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third installment in this series. Maybe more?
Once again, this is fiction, it is a story. All characters are fake.
This is just a story, I do not condone nor engage in these activities.
Part three may be the last part to this story

     It has been nearly a month since myself and the girls arrived at our private island retreat. We have enjoyed every single day together. Amanda has been all over me, her sister and Julie ever since I switched her birth control pills with the aphrodisiacs. She would let my cum inside her at least once a day, thinking she was protected. She also didn't know her little sister was getting a load of sperm every night before bed too. But that was about to change. 
     After she became comfortable with everyone, Amanda began acting like the big sister, almost motherly. She gladly helped teach Julie many things that she previously didn't know about being sexual. She was always eager to play with and show off her little sister too. But this morning, Amanda came into my bedroom and got Amy out of bed and told her to shower. She took off her bra and panties and then climbed into bed with me, I was completely naked under the covers already. 
     She snuggled up close to me, laying half on top of me, nuzzling her head into my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and she looked up to me, smiling as she caressed my body. I was slowly rubbing her buttcheeks, reaching my fingers down her crack, then she pushed away. 
     "no, no" she said, smiling a devious smile. "today is all about Amy. Today is her birthday!" 
"Is it really?" I smiled
"Yeah, and I want my sister to having an amazing and lasting 10th birthday" she smiled deviously again, the reached under the covers and slowly fondled and caressed my balls, looking up into my eyes. Before I could say anything, she quickly hopped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I could hear some giggling and she poked her head out of the door. 
     "Get dressed and go have breakfast with the other girls and tell them stay outside today. Amy and I have to get ready for her birthday surprise," Amanda instructed me. 
     "Well I need to shower though," I smiled. 
     "you can use Emily's shower," she smirked back and shut the door. So I got up and headed down the hall and opened the door to Emily's room, she wasn't in bed. 
     My cock began to stiffen as I heard the shower running. Emily's shower was one of the nicer ones, it was large enough for four people, no door or front half to it, a small sitting bench, and multiple shower heads. I slowly and quietly opened the door. Emily had her back to me, washing her shoulder length bright red hair. I looked her up and down, the soapy water cascading down her back, her firm round buttcheeks, and down her thin freckled legs. I could tell she had just shaved, Emily turned enough that I could see she had shaved her bright red pubes as well. 
     My mind wandered thinking about how that fluffy red pubic hair turned me on the first time I saw her. Then I noticed it, as she turned a certain way. Emily had a small bulge in her lower abdomen, between her belly button and her hairless pussy. I smiled, knowing that was my baby she was carrying. It had been about a month since the first time she took my seed, I'd say she was fertile that day. Emily looked so beautiful, you'd overlook her bump if you didn't know, and I could tell her small cone shaped freckled breasts were protruding a bit more than normal. As I studied her nipples, they too were enlarging and poking out even further. There was no doubt in my mind she was the most beautiful pregnant eleven year old redhead ever. I couldn't stand it, plus I needed to shower! 
     Emily was washing her face, bent over slightly as I walked into the shower behind her, the first part of my body to touch her was the head of my hard dick as I pushed it between her slightly open pussy lips. She didn't jump, but just pushed back, and leaning forward, putting her hands on the bench. And all in that motion, she pushed back and I pushed forward into her pussy, which was already soaking wet. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and deep. The sound of her ass slapping against me was amplified by the water and the openness of the shower, along with her loud moaning. 
     I could see her firm pointy tits jiggling with the motion of us fucking. I reach up under and started fondling one, playing with her nipple I could feel her pussy tighten, loving my touch. She bent down further, keeping her legs straight, pushing into me as she rocked her hips. Emily reached under her pussy and began fondling my balls, "give it to me," she moaned. Her young pussy clenched me tightly as she orgasmed. I couldn't hold back either, plunging my cock into her all the way, squirting more hot sperm into her already pregnant pussy. "Mmmmm yes," she moaned. Emily stood back up, my cock still holding my cum inside her as I gently caressed her wet naked body. Then I reached her barely bulging tummy, rubbing it gently. 
"I think you've already gotten what you wanted Emily," I whispered in her ear. She turned around as my cock fell out of her pussy, slowly leaking my cum out and she looked up at me and down again to her tummy, rubbing herself. 
     "Yes, I know," she replied, smiling. She leaned up and passionately kissed me on the lips. "Thank you Jake" she smiled. We finished showering, taking turns sudsing and rinsing each others bodies. I put on just some linen pants, and Emily dressed in a blue satin tube top bikini and matching small thong bottoms. We headed downstairs and joined Julie for breakfast. 
     Julie had finished cooking, and eaten herself, serving me and Emily. I gave her bare buttcheek and smack as she turned around. 
"Thank you beautiful," I told her. 
She was wearing a one piece white lace thong leotard. Her olive skin contrasting so sexy to the pale white outfit. Her little dark nipples pronounced through the thin lace, and her dark wispy pubic hair poking out through the material. I realized it had been a month, and Julie and I had not even had intercourse yet. There will be time. 
     Julie had become increasingly more sexual and more provocative since she first showed up. She started squirting more frequently when she orgasmed. 
     "Today is Amy's birthday. While you're in the mood for cooking, let's make a cake," I said as I reached for a mixing bowl behind Julie, squeezing her bare butt as I do. My fingertip reached the edge of her pussy, and I could feel she was soaking wet already.  
     As she bent over into the fridge to get the eggs, I reached up between her legs, cupping her warm wet pussy. I massaged her pussy and she rocked her hips. She continued to gather and mix ingredients, all the while I would be fondling her, playing with her pussy. She poured the mixture into the pan and set it down. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and let her lick it clean. She smiled, hopped onto the counter and spread her legs wide open.
     She reached into a drawer and pulled out a small vibrating dildo, and went to town. This little thin Asian absolutely loved playing with herself, rubbing her pussy with one hand as she pressed the whirring dildo up against her sensitive clit. I grabbed the camera and started filming and snapping photos, as she was completely into herself, moaning and squealing, her twelve year old body wiggling in pleasure. Julie moved the dildo in all directions against her clit, faster and more aggressively. She slowed down and slid the fake cock inside her slightly, moving it in and out, rubbing the shaft against her clit as she fucked herself. 
     Within minutes, she laid her head back, her moaning stopped, she had gasp, holding her breath. Julie slowly pulled the buzzing cock out of her, the tip touching and vibrating against her young clit as she began to cum. 
     Julie began squirting her young girl juices from her pussy, it kept coming from her pussy as she rubbed more vigorously, the dildo over her spraying pussy acted like a thumb on a garden hose, her pussy juices shooting everywhere! She finally stopped. Relaxed, panting, she would occasionally moan softly or tremble lightly as she tried to compose herself. 
     "Wow Julie, that was beautiful," I finally broke the silence, caressing her thin thigh as she twitched. "And you added a special ingredient to the birthday cake," I laughed. 
     "That'll make it real delicious," she smiled looking down on the counter, the pan ready to go in the oven was covered in her pussy cum, she grabbed a spoon and stirred it into the mixture, licking the spoon clean afterwards. "Yummy!"
     She straightened up herself, but not cleaning her own juices from her body, and placed the pan into the oven to bake. I helped her make the frosting, "Here, add a teaspoon of this, it'll make it even sweeter," I handed her a spoon of the aphrodisiac powder and she dumped it in without question. 
     When Julie finished the cake and cleaning up, she changed into a tight one piece swimsuit, probably two sizes too small, her perky hard nipples and furry Asian cameltoe extremely pronounced as she ran out of the house and down to the lagoon to join Emily on the dock sunbathing. 
     As I was icing the cake, Amanda walked into the kitchen, she was wearing a thin silk robe, and smelled absolutely beautiful and she had subtly put on some make up, looking absolutely gorgeous. 
     "Oooh, cake!" said Amanda. 
     "We aren't finished with our makeover yet, but we were hungry, can we have some?" she asked. 
    "Of course," I sliced her two big pieces, smiling. 
     "Amy looks so amazing," she looked me in the eyes, "you'll both love her birthday surprise," she grinned, taking the cake and heading back to her bedroom with two pieces of frosted cake. 
     I needed to rinse off, but I decided to go down to the lagoon. I walked down and took off my linen pants, waded into the water completely naked. Emily and Julie were laying on the dock just chatting, I soaped up and bathed in the lagoon, toweled off my body and walked back inside completely naked. I started up the stairs and head to my room from some fresh shorts. I was almost to the door when I heard Amanda's door open slightly. 
     "I think we are ready," she smiled poking her head out. "Looks like you are too," she grinned looking at my naked body. "You can just wear that, give us ten more minutes," she shut the door. 
     I gave them a few minutes, looked outside, Emily and Julie were still down at the beach. So I walked into the room. There was Amy, completely made up, wearing a thigh length white silk gown and thigh high lace stockings. She looked much older than 10. 
     "Wow, you look amazing Amy," I said looking her up and down. "happy birthday by the way"
     "Oh, it definitely will be a very happy birthday," she looked at my slowly rising cock, then giggled to her sister as she walked into the room. 
     Amanda was wearing a black one piece fishnet bodysuit, everything clearly visible through all the large openings, even her thin legs. I could already smell both girls' young wet pussy juices in the air. I walked over to Amy and took her in my arms, kissing her lips deeply, passionately. Looking into her eyes as I caressed her small silk covered body. 
     Amanda walked over and pulled me onto the bed, laying me on my back, she kneeled next to me as Amy climbed onto the bed too. Both young blonde sisters looking so sexy as they caressed my naked body. Amy lifted the bottom of her gown, revealing her bare and visibly wet little pussy. She straddled me and began to grind her soaking wet pussy up and down my shaft, like she had before. Only now her sister is watching. 
     "That's not how you do it," Amanda laughed at her little sister, and grabbed my cock, guiding the head into Amy's small hole. I pushed up inside her as she lowered herself onto me, Amanda kissing her little sister on the lips, "happy birthday sister"
     Amy began bouncing up and down on my thick cock, Amanda intently staring at her sister and myself as we fucked. Amy bounced up and down eagerly on my cock, loving the feeling. I began to fondle her tiny body, as I caressed her tummy I almost thought I could already feel a slight swell. Amanda noticed and smiled, leaning down and whispering into my ear, "give her a birthday present," as she reached down and began fondling my balls. 
     Amy settled her small body all the way down on my cock, slowly moving her hips, grinding her wet clit on me as her young pussy clenched me tightly. With Amanda still massaging my balls, I couldn't hold back, I looked up quickly at Amanda, then up at Amy. I began unloading my sperm deep into Amy, the tip of my cock inside her womb as she gets fertilized. Her mouth dropped open and she slowly opened her eyes looking at me, she got the biggest grin and reached down, rubbing her tummy. "that was the best birthday gift ever!" she exclaimed, still panting.
     The sisters kissed each other and then each made out with me. As Amanda was kissing my neck, she whispered in my ear, "my birthday is in three weeks, I think I'd like the same gift." 

The End
to be continued...

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2013-06-10 14:08:53
Excellent series. Please continue at least until all 4 girls are pregnant & leave the island.............leaving room for more girls!!!

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2013-05-22 14:14:36
You ABSOLUTLY MUST continue this series. What happens to the other girls? Do they all get pregnant (yes)? What about more girls (yes)?

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