In part three of our story. Chester has a dream, from long ago. He’s appointed with the pleasant task of watching over Rhiannon. And we meet Frank Dicks, and his lovely young Vietnamese adopted daughter Maylee. Maylee and Frank, join the mile high club. On a flight to meet Rhiannon. And these are only tidbits of the story.
Authors note. If you’re not into stories about older men, who have sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded, please read on, there’s more to this story of dark depravity, then meets the eye.

A quote from Vladimir Nabokov.

“I think it is a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stronger it becomes.”

Chapter 11: Sweet Dreams

Chester made it back to the safety of his home, around 2 a.m. His mind reeled with thoughts of almost being caught by his preteen girl friends mother, as he helped her sneak back in through her bedroom window. Now as he undresses for bed. His mind wanders back to the taboo things he did with Rhiannon, only hours before in the same bed he used to make love to his long deceased wife Jenna in.

After slipping into a pair of sweatpants he always wears to bed, he lays down turns out the light and tries to ease his troubled mind. Laying alone in the darkness he remembers how Rhiannon became the aggressor, when they fucked one more time in the bathtub. This fond memory helps him relax, he soon fell into a deep sleep.

As he sleeps, he begins to dream. The dream takes him back to 1968, when he was a young boy of fifteen. At fifteen he looked completely different, no balding salt an pepper gray hair, no wrinkles, and no body fat. He loved the Beatles, so he had his hair styled to look like Paul McCartney. With his boyish good looks, he had a few high school girls swooning over him. And not without exception of Megan, his ten year old blond haird blue eyed four foot ten stepsister. She was totally infatuated with him.

His dream brings him to the time he looked after Megan, while his mother and stepfather went away for the weekend. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, and since the breakup, he had been lonely and constantly horny. Now as the dream unfolds he finds himself leaning against a doorway caressing his cock through sky blue cotton pajama pants, as he observes Megan.

She's laying belly down on the floor in front of the families first color TV set, totally entranced in the plot of an old show called The Mod Squad. It didn’t help matters, that she was wearing nothing more than a white cotton nightgown, with no panties to cover her firm little preteen ass.

She didn’t notice him that night, as he leaned against the doorway ogling her upturned bare ass. She recently bathed and apparently she decided, being as daddy’s not home she doesn’t need to wear panties. Chester’s cock grew hard, making a tent against the fly of his pajama's. The sight of her young white ass, peeking from under her nightie, completely turned him on.

He lay down next to her on the floor. "Did I miss anything?" he asked, placing his hand on her back. Even in the dream, he feels the heat of her young body and the touch of her soft skin. Megan smiled sweetly, enjoying that he’s laying so close to her.

"Yeah the bad guy has Julie Barnes tied up, he just tried to rape her."
Megan notices, he’s not watching TV, he’s eyeing her bare ass.
She giggles telling him. "Take a picture, it’ll last longer."

He lays his hand on her bare ass, she giggles but doesn’t push it away.

“You’ve got a cute little butt Megan. Has anyone told you, what a nice ass you have."

"Giggle….Do I really have a nice ass...I mean butt!”

He caressed his fingers over her soft white flesh.

"Oh yes, and your skins so soft," he strokes her ass, telling her. "You don't seem to mind me touching you. Do you like how it feels, when I touch you?"

She blushed. "I've seen you touch your ex girlfriends butt. I've been curious to find out what it feels like to let you touch mine….Yes, I like how it feels!”

He placed his lips close to her ear, telling her. "Can I teach you how to kiss?" he gave her a kiss on the lips. She blushes telling him.

"Yes teach me. I've seen you kissing Dawn, kiss me like you kissed her."

Soon enough, kissing lessons became fondling lessons. Her young body trembled, feeling his fingers gently squeezing her small preteen breast. She’s not wearing panties, he slipped two fingers between her legs. She didn’t protest, when he masturbated her. It wasn’t hard for him to coax her into letting him undress her.

He still remembers the sight of her beautiful developing body, in the light of the television set. The way she lay on her back, while they kissed like passionate lovers. His hard cock poked from the fly of his pajama's, kissing her he guides her hand to his erection. He moans feeling her soft fingers grasping his cock.

“Play with my cock,” he tells her. “Your soft little hand, feels so good on my cock....Yeah baby just like that."

The dreams so real, he feels her hand on his member. As she strokes his cock, he fingers her virgin pussy. Megan’s body responds to his touch, she humps her pussy harder against the tips of his fingers. She moans. "That feels, sooo good." She touches her lips to his, wanting him to kiss her more.

That night Megan found she liked kissing. And from this point on, if Chester wanted sex, all he had to do was kiss her. The dream continues, with every erotic memory. This was the night he took Megan's virginity, he whispered in her ear.

"Are you ready Megan, please. I wanna fuck you so bad."

She replied breathlessly. "Yes do it. I want it inside me!"

He lay over Megan ready to do the deed, just as he's guiding his cock to the opening of her virgin sex. He hears a telephone ringing, in confusion he looks around the room trying to find where the irritating ringing’s coming from. There was no irritating phone call back in 1968 that interrupted his first seduction.

Suddenly the dream ends, Chester sits up in bed, his face and body are drenched in sweat, his cock is rock hard. And ten year old Megan is no where in sight. He's half asleep realizing its his bedside phone ringing, and he's back in the present not the past. Angered someone woke him from a very pleasant dream, he answers in a gruff sleepy voice.

"Hello…Who’s calling me, so damned early in the morning!!"

The way he spoke, made the caller hesitate before speaking.

"I'm…So sorry Chester, this is Melissa Jones. I was hoping you'd be awake by now, it’s almost nine in the morning."

He swung his legs out of bed placing his feet on the floor. Anxiety rushed through his mind and body, realizing its Rhiannon's mother, he feared the worst. Fighting panic, he breathed a calming breath then answered in a calm cool voice.

"Oh good morning Melissa. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude."

"Chester, I'm calling to ask you a favor."

Hearing she’s not calling in anger, he calmed down.

"Why sure. What can I do for you Melissa?”

"Rhiannon's not feeling well, and I cant miss work today. I'm calling to ask, if you can look after her until I get home this evening," she flirted. "If you help me out, I’ll make a you nice home cooked dinner. Doesn’t that sound good Chester ?"

He almost jumped for joy realizing, he can spend the whole day alone with Rhiannon. "Why sure Melissa. Bring her over, it won't be any trouble at all. That is unless Rhiannon doesn't wanna spend the day with an old coot like me."

Melissa laughed. "Chester, she thinks the world of you. When she told me she wasn’t feeling well this morning. I told her, I'll see if my neighbor Mrs. Finch could watch after her. “Ha” Chester she begged me to call you. I think she sees you as her second grandfather," she paused in thought.

"Chester. I hope you don’t mind but, since I met you last Friday, I've done a little research on you. I talked to your friend Sheriff Jackson, he had nothing but good things to say about you. And I also spoke with the hospital cancer ward staff about you. They all remember the way you stayed by your wife's bedside, before she died. They told me, they had to beg you to leave when visiting hours were over. So Chester, I know I'll be able to trust you around Rhiannon.”

As he listened to Melissa telling how his friends and acquaintances, like and respect him. His conscience gnawed at him, he doesn’t like deceiving this woman, or his friends. But thoughts of spending the day with Rhiannon, overpowered his guilty conscience. The taste of the girls sex, is still on his tongue.

"Oh no Melissa, I don't mind one bit. And you’re right, you can trust me!"

He heard Rhiannon in the background. "I'm ready mom. We need to get going, you’re already late for work." She sounds like she’s looking forward to spending the day with him. Hearing her sweet voice eased his troubled mind. Melissa spoke telling him. “Ok she’s ready, we’ll be over shortly.” she hung up.

He heard the phone go dead, then he began dancing around his bedroom speaking out loud. "She's coming over to spend the day with me. Yeehaw!!"

Now the little head of his cock is doing the thinking, for the brain in his head. Any feelings of guilt or anxiety have gone away. Now, the only thing he’s thinking of is Rhiannon’s pretty face, and all of the taboo things he’ll do with her, for the next eight to ten hours of this fine October day.

Chapter 12: The Little Head Takes Charge

Chester stood watching Melissa Jones stroll through his living room, examining collections of photos he’s placed on the walls over the years. Every photo is a history of his photography career. She’s an attractive thirty-two year old woman. Her hairs auburn brown, cut just below the ears.

Her eyes are blue; like Rhiannon's. The sky blue nursing scrub blouse she’s wearing, exposes the outline of pert nicely shaped breast. The snug fitting scrub pants she’s wearing enhance her firm round ass. Observing Melissa, he envisions Rhiannon will grow up, being the spitting image of her mother.

"Wow Chester, Rhiannon told me about all the places you've been. You've really lived an interesting life," said Melissa. She looked at the clock on the wall. "Oh Dammit, I'm late already. I really should be going." She started for the door.”

He stopped her from leaving, to ask a question before she left.

"Have you considered, letting me help Rhiannon with a modeling career. She has such a natural beauty. I told you last time we met, that I took some pictures of her. You said you didn’t mind. I have copies in this envelope I’m holding."

He noticed a look of concern in Melissa's eyes.

"I don't know Chester, modeling is such a tough job…She's only twelve."

Rhiannon cut in. "Mom! I'm almost thirteen. Chester has a friend in the fashion business, he says he can help me get started."

Rhiannon seemed a little more awake now when she spoke. She acted sickly, or more like; completely warn out when she walked through the door just moments before. Melissa spoke to her, sounding like the true mother she is.

"Rhiannon. I know how old you are, you don't need to keep reminding me, but ok, I'll give this some thought while I’m at work."

She knelt down, giving Rhiannon a goodbye hug and kiss. Before Melissa left, Chester handed her a large vanilla envelope containing pictures of Rhiannon's photo shoot. These pictures are of Rhiannon fully dressed, not the pictures of her posing sensually, dressed only in her pink bra and panties. He kept those for himself; especially the close up of her camel toe.

"Here, just look at these pictures. I think you'll notice how photogenic she is."

Melissa took the envelope, a little edgy over his determination to get her little girl into modeling. Before stepping out, she told him.

"Ok I’ll look them over on my break, but I really should be going now."

He kept talking as she walked out.

"Just give’m a look-see Melissa. I know you'll see what I mean. And also, if you’re around this weekend, my old friend Frank Dick’s and his adopted daughter Maylee are coming to visit. Frank runs a modeling agency in New York city, he’s been in the business for a long time. He knows a good model, when he sees one."

He stood watching Melissa walk to her car, from a small window in the door. Rhiannon snuck up behind him, wrapped her arms around his waist, then slid her hand down to his cock, groping him through his gray sweat pants.

"Good morning Chester, did you miss me!!" she said cheerfully.

He didn't expect her to be the aggressor. When her mother brought her in, she was doing an academy award winning sick child act. Once her mother left, it was like a sudden divine miracle occurred. He laughed turning around to hug her back. "Well alright sweetheart, I’m glad to see you’re feeling better."

He lifted her up in his arms, making sure to fondle her ass. She’s wearing her favorite Hello Kitty sweatshirt, and pajama's with pictures of Barbie printed on white cotton fabric. He kisses her passionately while carrying her to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed then knelt on the floor, grabbing hold of her pants at the waistband, he pulled her pajama pants and panties off at the same time.

She yelped. "Chester….What are doing!!!"

He smiled up at her. "Your cunny needs to be sucked, now spread your legs."

He threw her garments to the side, then buried his mouth and tongue into her young hairless pussy. She moaned, and began thrusting her pussy against his mouth and tongue.

"Oh yes,” she cooed. “I was hoping you'd do this to me again!!"

Chester mumbled from her wet crotch. "You like this, don’t you baby girl !"
He pushed an index finger inside, trying not be too rough. It’s only been a few hours since he deflowered her. She pushed back exclaiming.

"Yes I like it …Put your finger in me. Ahh ugh. I like that too."

He loves the cute way she moans. He licks and sucks her pussy with even more intensity, eating her as if; he’s a starving man, and she’s his last meal. After five minutes of intense cunnalingus, he stopped and looked up. He knew he gave his young lovers pussy a good early morning workout, by watching her chest heaving, as she tries to catch her breath. He lay on the bed beside her, placing his lips to hers for a kiss. She kissed him back, savoring the taste of her own juices as her tongue touched his. Chester pulled away from the kiss.

"Do you wanna learn something new baby!" he asked. He pushed his still clothed cock against her bare leg. She smiled replying breathlessly.

"I think so…What is it?" she said being curious. He explained.

"It's a sexual position, we adults call sixty-nineing. I lay on my back, you turn around facing my feet. I'll eat your pussy, while you suck my cock."

Rhiannon looked puzzled at his explanation of the new sex act.

"Move over baby, it looks like I'll need to show you what I mean. Take your sweatshirt and Jamie top off. I want you totally naked today, although I do like Hello Kitty clothing. You look very sexy it, but I want you naked.”

They both undressed Chester lay on the bed with his head on a pillow.

"Ok turn around, put your sweet pussy over my mouth."

She giggled nervously complying to his order. Once she’s over his face, he now has a clear view of her pinkish brown anus and the beautiful pink folds of her vulva. He gave her pussy a kiss, her legs shivered from a small orgasm.

"Now don't go thinking, I'll be doing all the work baby. Because while I'm eating your pussy, and cute little asshole. You'll be sucking and licking my cock. Which as you can see, my cock really needs your attention," he smacked her on the ass with his hand. She protested. "Ouch, hey that hurt."

Although it didn't really hurt, once the warm stinging pain rushed from her ass cheek, her clit tingled with hot pleasure. He told her, gruffly.

"Get to work baby. And this time, when I cum in your mouth; don't spit!"

With her body laying on top of him, with her mouth sucking on his cock. From this position he’s able to lick her pussy and asshole at the same time. He loves the flavor of her anus, mixed with the sweet salty flavor of her preteen pussy. He stopped what he’s doing, to instruct her on the finer points of fellatio.

"Your doing good baby, but from time to time. Kiss and lick my shaft, pretend it's a lollipop. Get it really wet with your spit, it’s ok if you make a mess," he chuckled, then kissed her pussy. “While you’re making a nice mess all over my cock. I’ll make you all wet and nasty down here.”

She stopped sucking him, asking curiously.

"Kiss and lick the shaft. What's the shaft?" He laughed at her question realizing, she’s still very inexperienced. Sex is something almost completely new to this sweet young girl. Like a father doing home work with his child, he explained.

"That's the part of my penis below the top, which is called the head."

"Oh…The mushroom looking part’s the head," she kissed it. "And this long piece below, is the shaft. I see it now!”

He laughed. "Honey, I love you," he slapped her ass. “Now get back to work.”
The spanking made her lurch, she slapped him on the leg. "Stop that!" she said.

She felt his tongue licking between her anus and pussy, causing her body to tremble with pleasure. They licked sucked and kissed each other, for at least thirty minutes. Giving each others bodies as much pleasure as one could possibly give. But as usual, oral sex can be very fatiguing on ones lips tongue and jaws.

"Chester, what we’re doing is so nasty. But I like it!!" her body trembled.

He mumbled "I like it too," he gave her anus and pussy a kiss then asked.
"Is your mouth tired baby. Are you ready to take a break."

She stopped. "Yes my lips, are worn-out." she rolled away.

"Come cuddle with me,” he said. “Cuddling, is the best part of sex.”

She lay beside him, without caring where his mouths been, she kissed him. He pulled her entire body on top his chest, feeling small erect nipples rubbing against his skin. "Kiss me!" he said. That's exactly what she did, her warm wet precum soaked lips press against his. As they kiss, he reaches between her butt cheeks. Finding her anus with the tip of his index finger, forcing it in up to the first knuckle. Her body shivers with a strange orgasm, like the one she had last night when he shoved a small dildo in her asshole. Her voice trembled.

"Chester that feels weird....But I like it!" She pushed back against his finger, instead of away. He shoved his finger in deeper, then began fingering her virgin asshole. Making her orgasm with intensity. She kissed him as he did this, mumbling moans of pleasure as they kissed.

"You like it don't you baby," he said looking into her blue eyes.

"Yes….But, its so nasty," she said breathlessly.

He took his finger out. "Yes but you like it when I do nasty things; don't you!!"

She giggled nervously. "Yes, I do like being nasty with you. I don't know why, but I do like it."

He replied hoping she’ll agree. "Because you love me, that's why."

She blushed giggling childishly. He realized, she’s too young to admit, she loves someone so much older then she is.

"Rhiannon !" he said. She looked curiously into his eyes. "What?"

He kissed her. "Make love to me!" She blushed. "How do I do that?"

He smiled and kissed her again. "I want you to put my cock in your sweet little pussy, then ride me like you did last night in the bathtub."

"Oh that's what make love means. I thought it was just called fucking."
She looked deep into his eyes telling him. "I like the words; make love, better than fucking. Fuckings not a nice word, make love sounds much better."

"Then Dammit,” he joked. “Make love to me, or better yet fuck my brains out!"
He kissed her again. "Now sit up and slip my cock inside your sweet pussy."

He watched her struggle trying to lower herself down on his fully erect cock. "Here, let me help you," he said. He spat on his fingers then massaged his wet digit between the lips of her vulva. She giggled closing her eyes as a small orgasm passed through her body.

"There now it should slip right in baby. Go' ahead see if it fits."

She guided the head of his cock to the pink hairless folds of her sex. They both watch in amazement as his large adult cock slowly disappears inside her tight love tunnel. "It...fits...Chester it going in me, that's so cool!" she exclaimed.

"Oh yes honey. See what a little lubricant can do," he said. A wave of pleasure rushed from his cock, the tightness of her sex feels so good.

"See how much of it you can put inside," he grunted.

She lowered herself down slowly, stopping with five inches of cock meat stuffed inside, her voice trembled. "It hurts….But just a little bit.”

He reassured her, in a calming voice. "That's ok baby, you'll be ok."

She began riding him, slowly moving her body stuffing more cock inside. Her pussies so tight with her on top. It feels so good, he began playing with her small breast. He feels her bodies natural lubricants coating the skin of his cock.

"That's it sweetheart, go slow get used to it. Your doing good, please don't stop. Do it baby make love to me!!"

Hearing his words of encouragement, she began humping his cock a little faster. She wants to please him. His cock feels warmer with every stroke. He pulled her body down, for a kiss. She’s shorter than he is, but with his head on the pillows he can kiss her as she fucked him. The warmth of her lips send pleasure through his body, like small electrical shock waves. She feels small orgasms, from somewhere deep within her young body. She looked into his eyes, asking.

"Am I doing it right. Am I just like the other girl you've made love to!"

He kissed her. "You’re much better than they were, baby!"

She lifted herself up, placed her hands on his chest, then began riding him like she did in the bathtub. "Ride me baby ride me like a cowgirl." He said watching her react to his commands. Rhiannon began riding his cock hard and fast, her small breast shook every time her thighs slap against his lap. The bedroom air, became filled with scent of lustful sex.

Her voice trembled. "Your cock feels hot inside me. I like how it feels!"

She’s inherited her mothers sexual prowess: Yes Melissa Jones, is wild cat in bed. Rhiannon's wild fucking made him lose control. He’s been holding back, he wants their love making to last longer, but he cant stop. Finally he looses the battle, grunting he exclaims. "I’m cumming!!"

Rhiannon felt his cock flexing inside the walls of her sex. Now exhausted, her upper body fell on top of his. She had no more strength left to hold herself up.
She feels his cock throbbing, pumping every last drop of sperm deep inside. Chester’s totally spent too, he spoke gasping for breath.

"Rhiannon, that was fantastic," his cock began shrinking inside her tight cunt.

She looked into to his eyes, her voice trembled. "Can we do it again?"

He couldn't help but laugh. "Honey, you wore me out. I think I need a nap."

She lifted her body from his cock, seeing sperm dripping from her cunt she exclaimed childishly. "Sperms yucky. It's the one thing, I don't like about sex."

He rolled out of bed. "I'll go run us a bath, that'll make us both feel better."

Twenty minutes later, Rhiannon soaked in the tub while Chester went to roll a joint, and bring back something to drink. She heard music playing, she likes the beat of the drums and the lead guitar. She heard her name in the opening lyrics of the song, sang by a woman with a sexy smoky voice.

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't love to love her. Takes to the sky like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover. All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind. Would you stay if she promised you heaven. Will you ever win. She is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness. She rules her life like a fine sky lark, when the sky is starless.

Chester stood in the bathroom doorway, watching Rhiannon. She’s laying back, with her eyes closed, smiling. Swaying an index finger to the rhythm of the old song with her name in its title. He spoke, disturbing her content slumber.

"Do you like the song Rhiannon. It’s all about you."

She opened her blue eyes and smiled, looking at him.

"Yeah, it's a cool song. I like it…Come sit in the tube with me," she joked. "I like leaning against your fat belly, its nice and soft."

He faked a frown. "Fat belly, oh baby you hurt my feelings!" She flashed a devilish grin. “Oh just get in here, before the water gets cold.” She moved up letting him sit behind her. Leaning against him, she says something that warms his heart. "This is nice baby, I like taking baths with you."

Hearing her call him “baby” took him by a pleasant surprise, it’s the first term of affection she’s used for him, since their taboo affair began. Once he settled in behind her in the tube, he hugged her nude body with one arm then handed her the joint. As she took a drag from the joint, he told her.

“Your mom called, while I was out rolling this joint. She was checking to see how you’re doing. I hope you don’t mind, but I told her you were sound asleep.”

She gave him the joint, then blew a thick cloud of sweet smelling smoke out.

“That’s ok,” she said, in a stoned voice. “I was asleep, sitting here in the tub,” she shrugged. “I didn’t really wanna talk to her anyway.”

She giggled, when he began playing with her nipples, while slipping the other between her legs. She spread wider for him, feeling his fingertips stroking her pussy. Her body trembled as he pushed in deeper. “That feeels sooo goood!”
She exclaimed. He spoke to her while fingering her soapy pussy.

“Just after your mom hung-up, my friend Frank called to tell me. He and his daughter Maylee, will be coming to Otter Creek for a visit this coming Friday. I
E-mailed him a few pictures of you, he says he likes your looks, and he’s looking forward to meeting you. He’s going to help me, talk your mother into letting you become a fashion model for his agency.”

Her voice trembles, as he plays with her pussy. “Ahhh..Oh yes, that’ll be so cool.” She humped against his stroking fingers. His cock became hard, he stroked her cunt whispering what he wants her to do next. “Fuck me baby, fuck me now!!”

Chapter 13: Frank And Maylee, flying high.

It’s Friday, just before noon, as Frank Dicks and his adopted daughter Maylee board a plane leaving New York, heading for Devonport Iowa. Where in in a few hours they’ll meet with Chester, and his young mistress Rhiannon.

Frank is in his fifties, around the same age as Chester, but he has a full head of salt and pepper gray hair; of which he keeps neatly trimmed. His face is sternly handsome, his eyes are brown, he stands a lean six-foot tall. Today he wearing an expensive dark blue tailor made Italian suit, over a starched white shirt. The entire ensembles made complete with a dark blue silk tie. Needles to say, Mr. Dicks loves flaunting the fact, he’s a wealthy man.

His Vietnamese born adopted daughter Maylee, just turned twelve a little over two weeks ago. The girls south east Asian heritage makes her appear younger then twelve. She wears her dark black hair long; it cascades all the way down over her butt cheeks. Today she’s braided her hair into two braids, of which she now has each braid draped over her shoulders laying over her chest. She tied the ends of each braid with blue ribbons.

Her face is delicately beautiful, her nose is petite, her lips are naturally pink.
It’s her constant smile that everyone notices first. She’s wearing light purple eye shadow, it enhances the shape of her dark oriental eyes. Her breast are small, but developing nicely. She stands a little over four eight. The outfit she’s wearing for her first trip to the Midwest, consists of a gold colored silk blouse, over a short black pleated skirt, purple knee socks, and shiny black patent leather shoes.

"That blouse you’re wearing, is so pretty sweetie. Did your grandfather buy it for you." The question came from a young stewardess, as she stowed Maylee's carry on luggage in the overhead compartment near their first class seats.

Maylee, corrected the stewardess. "He is not my grandfather, he is my daddy."

"Oh sorry honey. Its just that, your father looks more like a grandfather than a father." Frank heard what the attendant said, it irritated him.

"Miss, I adopted Maylee two years ago. I saved her from living the rest of her life in the Peoples Republic of Vietnam, my age shouldn't matter. Now if you don't mind. Once this plane is in the air, bring me a vodka martini, shaken not stirred.
And bring my little girl a Coke on the rocks, with a slice of lime. Now please excuse us until were in the air."

He wants to be alone with Maylee, who in reality is his young lover. Yes as sick and ridiculous as it may seem. Frank's needs for the sexual affections of young girls, eventually took him to modern day Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city.

Where, with his money, he paid off Maylee's prostitute mother, and few greedy communist politicians. After that he legally adopted her. Most people they know, think of Maylee as his daughter. But there are a few friends of his, who know Maylee is really his underage mistress. One of these friends is his business partner Julia, the other is her teenage submissive girlfriend Alisa.

Once the planes in flight Maylee told Frank.

"I need to use restroom now. I need to pee very badly daddy!"

The thought of having Maylee become the youngest member of the mile high club came to Frank's perverted mind. He stood up holding his hand out to Maylee.

"Come with me honey, I'll help you." Maylee thinks he only wants to show her where the restroom is. She pointed to the sign posted over the restroom door. "Daddy I know where it is, it’s right there. Don't you see sign!"

Frank looked at Maylee with a smile, she's became to know as his; I want sex smile. She blushes but doesn’t try changing his mind. Maylee's teenage friend Alisa told her once; she and Julia, had lesbian sex on a flight to Paris once.

With this in mind Maylee took Franks hand, he led her to the restroom. Before opening the door, Frank looked back over his shoulder. Noticing he and Maylee are almost the only first-class passengers, other than two star crossed lovers, who as of now are busy kissing each other passionately. The first class stewardess is busy back in coach, helping the other stewardesses pass out refreshments.

Frank quickly opened the door. "Hurry inside Maylee, I need you to take care of me." Maylee giggled as they entered the small restroom. Once the door was closed, she whispered. "I need to pee daddy. What you want me do for you?"

Frank grinned mischievously. "Suck my cock, while you pee.”

Maylee’s not ashamed to be nude in front of Frank. As a mater of fact, when they’re alone behind the closed doors of Frank’s Manhattan high-rise condo. They often lounge about in their birthday suits; and if not nude, she wears various sexy lingerie for him. She raised her short black skirt, then pulled down a pair of sexy red lace thong panties.

As she sat down Frank unzipped his fly, then pulled his semi erect cock out. After two years of living with the man, Maylee knows exactly what her; so called daddy wants. While she pisses, she reaches over taking his half erect cock in one petite hand, placing the other hand on his nut sack, then opened her mouth taking his cock between her lips. Frank moaned, and began fucking her mouth.

"Yes! that'a girl. You always know, just what I want, ahhh yes suck me."

Maylee sucked licked and fondled his cock to full erection. She opened her legs, knowing he likes watching her pee. She doesn’t quite understand why, seeing her pee turns the much older man on, but it seems to make him happy. So now every time she gives him a BJ while peeing. She opens wide, letting him see her golden piss as it flows from the lips of her vulva.

Frank whispered. "Maylee baby, I’m nice and hard now. Lets fuck!"

The vulgar way he said this would upset most girls Maylee's age, but she’s used to Frank's dirty mouth. She stopped sucking him, looked around the tiny room with puzzled eyes, saying. "How you fuck me, there is no place to lay down?"

He grinned mischievously. "Stand up, sexy girl. We don’t need to lay down."

She stood up, Frank lifted her body, jostled her around placing his hands on her bare ass cheeks. Then reached around guiding his hard cock into her tight young snatch. Maylee grunts feeling his cock spreading her open, she whispered.

"You right daddy. We don't have to lay down, we standup. You so smart daddy!"

Frank grunts softly, using his arms to raise and lower his young mistress up and down on his shaft. "Why thank you baby," he says, proud that his little girl thinks he’s so perversely intelligent. But, knowing he needs to finish quickly before they’re discovered, he begins fucking his young lover faster. Pressing her petite body against the wall, ramming as much of his erection deep inside her tight little snatch as he can. Panting he tells her.

“Maylee. You’re now an official member of daddies, mile high club!!"

She whispered in a sweet little voice. "What is mile high club?"

Looking into her so called daddies eyes, Maylee sees, he’s about to cum. For the past two years, of almost constantly taking care of Frank's needs. She's now able to sense it, just before it happens. She feels the warmth of her older lovers cock as it strokes against the walls of her sex finding her G-spot.

Frank isn’t the only man she’s ever been with. Way before him, when she was growing up in Vietnam. Her mother pimped her out to sex tourist, looking for young stuff to satisfy their needs. She was very young, when she had her first orgasm. Now she feels an orgasm building inside of her young body, in a tiny airplane bathroom flying eight thousand feet above the earth.

"You cumming daddy. You make me cum too daddy!!"

Frank feels the walls of her young pussy pulsating against his shaft, this sends him over the edge. He can no longer hold back. He gruffly whispers his satisfaction when he cums. "Ahhhh. This feeels sooo fucking good."

He fell back against the door, it took all of his strength to keep from falling down. He fears getting stuck between the toilet and the door, then having to explain to their rescuers; why his adopted daughters vagina is impelled on his cock. Finally they both came to their senses, he let her down telling her.

"Use some wet paper towels to clean yourself up."

He wiped his cock clean, pushed his limp dick back inside of his underwear then zipped his fly. "Ok I'll go out first," he told her. All too suddenly they hear knocking at the door. “Oh shit,” he whispers. Maylee quickly pulled her panties up, and fixed her dress. Frank placed his index finger to his lips, telling her to be quiet. He reached for the door handle, then slowly opened the door.

Outside the door stood a bewildered looking young woman, the one he noticed necking with her male friend; most likely her boyfriend or husband. He gave the woman a reassuring smile, he’s a fast talking business man, he always seems to know what to say under pressure.

"My little girl gets air sick. And to top things off, she's Claustrophobic, she wouldn't use the restroom without me."

Much to his relief, she accepted his explanation. They both squeezed passed her. The woman reached out patting Maylee on the shoulder saying.

"You have such a good daddy honey, I hope you feel better now."

Maylee smiled broadly. "I feel very much better, thank you."

When the woman stepped in,she slipped on something. As luck would have it, she didn't figure out, it’s Frank's semen. She yelped.

“Oops. Hey, you spilled something in here.” Saying no more she quickly closed the door. Frank and Maylee sat back in their seats.

Maylee asked Frank. "Can I see pictures of the girl, we are going to meet."

She’s seen the pictures before, now she feels the need to look again. He opened his briefcase, took out a vanilla envelope, then gave it to her. She took out three eight by five photos of Rhiannon, of which Chester took of her in different poses. He watches her examine each photo, noticing she seems somewhat infatuated with the pretty auburn haired blue eyed preteen.

"Her eyes are so blue daddy, I wish my eyes were blue like hers." Frank pulled her closer whispering. "I think your eyes are beautiful, just the way they are."

She looked into his eyes asking. "Do you think she is pretty?"

Frank stroked her shoulder, admitting. "Yes honey, she’s a pretty girl."

She peered into his eyes whispering. "Are you going to fuck her?" She said this, knowing he craves other young girls; not just her. And she seems a bit jealous. This is his fault, over the past two years, he’s treated her more like his wife slash sex toy than a daughter. He stammered a quick reply.

"I don't know, if I will or not. But if I do, it’s only sexual. Not because I love her, like I love you." What he said made Maylee blush, she smiled at him.

"Maybe this girl and me, will be friends. We both can share you, like I share you with other girls back home in New York."

They’re both suddenly interrupted by the stewardess.

"Mr. Dicks, I brought those drinks you ordered, sorry I'm so late with them.”

The sudden interruption startled Frank, he hopes she didn't hear what they were just talking about. He took a calming breath, smiled and spoke calmly.

"That's ok miss, just as long as you made our drinks the way I ordered them, we’ll be just fine.”

Chapter 14: The Meeting, lust At First Sight

Being as Chester did such a good job taking care of Rhiannon, when she was supposedly sick Monday morning. Now her mother has allowed him to be her daughter's; official sitter. Its Friday afternoon, he picked Rhiannon up after school, so she can accompany him to pick Frank and Maylee up at the airport in Davenport. Chester hasn't seen his old friend in years, and he's never met Maylee.

Now they're both sitting in the waiting area of the airport terminal, waiting for Frank and Maylee to depart their flight from New York. Suddenly Rhiannon spots a tall slender stylish older man, with salt and pepper gray hair. She wasn't sure at first who he was until she noticed he’s holding the hand of a young Asian girl.

Rhiannon tapped Chester’s arm. "Chester, is that your friend and his daughter?"

Chester stood up seeing Frank walking down the terminal, holding Maylee's hand. "That's them, come on lets go meet them," he took Rhiannon by the hand,

As Maylee comes closer, her dark brown Asian eyes roam over Rhiannon's slender five foot tall developing body. Since she came to the states Maylee has become fascinated with how many different eye and hair colors round eyed American woman have. She's particularly fascinated with Rhiannon's bright blue eyes, and long auburn brown hair. Over the past two years Maylee has experienced lesbian sex.

She's a bisexual twelve year old girl. She’s had lesbian sex with Frank's fifty-year old business partner Julia, and her eighteen year old girl friend Alisa, she hasn’t been with a girl her own age in a while. And this blue eyed girl named Rhiannon, has her experienced young pussy wet with excitement.

Rhiannon gave Maylee a friendly smile, reaching out to shake the exotic looking Vietnamese girls hand. "Hi Maylee, my names Rhiannon." Maylee gave Rhiannon a traditional oriental bow. Frank noticed Rhiannon’s awkward reaction to Maylee’s greeting. She’s standing with her hand out, waiting for a handshake.

He scolded his daughter.

"Maylee. You're not in Vietnam any longer, shake her hand. Don’t bow."

Maylee blushed smiling nervously, apologizing reaching out to shake Rhiannon’s hand. "I am sorry. Please forgive me," she said.

"Hey no problem,” said Rhiannon. “It’s just that, you're the first Vietnamese person I've ever met. I’ve never seen anyone bow like that before."


During the long drive back to Otter Creek. Rhiannon sat beside Chester as he drove, Frank and Maylee sat in the back seat. After about an hour of silence, from their guest in the back seat. Rhiannon heard light moaning mixed with slurping and sucking sounds. She turned around, and what she saw totally surprised her. Maylee’s busy orally pleasing Frank. Chester never told her, his friend and Maylee were having a secret sexual relationship, like they’re having.

Rhiannon couldn't take her young eyes from the older mans face, he’s smiling just like Chester does when she does this for him. Suddenly Frank opened his eyes, he placed his hand on the back of Maylee's head, what he said to Rhiannon shocked and aroused her.

"Do you like to watch little girl,” he cracked a mischievous smile. “Hey maybe you'd like to join us back here, Maylee can always use a little help."

Frank gently forced Maylee's head down causing her to deep throat, almost all of his cock. Rhiannon thought he was being mean to his daughter at first, but when Maylee swallowed Frank's cock without struggling or barely gagging, she assumed this was something he often does with her. He released Maylee's head, she came up for air, then glanced back at Rhiannon.

Maylee spoke breathless. "Come back with us Rhiannon, help me suck daddy."

Rhiannon’s speechless, she feels Chester's hand caressing its way up her leg. Today she’s wearing a navy blue knee length skirt. After a week of spending most of her after school time with Chester, she’s grown accustomed to being groped by her friend.

"Go'a head baby girl. Try it, you might like it!" said Chester. forcing his fingertips under the crotch piece of her light blue cotton panties. As he stroked her crotch Rhiannon opened her legs, as she always does when her older lover touches her like this. "But Chester, I don't know him!"

Frank began coaxing her, while thrusting his cock into Maylee’s mouth.

"Come on back here Rhiannon. My little girl needs your help!!”

She smiled nervously. "Ok, I'm not sure what to do, but I'll try."

She pulled herself over the seat giggling as she fell in beside Frank. Maylee stopped pleasing her man, speaking to Rhiannon with pre cum on her lips.

"Come help me. Daddy loves it, when two girls give him blow job!"

Chester turned his rearview mirror down, wanting to watch. Frank reached over caressing Rhiannon's small breast, telling her.

"Take your shirt off honey, its going to get hot back here." He patted Maylee on the head. "You too Maylee, I wanna see your cute little tities too."

Maylee didn't hesitate, to remove her blouse. Her breast are small for her age, she usually wears a padded bra , but today she went without. Chester's car is an older model Cadillac, there's plenty of room on the floor in front of the rear seat for both girls to kneel side by side between Franks wide spread legs. Rhiannon watched Maylee use her mouth lips and tongue to please a man she calls daddy. Maylee noticed she’s watching, from the corner of her eye.

"Here, you do it,” she told her. “Daddy taste good. You suck him, he likes it when girls like us suck him.”

Rhiannon giggled nervously, she never expect to find out Chester's friend and his daughter, did secret sexual things like this with each other. Rhiannon's hand shook as she touched the strangers cock for the first time. But also as her fingertips touch the warm flesh of Franks cock, warm sensations of pleasure rushed through her pussy. She heard Frank tell her reassuringly.

"Go’a head Rhiannon. I promise to be nice. I have a feeling you’re knew at this."

He caressed her cheek, as she lowered her lips to his cock. Disregarded Maylee's spit she left behind as, she wrapped her soft lips around the head of Frank's cock. As Rhiannon sucked his cock, Maylee used her lips and tongue, kissing and licking his shaft, her tongue and lips felt exquisite to her Father. And the way Rhiannon quickly bobbed her head up and down, while sucking and licking the head of his cock, made this taboo preteen blowjob even more pleasurable for him.

Frank joked with Chester, noticing he’s watching in his rearview mirror.

"Hey keep your eyes on the road buddy." Chester asked his old friend.

"How's my girl doing back there Frank, have I taught her well?"

Frank moaned. "Mr. Molester…Ahh… You've taught this girl very well."

Maylee kissed Rhiannon on the corner of her mouth.

"I suck him now, you lick his cock. He likes having his cock licked."

Rhiannon’s shockingly aroused by the wet kiss. Over the past week, since she met Chester. When ever he kissed her like this, it truly excites her. Rhiannon stopped sucking, then ran her wet precum soaked lips along Frank's cock shaft. She's learned quickly that men like having their cocks licked kissed and fondled. She also used her soft preteen fingers to gently fondle Frank's nuts.

"Damn Chester these girls are good at this. Their putting porn stars to shame," said Frank feeling his daughters warm lips sucking and slurping over his erection, like a professional hooker. But it was Rhiannon's wet tongue and lips that began bringing Frank to his second orgasm of the day.

Each girl began tag teaming Frank's cock, with Maylee's experience and Rhiannon's curiosity to learn newly acquired sexual skills. Frank started humping his ass up and down on the seat. Even with Rhiannon's limited oral experience, she knew the older man was going to orgasm soon. As she licked kissed and fondled Frank's cock and balls. Maylee worked her expert lips, mouth and tongue bobbing her head furiously up and down on her adult lovers cock.

Frank felt cum churning somewhere deep inside, suddenly he cant hold back, he moaned to the girls. "Ahhh…Yes. Suck it girls suck me dry. Make me cum!"

Exclaiming his orgasm, his cock pumped hot semen into Maylee's young mouth. Rhiannon kept licking and kissing Frank’s cock shaft. Semen leaked from Maylee's mouth, it ran down Frank's cock. Rhiannon tasted the mans salty cum, swallowing it down as if it were mothers milk.

Over the week she spent with Chester, she's developed a taste for cum. She now finds herself daydreaming in school about the flavor of a mans sperm. Rhiannon's pussy twitched with aroused sensual excitement. She continued licking sucking, then swallowing any sperm Maylee didn't swallow at her end of the blow job.

Maylee stopped sucking her daddy's cock, she tapped Rhiannon on the shoulder.
When she raised her head, Maylee placed her cum soaked lips over hers, forcing the tip of her tongue against Rhiannon's equally wet cum soaked lips. Without thinking Rhiannon returned the wet sloppy kiss. Frank exclaimed.

"Maylee,” he said with a pleased smile. “I think, you have a new best friend!!"

End of part 3.
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