A new story of the Ruined Series!
Billy's Ruined Life

This is for the fans of Sammy's Ruined Life. It takes place in the same universe, and has some mentions of it. I hope fans of the previous stories will enjoy it. This story is quiet horrible, so don't read it if you're not into Scat, snuff, abuse and that sort of thing. Everyone in the story is over 18.

In the deep south, away from the noise of the city sits a shabby trailer. An old outhouse stands beside it, along with junk cars and spare tires. Wash tubs, beer cans, and car parts liter the trailer's porch, along with lawn chairs and trash.

A young boy by the name of Billy lives here with his father. Billy has just turned 19, and he sits on the dirty stained couch with his dad. Although the trailer remains a good distance from the city, Billy's old laptop still receives a fair WiFi connection.

Billy's father currently held the laptop, watching with interest the video Billy found for him. Leaning sideways to see the laptop screen, Billy continued stroking his father's cock while the video played.

The screen flickered, and images of a teenager no older then Billy appear. The teen was being shit on, while others watched. James, Billy's dad watched without blinking as a woman came on the screen, and started torturing the teen's small balls.

Billy increased his speed and jerked his father's cock faster, the video clearly exciting him. "I wanna snuff him right now!" Voices from the video say. James groaned and started bucking his hips into his son's hands. Leaning down Billy stuffed his father's cock into his mouth and sucked just in time to catch the torrent of cum.

Hands press down on his head and Billy gags but continues sucking and swallowing, this was his birthday present. After swallowing everything he could, he pulled away and smiled at his dad. "Did you like it?" he asked, wiping thick cum from his chin. "Faggot" James replies before leaving for the bathroom. Billy sighed and replayed the video for himself, wondering if the cute boy in the video named Sammy was ever snuffed.


Back before these events took place, Billy lived with his father as well as his mother. However his father was, and still is a drunk, and it caused plenty of problems for his mother and him. As a kid, Billy remembered his father being drunk, and horny all the time. James never tried anything on Billy, because his mother was there to take his sexual abuse.

His father would watch porn his mother called disgusting, and then try to act out what he had seen on her. Once at Billy's 13th birthday party, while he and his friends played in the yard he noticed his parents had dissapeared. So he rallied his friends and pretended they were spies, they snuck around the house and reached the bathroom window.

Being too short to see in, but hearing noise coming from it, Billy's friends ordered him to get on all fours so they could stand on his back, and each take turns looking into the window. They laughed at Billy as he groaned under their weight, making fun of him and doing what they could to make it worse for him.

His friends became excited once they had looked through the window however, and different friends kept jumping onto his back to see for themselves. Several friends kept moving their crotch around, and Billy wondered what they had seen. As much as he wanted to look his friend's refused to let him, they wouldn't get off his back, and at one point his best friend told him if he licked the dog shit off his shoe he'd let him look.

Billy refused but since he was on all fours with a friend standing on his back he couldn't stop his friend from wiping the bottom of his shoe across his face. Everyone laughed then left him, Sammy felt hurt but needed to know what was happening in the bathroom. With his back hurting he pulled an old tire under the window then stood on it.

There in the bathroom was his mother and father, his mother had the back of her head in the toilet bowl with her father squatting over her face. Her tits were out, and looked like they had been pissed on, his father's balls hung low and looked wet. From where he stood he had a perfect view of his father's asshole as it opened, his mother looked disgusted, but her look quickly turned to shock as she noticed Billy watching them, just before a long rope of brown shit fell across her face.

The rest of the party was horrible, his friend's couldn't stop laughing at him, and at the end of the party they left just before his blushing mother brought out his birthday cake, which now had a fresh long fat turd across it.

Billy's mother had tried to make everything work, but after another year she had left without taking Billy with her. James fell into even more drinking, and had started treating Billy like his mother. From then on, Billy cooked, cleaned, and after turning 18, had started being his father's whore.

Living with an abusive, drunken, homophobe wasn't easy, but Billy learned to enjoy some of his treatment. Getting to suck cock, or get fucked was very enjoyable, but getting beaten and shit on wasn't. His friend's weren't much help either, often coming over just to get their dicks sucked, or to abuse Billy like his father did. Billy had thought about leaving, but each time he did, he worried what his father would do to him.

Now back to Billy's 19th birthday. After stroking himself off to the video, he shut off the laptop and started making dinner. Standing in the small kitchen he prepared whatever kind of food he could find, as his father reentered the room and sat back on the couch.

After cooking his father a plate of food, Billy prepared himself a bowl of cereal and sat on the floor in front of the couch. Flicking on the TV they sat in silence while they ate, but two smelly farts from his father later, Billy gave him a frown that was apparently over the line.

"You don't like my farts, faggot?" His father spat, standing up over him. "Hold out your cereal bowl!"Billy had already regretted his actions, as he held out his bowl and his father lowered his ass over it. Grunting he released a hot runny rope of shit that made a neatly coiled pile on top of Billy's cereal. "Eat up, faggot!" He shouted before spitting on Billy.

"Yes, Sir." Billy replied, using his spoon to scoop up a mouthful of his fathers waste, he pushed it into his mouth. As much as Billy hated the taste, his cock responded by happily getting rock hard. Finishing his father's shit had left Billy horny again, being his birthday he felt he should at least get fucked.

As cutely as he could act, he turned and smiled at James. "Um do you wanna fuck me, Daddy?" He asked quietly. "Fuck off, faggot." Was his father's reply. Billy knew better though, his father was a huge homophobe when not drunk or horny. But with the right encouragement, that could be changed.

Billy stood and took his bowl to the sink, then pulled a beer from the fridge and took it to his father. "That video sure was nice, I hope that Sammy kid got snuffed." Billy said, as casually as he could. Watching from the corner of his eye he noticed his father rub himself. Billy's plan was already working.

"Seeing him get shit on, and abused was really hot." He added. His father squirmed in his seat and drank more beer. "And that woman crushed his balls, I bet he deserved it!" His father crumpled the can, and took hold of his cock. Billy grinned widely and hopped up, bending over and spreading his ass in front of his dad.

Over the next 30 minutes, Billy was fucked hard like a cheap whore. Being spanked, spit on, and yelled at. At one point his father felt like acting out the video, and started squeezing his son's balls. This only excited Billy more, since he had begun to enjoy certain pains.

Tonight though his father was going farther then before, Billy could only go with it and hope for the best. After being pushed onto his back, with his father on top of him, fucking his tight little ass, his dad spoke. "You need to be snuffed like the kid in that video!" Billy felt his father's cock slamming into him with each thrust, and felt fear at his words.

"You want me to snuff you faggot?" Panic gripped Billy, but with no options, he had only one idea. "Yes daddy, snuff me! Choke me to death!" Hands gripped his throat, and started squeezing hard. Billy came almost instantly, shooting thick ropes onto his own belly. "Die you fag!" Yelled his father as he fucked harder and faster, choking Billy more.

Everything started going dark in Billy's eyes, but just as he had hopped, his father couldn't hold back and came with a roar. Filling Billy's ass full of hot sticky cum, he released his grip on Billy's throat, and pulled out, leaving a gaping hole oozing thick spunk.

Billy smiled, and laid on the floor breathing heavily as his dad pissed on him. This was one of his best birthdays in a while.


I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know in the comments.

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you have to keep posting Nebic! there hasn't been any scat stories in weeks and yours are soo good

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