Another Ruined Story
Alex's Ruined Life

Hey guys I'm back with another story, I was horny
for once when I wrote this one, so I think it came
out a lot better then some others. Let me know
what you would like to happen, or if I should continue
it. I know It's pretty similar to Sammy's ruined life,
but that's just what comes out when I write!
Everyone is over 18.


Alex watched on in horror as his mother was brutally
gangbanged by the same teens that bullied him every
day. Three teenage cocks thrusting into each of her
tight, sopping holes.

Drool cascaded over her lips as Mark's long cock
disappeared into her mouth, and his fiery red pubes
pushed into her face. Daquan's thick black dick plunged
deeper into her quivering asshole, which was still
unable to fully relax due to his size. Last was Zack and
his short, but very thick vieny member that was fully
submerged in her wet cunt.

Sloppy wet sounds of sex filled the air as Alex fought the
bonds that held him to the lawn chair. The ropes dug
into his skin, but held firm as moans and grunts grew
louder. He couldn't believe his bullies were destroying
his mother just feet from him, none wearing condoms.

Tears of frustration spilled down his cheeks as the scene
played out in front of him. Somewhere in the house laid
his father, unconscious from the beating he received.
Muffled cries escaped through his mom's panties which
had been shoved into his mouth, held in place by duct
tape. Alex was hoping for some kind of rescue, from
his father, or a friend, but no help came.

While Alex thought of a plan to escape, one by one the
teens reached their climax. He couldn't help but watch
as Mark held his mother's hair and started brutally
throat fucking her. Slobber and spit flowed from around
Mark's cock as it invaded her throat. Thrust after horrible
thrust Mark's yells grew louder until he finally pulled his
long skinny dick from her mouth, and shot ropes of silky
white cum across her face.

The boys whooped in triumph as the mother moaned
like a whore and came from getting her face glazed in
teenage spunk. Alex felt betrayed by his mother, who
had fought against his bullies only an hour ago. Now
with her mouth free of cock, she moaned and spoke
things Alex didn't want to hear his mother say.

She continued begging them to fuck her harder, and to
tell her how badly they had beaten her husband and
son. Hearing his bullies boast about how they had
beaten his father to near death sickened Alex, but
only excited his mother more. His bullies made the
most of her enthusiasm, and easily talked her into
rimming Mark's dirty asshole.

More horrible talk followed while her tongue was
buried inside the bully's shit hole. Trying to provoke
Alex, while simultaneously trying to corrupt his
horny mother, Daquan mentioned how they might
have fully beat her husband to death. Muffled moans
came from Mark's ass crack, and the boys commented
on how tighter her pussy became.

Zack added how he wasn't moving at all once they were
done with him. Panic flooded Alex when he realized what
they said was true, despite them not tying him down he
still hadn't woke up, or crawled out of the house. Alex's
mother's response was the opposite, her body shuttered
and Daquan said she came again.

Mark took notice of Alex's panic, and smiled at him before
giving him two big thumbs up, which looked funny
considering how he was bent over at the waist with a
woman eating his asshole out. Alex felt defeated, his
father must be dead inside the house he thought, and
his bullies had corrupted his mother so much she was
at their full command.

Just as these thoughts crossed his mind, shuffling could
be heard from inside the house. Alex's heart soared and
he started to scream through his panty gag. The boys
slowed their pace, but didn't stop fucking. As they were
watching the back door, Alex's dad came fumbling out
where he fell between Alex and the on going gangbang.
Clearly wounded and in bad condition, the bullies took
their chances and left him lying there.

Alex cried harder, pleading with his father to get up,
although muffled noise is all that came out. The teens
had picked up their speed, with egos raised even higher
they felt nothing could possibly stop them. When her
husband had fallen next to her, Alex's mother had
momentarily stopped licking the teenager's asshole.
When he didn't rise back up however, she moaned
and went back to hungrily licking Mark's ass.

More terrible talk had started. Mark was pushing
his ass into her face and speaking loudly.
"You love how we nearly killed your husband, don't
you?" He asked. Her response was more lust filled
moans. Alex could hear something evil in Mark's
voice, and didn't like it.

Zack announced how close he was to filling her with
his baby juice, and told Mark to make her cum again.
Mark smirked at Alex, and pulled away from his mom, a
long string of spit stretching from his asshole to her
mouth. Turning around Mark cupped her face in his
hand and looked into her eyes before he spoke.
"I wonder how you would react, if I stomped your little
husband's face in. " He cooed.

Her eyes grew wide, a look of shock and arousal on her
face. She didn't have to answer to show what she wanted
though, just after Mark had asked her, Zack grunted and
started bucking his hips harder. The question had made her
cum, and now Zack was using his chance to unload every
drop of his teenage cum into this whore's womb.

Alex wailed behind his gag, as Mark laughed at him and
Zack roared to orgasm, pumping everything his balls held
into Alex's mother. Another orgasm shook her as cum
flooded her unprotected womb, and Mark made stomping
gestures above her husbands head. Alex had now pissed
himself, a large wet spot covering his jeans.

"Here I'll make it easy for you, just lick my asshole some
more, and I'll stomp your husband's head in!" Mark said
laughing. Alex caught Mark's eyes again as he shoved his
ass into his mom's face. With a big evil grin, Mark gave Alex
the middle finger as his mother dove her face back into his
sweaty ass crack.

Daquan had now changed positions, stuffing every inch
of his fat black cock into her sloppy cum filled pussy. Zack had
moved away, now in front of Mark. "Let's switch, she can lick my
ass while you stomp that loser's brains out." Alex continued
sobbing, as his mother happily shoved her tongue up a new
dirty asshole. Mark made sure to tell both Alex, and his mother
to watch since he could only do it once. Alex shook his head in
a failed attempt to stop his bully, who just smiled at him.

Raising his foot high above Alex's father's head, with a strong
grunt the foot came crashing down, and landed next to his head.
Alex's mother had just came again with Daquan building to his
climax, and Zack was tugging at his own cock while she licked
up and down his ass crack. Alex stared, unsure what had
happened. "What did you really think I'd kill him? And go to jail?"

Alex's heart felt lighter, but only briefly as Daquan had just erupted
into his mother's pussy, flooding it with even more potent sperm.
His mother couldn't take any more, she sagged and flopped
against the floor, cum leaking from her pussy. Zack scoffed at
her and walked to where a pile of their clothes had been lying.

"We leavin' already?" Mark asked. Zack told him yes, but said
they would return when it was safe to do so. Slapping her on
the ass, he told her to text him when her husband was in the
hospital, then wrote his number across her ass in marker.

The boy's dressed, and all passed Alex as they left. Mark
slapped his face slightly, and told him 'no hard feelings' before
disappearing. Alex relaxed at once, knowing the horror was
over for now. It was nearly 30 minutes before his mother
collected herself and untied him. She wouldn't speak to him,
and told him to shut up whenever he spoke.

He was forbidden to tell anyone what happened, and was
forced to lie to the nurse and doctors about how he gained
his injuries. Sadly his father's face was pretty beat up, and
he was in and out of consciousness so he couldn't tell the
doctor's himself.

A few days later, as Alex and his mother sat in the hospital
room, her cell phone rang. Looking up at her, she answered
it, and smiled at Alex.

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