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I was asleep when a hand started to shake my head. I opened my eyes and the strange girl was in front of me. I turned my head and realised that I was not in my bed, not even in my house but in a forest.

"Where are we? What did you do to me?" I asked her.

"We are in my world and I brought you there using my magic" She answered.

" Stop joking, magic doesn't exist, tell me the truth"

" It's the truth! Look at the sky"

" Why?" Suddenly everything became darker and two giants wings appeared, it was too bigto be a bird and too irregular to be plane's wings. " What the fuck is that?" I said not believing my eyes

" It's a dragon but fortunately it's a small one so I don't think he will be aggressive if we don't bother him, now you trust me about magic ?"

" I guess that I haven't the choice but why am I here?"

" Let me explain, it's going to be complicated so listen carefully"

" Tell me your name first, I'm Jordan"

" My name is Uni"

" It's cute"

She blushed a little and she began her story. "Centuries ago, a war started between two races, the demons against the angels. No one can remember why the war started but they are still fighting causing terribles damages in both camps each day. I'm not going to describe both races in details because there are too much types of demons and angels.

Just remember this 3 main categories: low demon/angel they are the weakiest but they are useful cause they are the farmers and the sellers, without them everyone will starve, second category: the demons/angels soldiers , it's the type with the more variety of demons/angels, they are the combatants, they are the core of the army, third category: the highs demons/angels, they are the strongest ones, don't even think about approaching them.

Now let me explain my case, I'm half demon and half angel, my father was a demon and my mother an angel, they both have been killed because they were lovers. I'm alive because my parents sent me into your world before their deaths a year ago. They told me that I had to find the person who can stop this war and that's why you are here"

Uni was now sitting next to me and we looked at each other silently. I finally spoke "I can't help you for two reasons, first I'm just human and the second is that I have to go back to my world to take care of my sis, I'm the only one who lives with her, sorry Uni but I'm not your hero."

"If your sister was here, will you stay with me?"

" I haven't any reasons to stay here, this is not my war"

" I know that but if you bring back the peace you will become the Lord of this world and you will live forever"

She was staring at me. " I'm not interested" I answered, Uni was close to cry. "Don't cry it's just that watch everyone around me dying isn't my dream" I rubbed her back slowly

" Jordan, I never mentioned that you will be alone for the eternity, I'll will be with you" She kissed me on my lips "and I can bring your sister here with us but you have to think of it, I need more power to transport her and you are the only one who can make me stronger but if you accept our souls and bodies will be linked untill we die" I made a sign to tell her to continue " By linked, I mean if one of us die the other will die too, if one of us feel good the other will feel it too, it works on the positive side and on the negative one"

I finally spoke " If I decide to bring my sister here, I'm locked in this world but not her, correct?" She nodded "And how am I supposed to increase your powers?"

" For our souls it consists in a pact when we both agreed to the pact, a mark will appear on us, this mark will also symbolize our clan and for the link of our bodies we have to make love, a second mark will appear but it will be visible only when we affect each other with important things"

I started to caress her back "So I'm going to live with a beautiful girl for the rest of my life, sounds nice to me" I wanted to kiss her but she moved and grabbed a wood stick. " What are you doing?"

"I prepare the pact" She started to draw a symbol on the ground. "If this mark looks good too you, we can start"

It looked like a mix of a J and a U , certainly for Jordan and Uni, I thought that it was too simple for a mark that we are going to have forever so I erased it and a phoenix who was half in flame appeared. "Isn't that better?" I said

"It's really impressive!" She kissed my cheek "Now we can start, just repeat after me"

She spoke in a strange language that I can't understand and I repeated. The mark burned and a phoenix came of it, it separated in two and one aimed me and the other aimed Uni, she said something and I repeated it. Both phoenix disappeared in the sky, Uni grabbed me and kissed me passionately, a river of flames was flowing from above.When the flames disappeared Uni broke the kiss and we said a last strange thing.

"Is it over?" I said

"Yes now the mark is on us, see" She showed me her shoulder and the mark was here " Where is yours?" She asked

"On my back I think, I had a sensation of heat" She came behind me and examined me

"Your covering your back entirely"

"Is it bad?"

"It means that our souls matched perfectly, it's rare that's all" She smiled

"Can I ask you a little thing about this?"

"If you want Jordan"

" Now we are in a clan, so I was thinking if we let someone join us will this person have the same ritual?" I layed on the ground and Uni was standing up next to a tree.

"Yes but the ritual will end before the kiss, we did the last part only to link our souls" She came to me and layed on top of me.

I kissed her softly and she kissed back opening her mouth to let my tongue enter. I started to caress her while we were kissing and I heard that she liked it, she was moaning in my mouth.Our lips finally separated and she was now smiling. I was completely falling in love. Before transporting us to this world she managed to put clothes on us but I was decided to arrangethat and I removed her top, it was a very small one who just covered her lovely breasts.

I put my lips on her left pink nipple and I licked it slowly making her moaning again but louder. I stopped and rubbed both nipples with my hands while my head was exploring her body further. I used my hands to remove her short skirt and her panties at the same time.

Her pussy was already dripping and it was perfectly shaved. I took her juices on my finger and tasted it, I never had a better taste in my mouth and I wanted more so my tongue started to explore every part of her sweet pussy.

Her body was shaking and it didn't take a long time before Uni pressed my head deeper and arched her back, screaming in pleasure. Her orgasm seemed to never ending. Her juices were all over my face but I loved it. She kissed me and said "Fuck me now, I'm going to be crazy"

She removed my pants and placed my hard dick at the entrance of her pussy. I put my full length in her in one movement, she was surprised but her hips moved instantly. She is so tight that I can feel each part of her around me. We were both moaning but her much louder than me, I kissed her and moved my hips to let her relax a little.

It didn't take long for our bodies to be covered in sweat because of our very intense love making session. I felt that Uni was approaching her climax when her pussy tightened. I pounded her as hard as possible before I poured my cum into her deepest part, she had her second orgasm at the same time.

" Jordan, do you accept to link your body to mine for the eternity?" I nodded in agreement. "Repeat after me" We spoke again in the strange language and two lights got out of us, they mixed in the air and came back to us.

A feeling of power ran in my body and I became taller and more muscular. A second light appeared and separated me and Uni. The light was so bright that I wasn't able to see anything, a few minutes later the light disappeared. I realised that I was sitting next to Uni, our back against each other so I wasn't able to see her.

"Uni, you're alright?"

"A little dizzy but I'm ok and you?"

" I feel stronger and taller"

She stood up and I did the same. We turned to face each other and a thing shocked me, we weren't naked anymore but we were in two big armor, they were similar, both black with things that looked like peaks, surprisingly it wasn't heavy at all.

" Why armors?" I asked

" We need protection while we are fighting but we can remove it easily using magic, look" Her armor disappeared and came back "It's not hard so you should be able to do it too" I tried and after a few moments I successfully made it disappeared and reappeared "One last thing, grab the thing in your back"

It was an enormous katana, it was black like my armor. "And you? what's your weapon?" Uni showed me some cards "Cards?" She nodded "And how are you going to fight with that?" She said a couple of sentences and the cards duplicated around her, she continued speaking and the cards changed in blades. " Ok I understand, don't kill me"

She laughed "Don't worry we can't hurt each other, it's one of the advantages of being linked" She made her armor disappear and she was wearing a white blouse and a jeans under it. "We can change our clothes when we want, I chose to wear this because if we call your sister here, I don't want to shock her" I changed my clothes too "We can change our armors too but it needs powerful magics artefacts" She kissed me

"You're taller too, am I right?" I said. She nodded "and I love your new hair style by the way" Her black hair was longer with two long straight lines from her head to her ass.

"Thanks, you look quite good too" We kissed again "Ready to bring your sis?"

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