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This a fictional story about becoming President of our country. It sort of parallels our present history and time line.

Chapter Four is about the House & Senate decisions

First couple of days the two Vice-Presidents were interviewed. The third day was the President turn, and the Senator was interviewed on the fourth day. Then finally it was my turn.

I was introduced by the Speaker of the House.

“I would like to thank you Mr. Speaker, and to the Senate Majority leader, for granting me this interview in front of both the House and the Senate.” I responded to his introduction.

“This is probably the most difficult decision that you will have in your political careers, to select the next President, and Vice-President. No matter which of the candidates that you decide upon, there will always be some sort of paradox, with the choices that were made.” I stated as I began my speech.

“Let me help you in making this decision. If I am selected as President, I will not relinquish the few campaign promises that I made. I will start with reducing the size of the Federal Government. That means everyone, no exceptions, all governmental departments will under go a 10% reduction in budget and staffing. I will make major changes to our Energy and Transportation departments. I will work on overhauling the income tax, and the IRS. I will work on getting our Nation Debt reduced. What is most important, with your help, I will put American’s back to work, and get American companies to reinvest back into this country.” I paused to take a drink of water, and let what I just said sink in.

“I am just one person, and I can’t do all of this by myself. I will need the help of everyone in here today, to help me with these tasks, if we are to be successful. I plan on meeting with both the Speaker, and the Senate Majority Leader, and barnstorm some ideas with them. This is not a one person show, we are a team, and I need all team players aboard.” I finished my pep talk.

I spent the better part of four hours talking and answering question from both Houses, even though the Senate will not be voting on me, I did answer all their questions. I walked out of their chambers in the mid afternoon, feeling good about just how the day and interview went.

After a week of discussion and mock votes, all the candidates were called into the chamber of the House. The Speaker will read the House vote, and the President of the Senate(the sitting Vice-President) will read the votes from the Senate. The two candidates for Vice-President, are the current VP, and my selected VP, who is a retired General, and former Joint Chiefs of staff, and Secretary of Defense.

I think it shocked the VP to read the name of my candidate, General George C Jefferson, as the new Vice-President. The Speaker took the podium, and the place was deathly quiet. He announced that the new President was(pause), Mr. Stewart Thomas Whitteman. I was stunned, and my VP congratulated me, as did the other candidates.

Fortunately the time between the election and the interviews, I had been busy with my chief of staff, going over a list of possible candidates to be cabinet members, and advisors. Just in case, I wanted to be ready. We still have a lot of work in front of us to get done before Inauguration Day on January 20, 2013.

I went home for Christmas break. I tried to get a hold of Lynn before Christmas, but she was busy. The estate was lonely without my wife there to be with me. I took the corporate jet up to Tommy’s house Christmas eve day, and spent a couple of days with him and the rest of our family. While I was at Tommy’s house I got an email from Lynn, wanting to know if I would like to get together for New Years Eve, when I got back home. Of course I responded yes.

We went out for New Years Eve and had a very good time at the Country Club. She was sending signs all night long that she wanted to have sex. Even a man at my age could understand those signs. We got into the limo and had it take us back to the estate.

We got up to my bedroom, and I headed to the bathroom to take a piss. I got back to the bedroom. The booze had her sex motor in high gear. She was laying on the bed naked, with a seductive smile on her face, and her fingers were stroking her pussy lips. Seeing her play with her pussy like that. It really had me turned on with my cock getting rock hard.

“Stroke that pussy baby, I want to see you cum.” I softly cooed, as I stripped my clothes off, and got into bed with her.

Slowly she started to play with her pussy, and with her clit, I could see the moisture collect on her fingers and pussy lips. Her other hand was tweaking her nipples. She picked up the speed with her fingers, and I could hear a slurping sound coming from her cunt.

Her eyes were staring right at me, her mouth was opened, and she was starting to gasp for air. I could tell by the look on her face she was getting close to an orgasm. I thought I would help her out by starting to masturbate my hard cock.

Her eyes flicked back and forth, to watching me, to watching my cock, and she worked her fingers even fast and deeper into her pussy.

“OOO fuck shit, I am going to fucking cum soon.” She cried.

“Hold on baby. I am almost there.”, I replied, as I stroked my cock faster

“Hurry the fuck up, so am I .” She panted.

I gave a groan and shot my load all over my stomach, just as she gave a sharp cry, and creamed into her hand from her orgasm. We laid their panting for a while, till we calmed down. Then she leaned forward and started to lick my cock, cleaning it up, and then licking my stomach, getting all my liquid white gold off it.

I pushed her back on her bed and kneeled down and started to lick her soaked pussy. Her lips were puffy and swollen with lust, and her clit stood out begging to be sucked. I sucked on her clitoris, till I heard her start to moan, and her body started to squirm and twist. She grabbed my head and pushed it hard into her pussy, and blew her orgasm all over my face.

By this time my cock is hard again. I moved up tight to her pussy, and planted my cock deep inside of her. We got into a rhythm, and had the bed just a rocking. I pounded her hard and deep, as she wrapped her legs around me squeezing me tight.

“Fuck me hard you bastard, keep that fucking big cock of yours deep in my pussy. I am fucking ready to cum.” She screamed as another orgasm racked her body.

I finally felt my cock start to throb, and I fired off my second load of the night, filling her pussy up with my precious fluid. That last explosion tired me out and I sort of collapsed on top of her. We laid there for a few moments, till she pushed me off. I pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep.

It was Inauguration Day, and I was as nervous as a new born fawn. I tried to keep it simple, but mainstream Washington, said no way. Evan so, it was not nearly as elaborate as the previous last couple of Presidential Inauguration. It was a nice day and everything went off without a hitch. I went to a few of the Inauguration Balls, but I have two left feet, and my dancing skills suck. Finally all the pomp, and celebrating came to an end, and it was time to get to work.

I had my first meeting with my cabinet, and I broke the first year down into 90 day segments of what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted them to start working on a plan to reducing the size of the Federal Government, by a minimum of 10%. I meet with both the Secretary of Energy, and Secretary of Transportation, to address ways to down size their departments. I also wanted to change the way the gas tax was collected, and dispersed. I set up a committee with the Secretary of Treasury to work on overhauling the income tax system.

I set up an executive committee that include myself, the VP, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate Majority Leader. Some of the topics I planned on discussing with them were, getting our Nation Debt reduced, put American’s back to work, and get American companies to reinvest back into this country. I was receipted to any ideas they might have also.

I knew that all of this could not be accomplished in 90 days, this was really just an outline of what I wanted to accomplish in my first four years in office.

The first week in February, I gave my State of the Union speech to the joint houses of congress. It was a cold windy, snowy day in Washington. It was just a really miserable day. I arrived at 8:45 p.m., for my 9:00 p.m. speech. I was announced by the Sergeant at Arms, right at 9:00 p.m.. I walked into the chambers to a rousing round of applause, as I am the first President to be elected as an Independent, and history was in the making.

I talked about my goals, and plans for the first four years, as well as other ideas that I had to improve our country. I could lay the whole speech out here, but I am sure that you watched it on TV, and don’t want to be bored by it again.

Needless to say it seemed like my speech and ideas were well received by congress, and the press. There were a lot of positives written on it, and the American people gave me high grades on my content.

Late April, Western Michigan University, asked me to give the key note address, at their commencement. Western was the college that I graduated from, and Kalamazoo is my hometown, I gladly accepted their invitation.

While there I ran into Christina, or Tina as she is generally called. I got to know her fairly well, during the years that our company worked at the college. I have not seen her since I moved to Florida. She worked for the campus affairs part-time, in the construction division. Basically she was the person in charges of paying the contractors. You always want to make sure that you knew who that person was. She is a few years younger than I am.

Let me tell you a little about Tina. She is about 5'4" with honey blonde hair, soft brown eyes, a beautiful body, great breast, slender waist, nice ass and legs. If I had to guess her measurement, I would say 36-24-35. From the past, I remember her telling me she works out almost every day in the morning for about an hour. For a lady in her mid 50's, she is extremely attractive.

We chatted for a few minutes. “My husband has past away a few years ago, and that I lost my job about a year after he died, due to budget cut backs. The school is using students to do my job now. My son has moved out of state to take a better job. I have no family at all around here anymore.” She told me.

I felt sorry for her, as her situation was similar to many Americans who lost their job and their hopes were slowly fading. This is what I was hoping to turn around.

I gave her my business card and on the back I wrote a password for her to use if she were ever in Washington, and need to see me for some help. She just has to call and give the person who answers the password.

“Well I have to go, I wish you the best, and hope to see you again sometime.” I said to her, but I was really thinking just how I would love to fuck her.

In mid summer I had my first crisis. We got some intelligence reports, that terrorist plan to attack our Texas refineries by either land, air, or sea. The reports could not identify the target or the type of attack. This was going to be a difficult job protecting the refineries, with all the traffic that goes into them by various means.

I order the navy to send a battle group to patrol the Texas gulf coast. I had the air force patrol the skies over the refineries, and Fort Hood as on alert to patrol the roads around the refineries. The attacked were launched a few weeks later. Fortunately we were able to stop most of the attacks, a few made it through, but the damage they caused was minimal, and there was no loss of life. The FBI discovered their base camp, but it was empty. There was a lot of documentation on different targets and time frames. The FBI is still busy sifting through all of the evidence that was discovered at the camp.

The fall was rather uneventful, both the cabinet and staff, were busy working on various forms of the proposed changes that I wanted done. It was the Friday before Thanksgiving. My secretarial assistant buzzed me saying, “Sir there is a female caller on the special phone line, who gave the password Thunder1, and did I want to take the call.”

I sort of drew a blank. “What is her name?” I asked her back.

“She said that her name is Christina Kay Smith.” She replied back to me.

Ahh the light went on Tina from Western Michigan, I just saw her this past summer when I was there.

“Yes put her through.” I replied.

“Hello Tina are you there?” I asked her through the phone.

“Hi Mr. Pres, I mean Tom, yes I am here.” She replied back to me.

“Where are you calling from?” I asked as I could hear a lot of background noise.

“I am at the bus station here in Washington.” She said to me a little louder over the noise.

Shit this is not good, there are deplorable people that prey on unescorted women and young girls, at the plane, train, and bus terminals, here in Washington, as well as in other larger cities.

“Tina hold the line for a minute would you please.” I asked her with some concern in my voice.

I use my cell phone to call my security chief. “I need you to get some men down to the bus terminal and pick up Tina for me.” I told him, as I explained the whole situation to him.

“I think there is a couple of cars not too far away from there, and I will redirect them to go to the bus terminal and pick her up, and bring back here for you Sir.” He said to me.

“Thanks I appreciate the help on this problem.” I told him as I hung up.

“Tina are you still there?” I asked.

“Yes I am, but there are some...........

“Hello Tina are you their hello?” I shouted into the phone. I could hear some background voices, and what little I could make out did not sound too good. Then nothing as they must have hung the phone up on her.

My cell phone rang, and it was my security chief, “Someone has taken her.” I told him with some anger in my voice.
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