Kari's Brother has another gift for her.
NOTE: This is my first story, if you guys like it, I may make more.

I burst through the door of a church, and kept running. My white wedding dress was partly torn up from a forced marriage that went wrong. I was forced to marry him because my brother never came to save me from when that guy kidnapped me.

The guy told me that he'd kill me if I didn't marry him and was his sex toy.


I woke up suddenly and excited. Kind of like when little kids wake up on Christmas morning. It wasn't Christmas though, it was my birthday.

To make it even more special, it was my sixteenth birthday.

I wondered what my brother had in store for me today. He usually does something special for my birthday, as I do with his.

I sat up in my bed, and looked at the closed white door of my room. It had a piece of notebook paper taped to it. The paper was horizonal and the tape was on the top and bottom of it. In giant letters across it, it read, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

That made me even more excited for some odd reason.

The note didn't even have my name on it, but why would it? There's no one else that lives with us. Our parents died years ago on my tenth birthday while driving home from the Party Palace store. We didn't know until later in the day when they never came back. Then we turned on the news and saw that there was a major car accident, in which had five cars smashed into each other, killing ten people.

Including our parents.

I blamed myself for their death, and still do.

After that, our grandmother took us in for the next four years until she passed away, leaving us with our family's fourtune of more than ten million dollars. Good thing my brother was eighteen at the time and the house was already paid off, so we just continued living where we were.

I got out of my bed, walked to the door and opened it. My room is at the end of the hall in a one story house. There were three bedrooms on the hall and a bathroom. Now one of the rooms was a storage room, and the other two are my brother's and mine.

I walked down the hall, and into the living room/kitchen.

My brother was no where to be found.

Maybe he was in his room, still sleeping, but how would the note get there? Unless he made the note after I went to sleep. Maybe he went out to get supplies for my birthday.

That was probably it.

But what would I do until he got home?

I could get out of my sleeping clothes, and get into some real clothes. Or I could just sit on the sofa and read. I decided to do both.

I went back to my room, closed the door, and tugged my long sleeved pajama's off, put on one of my favorite colored bras, then slipped on a white t-shirt over it. After that, I took off my sleeping pants, and put on a pair of blue jeans.

I then looked for a book to read on my mini bookshelf.

I've read just about every book on my bookshelf; I love reading. It's probably the number one thing I do to pass the time.

Usually, my brother is watching the television, while I'm reading. Occasionally we talk to each other, about what's going on with a show, or what I'm reading about, and so on.

While thumbing through my bookshelf, I heard the bells we've set up on the front door ring. We set up the bells to let each other know if we're home or if someone comes in.

I stood up and go into the living room.

There wasn't anyone there.

But there had to be someone there, I heard the door open. I looked around the room, but couldn't find anyone. I gave up and went back to my room.

My brother was sitting on my bed, holding a present wrapped up in blue wrapping paper, with a red ribbion tied up at the top.

"So it was you who came in.." I stated.

"Who else would it be?" He joked.

"I don't know, a burgler?"

"On you're birthday? I wouldn't let that happen." He then looked down at the present, and held it out towards me. I took it, and carefully unwrapped it. It was a small carboard box.

I opened it.

And to my surprise, there was a sterling silver heart pendant hanging on a silver jewelery chain. The pendant had a engraving on it that read, "Happy Birthday" in a fancy font. I quickly put the pendant on, then hugged my brother, getting a hug in return.

After a while, we stopped hugging and left my room.


A few hours later, my brother called me into his room. When I walked in, I found something I wasn't expecting.

He was standing there..


Like, absolutely naked.

I avoided looking at him and wondered what was going on. Then I saw a half-empty bottle of whiskey laying on his bed. I recongized the bottle. It was from our grandfather's alcohol cabinet. Our grandmother told us to never go there.

"W-Why are you naked..?" I asked him.

"I- Blah blah.. Give me a hug." He said drunkenly, reaching his arms out towards me.

I felt something watering in my eyes. "H-How long have you been doing this?"

"Uhh... Since Grandmaa died." He responded.

I felt my heart sink. He's been getting drunk on my birthday, and he's not even legal age yet. I'll bet he... Okay, Kari, don't go there.

I turned my back on him, and quickly considered leaving the room.

Until I felt his hand on my shoulder. He turned me around, and looked at my eyes. He then embraced me, holding me tightly. It felt different. It wasn't like how it was before, it was more like, a stranger hugging me. It was even weider when he stuck one of his hands into the bottom of my shirt, and started rubbing my belly in a circular motion.

That's what confirmed what he wanted.

But why would he want to have sex with his own sister? Especially on my birthday.

But then I understood. I think.

He moved his hand further up my shirt, and grabbed my right breast, massaging my tit through my bra. He pulled my shirt off over my head, then hugged me again, his erection starting to form between my legs.

While he was hugging me, he undid the strap of my light blue bra, pulling it off when he broke the hug, releasing my breasts from their prision. He started to suck my right tit, while one of his hands moved down to my pants, and unbuttoned my jeans.

He moved to licking my left tit, making me blush and moan in pleasure. I started to feel my panties getting wet with my own juices as he pulled my jeans down to the floor.

He kneeled down, looking at my wet light blue panties, then commented, "Wet already? You're such a dirty slut, sis!"

That made me blush, as he pulled down my panties, sticking his face into my cunt. I felt his tounge start to lick my pussy, making me moan loudly. He then pushed me down on the carpet of his room, and lined up his hard cock with my pussy.

He slowly thrust his manhood inside of me.

I didn't know why I was letting him do this. My own brother taking my virginity. Maybe he was just drunk and needed something to satisfy himself, and I was the only person around to help him. Sisters are suppose to help brothers, right?

He pulled out a bit, then thurst back into me.

He then started to suck on my breasts again, starting to get in a rhythm of thrusting into me. I moaned loudly with each time his cock made it's way through me.

Suddenly he sped up, starting to thrust harder and faster into me.

It hurt, but the pleasure started to take over. My own brother was roughly using me the way he wanted to, and I as I hate to admit it, I was letting him do this to me. I loved it.

"Imma going to cum, little sis!" The word sis was pronounced drunknly.

I suddenly got worried.

"Pull out and cum on me!" I tried to say, but I was moaning at the time so it sounded more like, "Mmmmmmm..."

He suddenly pulled his dick out of my now used virgin pussy. He grabbed his cock and started to move his hand up and down it; fast. He finally came, spraying his white stringy cum all over my body.

"Oohh.. Sis, you look so good with my cum on you!" He commented as he started to rub my body, spreading his cum around.

He started to finger my pussy after that, saying, "Happy Birthday," as soon as I came myself.

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good first story, in the future try to take your time with things and let them develope more

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