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Part 1 of my story turning Bi
How i turned Bi

When i was 17, it was the first time i ever started to like girls.

It all started with me going to a all girls school with my best friend and how after a couple of years of high school she changed my though on girls.By the time i had done 3 years of high school me and my best friend had developed a lot in our image. I have long blonde hair with blue eyes and only C sized tits, but Sarah my friend had at least D cups.She had short dark hair just above her shoulders and seemed to date a lot of guys.

When ever i went around to her house or she came around to mine i would always look to see who she was texting as she went toilet or went out of the room and it seemed to be like another guy every month.I even heard rumors of her fucking one of her boyfriends in a bus stop next to our school.For awhile i didn't believe she was that slutty until i saw here at the beach with one of her many boyfriends in what it looked like a B or C bikini and her perky tits were poking right out to show the world.Not to mention you could see her whole ass as the back absorbed into it.This was only the beginning, about a month after that i was waiting by the toilets for a friend but while i waited i could hear something close, as if it was around the corner.I took a peek around the corner and saw that Sarah was about 25 meters away kissing somebody in the bush and i could see her pink and white panties as clear as days could be from her skirt being so high up.I guess she put it up for him to look slutty or more attractive but that was what i suggested as her skirt was always lower when i saw her, so i though.

I didn't hear about anything or see anything different about Sarah throughout the next two weeks until one day when i told her i had a meeting on all lunch time so i won't be there and ill catch up with her after school. Thats when i saw her true side.The meeting was cancelled so i decided to look for her but i couldn't seem to find her until i saw her with a bunch of girls a year older.The first thing i noticed was that she pulled her skirt up again showing her panties and all of the other girls panties were showing as well.Now i finally realized that one of my best friends was actually a slut but i guess she didn't want me to know that because she always acted differently around me.

Before i continue let me tell you about myself first.Feel free to skip this paragraph if you want to go on.I only just started getting into boys last year and have a couple of boy friends.The thing is that i guess i am kind of popular and i have had lots so boys going after me but the ones that i have liked only wanted to really fuck me.
I had 1 boyfriend recently for about 8 months and we ended up having sex once after 7 months but then had to move to another country with his family the month after.Its now been about 4 months and its half way through the year by the time this story happened.These last 4 months i haven't had any sex or any boyfriends mainly because i am playing hard to get and i don't know if boys like me for who i am or just because im popular, hot and that they just want to fuck me.

So it has been about 3 weeks after i saw what she was like but i didn't really care.On the up coming weekend i got Sarah around and my other bestie Maddie.My parents and brother said that they would be going out and staying at a friends house so us 3 would get the whole night to ourselfs.We decided to go for a swim, i wore a pink bikini, Maddie wore a black and white stripped one and Sarah wore a blue one.After our swim we decided to get into bed and watch movies and chat for awhile until i fell asleep.

When i awoke the next day i saw Maddie watching TV and asked her where Sarah was and she told me that she had gone to meet up with some people.The thing i didn't tell Maddie was that my panties were all wet and i knew it wasn't a wet dream because i had a wet patch on my top.Maddie and i watched TV and talked for about 2 hours until she had to go to netball.I decided to clean the mess we made up in my room and found that Maddie had left her boxes here and Sarah left her panties, so i just threw them both in my draw to give back to them another day.

That night i keep thinking who would have touched me.My first though was that it was Sarah so i decided to have a look at there underwear i put in my draw.I first looked at Sarah's panties but nothing seemed unusual about them, so then i decided to have a look at Maddie's boxes.I noticed that they felt wet as if she was touching herself last night and me too.I didn't know what to think, Maddie is about the same size as me but has a way better ass and is able to fit tighter clothes.

I had a feeling that i wonder if i could fit her boxes on, so i tried to put them on completely forgetting about them being wet.Once i pulled them all the way up, they just fitted me and thats when i realized they were wet again as it sunk into pussy.I actually kind of felt a bit horny that im wearing one of my friends wet boxes.

I decided to grab my vibrator that i keep in the back of my underwear draw and i when i grab it i notice that its still wet, so i put it in my mouth and i couldn't believe it.Maddie used my vibrator on herself because as i sucked it i could taste her pussy juices all over it.

Maddie had always been like a sister to me, like i never see her with boys or hanging out with other people.Thats when i realized that she likes me and that moment i can feel my nipples getting hard and go to sit on my bed to find the back of her boxes wet as-well. since her boxes are white and pink i can see my pussy and ass through it.I had never even though that she would finger her own ass

Stay tuned for part 2

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2013-05-25 05:57:02
if you dident like it then dont read it ass hole i think it was good

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2013-05-23 05:43:31
this story sucked dont bother writing anymore ever again

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2013-05-23 03:40:15
keep it going, but yes please use spell checker

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2013-05-23 01:36:01
fucking hot. look forward to the real stuff.
just one word of advice, read your story out loud to yourself. some words which spell check cant catch, you can. like "though" instead of "thought"

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2013-05-22 10:20:19
Please don't bother with part two!

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