This is the final part of this series. It’s now seven months later, Rhiannon recently turned thirteen. Her mother gave in to Chester, and Frank Dicks persuasions. Rhiannon and Chester go to New York city for a modeling photo shoot. Frank throws a wild party, where he finishes seducing Rhiannon. And the story ends, with an unexpected twist.
Authors note. If you’re not into stories about older men, who have sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded, please read on, there’s more to this story of dark depravity, then meets the eye. You’ll need to read the ending.

“Let all life be an unfettered howl. Like the crowed greeting the gladiator. Don’t stop to think, don’t interrupt the scream, exhale, release life’s rapture.”

Vladimir Nabokov.

Chapter 15: New York City, Rhiannon becomes a model.

Its been a little over seven months since Chester met Rhiannon, she turned thirteen in May of 2012. Back in October Frank used his gentlemanly power of persuasion, to talk Rhiannon's mother into letting him and Chester bring Rhiannon to New York City in June. Now after a long hot day of modeling photo shoots in Central park. They’ve arrived back at Frank and Maylee's tenth floor
high-rise condo, located somewhere in Manhattan.

Rhiannon’s looks have changed over the past few months. Her hairs been styled to an elegant shag cut, with blond highlights. Today she's wearing light tan eye shadow with black eyeliner, this made the blue in her eyes stand out a little brighter for the camera. With makeup on, she looks much older then twelve.

Today she’s wearing a brand-new blue and white silk designer dress. The dress is the last outfit she wore for the last part of a long hard day of modeling. Before leaving the park, she begged Frank to let her keep it. Now the expensive dress belongs to her, but what she doesn’t know is. Expensive freebies like this often come with a price. The price being; tonight she'll be sleeping with the boss, and this doesn't mean Chester, it means she'll be bedding down with Frank.

Chester pulled his worn-out young lover to him from behind, gently fondling her braless breast. He likes how the silk fabric of her dress feels as he gently caresses her nipples under the dress. He spoke gently into her ear.

"You look totally worn-out sweetheart. Why don't you go take a shower, while I see what Frank and Maylee have in mind for dinner tonight.”

Rhiannon placed her soft hand over his, not wanting him to move his hand away. His touch feels good, her breast have grown. And as they grow, they’ve become even more sensitive to touch.

"Can I take a bath. Maylee gave me some new bath oil. I cant wait to soak in it."

"Why sure honey, maybe I'll join you in a while."

She smiled at him. "You better join me baby. You know, I like leaning on your fat belly when I bathe!"

He kissed her on the lips, he's been dying to do this all day. And Frank's spacious condo is the best place to do this, without anyone's prying eyes noticing an old man like him kissing a twelve year old girl. She pulled away, and fondled his crotch. "Come in with me Chester,” she says playfully. “I’ll wash your cock."

This of course made him change his mind about dinner, even though he is famished. He took her hand, telling her in a hurried voice.

"Lets go baby girl, I guess I'll be eating you for dinner." He took her hand, but she led him to their room. Maylee and Frank watched them disappear.

"They look like a married couple," said Maylee, enjoying Frank's lustful embrace.

"Yeah,” said Frank. “Looks like old Chester's in love. The trouble with that is, he has to bring Rhiannon back to mommy by Monday, I think my old friends biting off more than he can chew, don't you?"

Maylee looked worried. "I hope they don't get in trouble daddy. Rhiannon is my friend, I don't want her to get hurt."

Frank kissed her. "Lets go take a shower baby, I'm throwing a party tonight. Lets get cleaned up before our guest arrive."

Maylee smiled, she likes parties, especially Frank's adult parties.

"Will Julia and Alisa be at the party daddy, I want them to meet Rhiannon!"

Frank smiled at the thought of his perverted girl loving friends, meeting Chester's luscious young girlfriend.

"Oh yes honey, all of our friends will be here tonight."

Later as Rhiannon and Chester dry off in their bedroom, they hear sounds of numerous voices echoing from Frank's living room.

"Sounds like a party out there," said Rhiannon, bending down to retrieve panties from her suitcase. Maylee knocked then entered, her eyes looked strait at Rhiannon. Since they've met back in October, they've had a few lesbian encounters. But Rhiannon is still getting used to the way her pretty Asian girlfriend looks at her, especially when she's naked. Maylee spoke in an excited voice.

"Hurry Rhiannon, get dressed. Daddy is throwing a party for you and Chester."

Maylee directed her eyes at Chester, looking his body over from head to toe, then back to his cock. "You get dressed too Chester,” she cracked a mischievous smile. “Things get wild at daddies parties, I know you will have fun!”

Maylee looked at Rhiannon's plain looking white cotton panties, telling her.

"You no wear panties, I like you better without panties. My friends Julia, Alisa, Anita, and her little sister Nina. They like you better without panties too."

Rhiannon’s not sure what her cute young Asian friends talking about.

"Maylee why shouldn't I wear panties?"

Maylee wrapped her arms around Rhiannon, whispering in her ear.

"It is surprise, you no worry my friends will take care of you!"

Maylee gave Rhiannon time to slip into her terrycloth robe, then took her by the hand, talking quickly as they walk away. "Come with me, I'll find you something nice to wear, I make you look pretty for my friends!"

Chester noticed a curious, or maybe a worried look in Rhiannon's eyes, as Maylee pulled her from the room. He has a good idea Frank's party, will be wild just as Maylee said, he hoped Rhiannon's young body will be able to withstand all of the adult attention she'll soon be getting. Frank knocked then stepped inside.

"Gees Frank, you and Maylee never give people time to say come in before you enter,” said Chester, covering himself.

"Oh sorry buddy, said Frank. “I guess your getting shy in your old age. But anyway, I've invited some of my friends over tonight. I’m throwing you and Rhiannon a little dinner party before the weekends over.”

"And I guess Rhiannon's the main course," said Chester.

Frank laughed. “Yes…But, you’ll enjoy Maylee for dessert.”

"Your girl Maylee told Rhiannon, she wants her looking pretty for her friends, she pulled Rhiannon out of here, like the building was on fire. Before she did that she told me. You throw wild parties." Chester smiled curiously.

"What kind of party is this old buddy?"

Frank smiled mischievously, pulling a freshly rolled joint from his shirt pocket.

"Here smoke this with me, and I'll tell you." Frank lit the joint, then handed it to Chester, as he took a drag, Frank explained.

"These friends of mine have a taste for young girls, just like we do Chester."

Chester's nerves suddenly feel on edge, he took a large toke of weed then held it in. The thought of sharing Rhiannon with others; is a turn on, but at what cost will it be to their relationship.

"I don't know about this Frank, Rhiannon's an adventurous girl. But on the other hand, she's just a simple Midwestern country girl. I don't know if she's up to orgy status yet."

Frank blew smoke from his lungs. "Don't worry Chester, she's not the only party favor. My friends Jimmy and Alex brought some sweet young girls along with them. Just wear your robe, it’ll make it easier for you, when the fun starts ."

Frank gave him the joint, speaking of old times, and Chester’s old personality.

“You’ve been out of the game for a while Chester, but I haven’t forgotten the adventures, you and I had so many years ago. “Ha” You were a wild man back then. And now since we’ve gotten back together, I’ve noticed you seem to really enjoy sharing your girl with me.”

“Chester. I’ve been around your sweet little girl, long enough to know. Under that cute little country girl façade, lies an adventurous girl waiting to experience everything.” Frank turned and walked away, saying. “Hurry up, get dressed. I want you to meet my friends. I think you’ll like them.”

Chester slipped his robe on, thinking of what Frank said. It must've been the strong weed inducing its numbing affect on his brain. Just the thought of Rhiannon being the highlight of tonight's party, made his cock twitch with excitement.

Chapter 16: The Party

The party of course isn't the usual boring New York dinner party one might expect. The guest consist of two men a women and her teenage girl friend, and two preteen girls. Two of Frank’s New York friends were introduced simply as Jimmy and his younger brother Alex. Jimmy is a tall slender somewhat good looking Italian American from Brooklyn, he looks to be in his mid forties.

His younger brother Alex is in his early forties or late thirties. The brothers are quite possibly affiliated with the mafia, but Chester decided it’s best not to ask about what they do for a living. Jimmy and Alex brought two very cute, but young Puerto Rican girls with them. During dinner Chester spoke with the girls, he found out they’re sisters. Anita is the oldest she's ten, her little sisters name is Nina, she just turned nine.

It turns out their father pimps them out to Jimmy and Alex for a debt he owes them. Also on the guest list is Frank's bisexual lady friend and business partner Julia. Chester figures her to be in her mid fifties, she's a tall slender attractive woman. She wears her curly red hair boyishly short, her eyes are emerald green.
Julia came to the party with a young looking black haird brown eyed girl named Alisa. Frank told Chester, Alisa’s almost nineteen. He says she’s Julia's submissive lesbian lover.

Alisa seems younger than eighteen and a half. But in a situation like this, you don't ask questions, you just enjoy every unique character at the table. Rhiannon sat close to Chester at the dinner table, she's nervous around all of these unusual, but interesting people Frank invited to his party. Maylee did tell her a few details about what usually happens at one of Frank's weekend parties, before the party started.

Now as Rhiannon sits at the dinner table, her thoughts are both fear, and curiosity of the kinky things Maylee told her, might happen once the guest leave the dinner table, then retire to the living room. Maylee sat to Rhiannon's right, as they eat and sip red wine Maylee leans over slipping a small white pill into Rhiannon's hand. She asked. "What is this?" Maylee whispered in her ear.

"It is Ecstasy. Take it, don't worry it won't hurt you." Maylee kissed Rhiannon on the cheek. Rhiannon’s reluctant to take the drug. Maylee nudged her.

"Take it, it not hurt you. It makes things more fun, once party starts!"

Chester didn't see what Maylee gave Rhiannon. If he would've known Maylee gave his young lover a drug called ecstasy, he might've stopped her from taking it. Rhiannon popped the innocent looking pill into her mouth then washed it down with sweet red wine, of which she’s already getting drunk on. Within in minutes as the drug mingled with the food she ate. She feels warm tingling sensations beginning deep inside her vagina.

The sensations quickly flow up her spine to her extremities. Her nipples became erect. She’s wearing a white silk blouse, the smooth fabric caresses her nipples, her body shudders with small orgasms as the drug took over her once innocent mind and body. She looked over at Maylee, becoming sexually aroused by Maylee's exotic Asian beauty. She has a sudden urge to kiss Maylee. It’s not an urge to kiss her on the cheek, she wants to shove her tongue down Maylee's throat. She wants to show her exactly how she feels about their friendship.

Chester heard the guest laughing and applauding. He turned his attention to where Rhiannon’s sitting. What she’s doing turned him on immensely, she’s suddenly found Maylee's soft red lips erotically enticing. And this time it isn’t Maylee making the first lesbian move to kiss her, she decided to kiss Maylee.
The kiss isn’t just a soft peck on the lips, it’s more like a sensual Hollywood movie kiss. As she kisses Maylee, she began foundling the girls small breast.

Frank noticed what’s going on, and decides it’s time to party

"Well Ladies and gentleman, I see Rhiannon and Maylee are ready to party."

Frank stood up from his seat, letting his paisley print silk robe fall to the floor, exclaiming. "Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to undress. After all we cant have any fun with our cloths on now, can we!"

Once that was said everyone undressed, with the exception of Jimmy and Alex's young dates Anita and Nina. They seemed slightly frightened, as they watched every adult at the table remove every stitch of clothing they had on. Jimmy noticed they didn't take heed to Frank's request.

"Hey you's two get those cloths off. You girls weren't so damn shy last night, when you spent the night at our place."

His brother Alex spoke, both brothers have thick Brooklyn accents.

"I know what Anita and Nina like. They like dance'n to music and take'n their cloths off, like their momma does." Alex nudged nine year old Nina on the shoulder. The four foot-four girl looks so cute, with her long dark brown hair tied back with a pink bow. "Hey babe, ya wanna do a strip tease for us?"

Nina shrugged her shoulders nervously, looking at her older sister Anita

"Do you wanna dance for them, like we did last night for Alex and Jimmy."

"Yeah I guess,” said the cute ten year old. “After all, it is a party, lets dance!"

The crowd of adults are all so delighted, that these two underage hookers decided to join in with them. Jimmy and Alex took their hands and led them to the privacy of Frank's living room. Frank turned his stereo on. After finding a CD of Santana’s greatest hits. Once Anita and Nina hear the Latin beat of a song called Oye Como Va. They've heard the Latin rock song before, smiles appear on their faces, they began shaking their scantly clad ass's to the bongo drum beat, and the bluesy Latin sounds of a lead guitar solo.

Ten year old Anita's long silky black hair sways as she shakes her hips to the music. Both sisters wore sexy summer clothing. Ten year old Anita’s wearing a thin white tank top over a very short black satin mini skirt. The skirt flows sensually with every move the young preteen makes with her hips and ass.

Nina’s wearing a thin floral print cotton blouse, with little white buttons running down the front. As she dances, she slowly unbuttons each one. She’s wearing a pair of extremely short pink hot-pants. The shorts expos every curve the young Puerto Rican has. Needless to say; for a nine year, Nina has very nice curves.

Alex and Jimmy told the girls. "Take it off girls. Take it all off." Alisa and Nina must’ve also taken ecstasy. Now any inhibitions they had, when they arrived at Frank's condo left them with every piece of clothing they took off.

Chester sat watching these young Latin dancers so intently, he almost forgot about Rhiannon. Looking to his right, she’s standing close to him. He found Frank and Julia helping her undress. At first he thought maybe he should stop them, but as he observes what they’re doing, he notices Rhiannon seems to be enjoying their attention.

Julia unbuttons her white silk blouse, as Frank unsnaps the waist band of Rhiannon's floral print skirt. Once her blouse and skirt fell to the floor, she stood before everyone topless, wearing a pair of skimpy black T-back panties.
Julia wants this sweet young thing totally nude, she wastes no time kneeling before Rhiannon to remove the skimpy panties as quickly as possible.

Julia exclaimed. "Frank darling, this little girl is, sooo fucking adorable."

Frank smirked. "I knew you'd like her Julia."

They led Rhiannon to a love seat, just a few feet away from Chester. He watched his girl sit down. Julia knelt down, gently forcing Rhiannon's legs apart. The women buried her face between her legs, then began eating her pussy. As Julia licks Rhiannon's cunt. Frank aimed his cock to Rhiannon's lips, telling her.

"Suck me baby. You know how daddy Frank likes it."

She didn't hesitate, she began sucking and licking the mans cock like a highly paid porn star. She spread her legs wider making sure Julia has enough room to work. Over the past few months she's had plenty of lesbian sex with Maylee. And one thing she has admitted is; girls eat pussy much better then boys do.

Chester turned his attention back to Anita and Nina. They’re busy on their knees sucking Jimmy and Alex. Nina’s doing Jimmy, while Alisa sucks Alex. Maylee and Alisa are dancing naked with each other, out on Frank's makeshift dance floor. Maylee notices Chester sitting alone, with no one paying attention to him. She gently smacked eighteen year old Alisa on the ass, wanting her to stop kissing her.

"Look at Chester, he looks so lonely." She took Alisa by the hand.

"Come with me Alisa. Daddy is with his girl. We will be his girlfriends tonight."

Alisa joked, in her southern draw. "He is kind’a cute, for an old guy!"

Chester’s nude like everyone else in the room. As Maylee and Alisa come closer they see his hard cock. They see he’s totally turned on from watching Anita and Nina give head to Jimmy and his brother Alex.

Alisa’s southern accent, disturbed his sexual trance.

"Hey there handsome. Do you wanna fuck me. Or am I too old for you?"

Chester laughed placing his hands on her full firm breast.

"Hell no,” he said. “You’re not, at all too old for me baby.”

Maylee took his hand. "Lets go to bedroom. We can fuck in bed."

Standing up, he looked towards the love seat, where Frank and Julia had been playing with Rhiannon. His eyes caught a glimpse of Rhiannon's white ass shining in the moonlight as she’s being led by the hand into Frank's bedroom by Julia. Frank turned back noticing Chester, he smiled telling him.

"Don't worry old buddy. Julia and I will take good care of her."

Maylee tugged his hand. "Don't worry, daddy will be good to her." Alisa smirked. "That is; if he can control Julia. She likes breaking in pretty young girls like her!"

Chapter 17: Perverting Rhiannon, The Final Seduction

Once Frank and Julia have Rhiannon alone in his bedroom. Rhiannon became frightened. "I think I should go back out with Chester," she said, her voice quivering as she spoke. Julia hugged her playing with her nipples.

"No way darling, you’re not going anywhere," she said.

Rhiannon stood naked sandwiched between the adults. Frank whispered, letting his lips caress the sensitive flesh of her ear.

"Julia and I need you tonight sweetheart, just lay in my bed with us. Everything will be ok!" His voice seemed, kind and comforting, she feels his hands, and Julia’s hands groping her young breast and pussy. Fear became ecstasy.

Frank slid a hand to her wet pussy, pushing a finger inside. Rhiannon’s body gave in to his touch. Julia and Frank slowly laid her down on the bed. With all three of them laying crossways on a mahogany four post bed. Frank and Julia began finger fucking her, while giving her passionate kisses about her cheeks and lips. Rhiannon spread her legs wide for them. Her body said yes, but part of her mind said no. In the end her body won the fight, her mind gave in.

Julia moved her well toned fifty year old body into a kneeling position over Rhiannon face. Rhiannon opened her eye's, finding herself staring up into Julia's freshly waxed hairless pussy.

"It’s your turn to eat me now darling," said the red-haired older women

Rhiannon opened her mouth and stuck her tongue into Julia's wet cunt. The women’s body trembled feeling the young girls tongue against her cunt lips.
Frank knelt down on the floor, wanting to eat Rhiannon's pussy, while she pleasures his business partner.

"Mmm...Sugar and spice and everything nice," he exclaimed before burying his face into her almost hairless sex. Julia slowly grinds her musky sweet cunt over Rhiannon's lips and tongue. She’s doing her best to please the red-haired woman, making sure to lick Julia's clit. Apparently she’s doing it right, Julia’s body shivered from an orgasm.

Julia moaned. "Oh Rhiannon darling, you're a fucking natural!"

Frank stopped eating Rhiannon, and climbed back on the bed. He kissed Julia on the lips, she kissed him back tasting the young girls cum on his lips.

"Mmm...the little bitch taste good on you Frank," she continued rocking her hips over Rhiannon's tongue. Frank whispered in Julia's ear.

"I want to fuck her. Please Julia, let me fuck her!"

He’s begging because, in the past months since he met Rhiannon, he's never fucked her. Now he has his chance, he’s going to take it. He knows Chester’s going to fuck Maylee tonight. Because he planned it this way, he ordered Maylee to seduce Chester's, just so he can have his chance with Rhiannon.

Julia let out a sinister laugh, lifting her cunt from Rhiannon tongue, then rolled over on the bed exclaiming "By all means Frank, fuck this little whore."

Frank lay beside her, asking for permission. Not considering it being rape, if she gives permission, even though she’s not of legal of consent.

"Can I fuck you baby, I know you'll like it?"

Rhiannon flashed a childish smile, then spoke flirtatiously.

"Yes…Fuck me, giggle. I don’t know why, but I’m sooo horny."

Frank and Julia are both fingering her pussy. She reached down, trying to push their fingers deeper. She began thrusting her hips upward exclaiming.

"Oh….Yes…I wanna fuck everyone at the party tonight."

Rhiannon doesn’t know it, but that little white pill Maylee gave her at the dinner table is the reason she’s so sexually aroused tonight. Julia whispered sensually in her ear as she fingered her.

"You're my kind of girl. Now let daddy Frank fuck you."

In Chester's bedroom, he’s standing near the bed watching Alisa and Maylee kneel on the floor at his feet, give him a two girl blow job. He looks down at Alisa as she bobs her head back and forth on his cock, he thinks how exotically beautiful she was with her hair dyed jet black. The teenager has the look of a gothic vampire, with dark hair, snow white skin, and bright red lipstick, and just the right amount of black eye liner drawn around her big brown eyes. She noticed him looking at her, she gave his cock to Maylee.

"You’re really love'n this Ain't ya darlin." He heard what sounds like a southern accent, as she spoke.

"That's not a New York accent I hear. Where are you from Alisa?" he kept gently thrusting his hips back and forth, enjoying Maylee's warm lips and tongue as she gave him head like a pro. Alisa flashed a sexy smile, before saying.

"I'm a Georgia girl. I was born in a little old town called Cordele.”

He asked out of curiosity. "How'd you get way up here, to the big apple?"

Alisa kissed Maylee on the cheek, then replied.

"I ran away when I was fourteen. I came up here thinking I'd get work as a model. I ended up living on the streets during one of New York's coldest winters. I started turning tricks to survive, that's how I met Julia. She was out looking for a young girl. She spotted me half frozen and desperate, working Time square. And to make a long story short, she took me home, cleaned me up, then fucked me all night long with a strap on dildo."

Alisa noticed his reaction to the last part of her story, telling him.

"You old perv. You liked the ending of my story, didn't you?"

Chester chuckled watching her take his cock from Maylee. Alisa licks and sucks him, peering up at him with her big brown eyes.

"Ahh…You’re so right baby, I did like the end of your story!" he rocked his hip forward enjoying the way her warm lips and tongue feel on his sensitive cock.
Maylee looked up speaking with precum stuck to her lips.

"I want you to fuck me now, sucking your cock made me sooo horny."

Hearing her Vietnamese accent, brought back old memories of the six
months he spent in her old country, back in 1978. He exclaimed his desires
"Why sure beautiful, I thought you'd never ask." Maylee noticed a big smile on his face as he tells them. "I wanna fuck both of you girls. I have an idea, both of you get on the bed, on your hands and knees. We’ll do the dirty deed right there."

Alisa liked his idea, she exclaimed. "You're a kinky old man Chester, that's good because I like getting kinky, hell the kinkier the better; I always say."

Alisa kissed Maylee then climbed on the bed, Maylee followed suit. Alisa joked. "Lets see who can make the old guy cum first, this should be fun," she nudged Maylee. "Ain't that right sugar."

Maylee replied innocently. "It sounds fun, I've never heard of this game before." She became competitive.
"My pussy's tighter then yours Alisa, I will make him cum faster then you."

She looked back at Chester smiling, he loved the way Maylee smiles. It seems to him; if Frank and his friends were harming this beautiful young girl, she wouldn't be so damned happy all the time. He knelt on the bed behind Maylee, he spat on his fingers then began stroking his fingers up Maylee's beautiful pink almost hairless pussy. He expected her to be tight, and she was.

Maylee felt his fingertip being shove inside her almost thirteen year old pussy. She’s young, but she knows to relax her vaginal muscles Chester's fingers easily slipped inside. He felt her young body tremble with excitement as he fingers her. She moaned and wiggling her tight little ass.

"You like how that feels, don't you sweetheart,” he said.

Maylee pushed back against his finger exclaiming. "Mmm. Yes I like how it feels, but I want your big cock inside me. Fuck me with your big American cock!"

Frank told her to seduce the man, so that’s what she’s doing. Chester did as she asked, replacing his fingers with his cock. He expected her vagina, to give him resistance as he enters her. She’s almost thirteen, she’s grown some over the past seven months, he thought she’d be tighter than Rhiannon. Surprisingly enough before he knew it, his pubic hair rested against her ass cheeks.

Maylee let out soft moans of pleasure. Alisa kissed her on the lips.

"Go a head fuck this little bitch hard. She likes it when you fuck her hard." Alisa smiled back at Chester, she winked at him, then nudged Maylee with her elbow. "You want the big man to fuck you hard, don't you sweetie."

Maylee moaned as he began thrusting into her. "Yes fuck my pussy hard!!"

He heard the young girls request and began fucking her the way she wants it.

"Take it baby, take my cock like a big girl. I know you can handle it."

He grunts thrusting into her. His thighs slap against her soft white Asian flesh, the sounds echo throughout the condo. They forgot to close the bedroom door. Chester pulled his cock from Maylee, she moaned out breathlessly.

"Why you pull out. I was enjoying that."

He chuckled, telling her. “It’s Alisa's turn…Just be patient sweetheart.”

Alisa pushed her ass backwards wanting Chester's cock the competition’s on. She’s bound and determine to make Chester cum first.

"Stick that big thing in me. Fuck me Chester, fuck me hard!!"

Chester grunted. "Ok my sweet little Georgia peach. Get ready to be fucked hard."

He entered her tight almost nineteen year old pussy. She flirted, doing her best to make him cum prematurely, wanting to win the competition. Telling him.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck my peach. Make it all juicy inside."
Back in Frank's bedroom he’s fucking Rhiannon hard from behind, Julia lay on her back with Rhiannon’s tongue between her legs, eating her baby smooth pussy. Rhiannon’s completely turned on by the older woman's musky sweet scent, she pries Julia's pussy lips open with her fingers, occasionally slipping her fingers inside. Each time she does this Julia moans contently letting Rhiannon know, she is pleasing her. Frank pulled out, when he does this Rhiannon's pussy squirts her juices all over his purple satin sheets.

"I need to lay down girls. Move over Julia, I want Rhiannon to ride my cock."

They changed positions. Rhiannon's legs feel weak as she lifts her slender leg over Frank's torso. Julia helped by guiding Frank's cock into her cunt.

Julia whispered in her ear. "Ride him hard you little slut."

Rhiannon's pussy’s so wet, she had no trouble taking every inch of the grown mans erection. She fucks Chester like this all the time, she loves being on top.
She feel in control when she's on top. She starts riding Frank hard and fast, her ass cheeks slap against his thighs.

Julia moved from the bed, while Rhiannon directs her attention to Frank's cock. She doesn't see Julia reach into a drawer near the bed, where she keeps a spare strap on dildo. Julia watches the young girl ride her male lover, slash business partner like a cow girl competing for top prize at the rodeo. She strapped the menacing looking six inch long black cock shaped dildo on, then kneels behind Rhiannon. Her voice is sinisterly pervertedly when she speaks.

"Lay your body down over my man slut. I’m going to fuck your little ass."

Frank likes what Julia’s going to do, the idea of feeling a dildo shoved up this beautiful young girls ass, as she rides his cock, completely turns him on. The last girl they did this with was Alisa. He reached up gently grabbing Rhiannon by the shoulder's. She peaked back at Julia, out of curiosity to see what she’s talking about. Frank sees fear in her eyes, the black strap is scary looking to her.

"Don't worry baby, you'll like it, just relax your sweet little asshole."

As Frank kept her calm, Julia squirted anal lubricant on her rubber cock, saying.
"Their now it should slip right in, Just relax darling. You’re going to love this."

Rhiannon grunts as Julia gently but firmly shoves her rubber cock, inch by inch into her tight sphincter. "Ahhh ugh...ahhh." Rhiannon feels slight pain as the thick black cock enters her. It’s nothing to unusual, Chester often uses a dildo in her ass at his home in Otter Creek. But this dildo is much thicker. The pressure from the dildo sends spasms of pleasure into her clit, which in turn is being stimulated by Frank's cock. Julia whispers in her ear.

"I wish you could see how big it is, its stretching your asshole so fucking wide." She looked into Frank's eyes, and winked. "Lets fuck this little whore!!"

They both began rocking their bodies in tune with each other. Rhiannon’s sandwiched in between them. There isn’t much she can do, but let these two perverted adults fuck both of her holes. Julia's dildo is also a vibrator, as they both fucked her, she turned it on. Rhiannon feels orgasms rushing through her body like a run away freight train. Frank and Julia feel her body shake as an orgasm passes over her. She moans as her body shakes with pleasure, and pain.

Frank's cock feels the vibration too, with Julia thrusting her dildo in Rhiannon's ass, he cant pull out. If he’s going to cum, he'll have to cum inside this young girl. He doesn’t care, he wants to cum inside of her. He always cums inside Maylee's, why not her. Although Maylee is on birth control, he’s not sure if Rhiannon is. And quite frankly; he doesn’t care.

Rhiannon's body began to sweat. With Julia's warm body laying half draped over her from behind, and Frank's body below, their sweat mingled. She smells sweat and sex in the air. Frank smells the arousing scent of sex too, this made him lose control. He’s trying to hold back, he wants to make his first time with this young girl last, but it’s no use. He came, Rhiannon feels his penis twitching inside the tender walls of her sex, she orgasmed, her body shook, her heartbeat quickens she wants more of this fantastic feeling.

"Oh ahhhh god yes...oh fuck yes." Rhiannon heard Frank swearing in her ear. Frank feels her heart beating furiously against his chest, he knows she came along with him. He lay satisfied below her, knowing: He’s completed the seduction of a beautiful young girl named Rhiannon.

In Chester's bedroom he’s ramming his cock, hard into Maylee's tender pussy. His hips smack against her thighs, Maylee’s laying on her back with her legs wrapped around his backside. Alisa lay beside them occasionally giving either Maylee or Chester tender kisses on their cheeks and lips. Alisa exclaims in a guttural whisper. "Fuck her Chester, give Maylee your sperm. Cum inside her."

Chester cant hold back Alisa's dirty talk sends him over the edge. He cums deep inside the girls sopping wet Asian pussy. Maylee doesn’t speak, she moans low gasp of pleasure. It’s her heritage, Asian girls are normally quiet when they cum.

Chester learned this years ago in a small nameless Vietnamese village, as he fucked a young Asian girl. To this day he cant remember the girls name, he paid money to fuck her, she was young. Maybe even younger than Maylee. Now all he can remember about that night is: The girl was beautiful, just like Maylee.

Chapter 18: Damage Done

Chester woke around two A.M, laying in a spooning position with his arm draped over Alisa. He tries to move, but cant, Maylee’s sound asleep behind him with one arm over his waist and one soft bare leg draped over his legs. Even though he enjoys the feeling of her soft skin on his, he feels an urgent need to check on Rhiannon. He gently peeled Maylee's limbs from his body, doing his best not to wake the Asian girl. Maylee murmured a soft sleepy moan then rolled her naked body over. He slid his body towards the end of the bed, doing his best not to wake both sleeping girls.

He found his white terrycloth bathrobe, then stepped from the room. Frank's condo’s deathly quiet. Passing the living room sofa, he sees Alex and ten year old Anita. They’re both laying totally naked together on a long sofa. Alex is hugging the little girl to his body. In the dim light, he notices semen leaking from the girls Vagina. They must've had sex, then fell asleep soon after. He found a quilt draped over the back of a chair, then placed it over them.

It wasn't for the mans modesty, it was for the innocent looking young girl. He stepped passed them and preceded to Frank's bedroom. The door’s open, he leaned in, seeing Rhiannon's face, she’s sound asleep. She seems safe and content with Frank's arm holding her body to his, he noticed Julia's short red hair, she’s laying behind Frank with her back to him.

As he observes this scene, he feels a hint of jealousy. He cant help but feel this way; he's in love with Rhiannon. He also cant shake the feeling; maybe bringing Rhiannon to New York was a bad idea. After his sexual tensions are gone, he feels shame. He hates this feeling. Sometimes he feels like, Mr. Hyde when he wants sex. After its over, he's more like Doctor Jekyll. He decides to let her sleep with Frank, as he turns away, he thinks to himself. "What's done is done."

Seeing the kitchen light on, he thinks maybe a glass of wine, or a shot of whisky might help him relax. As he steps closer to the kitchen, he hears Jimmy's Brooklyn accent, and a little girls soft moans of pleasure and whimpers of pain.

"Yeah Nina baby, ride my dick, you like It don't’ ya baby."

Peaking around the doorframe, he sees the sight of Jimmy standing completely nude in the middle of the kitchen. He's holding Nina up in front of him, he's fucking the cute young preteen standing up. Nina's eyes are half shut, but she spots him watching them, and stammers breathlessly.

"Jimmy....That mans ....watching us." Still holding the little girl in his arms thrusting into her tight sex, Jimmy turned around telling Chester.
"Don't just stand there staring like a peep'n tom. Come in here, join our party!"

Chester stepped closer to the perverted scene, feeling blood flowing back to his flaccid penis. He smiles nervously at both of them. Nina’s doing her best to please Jimmy. Suddenly her body tenses, her eyelids flutter. Jimmy sat Nina on the kitchen counter, telling her. "Little girl, you wore me out tonight. I cant cum any more. You and your sister, paid your papa's debt in full tonight."

Nina bowed her head, frowning. Jimmy placed his hand under her chin. Lifting her face up, he kissed her then looked into her big brown eyes.

"Hey, don't feel bad chica. Your daddy's going to be so proud of you and your sister, when we tell him how hard you worked tonight."

This seemed to make the girl happy, her frown turned to big smile. She asked childishly. "Do you think mommy, will be proud of us too."

"Why sure, she will!" said Jimmy.

What Jimmy didn’t tell her is. They made an offer, daddy couldn’t refuse.
The offer being. Give your daughters to us for the weekend, or we’ll break your knee caps. Daddy gladly accepted the deal; their low life father pimps them out, whenever he needs gambling money. This isn’t the first time, Anita and Nina spent time with Jimmy and Alex, to pay his depts. Jimmy turned to Chester, noticing the mans cock poking out of his terrycloth bathrobe.

He joked. "Hey looks like you wanna piece of Nina too, I'm going to bed, you stay and get acquainted with my girl." Jimmy turned and left them alone. Nina smiled spreading her legs, giving Chester full view of her sex.

"You can fuck me mister. I don't know you, but heck. I don't know half the men daddy sets us up with. And I guess, being as Jimmy gave me to you. You won’t need to pay for me,” she smiled. “You seem like a nice, I like nice people!”

He cant help but take her offer seriously, he quickly opened his robe, then guided his cock to her little pink rose colored pussy. Nina gasped, feeling the thick head of his cock forcing its way in.

Chester hasn’t been with a girl this young in years. She’s tight, but the girl’s experienced for her age. She spreads wide for him. Not wanting to hurt the cute little dark haired brown eyed beauty. He doesn’t fuck her hard, or go too deep.

Sitting on kitchen counter, Nina watches his cock slowly thrusting inside of her tiny pink cunny. The lips of her immature labia are swollen from having sex prior to this chance moment. Nina giggles, her body tenses, feeling his cock brush against her devolving clit.

Chester’s anxiety’s over Rhiannon slowly fade away, as Nina’s tight little pussy swallows his cock. Feeling the heat of her cunny, and just the right amount of girl lubricant. He begins fucking the little girls sex, just a bit faster. The time he spent with Alisa, and Maylee desensitized his cock. He’s not sure if he’ll cum, but he’s surly going to enjoy being inside this sweet little girls snug little love hole.

Nina’s breathing quickens, she moans and begins thrusting back into his thrust. Feeling her do this, he realizes; the girl’s very experienced. But after fucking her for at least fifteen minutes, standing with her sitting on the kitchen counter. His cock grew sore, he cant cum. He pulled out, then dropped to his knees, and began eating her lushes little pink flower. She moans, feeling his tongue licking over her well used little cunny.

She giggles, telling him. “Mmm…That feeeels really gooood mister.”

Enjoying her sweet reaction, he began vigorously kissing sucking and licking her little snatch. She moans pushing her cunny harder against his mouth. She came, her girl cum drenched his tongue. He keeps licking her, sucking down every drop.
When he stands up, he’s pleased to see Nina sitting on the counter with a very pleased content smile on her face. He kisses her, then asks.

“Did you like that sweetie.” A broad smile appeared on her full lips. “Yes.” was all she can say. He explained.

“I originally came in here, looking for something to drink.” He looked in a nearby refrigerator, finding a half full bottle of wine, and a jug of milk. He asked.

“What would you like some milk, or maybe some wine?” Nina spoke in a cute little childish voice. "I’d like some milk please. Jimmy was going to get me something to drink, but he said. We had to have sex first."

When she said this, he fought the urge to go beat the crap out of Jimmy. Deciding not to cause any trouble, he took a calming breath, then poured her a glass of milk, and a glass of wine for himself. He sat beside her on the kitchen counter, being curious he questioned her.

"So is this the first time you've been here?" she thought about the question.

"We come here a lot, Maylee's our friend. She likes us because we have the same secrets." She took a big sip of milk, showing she’s truly thirsty.

"What do you mean by. You have the same secrets?"

"What I mean is…We all have sex with adults. My sister and me do it for money, but Maylee does it, because Frank likes to watch her have sex with other people."

What she said bothered him, he thought if this would've been twenty or thirty years back, it wouldn't bother him at all: Why now? He kept asking questions.

"Does Maylee like having sex?" This made her smile. "Yes Maylee love's sex. And she love's Frank too, she told me. She's his wife."

Nina covered her mouth, shame appeared on her young face.

He asked. "Why did you do that."

She whispered in a little voice. "Because. She told me not to tell anyone."

He hugged her. "Don't worry about that, I'll keep it secret." He took the last swig of wine, then slid from counter top. He looked at the clock, telling her. “It’s three thirty in the morning. It’s way passed your bed time Nina, and I’m tired too."

He helped her from the counter, she asked him a question.

"Is that pretty girl with the blue eyes, your daughter, or is she your girlfriend."

"Yes Rhiannon’s my girlfriend, but keep it a secret Ok!” She smiled up at him.

"She's a lucky girl, because you're a nice man." Nina took his hand, smiling up at him she asked. "Can I sleep with you tonight? I know Maylee and Alisa, are in your bed right now, but I'm small, I won't take up much room."

He smiled down at the four foot four girl. "Sure, I think I can wedge you in somewhere. Come on lets go to bed, before the son comes up."

Chapter 19: Her Angry blue eyes.

Its nine in the morning, bright beams of sunlight shine through Frank's bedroom window curtains. The rays hit Rhiannon directly in the eyes, waking her from a very sound sleep. She sat up in bed, suddenly realizing, she’s not in bed with Chester. Frank and Julia are still both sound asleep, Frank’s laying with his back to Rhiannon, his arm now draped over Julia. Rhiannon's head aches, she’s experiencing her first hangover, and she needs to pee. She climbed out of bed.

She reached down touching her sore swollen vulva. Doing this, she discovers Frank's dry semen caked over her vaginal lips. She whispered to herself.
"Oh no, Frank came inside me." She ran to his bathroom, hoping she can wash herself clean; maybe saving the embarrassment of having her mother find out, she’s pregnant, at the ripe young age of thirteen.

She doesn’t understand, there’s no way to wash Frank's sperm from her body. Unlike Chester's sperm, Frank's sperm is very healthy. She closed the door, there’s a shower with an extendable shower head. She pulled the hose down then quickly turned the water on. It’s cold at first, but it becomes warmer as she holds the shower head between her legs, long enough to douche her sore pussy clean.

Once she dried her body, the only clothing she can find to wear is Frank's sky blue dress shirt. She placed it on her body, then went looking for Chester. Walking through the living room, she finds Jimmy laying naked on the love seat. He’s a tall man, she laughed to herself at the way he slepped, balled up in a fetal position with his knees against his chest. His jackets placed over his body, but it only covers his shoulders, his hairy ass and legs are exposed.

She looked at his brother Alex, he’s still sound asleep on the couch, with ten year old Anita laying face down on the mans hairy chest. The blanket Chester placed over them last night fell off. She smells the scent of sex, as she picks up the blanket, placing it back over them. After this, she continued looking for Chester.

Last night when Frank and Julia led her to Frank's bedroom, she didn't see Alisa and Maylee coaxing Chester to the guestroom. The bedroom door is closed,
she opened it slowly. Anger and jealousy corrupt her young mind, as her ocean blue eyes see Chester laying with three different aged girls. He’s wearing his house coat spooning with Nina. She’s wrapped warmly under the housecoat, completely nude. The cute little dark hared girl, looks way too happy.

The black haired teenage girl named Alisa, is completely naked, laying with her back to her. Alisa’s arm and one of her long legs, are draped over Maylee, she’s on the far side of the bed. The fact that, she herself had sex with Frank, doesn’t register in her young mind. Anger jealousy and fear of the entire strange situation began sinking into her confused inexperienced brain. She stood at the doorway fidgeting, her anger building up to a highpoint.

She cleared her throat then yelled. "Goddam you Chester. Wake up!!"

Chester’s dreaming about Rhiannon. The dream of course, is a sex dream.
They’re in his bathtub at home, she’s riding his cock. In the dream, he hears her, saying his name and swearing. He woke up thinking, Rhiannon never takes the lords name in vain. Drowsy from being up so late, he sees her standing near the bed. Her blue eyes glaring in anger. He smiles, glad to see her, although she looks and sounds angry. He tries charming her. "Good morning sunshine!!"

It didn’t charm her, at all. Without warning she slaps him, hard across the face. His ears rang, and his cheek stung like fire. He sat up in bed, Nina's naked sleeping body rolled from his housecoat, amazingly enough she doesn’t wake up. But he controls his temper, asking in a calm voice.

"Rhiannon! Why did you hit me, like that!”

In the seven months since they met, he’s never seen Rhiannon get angry about anything. But now, she’s completely furious. Rhiannon's eyes opened wide, she pointed at the crowded bed, explaining in an angry high pitched voice.

"Chester. Are you blind. I see one naked teenager, a naked thirteen year old. And
to top things off, I believe Nina told me last night, she's nine years old,”
She huffed. “God Chester, I know you’re kinky, but this really tops the cake!!"

She sees a very confused look in his eyes. He looked at Alisa, she’s waking up, looking back at him and Rhiannon rubbing sleep from her brown eyes. He looked down at Nina, she’s still sound asleep, her face looking totally content; she remained sleeping, even with the ruckus. He observed Maylee as she woke up, she rubbed her eyes, asking Rhiannon.

"What is wrong with you Rhiannon, why you so angry."

"I'm angry because." She cant finish what she wants to say, a look of confusion washed over her face, she began to cry, she caught her breath.
"I'm angry because. Oh Dammit, I don't even know why I'm angry."

After confusing everyone with her strange answer, she quickly turned and ran from the room. Chester rolled his body over Nina, but lost his footing on the hardwood flooring beside the bed. His body hit the floor with a loud thump.
Maylee looked down at him with a concerned look in her eyes.

"Are you ok, Chester?" He pulled himself from the floor exclaiming.

"Yeah, I'm ok. At least I think so." He tied his housecoat together then left.

Alisa and Maylee see, he’s limping slightly as he walks away. They both scurried from the bed, following after Chester, they’re both still naked. Chester stepped into the living room, trying to see were Rhiannon went. He looked to his right, seeing a sliding glass door has been opened. The outside winds blowing tan colored curtains. Maylee exclaimed. "She is out on the balcony."

Chester's heartbeat quickens with fear, she might try and jump. He ran to the balcony thinking the worst might happen. His heart calmed down finding Rhiannon looking out over the railing, her auburn brown hair with its blond highlights, is blowing in the summer breeze. Her backs turned to him, she’s still wearing Frank's blue dress shirt, the shirt tail blew up exposing her bare bottom. He stepped next to her, the view from the balcony overlooks Central Park.

"It's a beautiful view isn't it?" he said in a calm voice.

She wiped tears from her eyes. "Yes it is," she said. She looked down at the people below. Its Sunday morning and Central Park has its usual joggers and dog walkers, going through their everyday mundane routines. Looking down at the people in the park from ten stories up, she tells him.

"I wonder what they'd think, if they knew, what went on up here last night?"

Hearing what she said, he suddenly finds himself thinking the same thing. He shrugged his shoulders and gave his best answer.

"Well sweetheart. There’re a lot of people down there, everyone of them have secrets of their own. And I think everyone of them might have a totally different point of view, about what went on up here last night." He cleared his throat.
"Do you wanna talk now. If you don't wanna talk, we can just stand here and enjoy this beautiful day."

He waited for an answer, looking out over the New York skyline. She moved closer to him then took his hand.

"Chester, I'm scared," her voice trembled as she spoke.

"Why are you scared baby?" He let lose of her hand, placing his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him, her blue eyes showing fear.

"Frank came inside me last night!" she paused. "I don't think he's sterile like you, Maylee told me she's on birth control. But I'm not. Chester how would I ever explain getting pregnant to my mom."

He thought about what she said, then told her what so many men have told women over the ages of mankind.

"Don't worry sweetheart, a man has to ejaculate inside you more then once. Don't worry you won't get pregnant,"

He hugged her, saying. "I promise, you won't get pregnant; honest."

He made this up to calm her fears. He knows a young healthy thirteen year old girl, can very easily become pregnant. He hopes to god it won't happen to her.

She looked into his eyes. "Are you completely sure I won't get pregnant?" She continued looking into his eyes, looking for the truth.

His voice trembled slightly. "Yes, I'm completely sure!" She smiled, it’s the same smile which melted his heart, the day he met her back in October.

"I'm sorry I hit you. I saw all those girls in bed with you, I guess was jealous,” she paused.
“But Chester. Don't you think a nine year old girl; is maybe, just a little to young!"

He laughed. "Yes…You’re right…But I just couldn’t help myself…But baby, that's what people do at orgies, they have sex with other people. Now I guess, I should be angry at you, for having sex with Frank, but I'm not," he added.
"Rhiannon. You're a country girl, you don't fit in around these big city people."

As they stand with their backs to the doorway, they don’t notice Julia standing behind them listening in, she stepped closer interrupting their moment.

"On the quandary Mr. Mcalister. Your little girlfriend, fits in quite nicely with us city slickers."

Julia’s wearing a short blue designer dress, with red high heeled pumps.
She appears to be dressed and ready to leave for the day. She stepped next to Rhiannon. She feels the tips of the woman’s long red fingernails on the flesh of her chin. Julia kissed her on the lips.

"Mmm. You still have the flavor of my pussy on your lips darling. I really need to have a talk with your mother, she needs to let you come work for our agency more often.” She kissed Rhiannon again, licking her lips as she pulled away.
"Frank is right Rhiannon, you are. Sugar and spice, and everything nice!"

Alisa cleared her throat getting Julia's attention, as she walks onto the balcony. She’s wearing a jet black vest over a red blouse, and a very short black pleated mini skirt over fishnet stockings. Her Georgia accent came out when she spoke.

"Julia, I don't think her momma will let you have her."

She stepped next to Julia, kissing her lover on the cheek. Julia pulled her teenaged lover closer, with her long fingers on the back of her neck, forcing Alisa’s ear closer to her lips. Speaking gruffly.

"You don't tell me who I can, or who I cant have darling!"

Alisa went quiet, bowing her head in submission. Rhiannon noticed Alisa's body language, angry at Julia for treating Alisa mean. And for the way she took advantage of her last night, with the black strap on dildo. She spoke rebelliously.

"You're a bitch Julia, I cant work for someone like you!" With that said, Rhiannon stormed back inside. Chester smirked sarcastically before leaving.

"My little country girl is. Sugar and spice, and every thing nice. That's what I love about her, and Julia. I do believe you pissed her off, and you pissed me off too.
I won’t be bringing her back." He left them standing alone on the balcony.

Chester found Rhiannon getting ready for a shower, back in their bedroom. She looked into Chester’s eyes, telling him.

"Chester I don't belong here, I wanna go home; today, not tomorrow."

He can tell by the look in her eyes, she won’t take no for an answer.

"Ok, I'll book us the next flight out,"

He pulled her close, telling her. "I don't belong here either."

Chapter 20: One Month Later, Otter Creek Iowa

It's Monday morning Melissa Jones walked past her bathroom at home, the door is cracked open. She hears Rhiannon vomiting. This isn't the first time she's heard this happening, Rhiannon's been sick like this in the morning, almost every morning. Out of concern she steps in to check on her little girl.

"Oh baby your sick again." Rhiannon’s on her knees, leaning over the toilet, crying as she dry heaves. Melissa knelt down gently rubbing her daughters back.
"Baby you've been sick like this, almost every morning, I'm taking you to see doctor Gannon, she'll find out what's wrong with you. I'm worried about you baby. I hope its not the flue, July's such a bad month to be sick in."

A few hours later, Rhiannon and her mother sit waiting in doctor Gannon's examination rooms. The female doctor gave her a thorough examination. During the examination the doctor discovered Rhiannon's hymen is no longer intact. She also noticed evidence, she recently had sex. Fearing the worse, she did a pregnancy test. Doc Gannon’s been practicing medicine for years.

It wasn't hard for her to find out, Rhiannon snuck out to see Chester last night, they had sex. She returned home just after midnight. The doctor found traces of sperm, she took samples and sent them out to a lab for DNA testing. The doctor hasn't told her mother Melissa, what she discovered..

Melissa fears the worst, her husband died of cancer over a year ago, she’s thinking maybe the doctor found something terribly wrong with Rhiannon, she sat nervously waiting for the doctor to return. When she did come back, the look on doctor Gannon's face seems grim to Melissa.

"What's wrong with my daughter doc…Why is she sick all the time."

The doctor leaned against the examination table where Rhiannon’s sitting dressed in a blue hospital gown, she hesitated not sure how to tell Mrs. Jones what she found. She cleared her throat then announced what she found.

"Melissa, I hate to tell you this, but. Rhiannon is one month pregnant."

Melissa's mouth dropped open, she gasps. "Pregnant...No she cant be!"

Rhiannon's heart beat furiously against her chest, she bowed her head in shame hearing the news. The words; she’s pregnant, rang in her ears like a loud bell. She remembers the conversation she had with Chester, as they stood on Frank's balcony. Doctor Gannon hugged Rhiannon as she began to cry.

"Rhiannon. You need to tell us, who you've been having sex with," she said.

The doctor gave her some tissue, to dry her eyes with. Now knowing Chester lied to her, when he told her. It takes more then one sexual encounter for a man to get a girl pregnant. She became totally angry at him, and told the doctor and her mother the shocking news. "I've been having sex with Chester Mcalister!!"

The room went silent. Melissa, stood up, yelling out. "That son of bitch. I trusted him…The whole fucking town told me, I could trust him. And all this time, he's been raping my little girl. My god I’m such a fool, I let him look after her!!"

Melissa started heading for the door, doc Gannon yelled out.

"Melissa, where are you going!!”

"I'm going to kill Chester Mcalister, that's where I'm going!"

Melissa was furious, feeling so betrayed by someone she thought she could trust.
Luckily for Chester, Doc Gannon stopped her and calmed her down, but of course Doc Gannon didn't hesitate to call Chester's local friend, sheriff Jackson. Once Sheriff Jackson heard what Chester did, he immediately, and personally went to arrest his old friends on child molestation charges.

Chapter 21: All Good Things Must Come To An End

Rhiannon never told anyone. The baby forming inside her, belonged to Frank Dicks, she didn't want Maylee to lose her father. She remembers Chester telling her. Society will never accept men like me, and it’s better to keep things secret. And seeing her mothers reactions to what happened. And seeing how the authorities dragged Chester over the coals for what he did. By the end of the ordeal, she had nothing but distain for the ones who said Chester was an evil man. No mater what they said, she could never feel that way about him
She now understands why he told her, keep our taboo affair secret.

Chapter 22: Prison Blues. And love letters.

The judge gave Chester an eight to ten year sentence. Its now two years later, Chester's taking a nap, alone in his prison cell. He's dreaming, he dreams a lot these days. Hell when your in prison, dreams are the only freedom a man has. All of his dreams just happen to involve Rhiannon. In this dream, he and Rhiannon are making love in the bathtub. During their eight month taboo affair, Chester's old bathtub was one of his and Rhiannon's favorite places to have sex.

In the dream, she's facing him as he leans back in the tub, she's riding his cock. He looks into her eyes, she smiles and tells him, as she often does in his dreams. "I love you!" The dream fades away when Chester hears knocking on his cell door.
Chester's over sixty years old now, he moves a little slower these days, he stands up and steps to his cell door. The guard spoke telling him.

"Here Chester, it's a letter from someone named Megan Anderson.”

Megan is his stepsisters name, but even she stopped communicating with him when he was sent to prison. He took the letter, looking forward to hearing from her. He's so glad she decided to start communicating with him. They were close at one time, even after their affair back in the sixties. But when he was sent to prison Megan stopped talking to him. Curious, he ripped the envelope open. His heartbeat quickens, when he sees who really wrote the surprise letter.

Hi Chester this is Rhiannon not Megan, I hope you don't mind me using your stepsisters name, but I know you and I aren't supposed to have any kind of communications with each other, due to the judges ruling. Please tear this up when you’re done reading it,
I don't want you to get in trouble. After all its partially my fault you're in prison in the first place. I read in the paper, you Accepted the blame and plead guilty to all of the charges. And I respect you for that.

Well any way, I'm fifteen years old now, I'm still in school. I regret to tell you, I aborted Frank's baby. But mom and I knew, I was way to young for a baby. Chester the abortion was the hardest thing I've ever done, but as I look back on it. I know it was the right thing to do. I need to finish school, and being thirteen years old and pregnant just wouldn't work out to well. I'm also seeing a shrink. The head doctors helping me deal with the abortion, but she keeps blaming all my troubles on you. I know she's right about the fact, you did seduce me.

But I can never hate you for what happened. I hope you won't get angry when I tell you this, but I broke into your house while the trial was going on. I found those sex toys you bought me, I use them almost every night. I love pretending the pink dildo is your cock. And I love the way the little pocked rocket thingy feels on my clit. If you'd like to know, I used that one, when I wrote this part of the letter. But any way, I'm going to continue writing you, using Megan's name. I still remember the day you told me, you had sex with her when you were a teenager.

Ps. When I broke into your house, I found your old high school year book. O.m.g Chester, you were so hot back then, but I think I like the grownup version of you better. Anyway the news paper article I read about you said, the judge gave you eight to ten years. I guess the eight year part, means you can get out early if you’re good or something like that. So Chester be a good boy and get out early, I know eight years is a long time, but when you get out I'll be in my twenties, then no one can tell me who I can love. Oops there I go saying the L word. But Chester I would like to see you when you get out, I know you'll be older, but your age won't bother me.

Well, I guess this will be it for now, but I will be writing more letters. Maybe we can find a way for you to write me back. Don't send a letter to my house, mom would freak out. And before I end this letter, I want you to know one more thing. Dammit, I love you Chester. Ps being as I cant give you an actual kiss, I've decided the best thing I can do is put some of that expensive lip stick you bought me, when we were in New York City.
I'll be ending every letter I send you with lip prints. This way, you can kiss me, without me actually being there.

Goodbye for now, with all my love and kisses. Rhiannon Jones.

Chester raised the letter to his lips, then kissed the bright pink lip prints, placed near where she ended the letter by her name. After that he ripped the letter into tiny pieces, then lay back on his bunk, before drifting off to sleep he whispered.

"I love you Rhiannon, please wait for me”

The End.
I hope everyone enjoyed this series. I ended this story, with Chester going to jail. After all, what he did wit Rhiannon was very illegal. I read so many stories like this one, where no one ever pays for their crimes of rape and child molestation.
I know some won’t like the ending, but I like realism in my stories. And going to jail, is as real as things can get. So until next time, your’s truly mr. Longfellow.

Norton XReport

2014-07-14 15:13:31
Great conclusion to a brilliantly written series. Many people try to make their mediocre stories seem classy with famous quotes from famous people, but the Nabokov quotes in the beginning of each of the entries here are so appropriate to the story, giving it flavor and culture. Magnificent feat of literature. A series to read more than once. Thank you, Mr Longfello.

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Good story but I think Frank should have taken the fall and a happy ending for her and Chester

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Nice twist, but not good enough. For instance, why did Chester neglect to mention his sterility? Or the little girl who has so-called love for him, why didn't she confess the truth to anyone who would listen?

Why is Chester the only one paying for it? Why not Frank?

Realism indeed, Positive rating, though.


2013-05-22 08:47:11
I wish she had told it all. Even though Chester molested her the baby wasn't his. He should have told the judge he was sterile. Frank should have gotten his too.

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