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A quick recap and more confrontation
So far through out our marriage, I've told John what had been going on with Jeanette, John, Jeanette and I have had a threesome, Jeanette and my mom hooked up, and now they were getting married as well. So that's a lot to say the least, but we were all getting through all the emotional ties that we all had. John took me on a nice weekend honeymoon at a nice hotel and spa. It was the best weekend of my life honestly. Unfortunately it took awhile for the church to become available again. We don't know why, but it did. So we had the wedding when I was 30 weeks along. So all us ladies were in my room as they were both getting into our dresses.

“Seriously, if I wasn't so pregnant, and we had guns we could pull off the Charlie's Angels look,” I said.

“But they were never in wedding dresses though,” Jeanette replied.

“Jeanette, I think she was meant we are all really sexy,” Christina said.

“Oh, sorry I didn't get it,” Jeanette replied.

Then we all had a group hug as John walked in.

“You ladies really gotta stop doing that, you are driving me crazy now,” John said.

“Well it could happen sooner or later you know,” I replied.

Then he got behind me and hugged me. He made sure to touch my big belly of course.

“How is little Jeanette?” John asked.

“She's OK in there. She can't stay in there too much longer now,” I replied.

Then we kissed over my left shoulder. We all made sure we were ready to go and once we were done, we made it back the same church where the same minister was there waiting. But there were different flowers there and they had a different cake as well. We made it there in no time and the ceremony started. I was my mom's maid of honor and John was Jeanette's best man. Then they both were ready to make their vows.

“Jeanette, I've know you for a few years now. You have been a saint to my daughter over here. Friendship is something that is very underrated. Maybe it was because of you were her best friend that I was attracted to you. I'm not sure, but what I'm sure about, I love you and your dad that's married to my daughter. So now we'll all be really close together. I know I'm older too, but I don't care about that. Age hasn't made me love you any less. So I'm asking you to make this 100% official, so we can be two twosomes,” Christina said.

“Wow, that's nice. When I first met you, I just thought of you as Callie's mom, I didn't even know your name the first few months I knew you, but obviously that didn't last forever. Besides your daughter, you are the sweetest woman I ever met in my life, and you listen to me as well. The bond between us is very strong, maybe that's due to my dad and your daughter, but either way, I wanna say yes too, because I love you too, nothing will ever change that,” Jeanette replied.

Then they were officially wife and wife by the state of New Jersey. Truth be told I never attended a lesbian wedding, and my first experience was out there. Then of course we all went back to our house and had the reception in the same place. We let them have their first dance and we stood back. They both looked absolutely beautiful.

“Well, now we are a foursome together, I never would thought in my wildest dreams that my daughter would marry her best friend's mom. Yeah that's like something you read on Lush stories, but it has happened though,” John said.

“Yeah no kidding. I'm happy it turned out this way. Thinking now I have no idea who I'd eventually have a baby with honestly. I know we got the backwards Ashton and Demi thing going on here, but fuck those that don't like it,” I replied.

“What this lady said,” John said.

Then we kissed once and then Christina and Jeanette came over to us.

“May we have a dance?” Christina asked.

Then I danced with Jeanette and my mom danced with John.

“So, we're not the only newlyweds around here anymore,” I said.

“Oh was that a wedding?” Jeanette asked.

“Yes smart ass,” I replied.

Truth be told, that was another really happy day of my life. I got to see my mom and best friend get hitched. They really did love each other, I mean the way John and I loved each other. Not that I thought they were doing it to spite me, but I seriously never saw my mom happier with anyone else since my dad. So after the wedding you would think they would be over at their house more considering they were married then, but no. They had the perfect scape goat to make sure they had an excuse, I was 39 weeks pregnant. They came knocking once again on a Saturday night.

“Seriously you two again? I think we're past the point where you gotta knock,” I said as I answered the door.

“Well, we wanna see you if that's OK,” Jeanette replied.

“No way, I never would have figured that out you two pains in the ass,” I said.

“Hey, be nice to the guests,” John replied as he came walking up.

“Yeah, side with them,” I said.

Then we all went inside and sat down on the couch. I was in the middle of them and they both felt my stomach again.

“So any day now, are you excited?” Jeanette asked.

“Well, I'm don't get me wrong, but once little Jeanette comes out, you two are gonna be living here,” I replied.

“It's true we will be for a little while,” Christina said.

“Do I feel a 'but' coming?” John asked.

“Yes a matter of fact. We got some more news to tell you two,” Jeanette replied.

“OK you are aren't moving are you? That was just a joke,” I said.

I made a joke about then them moving in a few times before and I felt a little bad.

“No sweetheart, we know you were just joking, but soon we're gonna be feeling another stomach day in and day out,” Christina replied.

We weren't sure what she met by that at first.

"Sorry can you fill in the blanks for us?" John asked.

“I'm pregnant,” Jeanette replied.

We both were stunned a bit.

“What? You are pregnant?” John asked.

“Yes, we tried a sperm bank 8 weeks ago and it's official, I'm knocked up,” Jeanette replied.

We weren't to sure what to say. I mean they talked about going to a sperm bank, but that was just talk, I had no idea they were really considering it. Then of course we had to feel her stomach too.

“No shit? Wow, I completely didn't see that coming,” I said.

“We know, we just did it and now I'm pregnant,” Jeanette replied.

So yet another surprise from them. How many more could they crack out now? I didn't know honestly, but I guess at the back of my mind I knew this would happen sooner or later. They eventually left once again and then we found ourselves in our room once again with them on our minds. I don't think John was quite as happy for them as I was.

“What's wrong baby?” I asked.

“I just didn't see that coming I guess. I mean, I know they were talking about a sperm bank, but that was it as far as I could tell. Did they tell you they were seriously thinking about it?” John asked.

“No actually, they didn't mention anything definite to me either, but you wanted to be a grandfather someday didn't you?” I asked.

“Of course I did. I don't know what's wrong with me sweetheart. I guess I'm just shocked,” John replied.

Then I saw he was a little sad.

“Are you afraid this will make her drift?” I asked.

“No, just the opposite,” John replied.

“Then what's wrong?” I asked.

“I really don't know, I couldn't tell you. Maybe I feel a little blindsided I guess. Don't worry about it angel, I'll be OK,” John replied.

Then I leaned over and gave him a kiss. I guess that was a bittersweet moment for him, but I was gonna see if I could make it a little sweeter than bitter. So I began undoing his pants, then I pulled his dick out. I caressed it for a minute and he leaned over and gave me another kiss.

“I love you Callie,” John said.

“I love you more my big and sexy man,” I replied.

“When you say 'big', you mean that thing in your hand right?” John asked.

Then we both laughed for a minute and he grabbed onto my boobs, which were still getting bigger.

“Let's give your stomach some air my lady,” John said.

Then he took off my shirt and then my bra too.

“Hey, my stomach is down here,” I said as he was starring at my boobs.

“I know, I'm sorry,” John replied.

"I'm your wife now, you don't say sorry for that now," I said.

"Won't happen again," John replied.

Then I began stroking his cock slowly. He started breathing in and out slowly, he was a sucker for my lips, my tits and my hands. He loved those 3 parts of my body, and he was enjoying every single second of his hand job. Then he had to take his hands off my boobs for the time being and laid down flat on his back.

“Seriously, those are the hands of a very sweet angel Callie, I love you,” John said.

“Thank you and I love you too,” I replied.

Then I picked up a little speed. My hand got a little tired, but it was worth it.

“Cum an ocean for me John, I want it everywhere in this room,” I said.

Then he laughed a little.

“I'll do my best sweetie,” John replied.

Then I leaned in for a kiss. As I was about to lean back up, he kept me down with him. Then we cuddled as I was stroking his cock like mad. He closed his eyes completely and let out some soft moans. Sense I was pregnant, I was rarely in the mood for sex, despite how good it was, but I could still give my husband a good time in the bedroom.

“Damn my lady, you are gonna get your ocean if it's the last thing I do,” John said.

“We'll see about that Johnny boy,” I replied.

“You mean Johnny man?” John asked.

Then I gave him another kiss. I was determined to make sure he came like a fountain. He held me close to him as I started going as quick as I could. My whole arm was getting really tired, but it was coming soon.

“Oh yes Callie, it's coming, I gonna cum. Get ready for see an ocean,” John said.

Then like a volcano, he erupted everywhere. 4 good shots right up in the air. It was far from an ocean, but it good. Then we made out a little more together as we were cuddling a little more.

“Seriously, you should be a hand model or something like that,” John said.

“Well thank you,” I replied.

“Are you feeling alright though? I mean you are a full 9 months along now,” John said.

“Yes, I'm OK as long as I got my husband here with me,” I replied.

Then we kissed once again and cuddled together. He did up his pants, but I stayed half naked though. We talked about all things we had been through so far. Hearing it all like that, made it seem like a whole lot. After about an hour of talking, I had to go to the bathroom.

“I gotta go to the bathroom now,” I said.

“OK sweetie, you need help to the bathroom though?” John asked.

“No, I'm alright, I can still do that alone,” I replied.

“You need me when you give a hand job,” John said.

“You should write that one down,” I replied.

I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. It took me a couple minutes, but on my way back, that moment happened. My water broke in the hallway.

“It was gonna happen sooner or later. John, can you come here please?” I asked.

“I'm coming sweetheart,” John replied.

He saw me and I didn't look so good as he could tell. Then he looked at the floor and put the two together.

“You know when a man offers help to the bathroom, you take it,”John said as he came over to me and trying not to laugh.

“I know, now we gotta go, smart ass,” I replied.

Then he made sure to grab his phone and we slowly made our way to the car, then were off to the hospital. We made it there in about 10 minutes and we got me in there with my doctor. John made sure to call my mom and Jeanette, then he came back in the hospital. They just made it to little Jeanette being born. They cleaned her off and wrapped her up. Then the doctor handed her to me and everyone was eyeballing her.

“You knew you were supposed to make sure we were ready when your water broke,” Jeanette said.

“Little Jeanette, tell big Jeanette to shut it,” I replied.

Then the spotlight was on little Jeanette. Granted my best friend Jeanette was pregnant too, but on the day that little Jeanette was born, it was on her. So for hours we all stared at little Jeanette. Christina had taken that next day off and Jeanette had also dropped out of school for the time being. So we would both be full time moms for awhile. A couple weeks later, I was at home and Jeanette was there with me eyeballing little Jeanette.

“So you are saying you named her Jeanette only because you met me and if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have met my dad?” Jeanette asked.

“Yes, that in a nutshell. You seem surprised,” I replied.

“Maybe a little,” Jeanette said.

“Why, did you want to be the only Jeanette around here?” I asked.

“Maybe, can I hold her now?” Jeanette asked.

“Sure you pain in the butt,” I replied.

“Bleep you,” Jeanette said as I handed little Jeanette to big Jeanette.

Then I saw her face. She was gonna be a great mom. By then she was 10 weeks along and she couldn't wait to pop her baby out. Still I was a little surprised by the concept that she was with my mom. I don't know why, but I was. Not that I resented them, but still. Then my mom and John came back at the same time.

“Oh there's my wife,” John said.

“What he said,” Christina replied.

Then John sat next on my side and Christina sat next to Jeanette as she was still holding little Jeanette.

“So how has the first 2 weeks been?” Christina asked.

“Exhausting,” I replied.

“But you love her,” John said.

“I know that smart bleep,” I replied just before we kissed again.

John worked enough to support all three of us then. I wanted him to cut his hours at least a little, but I wasn't gonna force him to. So married life with a baby wasn't 100% what I thought it would be, but a close 80% I guess. I wasn't too crazy about the diaper changing, but I always enjoyed feeding her baby food and breast feeding her as well. The fact that we couldn't have sex yet got me a little upset. I missed the sex with John a whole lot, but of course it wouldn't last forever, soon enough we'd be able to have sex again. Days seemed like weeks and weeks seemed like years, but in the meantime we both took good care of little Jeanette.
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