action during the war. He actually did know how it feels to lose someone you love. He patted her knee speaking cheerfully. "But at least you have your mom, right sweetheart?"

"Yes but she's a nurse at the hospital, and she works all the time. Since I've been here I haven't made any friends, so I just hang around our house watching TV an stuff."

He drove by his house. "I live right here at nineteen ten. Heck maybe you can come and visit me from time to time. To tell you the truth I get pretty bored just sitting on my ass watching TV an stuff; just like you."

He caressed his hand over her knee. "You can come over tonight if you'd like, I'll be here all weekend. You can help me develop the student photos I took today. And maybe, If you don't mind I'd like to snap a few shots of you?"

"Yeah I'd love to help you...But what do you mean snap shots of me?"

"Oh sorry that's photography lingo. I mean I wanna take some photos of you,” he smiled at her. “Rhiannon. You're a very pretty young lady, I think you have modeling potential."

Her face lit up. "Wow, do you really think I could be a model. Sure I'd love to come over. I'm supposed to go to Davenport tomorrow to see my grandparents, but I can visit with you until my mom gets home at nine.”

They arrived at her home. He didn't see her mothers car parked in the driveway, so he felt secure her mother was at work. He’s well liked and well trusted by everyone in town. He's a member of the city council. And his two best friends in town, are the mayor and the sheriff. Rhiannon stepped from his car then leaned back in.

"See you later Chester. Hey I'm kind of hungry. I'll make a sandwich, then change my cloths and come over," she said. Chester quickly came up with a better plan.

"Why don't you come over and eat dinner with me. I'm tired of eating alone," he said.

"Ok that'll be cool,” she said smiling. “I'm tired of eating by myself too."

She closed the car door, then began skipping up the walkway to her modest yellow and white Victorian style home. He sat watching, enjoying the way her small budding breast jiggled slightly as she skipped. A sudden gust of autumn wind blew her skirt up revealing her pink panty clad ass. "Mmm…Nice little ass," he said to himself as he pulled away.

Chapter 2. Inside Rhiannon’s head.

Once inside the house Rhiannon ran to her bedroom. She slipped her dress off, then placed it neatly back in her closet. Doing this so her mom won’t be angry at her for not taking care of her new dress. In the past year since her fathers death, her mother loses her temper more than before. Rhiannon's father was always the easy going one in the family.

As she undresses she thinks of Chester, and how the middle aged man looks a lot like her grandfather. He’s tall like granddad, and he’s going bald on the top of his head too. He even has the same touch of grey along his temples, like her grandfather. She also thinks he seems to be easy going; like her daddy was, and her grandfather is. Her mother doesn't get along with her deceased husbands parents, she didn't mind moving to Otter Creek. But Rhiannon misses her grandparents. Now as she hurries around her room, she think’s Chester might be able to take her Grandfathers place. But what she doesn't know or understand is; Chester has more then just friendship on his mind.

She’s wearing a pink training bra with matching panties. She stopped and looked at herself in a full length mirror, then began gently running the tips of her fingers over her small breast. She slid the fingers of her right hand between her legs, and began masturbating her panty covered vagina. At ten years old, she discovered masturbation, and with her mom being gone all the time, it’s now one of her favorite pastimes.

Pulling the crotch of her panties aside, she began stroking faster over her virgin pussy. She loves the warm tingling sensations flowing from her cunny. Pushing the tips of her fingers in deeper, her orgasm intensified. Her slender hips began thrusting back and forth. Her knees became weak, she feels lite headed, there’s moisture on her tips of fingers.

She places her fingers in her mouth licking them clean. Tasting herself is something she just recently started doing. She doesn't know why, but she likes how it taste; its salty and somewhat sweet. Now every time she masturbates she has to complete this ritual. Once her orgasm subsides, feelings of shame come to mind. She shrugs it off, thinking.

"I've got to hurry. Chester's waiting!"

She dressed then stepped back in front of her mirror. Stroking her fingers along the thin cotton fabric of a tan camisole blouse. It has thin strips of lace around its plunging neckline, and the shoulder straps are made of lace as well. She reached down running her hands along the fabric of a short denim skirt. The hem of the skirt stops about six inches above her knees. A mischievous smile came over her lips.

"This outfit will be perfect for my first modeling pics. I hope Chester likes it."

Chapter 3. Home with Chester Mcalister, found memories.

As Chester showers, he thinks back to the first young girl he seduced. The girl of all people, just happened to be his ten year old stepsister Megan. He was fifteen when their taboo relationship started. It was an on again off again sexual affair. It ended when he left home to attended Iowa state university. In college he studied journalism, and photography. His career as a photojournalist took him around the world.

As a journalist he had to photograph and experience the worst of mans inhumanity to man. If the agency he worked for, needed someone to cover any catastrophic event or war; he was there. One of his most shocking assignments was in the late seventies, when he helped report on the mass murder of millions of Cambodian citizens during the Khmer Rouge regime. It was on this assignment where he found brothels in Vietnam, and Thailand that specialize in child prostitution. In these dark out of the way places, he became addicted to the pleasures of young girls. Some younger than Rhiannon, and some much older.

Later in his career. He wound up in Europe, and eastern Europe. Where he did work for a fashion magazine. This is where he and his old friend Frank Dicks, discovered even more sweet young girls to seduce. These girls were mostly homeless girls, who would sleep with an adult, just for some food and a warm bed.

In 1991 his life changed for the better, when he met his wife to be on an assignment in Spain. Her name was Jenna, an attractive American reporter. It just so happened, she was from Iowa, just as he was. She was his age, but to his liking; she was also petite. Chester's tall, he stands about 6'2 Jenna was only 5'4. It was her child like stature that drew him to her. From that time on, for almost twenty years Chester never experienced anymore young girls. Jenna was the love of his life.

Now six months after her death, he finds himself craving young girls once more. Until today when he met Rhiannon, he was able to control his urges. Today he lost all control. He has a sense about certain girls like Rhiannon. To him she's ripe for seduction, she's an only child, and she's lonely. He’s a lonely broken hearted man, in his mind they’re made for each other.

Chapter 4. She has arrived.

Chester dried himself off, then slipped into a clean pair of grey sweatpants. He wore no underwear, hoping she’ll see the outline of his bare cock. He then slipped into his favorite Iowa state college t-shirt. His heartbeat quickened, hearing the doorbell ring.

"She's here!" he said under his breath. Leaving his bedroom, he walked to his front door. with lustful thoughts of his new preteen friend on his mind. He looked through a small window in the door. When he saw her waiting outside, his body trembled with excitement. He yanked the door open a little to fast, Rhiannon stood looking up at him with her hands behind her back, fidgeting nervously. Twisting her body gently from left to right. Smiling at him with those perfect pouty pink lips of hers.

"Well come on in sweetheart," he said with a Cheshire cat grin.

As she stepped in she smelled the aroma of hot food coming from his kitchen.

"Mmm, that smells so good. I hope you made enough, because I'm starving."

Stepping inside her eyes opened wide as she peered over hundreds of different photos of all shapes and sizes, covering the walls of his living room. Over the years Chester decorated the walls of the room with photos. A good majority of them, taken while he was on assignment with various news agencies, and fashion magazines.

"Wow Chester, did you take all these pictures!" She began wandering around the room slowly examining each picture. She came to a wall where he has a large collection of fashion models. A good majority of these photos are of lingerie models he shot a few years back, she gasped. "You took pictures of half naked woman!!" she stood transfixed viewing every picture with a childish fascination

"Wow Chester they’re all so pretty. I bet you had fun doing that job; right?"

He chuckled, remembering back to the good old days. "Oh Yes. It was a lot of fun."
As he spoke, his eyes ogled her firm young ass, as he stood behind her.

"I'd sure like to take a few photos of you sweetheart. You’re even prettier than those grown women are."

She turned and smiled, he noticed her face blushing, she giggled nervously.

“But these girls are grownups. I’m not nearly as pretty as they are.”

She turned to look at more photo’s, while she viewed them. He lit a freshly rolled joint, then blew the smoke her way, hoping to relax her with a contact buzz. She smelled the familiar scent of marijuana, then turned around telling him.

"Hey you smoke pot too, just like my grandparents." He blew smoke from his lungs.

"Your grandparents smoke pot. How’ bout your mom, does she smoke?"

"No I think that's why she doesn't like them much."

He held the joint out to her. "Here have a toke. I won't tell your mom."

Rhiannon smiled, but shook her head. “I don’t think I should. I’m not old enough.”

He begged. "Please smoke with me. I hate smoking alone."

She smiled nervously then slowly took the joint from his fingers, telling him.

"Ok. I’ll try some,” she shrugged. “Heck grandpa says it harmless."

She raised it to her lips, then inhaled the sweet smoke. Inhaling too much, she coughed.

"Sorry honey. I should've warned you, just take a small hit on your first try."

Almost right away she began to feel the euphoric effects of the drug. Her short coughing bout made the buzz affect her brain. She felt light headed, but relaxed. Not wanting to appear uncool she took another toke, this time a smaller one. She's watched her grandfather smoke a few times, and she knows to hold the smoke in her lungs. Seeing her eyes glaze over, and an odd smile appear on her lips. He spoke with a pleased smile.

"Well honey. Are you deviating from the norm.”

She nodded her head in agreement, even though she'd never heard that expression before. "Um yep....I think so," she handed the joint back to him. "Here I think I've had enough for now."

Chapter 3: The Photo Shoot.

"Ok sweetie, take off your blouse and skirt." He said after placing a new roll of film in his camera. “Giggle ‘You wanna take pictures, of me. In my bra and panties?" she said. She’s totally stoned now, after dinner they sat in the living room and finished the joint Chester lit when she first arrived.

"Yes honey." He pointed to the wall covered with lingerie models. "I know you can be as sexy as they are. Now come on, don't be shy. You cant be shy, if you wanna be a model."

She thought of what he said then began undressing, telling him.

“I guess you’re right. After all. You are a professional, right Chester.”

He chuckled. “Yes I am. I know exactly what I’m doing. Trust me, you’re going to have so much fun posing for me. I’ll send the pics to my friend Frank Dicks. He has an agency in New York. He’ll make you a big star. Now come on get sexy for me little girl.”

He watched her undress through the view finder of his camera. She slowly removed her blouse and skirt, then stood before him wearing just a pink training bra and matching panties. His cock was semi erect showing through his sweatpants, like a half raised tent

He snapped a picture, telling her. "Wow, you look so hot in pink Rhiannon. Now I want you to climb up on the couch. Get on your hands and knees, look back over your shoulder at me. And give me a really sexy smile." She did as he asked, turning her face to the camera doing her best imitation of a lingerie model.

"Oh yes, your butt looks so sexy that way. Very sexy, ok now change your position.
I want you to sit on the couch facing me." Fighting shame she obeyed his request.

"Ok now. I know your mom, always tells you to sit like a lady. But I want you to open those pretty legs of yours as wide as you can." She hesitated, feeling shame in the back of her mind. But between her legs, she feels warm sensation of pleasure. Doing as he asked, she spread her slender legs. The crotch piece of her panties hugged the outline of her pussy. He spotted the lips of her bald pussy, showing through the thin material of her panties. His voice trembled sounding perverted to her young ears..

"Oh yeah...That's really sexy sweetheart," he zoomed in on her crotch for a close-up."Open those legs wide for me baby." His cock throbbed in his pants, growing to a full erection. "Oh wow baby, you have a beautifully shaped cameltoe," he said this sounding completely perverted.

Never hearing the expression before, she asked. "Um…What's a cameltoe?"

"Ha..ha...Oh Rhiannon baby. I love your innocence,” he told her. ‘Look down between your legs, you see the way the fabric of your panties shows the outline of your pussy."

She looked between her legs hearing the word pussy, but she was taught to call her sex a vagina. At first it didn't compute to her young mind, then she noticed the outline of her cunny showing she quickly closed her legs, her face blushed beat red."Oops, that's embarrassing," she said, shamefully closing her legs .

Chester stood up, not caring if she noticed his erection. And she did notice, her eyes became transfixed on the large pole like bulge sticking out from his pants. He sat down close beside her, then placed his arm around her shoulder telling her.

"Baby there's nothing to be ashamed of," he rubbed his hard dick through his pants.

"Hell as you can see, my peckers hard. I'm proud as hell to let my free flag fly."

Rhiannon’s both curious and a little shocked at the sight of the monster growing in his pants. Her voice trembled. "Why is your penis sticking up like that,"

He laughed, loving how nervous she is. "Because my dear. My penis likes you. And your sexy camel toe." Not able to hold back any longer, he pushed a hand between her closed legs. It happened to fast, she couldn't stop him, he was too strong. Using his free hand, he pried her legs open. His warm hand and fingers began stroking her panty covered cunt. She spread wider, letting his fingers stroke her sensitive clit. Feeling her body go tense and shake, he told her.

“It feels good, doesn't it baby. Please just layback on those pillows behind you. Let me do this. I know you want it Rhiannon."

She lost all control. Although it does feel good to be touched like this, she wants to run from the house half naked screaming “Help, he's trying to rape me.” But instead she lays back on the pillows just as Chester requested. As he fingers her, he tells her.

"They tell you about good touch and bad touch; right,” he caressed her pussy faster. “What is this Rhiannon, is it good or bad touch?"

She couldn’t answer right away, she could only lay back letting him masturbate her. She began thrusting her hips upward, pushing her crotch harder against his invading hand. In a small quivering voice she told him. "It feeels....goood!!” He stopped masturbating her. Her eyes quivered open, she watched him slide from the couch and kneel between her open legs. His voice was kind when he spoke.

"Come on baby, lift your butt up for me, so I can take your panties off."

She tried telling him. "Chester. I should go ho…" He placed a finger to her lips stopping her. "No sweetie. I haven’t given you my special massage yet "

She looked at him smiling. "A massage?" She sounded breathless and weak, when she spoke. Then without being asked to do so, she lifted her bottom up as requested.

He slowly peeled her panties off, letting his fingertips glide gently along the soft flesh of her outer thighs. "Giggle...Chester, don't that tickles," she said. Removing her panties, he feels like a kid unwrapping a present on Christmas day. Once the panties are off. He remembers his Kama Sutra massage oil’s in the bedroom. Without warning he lifts her from his sofa. She cried out in surprise.

"Chester. What are you doing….Why are picking me up."

"You'll be much more comfortable in my bedroom sweetheart."

When she heard him say bedroom, her body trembled. "Chester please don't hurt me,"

He lifted her face to his, giving her a lite kiss on the lips. "Baby, I have no intention of ever harming you. Now just relax, and I'll bring you to a whole new world!"

As he carries her, he feels her heart beating against the palm of his hand through her back bone. In his bedroom he told her. "Here we are baby girl. My bed is much more comfortable, then that old leather sofa of mine out in the living room."

He lay her down then found his massage oil. "What's that stuff for,” she asked. He smiled.
"This is message oil. It came all the way from in India. It’s called Kama Sutra. Its going to bring you pleasure like you've never had before my sweet."

He looked down at her, noticing she’s still wearing her bra. "Rhiannon. In order for me to give you proper massage. You'll need to take you bra off."

"But you'll see my boobs."

Chester laughed. "Babe, I've already seen your cunny, I might as well see your titties while I'm at it. Beside that I don't wanna get your pretty bra all oily."

She took her bra off, then with a little girls modesty she covered her breast with her hands and lay back down facing him.

"I don't think we should do this Chester, its wrong...I know it is."

He smiled down at her looking so kind, she knew he wouldn't hurt her. But societies fears keep flashing through her young mind. He spoke in a reassuring voice.

"Baby, you've let me go this far. Now please let me give you a massage. I know your going to love it. Just put all of your trust in me. It’ll be ok, I promise sweetheart."

She thought for a second, then looked over at the clock on his bedside table.

"Well ok…I guess it will be fun to do something adults do. Its six-forty five now.
You'll have to hurry, because my mom usually gets home by eight."

"Well we better get started then," he said cheerfully.

Having her complete trust, he poured some oil over her chest. The oil felt good, when its warmth seeped into her developing breast. Next he did something she didn't expect, he removed his sweatpants. Her eyes opened wide, seeing his full erection. Chester grinned mischievously.

"Is this the first mans penis you've ever seen baby," he stroked his erection.

Her voice quivered. “Yes it is…why are getting naked?"

He reassured her in a calm cool voice. “Don’t worry beautiful. Just lay back and enjoy.”

He then climbed on the bed, straddled her body and scooted back. Scooting back he let his nut sack glide along the soft skin of her belly. This was almost to much for him to take, he almost orgasmed prematurely.

Rhiannon couldn't take her eyes off his penis. He’s an average sized man, his cock’s at least seven inches at full erection. To her it looked enormous, its length and thick girth worried her. His nuts are hairy, his pubic hair tickled her soft skin as it glided against her bare flesh. He began gently massaging the oil into her small firm developing breast.

"Rhiannon your titties are developing nicely. They’re so firm and round, for a girl your age. How does it feel honey, if I'm hurting you, just tell me. Because like I said before, I have no intention of hurting you baby."

Rubbing the oil into her breast, he ran his fingertips around her nickel sized areolas. He gently massaged the warm oil into her nipples, observing them as they grew long and hard to his touch. She moaned, speaking in an almost inaudible breathless whisper.

"Mmm, that feels good,” giggle. “You're the first boy to ever touch me like this.”

Her sweet breathless words made him feel good about what he’s doing. He told her.

"And I'm honored that you’ve let me, be the first boy to touch you like this,” he chuckled softly. “I think I'm enjoying this, even more then you are."

Seeing she’s comfortable with him, he began to massage his way lower. letting his hard cock and balls glide back and forth along the soft skin of her bare leg as he worked his way lower. He noticed her eyes were closed, he took a second to guide the tip of his penis just along the outer folds of her cunt lips. She felt what he was doing and immediately woke from her relaxed state, in panic protesting.

"Chester please, you said you wouldn't hurt me," her voice trembled out loudly.

"Rhiannon honey, calm down. I'm not putting it all the way in. I'll take it away, please honey don't be afraid." He leaned over and gave her a kiss. Her eyes opened wide with fear as his face came close to hers. "Its ok babe, I just wanna kiss you. Open your mouth just a little and I'll show you how to French kiss."

She opened her mouth, but only because she wanted to ask a question. Before she could get the question out, his lips covered hers. She felt the tip of his tongue enter her mouth ever so slightly. His tongue felt her tongue, he licked it gently. Not enough to make her choke, but just enough to let her experience the pleasure of her first French kiss. The kiss created warm sensations of pleasure, as the tip of his adult tongue gently danced with hers. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, enjoying her first kiss.

As he leaned over her, pre cum dripped from the tip of his cock, a sticky stream of his lubricant stuck to her leg. He pulled away from the kiss. She smiled looking up at him with a puzzled look in her eyes. “Is that how French people really kiss?" she asked.

Chester almost came as he laughed. He told her a little white lie. "Oh yes. That's where I learned to kiss like that. Did you like it, do you wanna do it again?"

She giggled. "Yes, do it again."

Kissing her again, he learned she’s a fast learner. As he lowered his lips to hers, she opened her lips just enough to let his tongue enter. He kissed her, pressing his cock between her soft slender legs. He feels her cunt lips stroking against his shaft, but he kept his word that he wouldn't hurt her. He pulled away from the kiss, still letting his cock fuck her between the legs and the outer lips of her cunt. Rhiannon feels the heat of his cock meat, as it stroked her sex.

"I like how that feels Chester, but please just don't put that big thing in me; ok."

He lowered his lips to her ear. "If I cant fuck you, can I at least lick your cunny."

Giggle... “Chester that sounds disgusting. I pee from there." He kissed her earlobe, a warm sensation of pleasure sailed through her young body once more.

He begged. "Please, I know you'll like it. I'm really good at it." To his delight, she gave in.

"Ok you can do that...But please, don't put your thing in my vagina."

"All right, time to eat Rhiannon's pussy for dessert," he said flirtatiously.

He pulled his sticky cock from between her legs, then slid himself down until he straddled over her knees. Rhiannon watched his hard cock wiggle as he moved with intense fascination. She asked with childish curiosity.

"Does your penis hurt when it gets all hard like that?"

He stroked his cock. "Yes, especially when there's a pretty girl in my bed teasing me the way you are by not letting me put it in her cunny."

She frowned. "I'm sorry, but its just too big....I know it will hurt me.”

Although he does plan on eventually fucking this sweet girl. He knows something else she can do for him later; being oral pleasure of course. But for now, knowing she’ll come back to see him, once he evokes her sexual curiosities. He’ll satisfy her with a little adult cunnalingus. He loves eating pussy, and it’s been years since he’s eaten a young girls sex.

"Ok baby. Raise your knees up. Spread those skinny legs of your nice an wide for me."

She giggled nervously and did as he asked. He now has a good view of her almost hairless cunt. Looking closer, he sees the beginning growth of reddish brown pubic hair, growing just above the almost bright pink folds of her cunt lips.

Laying belly down with his face near her beautiful pink virgin cunt, he inhaled the aroma of her sex. She watched intently as he opened his mouth, then lowered it to her cunny. He tasted just a faint hint of urine, the taste of pee excited him. He forced his tongue deep into her sex. Doing this he tastes the fact, that this young girl is truly enjoying her first sexual experience.

Rhiannon's body reacts immediately to the warm wet sensation of the grown mans mouth, tongue and breath. He licked and sucked her clit and cunt lips. She moaned softly, her pelvis and hips began pushing harder against his mouth and invading tongue. As he licked and sucked her, he looked up at her. She has her head tilted back, her blue eyes are half shut, her eye lids are fluttering.

He couldn’t help but tell her. "Mmm...You like this don't you baby!"

She didn't speak, she couldn't make her lips move. Her young inexperienced mind cant comprehend what’s happening. She thinks to herself "I like it,” but she cant say the words. He went back to work, as he licks and sucks her, he also masturbates her clit with the tips of his fingers.

Rhiannon feels a major orgasm wash over her body, starting from her sex flowing down her knees. Her toes curl, the tips of her ears tingled. Her nipples tingled, her eyelids flutter. She moans like a woman, and bucks her hips. She wanted to speak, she wanted to say. “Stop it Chester. You’re making me feel too good.” But she cant make any sounds, that even resemble words of any kind. Chester's mouth and lips finally tire, he pulled his face away. His chin and lips are covered with her girl cum.

Rhiannon came hard, her hips and pelvis kept humping up and down, way after he stopped eating her. Finally she came to a rest, he sees her chest rise and fall as she gasps for air. He sees her heart beat, as it pounds against her rib gage. He raised up from the bed, his cock’s still painfully hard. Then brought his body back over hers.

He placed his girl cum covered lips to her lips. She tasted the scent of her pussy on his lips. She knew what the scent was, because of her daily masturbation ritual of playing with herself then licking her fingers clean. She opened her lips accepting the kiss, they kissed until Chester pulled away. He looked into her blue, asking her a deep question.

"So Rhiannon. Was that good touch, or bad touch."

Remembering the question he asked once before in his living room. She giggled telling him with a smile. "It was good touch. Can you do it again!!"

“Ha..ha. “Nope cant. My mouth and tongue are all warn out. Its your turn, to take care of me now sweetie. I want you to suck my cock. It’s only fair sweetheart!"

Rhiannon's face snarled up. "But you pee from your penis."

"Yes and you pee from your pussy. But I still went down on you. And might I add, your pussy taste just like sweet Michigan cherries."

Giggle "Michigan cherries! But we live in Iowa. Why doesn’t it taste like Iowa cherries."

He smirked. "Because the only damned thing we grow in Iowa is corn. And you don't taste like corn." He looked at the clock, seeing it’s going on seven thirty.

"Now I need you to please me Rhiannon, we have just enough time for you to make me orgasm."

She grimaced, then cracked a smile before telling him. "Ok, what do I do. I'm a virgin I don't know anything about sex and stuff."

He knelt on the bed, with his legs straddling her body. She’s still leaning against a stack of piled up pillows. Straddling her body, he explained what he wants.

"Wrap your right hand around my cock, use your left hand to play with my nuts. Then of course, there’s the most important part of a proper blow job. Put my cock in your mouth. Suck on it, like it’s a baby bottle. Play with my nuts and jack me off, while you suck me."

She grasped his cock and touched his nuts. Her soft hands and fingers sent warm intense pleasure running from his cock and nuts over his fifty-eight year old body. He moaned.

"Ahh Yes...Ok, wrap those sexy lips of yours around the tip of my cock then suck me and jack me off with your hand. Come on baby, I know you can do it."

She heard his voice tremble as he instructed her on how to give a grown man her first blow job. Suddenly without any more coaching, she opened her mouth and wrapping her soft warm lips over the sensitive circumcised head of his cock.

"Yes that feels wonderful baby. Now I want you to stroke your hand up and down my cock, at the same time your doing that rock your head and lips back and forth while sucking and licking it at the same time.”

Rhiannon had thought the idea of doing this disgusting at first, but once she actually tasted the salty white flesh of his cock, she found it to be quite exciting. She looked up at Chester, he seemed to be enjoying what she’s doing. She’s not afraid anymore, now she just wants to make her new friend happy. She stroked and sucked his cock, his body trembled, he moaned in ecstasy.

"Ahhhh yes. Oh baby, you’re doing so good." He peered down at her, she’s looking up at him with her beautiful deep blue eyes. He feels her teeth.

"Ouch. Now make sure you keep those teeth tucked under your lips baby."

She pulled away trying to speak with his large cockhead against her lips.

"I'm sorry did I hurt…." He reached down placing his hand on her head.

"That's ok baby. I know it’s your first blow job, your doing good, please don't stop."

He placed his hand over her hand, where she’s holding his nuts, telling her.

“Rub my nuts baby. I like having my nuts played with!"

She fondled him gently, he moan softly. She looked up, he’s smiling at her. She began sucking, and stroking him faster. He feels the beginning of an orgasm building, he looked over at the clock, it’s going on seven forty-five. Seeing he’s running out of time, he tells her.

"Stroke me and suck me faster baby. Ahhh…Make me cum!”

Her lips began to make slurping sucking sounds as she bobbed her head back and forth. Her hand grasped his cock meat a little harder. His cock seemed to be getting warmer as she did this. She feels a tingling sensation in her pussy, she cant believe she’s actually enjoying the taste of his salty cock.

At the same time. Chester feels the warm tingling sensation of an orgasm beginning in his testicles. Part of his mind wants to warn Rhiannon, he’s about to shoot a thick load of fresh warm sperm into her sweet young mouth. But his slightly demented mind told him: No, she needs to eat my cum. I need to feed this little girl my cum. As the evil thought goes through his mind, his cum erupted into her mouth.

"Oh god yes Rhiannon,” He fucked her mouth grunting, telling her in a perverted tone. Yeah baby suck it, suck it…Yes...Ahhhh eat my cum. Swallow it…ahhh."

She tastes warm sperm flowing from his cock. It hits the back of her throat, she tried swallowing it, but gagged. Hearing her gag, he pulled from her mouth, hoping she won’t be angry with him for not warning of his sudden eruption. She tasted the mans sperm for the first time, not sure what it is. It was thick warm and salty . "Gooey" she thought to herself. "But not bitter." Cupping her hand under her mouth, she spit the white sticky semen into her palm. Looking at him with angry eyes, she spoke.

"You didn't tell me this stuff was inside you....What is it Chester?"

He quickly came back to his senses, seeing it’s time for some major damage control, he doesn’t want to scare the girl of his dreams away, over just a little sperm. "I'm sorry Rhiannon. I should've warned you. Its sperm or semen. Or, as we adults refer to it; cum."

"I know what semen is, it's the stuff that makes baby's," She slapped him on the shoulder with her empty hand. Her slap hurt. "Ouch..Hey now calm down sweetheart,” he told her. Never being a violent man, he didn’t retaliate. Instead he calmly rolled away, laying down beside her on the bed.

She yelled at him. "Darn you Chester. Now I'm going to get pregnant.”

He laughed, this didn't help matters at all. Her blue eyes glared at him with intense anger.

"Honey don't worry. You won't get pregnant if you swallow sperm." He lifted her sperm covered palm to his lips, licking his own cum from her hand.

Trying not to gag, he told her. "See I ate it….I like eating my own stuff."

"Ooh that's disgusting. Chester please don't be mad at me, but I need to go home now!"

She began to get out of bed, he pulled her back down, but a little too quickly. Fearing he’s going to hit her, she screamed. He looked in her eyes, telling her in calm gentle voice.
“Hey now sweetheart, it’s ok. I just want a kiss, before you go.” With that said, he gently held her face with one hand, while planting a lite kiss on her lips.

In the back of her mind, she knew she should've pulled away. It must've been the warmth of his lips or the gentleness of his touch. She threw her arms around his neck, he laid her back down on the pillows. She tasted cum on his lips, although she’s young and inexperienced. The taste of semen excited her, tingling sensations washed over her body. Her heart beat faster with every second of the kiss.

Chapter 4. The phone call.

Ring...ring. Rhiannon heard her cell phone ringing, it’s in the pocket of the denim skirt she wore to his house. Her skirts in the living room, in a pile along with her blouse panties shoes and socks. Chester heard it too, his heart pounded hard against his fifty-eight year old chest. She unwrapped her arms from his neck, then pushed him away. Jumping from the bed telling him. "That’s my cell phone. I think mom’s calling me."

Chester leaned his head on an upturned hand, enjoying the sight of his preteen girl friends bare ass as she ran. She disappeared out of sight around the corner. He heard her young voice as she answered the call. "Hi mommy." Her mother replied in an angry voice.

"Rhiannon where are you. I called the house phone, you didn't answer. Are you outside or something." Rhiannon should've lied, but she didn’t.

"No mom, I'm over at a friends house," after saying this she wished she could take it back. Her mother’s voice changed to a happier tone.

"Oh cool honey, is she a friend from school. What's her name?"

Rhiannon stuttered nervously. "Um...Well mom, his names Chester Mcalister."

"Chester, who?… Are you at a boys house Rhiannon?"

"No Mom. I'm not at a boys house. Mr. Mcalister is a man." Mrs. Jones went from calm, back to fearfully angry. "Rhiannon. Why the hell are you at a mans house. Put this man friend of your’s on the phone. I wanna speak with him; right now."

Gulp. "Yes mommy."

Chester heard her mother yelling in her ear, as he pulled his sweatpants on. He’s been standing behind her listening in. Rhiannon turned around, finding him standing behind her. She covered the mouth piece whispering. "She wants to talk with you."

He took the phone, then pointed to her cloths, silently telling her without speaking to get dressed. Using his best charming voice, he spoke.

"Well hello Mrs. Jones, how are you tonight." His charm, didn’t calm the woman

"Mr. Mcalister. I'd be much better. If my little girl hadn't just told me, she’s at some strange mans house. Now tell me Mr. Mcalister do you always invite young children into your house, without speaking with their mothers first. And by the way is your wife home, I'd like to speak with her also."

Her anger almost unnerved him, but he stayed calm. After all he's been in worse situations during his time as a photojournalist. What she said next, made him think fast.

“I should call the police on you Chester. What’s your address.”

"Now Mrs. Jones. There's no need for the police. I happen to be a personal friend of the county sheriff and his deputies. I'm sure if you spoke with Sheriff Jackson, or any of his deputies. They would all tell you. I'm a very trust worthy man. Oh by the way, Mrs. Jones. I didn't get your first name.” Calming down she told him her name. He plastered on every bit of his charm. “Well It’s so nice to meet you Melissa. Your daughters been telling me so many nice things about you. But she never told me your first name.”

As Rhiannon dressed she listened in. At first she could hear her mothers angry voice, but
Chester laid his charming ways in her mothers ear, and in no time flat they were talking like old friends.

"I'm so sorry to hear about your husbands passing Melissa. I know how it feels to lose someone. My wife died six months ago, and my father was killed in action in Vietnam."

"Yes…I can tell she misses her daddy. Oh yes that's right she did say she’s going to visit her grandfather. Well sure I'd love to meet you for coffee tonight." The call ended.

Rhiannon’s sitting on the couch tying her shoes, he sat next to her placing his arm around her shoulder. "Well your mom seems very nice, now that I've gotten to know her." he hugged her then spoke seriously, looking in her eyes.

"Now lets talk about us Rhiannon. You know your mom, would never approve of what I did with you this evening. So please, make sure you don't mention anything.... like the way I took pictures of you in your bra and panties. Or that you let me give you a booby massage. Or how I licked your juicy little cunny, until you orgasmed like a big girl. And most of all. Don't tell her...Or anyone else that, you sucked my cock."

He rubbed her the back, giving her a reassuring smile. "Sweetheart. Don't ever be afraid, that I'd hurt you, or anyone else to keep my ass out of jail. But if you consider yourself my friend. You should keep this a secret," he hugged her body a little closer flashing a charming smile. "So are we friends, or not!!" he asked.

Rhiannon's eyes lit up she smiled. "Yes we’re friends. I was scared at first, when you started messing with me. But the things you did, felt really good; it was fun."

She stood up then moved between his legs, as he sat on the couch. She wrapped her arms around his neck then gave him kiss. This time she was the aggressor, he felt the tip of her tongue against his lips. She hugged him tight, he placed his hands on her ass. She broke away from the kiss, looked him in the eyes and told him in a serious little voice.

"Don't worry, I'll keep this a secret. I know what you did with me, is considered wrong," She gave him an alluring smile. "But it felt sooo gooood.”

Chester smiled, thinking how he’s just committed a perfect seduction. Just then a thought came to mind. "Can I get your cell number, I'll give you my number. You can call or text me, while your visiting your grandparents.” He flashed a charming smile, telling her. “Now that we're friends, we should keep in touch, right?"

They added their numbers to the contact list of each others phones.

"Now I better take you home sweetheart. I'm really looking forward to meeting your mom. Hey does she have a boyfriend."

"Yeah she's dating some guy from the hospital, she wants to spend time alone with the guy this weekend, while I'm visiting my grandparents. I don't like him, but she thinks he's great."

He grabbed his jacket from a hook near the door, ideas to spend more time with the pretty auburn haired blue eyed preteen came to mind. He told her.

"Hey when I meet your mom tonight. I'll ask her if I can keep an eye on you while she's at work. That is, unless what you and I did tonight freaked you out. Maybe you don't wanna see me again?"

"Yeah...I'd like to see you again. What we did was really different," she looked at him with an uncertain look in her eyes. "I guess you’ll want me to suck on your thingy again; right?" Chester couldn’t help but laugh.

"Why yes honey. I liked it when you sucked my thingy...I mean cock. Yes I want you to do that again," he patted her on the back. "You just need to practice that’s all. The more you do it, the more you'll like it."

Without warning he picked her up, then pressed her body against the wall. He spoke passionately looking into her blue eyes. "Kiss me goodbye baby girl," he said.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her soft warm lips met his, she felt the tip of his tongue against her lips. As he kissed her, he began thrusting his hips against her panty covered cunt. Feeling what he’s doing turned her on, but also made her feel dirty and shameful. He stopped kissing her and whispered in ear.

"There are so many things, I’m going to teach you Rhiannon.”

Chapter 5. The walk home.

His visit with Rhiannon's mother went well. Now as he walks home through the cold October night, lyrics from the old song called Rhiannon keep playing in his head.

"Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't you love to love her. Take to the sky like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover?" He smiles thinking about the last verse of the old song. He whispers
"I'll be Rhiannon's lover. Be it right, or wrong."

He placed the tips of his fingers to his nose, the scent of her girl cum is still on his fingertips. Her scent brought fond memories of every taboo thing he's done with her. It’s a cold night, but his body became warmer with thoughts of future love making sessions with the preteen girl. A smile appeared on his lips, if any of his friends or neighbors saw the smile. They might ask him, if he's in love. But if they only knew, he’s falling in love with a young girl named Rhiannon Jones. What would they think of him then?

End of part 1.
I originally posted this series in Dark Fantasy, after doing so I realized this series isn't dark enough for that category. I've recently edited the story feeling it might work better in Fantasy. Feel free to post comments, and for the kik me readers. If you post an advertisement, at least say if you like my story or not.

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