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I’m Kamal; Back when I was 13 years old there was this boy Ryan that lived across the street from me he was the same age as I was and we were good friends, we played together, we laughed together and he and I hung out most days, but the truth was that Ryan and I were more than just friends. It was just my Father and I, I didn’t have any siblings and Ryan had both parents and an older brother, but when Ryan or I would myself our houses to ourselves, (most Friday nights) when my dad worked the late shift at the hospital or whenever his parents and brother were out, we would do more than just hanging out it was all age appropriate things, (kissing, touching, and sucking on each others dicks, rubbing our dicks together, nude dry humping) things like that, but one night things went a bit further than normal.

It was a Wednesday evening Ryan’s parents were out and his brother was at one of his friend’s house, Ryan and I had the run of his house for the next few hours but like usual we were up in Ryan’s room naked with the blinds closed and the TV on, just in case someone came home all they would think is that we were watching cartoons or playing videogames while we rushed to put our clothes back on.
Ryan and I were in his room lying on his bed locked in the 69 position sucking on each other, there was nothing too special about it I mean it felt as good as it usually does, his wet mouth around my dick and with his hard dick constantly pulsing in my mouth when Ryan stopped sucking and took my dick out of his mouth while I kept sucking on him.

At first I just thought Ryan needed to catch his breath or rest his jaw for a moment, I was caught completely off guard when I felt the wet tingling of Ryan’s tongue on my hole for the first time, I quickly pulled away and damn near jumped across the bed. Honestly I couldn’t say that it was bad sensation I simply wasn’t ready for that is all, I sat up just looking over at a silent Ryan waiting for an explanation about what he was trying to do but instead of talking Ryan just moved in kissing my lips while pushing me down onto my back, he was kissing me… different, I don’t know exactly how to explain it, usually when he kissed me it was just a kiss, but this time he kissed me there was something else cause it felt like my head was spinning, my body warmed, and I felt like I was melting I nearly forget about how weirded out I was just moments before.
Ryan laid on top of me still kissing my lips before propping himself up with his arms over me and looked right into my eyes, admittedly I was nervous and the way Ryan was looking at me he and I were about to be venturing into unexplored territories.

I laid there completely subdued by Ryan’s kiss as he pulled his lips away from mine and begun kissing his way down my body; from my neck, to my chest, then to my stomach, he kissed my dick, and finally my balls. Ryan slowly spread my legs looking up into my eyes as he lowered his head down between them and I again felt the tingling sensation as Ryan started licking on my hole, I squirmed a bit but for the most part I enjoyed it.

I pulled Ryan back into the 69 position I hesitated at first but as I was staring at Ryan’s hole puckering like it was calling out to me, then something interesting happened… Ryan’s ass started to look like his ass was calling out, begging me to stick my tongue out and lick it, it started to look tasty to me almost as if I were to lick it, it would be sweet like strawberries, so followed Ryan’s lead and started licking his ass.
I don’t know how long it was but Ryan and I were rolling around on his bed for a while both licking each others ass and sucking on each others dick enjoying the new form of pleasure we’d discovered when we heard the front door open and heard the laughter of his parents from downstairs. Ryan and I quickly uncoupled and hurried to get dressed, I didn’t realize that three hours had passed, and it was dark out and on a school night my father would have more than a few things to say about it.

Back home my father was nagging me about it being a school night but the whole time all I could think of was the pure elation I felt when I was with Ryan, in fact that’s all I could think of the rest of the night hardly getting any sl**p cause I was just so excited; like a kid that finds out they’re going to Disneyland about the next time he and I could be alone again.

When Friday night came around Ryan spent the night over at my house, my dad left us some Pizza money then left for work and he wouldn’t be home until morning giving Ryan and I all the alone time two 1X year old boys could stand. We started in the shower cleaning one another but that quickly turned into rubbing and grinding on each other as soap and water washed over our bodies. After the shower Ryan and I kissed our way down the hall to my room wasting no time before we were on my bed sucking and licking on each other like before but this time we knew we wouldn’t be interrupted.

Ryan finally moved around and was face to face on top of me with my legs spread around him kissing me and in between heavy breaths repeating my name, I couldn’t tell if it was planed out or if it was just pure instinct but I felt Ryan’s dick poking against my hole. On the hand I was panicking, scared, and nervous, screaming inside my own head to stop… to turn back, but on the other hand I just didn’t care, I wanted him to… needed him to even if it was just for a second, at that moment I just had to have Ryan inside of me. I didn’t say a word I just gave Ryan a long stare letting him know that it was alright, that I wanted him to and he slowly pushed his way inside.

I couldn’t help but tense up clenching my ass tight around his dick, I wasn’t in pain, Ryan was far to gentle to hurt me but that was my natural reaction to the strange new feeling of having a dick in me, even after he was as deep as he could go I continued to clench up around the base of his dick.
It took some patience from Ryan but I managed to relax enough to allow him to slid in and out with little resistance, I couldn’t believe it; I was having sex, Ryan and I were having sex and it felt amazing. Each thrust from Ryan sent tingles of pleasure through my entire body, I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his shoulders and kiss him as he pushed in and out, his dick felt so good inside me; so good that I didn’t want it to end but I wasn’t going to let Ryan have all the fun, I wanted to try too.
Pushing back against Ryan’s hips I eased him out of me, his dick was hard as a stone and throbbing like crazy obviously wanting more but he understood that wanted him as much as he still so clearly wanted me. I rolled Ryan over onto his stomach moved down and started back eating his ass again, he was writhing with pleasure as I licked his hole again and again, my dick grew harder in an instant, knowing I was giving Ryan pleasure was just so exciting to me and I couldn’t wait anymore.

With his legs together I crawled on top of Ryan and put my dick against his ass and rubbed it up down and all around on his hole before I started to inch my way inside him. Ryan was like me clenching his ass on my dick as I entered his virgin ass but it didn’t seem to take him as long to relax as it took me, but then again that could have just been a matter of perspective.
Sheer bliss is the only phrase I can use to describe the feeling of Ryan’s warm wet ass wrapped around my dick, I hadn't started moving my hips yet I was being still and just enjoying being deep inside Ryan, rubbing my hands down his arms then locking our hands together before I started slowly humping his ass.
Ryan was moaning out in pure pleasure like I’ve never heard him do before, I couldn’t stop to revel in the moment, Ryan’s ass simply put: felt too good, it was like my hips were working on auto-pilot moving up and down, back and forth all on their own and I wanted more.
Ryan and I had completely lost all track of time up in my bed constantly flipping between giving and receiving but always stopping short of an orgasm, I don’t know if it was because we were afraid of reaching the peak of this new kind of pleasure or if we just wanted it to last as long as it could either way, Ryan and I burned through moonlight with our passionate embrace.

Ryan was laying on his side with his head turned as to me as best he could and I was inside pumping my dick into him and kissing his lips and stroking on his dick with my hand. I was trying my best but I just couldn’t hold it together any longer, I told Ryan I was about to cum but to my surprise he didn’t tell me to pull out so I just kept pumping along allowing my pleasure to build up deep inside of me. My mind went blank and nothing seemed to matter, all I could feel was a tingling that radiated all throughout my body as I released shot after shot of my semen right into Ryan’s ass, he started to moan and his hole kept gripping tight then releasing around my dick.

I didn’t really want to, I wanted to stay inside Ryan forever but my soft dick ended up falling out of him all on its own, I rolled over onto my back and Ryan did the same then turned his head to face me, he had a huge smile on his face but he wouldn’t say why then I felt something wet in my hand, I looked down and found that my hand was covered in Ryan’s cum.
Exhausted; Ryan and I realized that we had been going at for almost three hours we laid there in bed not just saying a word, just smiling at each other both knowing things between us had taken a leap forward.

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