In part two our story. Chester talks on the phone to his old friend Frank Dicks. He learns Frank adopted a young Vietnamese girl name Maylee. And Rhiannon comes over for an erotic late night visit. She learns what sex toys are for, and what a mans cock feels like.
Authors note. If you’re not into stories about older men, who have sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded, please read on. This is a multiple part series. And there’s more to this story of dark depravity, then meets the eye.

A quote from Nabokov’s, Lolita.

“Human life is but a series of footnotes, to a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece.”

Chapter 6. Fond memories of Rhiannon.

Its now Sunday afternoon, Chester Mcalister cant stop thinking about the erotic taboo things he did Friday night, with a preteen girl named Rhiannon Jones.
The taste of her succulent young pussy is still on the tip of his tongue. The way she looked up at him with her bright blue eyes, as she sucked his cock for the first time keeps flashing through his mind. He chuckles remembering the surprised look on her face, when he came in her mouth.

Today he's down in his basement darkroom, developing the last batch of pictures he took during school picture day, where he met Rhiannon. Of all the pictures he took that day, his favorite photo's are of her.

He made duplicates of her school pictures for his own collection. He loves
the way her blue eyes, match the blue dress she’s wearing. He pins these pictures up alongside the almost nude bra and panty shots he took of her, as she posed for him on the couch upstairs in his living room. His favorite picture of all, is the close up shot he took of her panty covered camel toe.

Beep.....beep! A text message alert on his cell phone startles him from his lust filled trance. Picking up his phone, he says to himself in a cheerful whisper
"Well alright, its my sweet young friend Rhiannon!" He hasn’t spoken with her, since he walked her home, and met with her mother Friday night. She’s down in Devonport, visiting her grandparent’s. She’s due back in Otter creek tonight.

The text read. Having fun with Grandma & Grandpa. Miss u. Wish u were here. Ps. don't worry I'm keeping our secret to myself.

He smiles, seeing the last part of her text. Relieved to see she’s keeping what they did Friday night, just between them. "Good girl Rhiannon,” he says. Speaking to himself again, as he often does these days since his wife died, just a little over six months ago. He quickly typed a text message back, telling her.

Glade you r having fun, but I wish u were here with me. Please come see me when u get back. Like I said b 4. I have so many things I wanna teach you.

He waited for a reply, but she never did. So trying not to become obsessed, he laid his phone down and went back to work. As he worked, he thought of his old friend Frank Dicks. Frank’s one of his oldest friends, they met years ago on a fashion shoot assignment in Russia. Where they found, they both have a taste for young girls. He knows Frank runs his own modeling agency in New York. Thinking of this, he remembers telling Rhiannon she has modeling potential.

Thinking of his friend in New York, he takes a break and walks upstairs planning on calling him. Earlier this morning, he left a freshly rolled joint laying in an ashtray near his house phone. He lit it, then dialed Frank’s phone number. The call rang through for a long time. He was about to hang-up, when he heard a young Asian girls voice. "Hello, who is calling,’ said the girl. Her accent brought back fond memories of many nights spent in Vietnamese, and Taiwanese brothels back in the late seventies. Having spent so much time in post war South East Asia, he knows the girls accent is Vietnamese. And she’s way to young to be one of Frank's fashion models, or a secretary. He spoke in charming tone.

"Well hello sweetheart. My names Chester Mcalister, I'm calling to speak with Frank Dicks. Is he home by any chance.”

She yelled out. "Daddy. A man is on the phone. He say his name is Chester" She struggled with his last name. He heard Frank tell her.

"Give me the phone Maylee, and go put some cloths on baby….No, on second thought, don’t get dressed. Come here and sit beside me on the bed.”

Chester heard what his friend said to the girl, who sounds so young on the phone. Frank answered the phone joking comparing his name to the old Hustler magazine cartoon. "Well hello Chester Molester, oops…I mean Mcalister!”

If any one else addressed him by this name, he would've hung up. But it was Frank who gave him the nick name, back in their younger days. When they both worked as a freelance fashion photographers. Whenever they traveled to exotic locations; with reputations for taboo pleasures. They often slipped out at night, to sample the young female delicacies. With fond memories, Chester laughed.

"You haven't lost your since of humor, have you Frank,” he chuckled. “Yes this is the one and only Chester Molester, aka Chester Mcalister."

Frank laughed, happy to hear from his old friend. Of whom he’s shared so many wonderful experiences with. They haven’t spoken for a while.

“How’s it going Chester, are you still living in Otter Creek. Or have you moved to a more exciting location?”

“I’m still in boring old Otter Creek,” said Chester. “I’d move to the Big Apple, but I don’t think I could ever get used to the big city life….“Hey, did I hear that young Asian girl call you daddy,” he smirked. “Frank you old perverted playboy. Did you go and get yourself hitched or something?”

"Yes, I am kind’a hitched,” said Frank. “Her name's Maylee, she's Vietnamese.
I adopted her almost two years ago, she’s twelve years old now….And being as you and I know each other so well. I’ll tell you, she's like my wife. At least that is, when we’re in the privacy of our own home; if you get my drift." He said the last, proud of himself. Chester knew right away what he meant by. If you get my drift.

Chester laughed. "Frank…You old sly dog.”

Frank replied proud of himself "Ha! You’re right. I am a sly dog. And you of all people, should know. I like the thrill of taboo things.” He spoke of things he’s done with Maylee. “She's so sweet and sexy for her age, you should come out and meet her sometime. I’ve already let some of my friends out here sample her fruits. Chester she's a good girl, she'll do anything you want….Hold on minute, I’ll show you . Maylee, suck my cock, while I talk to my old friend baby."

He heard him moan to Maylee. “Oh…Yeah baby…That’s just what daddy needs.” Frank chuckled. “You’re not into girls like Maylee anymore, are you Chester." With his cock being sucked, he suddenly remembers Chester’s deceased wife Jenna. "Man…It’s hard to believe, Jenna died six months ago. I'm so sorry, I didn't come to her funeral. She was a great lady Chester, you miss her don’t you.”

Hearing Frank’s pleasure, brought on fond memories of what he did with Rhiannon Friday night. Since that night, he’s almost forgotten about his late loving wife Jenna. Now Rhiannon’s the only girl on his mind. He cleared his thoughts, getting back to why he called. First he forgave his old friend.

"That's ok Frank…I remember, you were out of the country at the time. But anyway I’m calling to ask you for a favor."

Frank moaned with pleasure. "Ahhh...What kind of favor, old buddy!"

"I’ve met a pretty young girl out here in Otter Creek. I told her she has modeling potential. And to top things off, I'm also teaching her some of the finer things in life. If you get my drift!"

He heard Frank breathing heavy. "Ahhh…Good girl Maylee…Oh sorry Chester. Did I hear you say you met a young girl like my Maylee?" Frank sounded slightly out of breath, when he spoke. But now he’s curious, just the same.

"You heard me right old buddy...Her names Rhiannon, she's twelve years old. She has the face of an angel, with beautiful auburn hair, and bright blues eyes!"

Frank doesn’t seem to be listening at the moment, he’s lost in his girls taboo attention. "Ahh…Yes Maylee…You know what daddy likes, don’t you baby."

Chester’s becoming aroused. Frank came back to the conversation, telling him.
"Sorry Chester, but….ahh Maylee's very good at the art of falatio."

Chester begged. "Frank please control yourself, my girls out of town. Stop teasing me like this Dammit.” he’s irritated, but aroused at the same time.

Frank chuckled, hearing Chester’s desperate plea. He spoke out of breath.
"I bet hearing this brings back good memories of the old day’s, doesn’t it….But anyway, I'd like to meet your young friend. What did you say her name is?"

Chester proudly replied. "Her names Rhiannon, just like the old song from the seventies." He heard Frank breathing hard, and moaning.

"Ahhh Yes baby…Suck me...Yeah make me cum!" Frank’s heavy breathing turned to loud moans pleasure, as Maylee brought him to an intense orgasm.
"Eat my cum. Ahhh…Ohoo yesss. Suck it…suck it." Frank fucked her mouth, Maylee swallowed every drop of his seed, then licked his cock shaft clean.

"Frank are you ok," said Chester, being worried his old friend had a heart attack.

"Ha..ha..ha, Chester I'm more then alright. Good god I'm fantastic. I wish you were here watching my little Vietnamese vixen give me head. Chester, if Maylee was six years older, I’d get her into the porn business. That’s how good she is!"

He heard Frank speak to Maylee, as if she were his servant. "Go make me a martini. Remember sweetheart, shaken not stirred.” Maylee answered gleefully.

"Ok daddy, I make you good drink. You wait here, I’ll bring it back to you."

He heard Maylee's bare feet run across the room, out of earshot. Now having Franks full attention, Chester got back to business. "Maylee’s a sweet girl,” he said. “But anyway, as I was saying. I'd like you to meet Rhiannon…She’s a pretty girl Frank. I took about a hundred shots of her last Friday. The girl looked stunning in my camera lens. It’s only my opinion, but I think she can easily be a great child fashion model. And an even greater adult fashion model.”

"Alright Chester,” said Frank, in a strictly business tone. “This Rhiannon kid sounds interesting, I'd like to meet her. And, I want you to meet Maylee. I’m free next weekend, I can book a flight and meet you next Friday." Frank chuckled. "Now tell me Chester, Is she still a virgin?"

"No I haven't taken her cherry, as of yet,” said Chester. “But, I’m planning to.”
He laughed nervously. “I haven’t taken a young girls virginity in years. But I’ve learned she’s a very curious girl Frank, and she’s a fast learner. She let me eat her pussy, and…Oh man Frank, she sucked my cock. It felt so damned good."

Chester told his friend every dirty detail of what he and Rhiannon did Friday night. After that they spoke for a long time, discussing old times, photography and the fashion magazine industry. Frank told Chester, his modeling agencies doing very well. And he’s not hurting for money. Before ending the call Chester agreed to pick Frank and his underage mistress up at the airport, next Friday.

Chapter 7: A Night To Remember

Its nine pm Sunday night, Rhiannon came home by seven. When she came home, her mother wanted to spend time with her, so she and her mother watched TV for a while. Melissa; her mother fell asleep on the couch. Although in deep thought all night, she’s done well at keeping recent experiences to herself. But all during mother daughter bonding time, and all weekend long. She’s been thinking about every strange new erotic thing, she did with Chester. Before she came home, he sent her a text message asking her to come over. Now she’s hesitant to go see him. Hoping he’s gone to bed by now, she began getting ready for bed herself. As she unbuttons her shirt, her cell phone beeps. It’s a text from Chester.

“Come see me” it said. With trembling hands, she texted back.

I really wanna see you, but I cant. I have school in the morning.

He replied back. I have gifts for you !!!!

She giggled, texting him back. What did you get me?

He replied. It's a surprise. Please come see me.

Curious, she typed a quick reply. Ok I’ll B over ASAP.

She hurriedly stuffed pillows under her blankets, making it seem as if she’s in bed just incase mother looks in on her. She stepped in front of her full length wall mirror, checking the short black skirt she’s wearing. Then she slipped into a white hello kitty sweatshirt. It’s the middle of October in Iowa, and it’s cold outside. Her mother’s sleeping on the couch, in the living room. Not wanting to walk past her and wake her up. She opened her bedroom window, then slipped her five foot tall body out into the cold night air.

Once she arrived at Chester's home, she found herself struggling with multiple emotions. Her mind told her, run back home, stay away from this man. But the warm tingling sensation deep inside her virgin sex told her. Ring his doorbell, let him know I’m here. She’s curious about the gifts he has for her. The gifts aren’t the only thing she’s curious about.

She remembers him saying. "I have so many things to teach you." This phrase invokes both fear and curiosity. She shrugs off her fears, deciding she wants to experience more of what they did Friday night; no matter how wrong it is. Her hand shook reaching up to ring his doorbell. His door swung open, almost immediately. She stands smiling up at him, his warm friendly smile comforts her. He’s dressed differently this time, wearing a Chicago Bears t-shirt and a pair of matching sweat pants. His kind voice greeted her.

"Well come inside, before you freeze to death out there." She stepped in, speaking with sarcasm in her young voice.

"You’re right, it is cold out there. I cant believe you talked me into this!!"

He wasted no time getting reacquainted. To her surprise, he lifts her in his arms holding her with his hands under her ass. "Kiss me baby girl," he said.

Disregarding her fears, she kissed him. She thought it would be; just a quick affectionate kiss, until feeling his tongue licking her lips. Remembering how French people kiss, she let her tongue touch his. He carried her to his living room, then sat down, letting her slender legs straddle his lap as if she were a stripper at a gentlemen's club. Breaking from the kiss, she told him with a giggle in her voice.

"I'm still trying to get used the way French people kiss."

He chuckled. "Well lets practice a little more then.” They began kissing again. While kissing her, he starts thrusting his almost bare cock against her crotch. Being dry humped excites her, she dry humps him back. After kissing for a good while they parted from each others lips.

"I sure did miss you Rhiannon,” he smiled looking into her eyes. “And the way you kissed me just now, means you really missed me too."

She blushed, telling him. "I missed you, but?" she stopped in thought.

"But what ?"he asked. She looked him in the eyes.

"The things we did Friday, made me feel weird,” she paused, thinking of what to say. “Don’t get me wrong, I liked what you did to me…And I liked sucking your penis, because it made you feel good,” her voice trembled, telling him.
“After you took me home, I felt ashamed about what we did.”

"It’s ok sweetheart, don’t ever feel ashamed of what we do… You’re just young and inexperienced, that's all. I think you've always wanted to do things that adults do. That's why you came over tonight; isn't it?"

She shook yes, then leaned over giving him a butterfly kiss; letting her lips lightly caress his lips. His cock grew fully erect, when she gave this childish kiss. She feels his cock growing against her crotch, she feels her own wetness soaking the crotch piece of her panties. She dry humped him, grinding her crotch over the tented cock beneath. She giggled, telling him.

"I think your penis, is happy to see me too Chester!!"

"Oh yes honey,” he told her. “My cock has a mind of its own, you’re just lucky I can control it. Because if I didn't have control over it. My cock would rip right through my pants and ram right up into your tight little snatch."

She smiled and giggled, letting her crotch rub against his manhood.

"This feels good Chester. Is this what it feels like to have sex?" Her body trembled small orgasms rushed up her spine, sending warm feelings over her entire body.

"Is this what it feels like, if you put your cock inside me," she asked.

Hearing what she said, he thrust harder against her. "It feels even better baby." Doing this he feels her body tense and shiver. Knowing it’s time, he told her.
"Lets go to my bedroom, I bought some special toys for you this weekend."

She came to her senses. "What kind of toys, did you get me?"

He laughed telling her. "I got you big girl toys!" He lifted her up, pressing his fingers against the panty covered folds of her pussy as he carries her .

She moaned. "Mmm …..I like how that feels."

"Your little pussy's so wet baby. These toys I bought for you, are going to make it even wetter," he sat her down on his bed. "Let me undress you, it’ll be more fun to play with your new toys with your cloths off."

He pulled her sweatshirt off revealing a white button front shirt underneath. He told her. “You finish undressing, I'll get your gifts." As she undresses, he opened his closet door and took out three different packages of various sizes. They’re all wrapped in colorful pink and blue birthday wrapping paper. Now she’s curious. He turned seeing her taking a white training bra off, she smiled.

"Well, give me my gifts,” she said. “I snuck out of my bedroom window, just to see what you got for me.”

"Ok sweetheart, I know you’re going to love’m. But first get your dress and panties off, because these are big girl toys." He sat on the bed watching his young mistress finish removing all of her cloths, even her socks and shoes. He handed her the first wrapped gift, smiling as she examined the long skinny object.

Curious what it is, she ripped the colorful wrapping paper off. "It looks like your penis Chester, but its pink not white." She curiously examined the strange gift. He laughed. "It's what big girls call a dildo, it also vibrates." He took it from her then turned it on. "See here, you turn the red dial at the end, then put it against your little cunny. I cant wait to fuck your little pussy with it."

He handed it back to her, she seemed a little intimidated maybe even frightened of the five inch long one inch diameter pink cock shaped dildo, complete with soft rubbery looking veins. He gave her another gift, this one’s slightly smaller.

She asked confused. "Is this another dildo thingy too?"

He chuckled. “It’s kind of like the dildo thingy, just open it and see."

She unwrapped it then examined it, seeming a little less intimidated by the small vibrater. "What is it? I think I like it better then the dildo; its smaller."

"Its called a pocket rocket, it works pretty much like the dildo." He handed her a third gift. "This gift, is something very special to me. I almost hate to part with it."

She took the small gift, noticing sadness in his eyes. Curious she ripped the wrapping paper from the tiny box shaped object. It turned out to be a small blue velvet jewelry box, she opened it seeing a gold diamond pendent necklace inside.

"Oh Chester it’s so pretty!" She held the eight inch long fourteen karat gold diamond pendant necklace up, letting it dangle in front of her face. Her blue eyes seemed brighter then before as she looked it over with intense curiosity. He wiped a tears from his cheeks, before telling her about the gift.

"It belonged to my wife Jenna, it was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Here sweetie let me help you put it on." He placed it around her neck, then ran his fingers over her exposed breast and nipples. She slid from the bed, wanting to see how it looked around her neck, in his wife's old vanity mirror.

"Oh Chester,” she said smiling from ear to ear. “Its so beautiful, thank you so much. I promise I'll take really good care of it."

As she stood in front of the mirror, he picked up the little blue pocket rocket, then knelt on the floor behind her. Wrapping his arms around her body, she accepted his warm embrace. He whispered in her ear.

"I want you to feel how the pocket rocket works. Just stand right here with your legs spread, and don’t worry. It won't hurt a bit." He turned it on then touched it between her legs as she stood in front of him. He spoke in a perverted tone, telling her. "I want you to cum all over your knew toy for me, little girl."

At first she thought she was being shocked with electricity, when he touched the small vibrator against her sensitive young clit, her voice trembled.

"It feels kinda weird….But in a good way," she said. Her body tensed as he pressed the small sex toy against her clit, then pushed the small toy deeper inside her pussy crack, her knees began to shake. He whispered in her ear.

"Oh yeah baby, you like it don't you. Your little pussy's getting so wet."

It turned him on, almost as much as Rhiannon. His cock grew rock hard, her juices drenched his hand and fingers. She felt an intense orgasm rushing from her clit, her knees started shaking suddenly her knees became weak. Chester held her up. He didn't want to stop pleasuring her, his cock became even harder than before. He lifted her up with one hand under her bare pussy leaving the toy inside of her, then laid her on the bed.

Her body shook from an intense orgasm, it’s so intense her ears ring. He told her.
"Get on your hands and knees for me, just like the pose you did for me last Friday on my couch in the living room."

On weak knees, she rolled over on her hands and knees as her new best friend requested. "What are you going to do?” she asked in a small voice.

He knelt down behind her with his knees on the floor, then placed the pocket rocket against her sopping wet pussy. It tickled her, she started giggling until another orgasm rushed over her body. He watched her thighs quiver and shake.
"Mmmm....Chester, its feels sooo goood!!" her knees and legs quivered.

He held her right leg firmly, so she cant pull away. He pressed the sex toy deeper in her virgin pussy, making sure to work it against her clit. He then lowered his mouth and tongue to her upturned ass crack, while using the toy on her clit. He pushed his tongue into her asshole, licking and sucking her anus, occasionally working his tongue into her cunt from time to time. He kept working the toy deeper into her dripping wet snatch. She made cute little sounds of pleasure, she started naturally humping the toy as he worked it into her virgin cunt lips. .

"That's it baby get nasty for me,” he said. “Fuck your little toy!!"

Suddenly she feels her body spasm with multiple intense orgasm's, rushing over her body one after another. Her butt cheeks quiver and shake, her moans of pleasure are music to his ears. He kept eating her asshole and pussy like a starving man, working her virgin clit and pussy over with the toy. He let her go, she collapsed on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Finally coming down she spoke in weak little voice.

"Oh Chester, that felt so good. But I cant believe you licked my butt hole!!"

"I'm not done yet !" he said in a perverted tone. "Ok baby, get back up on your hands knees again. I have a few more things to do with you," he said.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked curiously.

She slowly moved back to her buns up position. Chester grinned eyeing the sexy young preteen, admiring the view of her upturned ass.

"Rhiannon. You're the hottest little girl in Otter Creek!!" he said.

She turned her face back towards where he stood, and watched him take his sweatpants down revealing his rock hard cock, giggling as it sprang from its confines. He looked down at her grinning as he stroked his shaft, accusing her. "Look what you've done to me Rhiannon."

She giggled. "How did I do that?"

"Its because you’re so damned sexy, that's how you did it.” He gave her the pocket rocked, telling her. "I want you to put this in your pussy, just rub it into yourself. And while your doing that I'm going to give you a surprise from behind."

She began stroking herself with the vibrater. "You have another surprise for me?" she said with her voice trembling as the toy did its thing.

"Yep but you'll have to close your eyes, don't open them until I say you can."

She closed her eyes like he asked. He picked up the pink rubber dildo, then knelt down behind her upturned ass. He began licking and sucking her asshole again. This time he made sure to get her nice and wet.

"Mmmm...that feels good." she cooed, while pushing her ass harder against his mouth and tongue. When she did this, he pushed the head of the dildo into her tight little asshole, she reacted just as he thought she would.

"Chester...What…are you doing!!" He turned the vibrater on, it made a deep toned humming noise as he gently pushed it deeper into her asshole. He sounded perverted when he spoke. "You like that don't you baby?"

"Umm...Yes…but it hurts a little," she didn't pull away.

He kissed her pussy then asked. "Is it good or bad pain."

She giggled nervously. "Its kind of a good pain." He began gently twisting and thrusting the dildo into her, while at same time reaching between her legs helping her masturbate. He lowered his face back to her asshole licking around the dildo, he spat on it and pushed it deeper. Her body tensed, she moaned.

"Chester…What are you doing!" He pulled the dildo out, then stood up. knowing how wet she is because he’s been fingering her, she’s now ripe for deflowering.
He held her hip with his left hand, using his right hand to guide his erection to her virgin pussy. The soft flesh of her sex feels warm and erotically inviting to him. "Are you ready for your surprise Rhiannon!!"

Feeling the head of his cock pressing against her vulva, she looked back at him. Now completely aroused, she doesn’t stop him. Feeling his cock being pushed against her opening, she moaned. "Yes....I'm...ready." Hearing her give permission, there’s no turning back now. He pushed the head of his cock just inside her vulva. She’s tight but well lubricated. He kept pushing in, watching in amazement as his erection slipped in little by little, inch by inch. Just a short way in, he feels her delicate hymen trying to stop his invading cock. He reared back, then gave quick thrust forward.

She screamed out. "Chester it hurts!" her voice trembled.

"Don't worry baby, it only hurts the first time, the pain will go away."

Thrusting his hips forward, feeling the thin wall of flesh tear away. She complained. "It hurts, take it out Chester."

He calmed her. "Just relax baby, the pain won't last."

He pushed in deeper, now four inches out of seven are buried inside of her tight little pussy. In reality, he hadn't planned on taking her virginity so soon. But he just couldn't resist the temptation. He heard her moan, not sure if her moans are pain or pleasure. "How does it feel now baby girl?"

Her voice quivered. "It doesn't hurt so bad now, are you going to keep it in me?"

"Yes honey, I'm going to finish what I started. Just relax and let me fuck you."

He shoved in just a little deeper, he noticed a trickle of blood seeping down the folds of her pink cunt lips. She grunted. "Are you going to put all of it inside me?"

Thrusting inside her, he gasped. "Yes I am baby. You need to feel every inch of my cock inside of you, I know you want it!" He shoved another inch inside of her, she grunted. She’s not protesting anymore, it’s more of a gradual acceptance that it’s gone this far, and there’s no stopping it now. The flesh of his cock feels warm, it stings a little, but not as much as before.

With six inches out of seven shoved into her tight snatch, her young sex feels like a vice with soft jaws slowly crushing his cock. But the tightness is pure pleasure. He warned her.

"I'm going to fuck you now, just relax, let it happen. Its going to be one of your most memorable experiences!"

He pulled back until almost coming free, then slowly thrust back in. He watches as his hardness disappears then reappears inside this beautiful young girls pussy. There’s some blood, but nothing to unusual: After all, she is a virgin; at least she was before tonight. Like he told Frank Dick’s on the phone. It’s been a long time since I deflowered a virgin.

His voice trembled. "Oh....little girl. Your cunny feels so good, your so hot inside."

She doesn’t speak, she just makes little grunting noises. He talked dirty to her.

"You like it don't you baby…I'm going to fuck you harder now." His hips smacked against her ass cheeks, she feels pubic hair brushing against her soft skin. She grunts. Ahh...ugh...ahh. He loves how she sounds, he feels successful in the first steps of seduction. How it’s time to plant the seed, he began fucking her harder.

"Don't get me pregnant." she begged sounding breathless and weak.

He grunted. "Don't worry I cant get you pregnant; I'm sterile." He ignored her pleas, knowing there’s no way he can ever get this sweet young thing pregnant. He’s been sterile for years. He fucked his sweet little mistress for twenty minutes, no longer able to hold back, he came hard. He began thrusting harder and deeper grunting out. "Oh Baby daddy's coming, oh yes here it comes baby girl!!

Rhiannon feels hot sperm drenching her deep inside, she feels his cock meat flexing and throbbing. Her entire body feels flush, warm tingling sensations of pleasure wash over her. Her knees gave out, and so did Chester's. They both fell to the bed, he’s still inside of her. He doesn’t want to let go of his young mistress quite yet. Laying on his side in a spooning position, he continues thrusting into her. A mix of pain and pleasure shot from her well fucked little pussy. Her pain turned to pleasure when Chester kissed her, the kiss took the pain away.

Chester stopped fucking her, she lay on her side with his arms holding her tight. Now she feels safe and loved. She thinks to herself, as they lay together without speaking. He loves me, that makes what we did right.

Chapter 8: After The Thrill Is Gone

They fell asleep as they embraced, both exhausted they slept for about an hour. Chester woke up first, startled he looked at Rhiannon, she’s still asleep. He looked at his bedside clock, he whispered to himself "Oh shit its eleven thirty," he shook Rhiannon's shoulder. "Wake up sweetheart." She woke up half asleep, not sure where she is, she spoke in a groggy voice.

"Mom. Is it time to go to school already. Come on just let me sleep a few more minutes." Chester chuckled, then planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth.
He told her. "Rhiannon baby, your not home. Wake up, your at my place." This made her wake up quickly, she feels his sticky cum between her slender legs. She panicked. "Oh no Chester I've got to go to school. Oh god I'm going to be late."

She sat up looking at her bare crotch, her blue eyes opened wide noticing dried blood on her thighs and pussy lips. She spoke in panic.

"Oh no Chester, I'm bleeding," He sat up and wrapped his arm around her.

"Your ok honey, its just a little blood from your broken hymen. Come with me to the bathroom. I'll run you a nice warm bubble bath, you can soak for a while. After you soak for a while, you'll feel like whole new girl."

"But I'm going to be late for school Chester, moms going to freak-out when she finds out I'm not in my bedroom. I should go home, maybe she's not awake yet,"
She thinks it’s early Monday morning. He realized what she’s thinking, and reassured her. "Its still Sunday night, you’re not going to be late for school."

She rubbed her eyes. "Its Sunday. I thought for sure it was Monday," she touched her bloody pussy lips. "Its not time for my period, why is there so much blood,"

He told her. "Its not from your period honey, its because I took your virginity. Now come with me, I’ll run us a nice warm bubble bath.”

As they enter the bathroom, he had her sit on the toilet while he ran her a bath, making sure to add plenty of his wife Jenna's favorite aroma therapy bubble bath soap. As he filled the tub, he heard Rhiannon crying, he turned finding her with her head in her hands, weeping . He knows why she’s crying; she just realized she’s no longer a virgin. He knelt before her wrapping his arms around her. Gently caressing the soft bare skin of her back, telling her in a soothing voice.

"Its ok baby. What we did was so very special. Losing your virginity is nothing to cry about." She heard what he said then pushed him away, telling him.

"Chester, I'm only eleven and a half. I'm to young to lose my virginity!"

Hearing what she said he realized to his dismay, she’s right; but what’s done is done he thinks to himself. He looked into her eyes, then gave his opinion.

"Why does it matter if you lose it at eleven and half, or at eighteen and a half…Sweetie, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. The way you’re so curious about sex. I think, if it wouldn't have been me who did this. You would eventually meet some young kid, who doesn't know a damned thing about sex. He'd take your virginity then leave you all alone. But with me; that won't happen."

He leaned back and looked into her watery blue eyes, she looked back at him wiping tears from her cheeks, his voice was gentle as he spoke.

"Now step in the tube and soak for a while. I'm going roll us a joint. A nice warm bath, and a few tokes of some good weed will help you feel better."

Chapter 9: Relaxing In The Afterglow

Bubble baths are one of Rhiannon's favorite things in life, she leaned back and fell asleep waiting for her adult friend to return. She wasn't sure how long Chester was away, it was the sweet smell of marijuana being blown into her face that woke her up.

"Ah that's good honey, I see you’re enjoying my wife's aroma therapy bubble bath. It is relaxing isn't it." he sounded happy when he spoke. She smiled up at him.

"Oh yes I love how the bubbles smell." she said.

"Hey baby scoot up a little, I wanna sit in the tub behind you," She did as he asked. Once he settled in, he handed her the joint.

"Here, have a few tokes, it'll make you feel even better!" He wrapped his arms around her, then pulled her back, letting her lean against him with her nude body between his legs.

"There, now this is the best way to relax after having great sex!" he said.

She handed the joint back to him, blowing out a thick cloud of smoke. She sounded like an adult when she spoke. "Chester, are you a pedophile?"

He coughed, choking on pot smoke. Once his throat cleared he answered her.

"Well sweetheart, that's what the know it alls of our society call men like me. But I prefer to be called a little girl lover, not a pedophile. And I like big girls too."

She asked another question, its been nagging her conscience since last Friday. "Why do you like girls my age?" He gave her the joint, she took it then raised it to her lips. Being stoned, he contemplated her question, then gave his best answer.

"Rhiannon…You're the first person to ask me that. I'll some it up as; youthful purity. Especially pretty girls like you, you've never been touched by anyone before me. I love your innocence, and your curiosity to explore new things."

She handed the joint back to him, then reached under the water rubbing her hand on his leg. "Chester...Am I the only virgin you've ever been with?"

He almost said yes, until he thought back to 1968. It was the year he seduced his ten year old stepsister Megan, he was fifteen at the time. He's always considered this, the time of his own sexual awakening, and his first time with a young girl.

"No you're not my first virgin. You're the first person I've ever told this to. But the first virgin I was ever with, was my stepsister Megan. She was ten, I was fifteen. Hell, that was way back in sixty-eight."

She giggled. "You had sex with your stepsister. Chester you’re such a perv!!" she looked back at him asking. "Were you in love with her?"

He thought about what she asked. "Yes I was in love with her, but it wasn't true love. We were what you kids these days call; friends with benefits. Our affair went on secretly for almost four years. It ended when I was eighteen. I went off to college, and Megan found herself a new boyfriend about a year later. She up and married the guy a few years later….She's got kids of her own now. They live up in Minnesota, I usually see them around the holiday's."

She kept asking questions, he figured it must've been the pot that made her so talkative. "If your stepsister was your first virgin, and I was your second. What about other young girls you've been with, were they virgins?"

He laughed. "You’re so full of good questions to tonight," he thought a moment.
"I really haven't always been into little girls. My stepsister was an experimental relationship. After college I landed a job, working for a well known news agency. In 1978 they sent me to a country called Vietnam. I'd been wanting to go there since my father was killed in the war, back in 67. So I went, thinking maybe it would help me come to grips with the loss of my dad. But the only thing I found there was more grief. I guess from that grief, I discovered my love for young girls. But they weren't virgins, they were child prostitutes." He gently squeezed one of her small breast getting her attention. "You know what a prostitute is, don't you?"

She placed her hand on his. "Yes, mom told me about them. Men pay money to have sex with them. But I never knew there were, little girl prostitutes!"

He hugged her thinking of things he's done in the past. "Yes Baby, in some Asian country's, and even some European country's, there are places where men, and even a few women go to have sex with kids. These days governments of these country's, crack down on sex tourist who go looking for that kind of thing. But back in the seventies and early eighties, child prostitution was quite an attraction. I spent lots of time with different young Asian girls. Later on, my friend Frank Dicks and I found a few places in eastern Europe, that cater to men with the taste for young girls like you."

He lowered his hand to her crotch, she spread for him. She seemed to be turned on by the stories of his perverted sexual exploits. She moaned.
"Mmm... That feels good. But you were married, did Jenna know about the girls you had sex with." He kept fingering her, she began thrusting her pussy against his probing fingers. He told her about Jenna.

"No I never told her about what I did. To tell you the truth, I married Jenna with thoughts of never being with another young girl again,” he sighed. “And it worked, I loved Jenna so much that I never touched another young girl."
His voice tremble with sadness as he spoke. "After she died, I buried myself into my photography business. I guess it kept my mind out of the gutter, so to speak." He pushed his fingers deeper into her tight pussy. "But then I met you baby girl, and I just cant seem to get enough of you." He masturbated her, telling her.

"You like what I'm doing, don't you Rhiannon?"

She heard what he said, his perverted tone of voice sent chills down her spine, and just the same his perverted tone turned her on. She opened her legs wider for him. "Oh yes...I like it, ahhh...I really like it." He lowered his mouth closer to her ear, telling her.

"I want you to fuck me Rhiannon, right here in the bathtub. You made me hard again, I want you to turn around and sit on my cock. Fuck me Rhiannon!!!"

She heard the urgent tone in his voice. As if she were under his spell, she quickly turned around facing him. She’s so turned on by his stories, and the finger fucking he gave her. She suddenly finds herself needing to fuck this old perverted man. He clutched his hard cock in his hand, showing it to her. The suds are starting to dissolve. "Come on baby girl, sit your tight little cunt on my cock."

He noticed something different about her blue eyes, it was none other then youthful lust. She moved her cunt over his cock, he grasped her hips telling her.

"That's it baby, put your legs outside my thighs. Then lower your beautiful cunny right down on my cock." She lowered herself down over his erection, grunting feeling the large mushroom shaped head of his cock enter her. The soapy water helped it slide inside. He spoke in a deep perverted tone of voice.

"Good girl, put it all the way inside your tight little pussy for me."

She looked down at the amazing disappearing cock, telling him.

"Look, I did it Chester, it’s all the way in me!!" She smiled a cute sexy smile at him. Her body began to shiver with delightful pleasure. Peering into her eyes with lustful desire, he spoke.

"Now fuck me baby, your in charge now...Fuck me like a whore."

Being told to fuck him like a whore sent warm tingling shivers of pleasure from her ears to her pussy. Before tonight, if someone would've told her this, she would've been completely shocked. But tonight as she fucked the fifty-eight year old mans cock. It made her want to be just like one of those prostitutes he told her about. He leaned back against the tub, placing both hands on her slender waist steadying her. Rhiannon humped herself up and down on his stiff member like a teenager in a barley legal porn movie.

Ahh...ugh....ahhhh. She doesn’t speak, she just makes cute little grunting noises. He watches her eyes, noticing the way she kept them partially closed. She opened her eyes smiling at him. "Am...I doing it...Right Chester," she asked.

"Oh yeah baby girl…You’re doing it totally right...Yeah baby fuck me like a whore make me cum!!

She knew he meant ride it harder, so that's what she did. She began riding him so hard and fast the bath water started spilling over the side onto the floor below the tub. "Oh my god Chester this...feeels so gooood!!”

Chester pulled her to him, he began thrusting into her. Now the bathwater began churning like waves in the Atlantic ocean. Feeling his balls tighten, he moaned out. "You’re making me cum…ahhhh yesss!"

He came dumping his last load of sterile sperm deep inside her inner walls. She felt his hot sperm injecting deep inside, she kept riding his pulsating cock until she’s to warn out to fuck him any longer. It’s over now Chester's spent cock throbbed inside of the young preteen like a human heart. He feels her pussy throbbing in its final glory of an intense orgasm. He broke the silence.

"Phew...That was really something baby, you really got into that!!”

Rhiannon raised herself up looking into his eyes, she gave him a flirtatious smile.
"So is that how those Vietnamese whores fuck Chester?" What she said took him by surprise. He let out a guttural laugh, telling her.

"Baby they never fucked me like that. You put theme all to shame."

Its been years since he had sex with one the many young hookers, he spent time with back in the old days. Since then, no girl with the exception of his wife Jenna ever fucked him the way she just did. He kissed her then pulled away, telling her.

"You need to wash your pussy, its full of sperm again." She looked down at her crotch noticing the cum as it flowed out of her. He used a wash cloth to clean her up, then he told her. "I better get you home, it’s getting pretty late."
They both dressed. Rhiannon used Jenna's old blow dryer on her wet hair, as she finished drying her hair he told her.

"I'll walk you home. I don't think you should be walking home alone in the dark. Some pervert might grab you or something."

What he said made her laugh, and reply sarcastically.

"Oh yeah. I need an old perv like you to protect me. I feel safer already."

He grabbed her by the waist, tickling her. "Yes but this old perv won't murder you. I'll just fuck you, now come on lets get you home."

Chapter 10: The Walk Home

It’s a little passed one in the morning, when they step out into the cold October night air, Chester held Rhiannon's hand. Now as they walk, she thinks about one of her worst fears. "Chester what does sterile mean?"

"Why do you wanna know that?"

She replied in a serious voice. "Because that's what you told me, when I asked you not to get me pregnant," she squeezed his hand. "Chester when I visited my grandparents I used grandmas computer to look my question up on the internet. The answer I got, said a girl my age can get pregnant. You told me you were sterile, what does that mean?" She pulled her hand away and stopped walking.

"Tell me what sterile means Chester!!"

"It means my sperms no good. I couldn't get you pregnant if I tried. When I first married Jenna. I tried to get her pregnant. My doctor did a test on my sperm, he told me my sperm’s sterile. That's why Jenna and I never had any kids."

She flashed a relieved smile. “Good now I don’t need to worry.” She took his hand they began to walk, she asked him. "Can we do it in the bathtub again, next time I come over. I really like bubble baths. And having sex in the tub makes bath time even more fun."

He laughed. "Baby girl, we'll do it anywhere you want. As I've said before. I have so many things to teach you. Are you willing to learn sweetheart?"

The answer she gave him surprised and delighted him.

"Sure, I'm ready to learn. And maybe I'll teach you a few things while we’re at it!"
She spoke seductively. He looked at her face in the moonlight, she’s smiling contently. Finally they arrived near the edge of her yard.

He asked. "How did you sneak out?"

"I climbed through my bedroom window. Can you come with me, to the back of my house. I'm not sure if I can climb back in, as easy I climbed out."

The idea of getting caught by her mother, or maybe even one of his friends on the police force made Chester a bit nervous. But he doesn’t like the thought of her being stranded outside, in the cold. He whispered.

"Ok I'll help you, but we needed to be quiet as church mice. We don't wanna wake your mom, or the neighbors."

With that said they proceeded to the rear of the house, using the shadows of the over hanging trees to conceal them from view, as they came to her bedroom window Rhiannon whispered. "Here's my window, help me open it."

Chester raised the window, it made a light squeaking noise. Thoughts of how he'd explain to her mother, why he’s helping her little girl sneak back in ran through his mind. His heartbeat quickened, his arm pits began to sweat. Rhiannon quickly pulled herself up and over the windowsill. She stuck her head out of the window whispering "Good night Chester.”

He whispered back. "Can I have a goodnight kiss?" She smiled, shaking her head yes. The kiss warmed his body, but he quickly pulled away hearing a noise from inside the house. "What was that?" he whispered.

Rhiannon looked behind her. "I don't know. Just go, before you get caught."

Not taking time to close her window, he ran back into a dark grove of trees at the edge of her yard. Inside Rhiannon quickly climbed into bed, covering herself with her blanket. She’s still wearing her jacket blue jeans and shoes. Suddenly the door swung open, her mother must've heard a noise, she came to investigate. Melissa noticed her daughter laying in bed. Thinking she’s sleeping, she stepped inside. noticing the curtains around the window blowing in the wind.

Rhiannon lay with her eyes half shut, watching her mother walk to the window. Melissa closed the window whispering to herself.

"She left her window open. Doesn't she know, we live in a dangerous world."

Her mother turned towards the door, Rhiannon thought she was leaving, but she stopped near her bed. Rhiannon continued pretending to sleep, making sure to close her eyes tight. Melissa leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she heard her mother whisper. "I love you sweetheart." After this she left the room. Rhiannon whispered back. "I love you to mom," her mother didn't hear her.

Rhiannon climbed out of bed to undress, as she undresses she starts crying.
Her mind’s torn between her love for her mother, and her friendship with Chester. When it comes to Chester, she’s not sure if it’s love she feels for him; or just plain lust. Thought’s of losing her virginity tonight also bother her. But she likes the things he’s teaching her. Suddenly her tears stop flowing.

She took her white cotton panties off letting them drop to the floor, then climbed back into bed. After pulling the covers back over her half naked body, she licked the tips of her fingers, then began fingering her once virgin cunny. Masturbating herself, she remembers what she did last Friday, when she sucked Chester's cock. She began sucking the fingertips of her free hand. Adding to her fantasy, she pretends the fingers stroking her pussy are Chester's cock. Her hips started bucking, thrusting up and down pressing harder against her invading fingers. Coming down from the orgasm she whispers softly .

"Teach me Chester….Teach me everything!!!”

End of part 2.

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