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The first taste of cock

I have gotten many requests to post the full details of the story. This story is what truly happened, names and a few details were changed for privacy reasons. It’s been a while since I have written a story so I will be a bit rusty. This is a male2male story so if that bothers you please skip this story. All comments are appreciated hopefully only positive comments.
Brief Overview of both main Characters –
Peter- Young man who is searching for sexual exploration and adventures. Ethnicity, Chinese/Indian mixed. Stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, a bit on the chubby side weighing 205 pounds but strong like a powerhouse. Started a bit late in sexual experiences but takes his time to make sure he is in a safe environment or at minimum a bit controlled. Cock size, average 6 inches uncut and trimmed. Age 18
Bill – (Name Changed), a bit over weight standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall. Shaved head with a goatee. Ethnicity – Caucasian. Cock size is 9 inches long and thick enough around, cut and shaved. Has been married to his wife for over 18 years and still loves her, has two daughters one is 19 and the other is 16. His age is 52.

My name is Peter, My parents always instilled values and morals in me, they taught me everything about becoming a classy young man. But my urges were ever so strong. I have always had strong sexual urges ever since I was a young man. I love women and I love sex with them, there is nothing better than being buried deep in a hot, juicy pussy. As the years went by I always found time to try out different sexual experiences, from getting handjobs, massages, blowjobs, footjobs to my very first fuck and them came the day I thought I would never see. The day I found I had a need to try my first cock. I never ever thought of myself as being gay or bisexual. Gay porn really doesn’t turn me on, as in two men having sex together in the videos, however I have found Shemales are real turn on. One night I was browsing the porn videos on xhamster and I came across one of the hottest interracial videos ever. A BBC (BIG BLACK COCK) was being worshipped and loved by a petite, beautiful young caucasian woman. This woman was on her knees sloppily but effectively sucking on that big piece of black salami. All the gurgling and gagging noises she made trying to take it all down just made me get an instant hard on. The deep desire in her eyes for that cock was showing and she eventually did take it in her sweet, tight pussy and ass. Seeing her get stuffed was amazing. That massive cock pounded her out, her screams of orgasms were authentic as can be and she came multiple times. I had a sudden wish to try this experience out. It looked so enticing. I started taking some jack off session a bit differently from then on. Often switching over to interracial BBC porn to jack off to. I began to slowly try a bit of anal play and to my surpise after the slight discomfort was gone I began to enjoy it. I moved up froom using my fingers to thin carrots to thicker ones to eventually cucumbers. This anal stimulation while jacking off and mentally visualizing myself being used like that made me cum in an entirely different way. It was amazing. My nightly jack off sessions became more frequent and I always watched a different video, from one on one with a bbc to gangbangs etc.

2012- Now my f****y is a relatively close knit f****y. They always like to know of my where about for my safety and they like to know who I go out with. We live in the Caribbean currently but we decided to take a holiday and go back to Canada where I was born during the winter. The destination for this trip was Toronto, Scarborough. I decided this would be the perfect time to have my first cock exploring adventure. Being a teenage computer junky, I scoured the internet looking for ways to find someone to hook up with close enough to where I was staying when I came across a site called used by males for male2male fun. The site had everything you could think of, both free and paid versions. From being able to message and search other users to listings of places to visit for fun and reviews. I am always a guy for safety, Scarborough was a new area in Canada for me and I hadn’t been in Canada for a while. I knew meeting up on sites like these could bring a lot of risk, either STD’s or meeting up some sort of creeper. I decided to do some research and find out more about where I was staying and I found that the car park below by the building during the day was normally empty. A few people pass by, it would be a perfect place to meet as I could familiarize myself with safety points in case of anything.
On my profile online I basically posted up my stats Age, sex location, what I am looking for and where. In less than a minute of posting up my info Over 20 guys hit me up messaging me asking if I would like to join em in for some fun. I was surpised at how many of these guys were willing to go bareback all the way. I didn’t find it too safe. Weeding out all the possibilities (not finding any BBC either) the second to last person caught my eye. “Big Bill” happily married guy just looking for a little fun. Willing to have bareback oral depending on the partner but mandatory condom use for fucking. Prefers if the partner he meets up with has regular std checkups for safety as he does also. He seemed interesting and good enough for my first experience, he was willing to drive out and meet me at the destination I gave him. I didn’t mention anything on my profile about how far I would go but we would feel it out when we met up. I didn’t want to promise anything until I was comfortable enough.

Four days after I arrived in Toronto we met up at the car park. He messaged me on his phone and I came down to meet him. Growing up in a close f****y I did have my ways of getting around without my parents knowing exactly where I was going. I was fully ready and excited to have this go down. It was easy to find him as he listened to my instructions perfectly. I spotted his van and walked up to it, he was in the front seat, he waved and motioned me to get in the back. My heart was racing, I was constantly thinking he could be a copper or a creeper. What if something happens to me here now how will I explain. Opening the back door I jumped in and scanned my surroundings. Everything checked out perfectly to me, nothing that could harm me was in the way as far as I knew. He could have a concealed weapon in a glove compartment or in his coat pocket. I immediately asked removed my jacket as it would hinder my mobility if I needed to react to a threat. I am always suspicious of meet ups that happen online I do read all the terrible stories of people using sites such as craigslist or other dating sites and they end up dying or getting k**napped. This wasn’t going to happen to me no matter what. I did study a martial art long ago and practiced here and there so I knew what to do in case of anything.
We shook hands, exchanged a bit of chit chat to get a bit comfy. Posing no threat at all I began to relax. “I am new to this so you will have to guide me ok?” I explained to him once over and he only nodded. He was a bit jumpy and not too much at ease. He was also fearful that I could be undercover of some sorts and trying to get him in trouble. The thing is I do look young for my age, so even though I am 18 it threw him off a bit meeting up in a public place like this. I assured him I was looking for some fun. He dind’t smile too much, but constantly looked around hoping no one would come and catch us. He got out of the front seat, pushed it up and hopped in the back with me. We chatted a bit more and he made the first move, he unzipped his pants and up sprung this white, mushroom headed, thick cock. In need of relief, he lead my hand and place it on his cock head. My heart was pounding faster than ever and I my eyes remained fixated on it. Thoughts of what I was about to do ran through my head and I couldn’t help but needily ask “Can I suck on it??”. Looking around one more he said “Sure”. Always into protection I asked if he had a condom, so he pulled the one and only one he had out and slipped it on.

I kept stroking this beautiful cock and finally thought to myself “This is it, no turning back now”. And I lowered myself to the magnificent site of this meat covered in rubber. I gave the tip a flick with the tip of my tongue and began to slowly envelope it in my mouth. The rubber texture wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that great of a feel in my mouth either. We sat next to one another in the back of his van with me bent to his side sucking him off. He reached for me pants and slid them off and began to stroke my already hard cock and tight tensed ass. His hands were dry and he was a bit rough but I kept my concentration on sucking his pole. I am a bit of a perfectionist. I like to make sure and things properly and am always loving towards anyone I am with. Just like my first fuck. I do my research and make sure I can satisfy my partner first.
I began to pick up a bit of pace on sucking him, my spit was running down the rubber fast. Stroking him and using my hand to feed his cock deeper into my mouth I practiced giving him the “PERFET BLOWJOB” that I would want to receive teasing him when he stopped and asked me if he could suck me off. “Sure” I said as I raised up and leaned back to let him come at me. He pulled out a bottle from his pocket though, taking a good look at it I recognized what it was instantly. Never ever having come into contact with it before personally but reading about it I recognized it as the d**g called POPPERS. He popped the top cap off gave a quick sniff and he went down on me. I had to elevate myself a bit with my hands as he wanted to suck me off and prod my hole. His beard did tickle me while he sucked but he was a bit rough. I don’t know if it was because he inhaled the popper but I was a bit uneasy. I felt his teeth graze across a few times and while it did hurt a bit I bore through it so he could get a little pleasure from it. He definitely wanted to get fucked or fuck me I could tell. “EASY” I told him as it became a bit harder.I found he was becoming a bit too rough and decided to stop him, you never know what could happen when your high on d**gs. I dind’t want him to be high and then take a bite on my dick for all I knew while he was down on me . LOL
Don’t get me wrong I was still horny and my cock was rock hard and leaking precum but that was my boundary on d**gs. Being in this uneasy situation I decided I wanted to suck him till he came and I said the one thing I didn’t believe I would ever say. Looking over at his clock in the car I said “Hey I gotta go in a few minutes but before I do I want to suck you and make you cum. It doesn’t matter if I don’t cum I want to please you”. I couldn’t believe I was going to suck him bareback. This time looking me straight in the eyes and seriously “Are you sure you?”. Agreeing over once more, within the blink of an eye the condom was off. His pole throbbing for some love and attention. I could feel my heart racing, as I lowered myself once more to his cock. My body was becoming more heated with the rush I was getting. Taking one deep breath, I let me lips touch his head and slowly went down his shaft. Swirling my tongue around to taste him I was amazingly surprised how amazing the texture of his penis felt in my mouth. “Oh my god!” I thought to myself. It was the best texture ever, almost smooth like velvet was the best way to describe it. It was far better than the rubber taste. You would personally have to try it yourself to get a grasp of what I meant/ Ha ha ha.
With more vigour I used my skills to the best of my abilities. .The perfect blowjob to me was teasing and sucking on a cock to drive the person to a wild orgasm. I was careful not to use my teeth at all, I didn’t want to sc**** him as I knew this would be painful. I wanted to make him cum hard and remember I did very well. Swirling my tongue and flicking it over the head I bobbed up and down like a champ. I didn’t pump him with my hand but I held the base of his tally whacker with one hand while I used the other hand to fondle his tight sack. I got the hang of sucking and giving fellatio but swallowing all my spit was abit hard as it built up fast so my saliva was running down around the shaft and getting him nice and turned on. My head was buried in his lap, I tried to test myself and see just how far down my throat could he fit. Hearing him inhale the popper once more I stuck with concentrating on making him cum quick.

His rod was hard as steel but soft to suck on. I went as far down as I could till my nostrils touched his leg, taking the full 9 inches down my throat. It was amazing I could fit it in there. I used a technique I thought would have been great to feel on myself. Swallowing the built up spit in my mouth I rose up to catch a few breaths while jerking him off. “Tell me when you cum I want to catch it”. What I meant was catch it in my hand. He thought I meant catch it in my mouth. I dove down once more, twisting and twirling my tongue and head hearing him groan more and more. As his meat got lost deep in my mouth I tried the technique I thought of. I slowly inhaled while raising my mouth up off his cock and sucked in deeply creating a vaccum like effect. “AWW FUCK!” He grunted as he laid his hand on my back. I had him wear I wanted him, and as I lowered my head back down I released the grip and just let my tongue flick and slither over the meaty treat. Up and down I went squeezing and releasing, swirling and flicking, gyrating my head and fondling his sack. He rested his head backwards and began to think of me as is his wife. “Oh Paula fuck me, yess… fuck me”. I didn’t find this strange even though I didn’t know the name he called out I figured he was thinking of someone else as I gave him one of the best blow jobs ever. He held my head with his hands and began to lift himself and meet me with his trust, grunting and groaning all the way through. Knowing that I had him grunting and groaning like he was only turned me on even more to know that I had some skills and could make him cum. “Yes I am cumming….I am cumming!” He shouted and trust one more time. “Did he cum?” I thought to myself, “I don’t think he did”. And I kept up with my work but he let me up, the feeling was too intense. My mouth was full of my spit, or what I thought was only my spit. SO I swallowed and asked him aloud, “You came in my mouth?” with a bewildered look on my face. Because I didn’t master swallowing my spit fully his trusts made me build more and more spit up so when he came I didn’t feel his hot, creamy white seed hit my throat. It shot into my mouth and mixed with saliva. After I swallowed I did move my tongue around my mouth and did fnid it had an after taste. I took him bareback in my mouth and swallowed his cum! I never thought I would have done it. It was amazing. He thanked me and we got dressed and I hopped out the fan and went on my way upstairs to get cleaned up. Stripping down and check my cock out, it was still semi erect after my fun and I was now full covered in precum. I got into the shower and had a nice long jerk off session. I came harder than ever before remembering what I had just done.
I settled down, got dressed and headed over to the computer to check the site again and update my profile. I found an instant message from him. “Thanks for the amazing experience, your very talented for such a young man. You literally gave me the best blowjob ever. Better than the other pro’s he fooled around with and definitely better than my wife.” My cock sprung to erection once more reading his messaged. I felt like a total slut in one way knowing that I gave the best head especially better than his wife. Paula was his wifes name, he fantasized that I was her cause I gave him the best. After 2 more messages online I never heard from him again or bothered to contact him. I did look around at a few gloryhole places for some fun but decided to not go. Thinking back on the experience I would have loved for him to pop my anal cherry with his 9 inch dick but he was too rough at least for my first time, especially high on poppers.

That is what happened, I hope you enjoyed it. To this day I get instant hard ons thinking about that experience. For me it’s a bit of a taboo kink I tried since I love women. But it get’s me dripping pre cum in a matter of seconds. Please leave some ratings and comments. Take care,

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2013-05-20 18:35:48
I loved this story.I know what it feels like to experience the feel of cock in your mouth.My best friend introduced me to the full experience of gay sex even though I was always before fully hetrosexual.Now fully bi sexual and love the whole gamut of gay sex even on several times having threesomes with another friend.

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2013-05-20 13:43:42
wow, i feel the same way, would like to taste some cock and have them cum in my mouth. Been to some glory holes but afraid of contacting something. Maybe one day i'll just let it happen.

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