Twin Japanese Nieces PT20

Throughout your life you will have many surprises, like finding a spare 20 in a suit pocket. It hits you out of the blue but you feel great when it happens. The smiling woman sitting on me, only inches from my face, had just hit me with some absolutely joyous news. We are going to have another baby!! Instantly I could feel my heart beating in my ears and my breath feel a little shallow in my chest as my eyes instantly dropped down to look at her belly through the water. I had flashes of carrying our baby in my arms, watching Kayko breast feed with a huge smile on her face, and all of the other wonderful things that happen when you have a new born. I looked back up into her eyes as she clamped herself onto me with her legs, arms and pussy, holding me firmly against her and inside her. Her expression would remind you of someone who had just won the lottery. I could see the joy in her eyes and the happiness seemed to radiate from every inch of her. She was truly happy.

(A little note about Kayko and her monthly cycle, I could set my watch by her. Every 28 days, without fail, she is on time every time, and it has been that way for the last 12 years. Never once has she gone over by even a day. So when she was one day late, she made a trip to her doctor.)

“So when did this happen?” I asked as I squeezed her breasts in my hands, making her hard nipples poke me in the chest.

“It was on your birthday,” she replied as she squeezed me inside her in sync with the squeeze of her breasts. “I just wanted to give you something special.”

I released her breasts and put my arms around her, holding her next to me with a firm embrace. I gave her a gentle kiss before I pulled back to look her directly in the eyes. “Sweetheart, you are the most wonderful and loving woman I have ever known and will ever know. You do more for me in a day than most wives do for their husbands in a lifetime.” (Sorry if I offend anyone with that statement) I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and at the gentle curves of her face and lips before I continued saying, “You are my one true love, the holder of my heart and the possessor of my love. You are the greatest gift I could ever have.” I paused for just a moment to watch her reactions. I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes and I could feel her body start to tremble as I spoke softly to her. “I am so honored to be your husband and the father of your children. ‘Give me something special?’” I said with a smile and a bit of a chuckle, “You already have. You have made my life complete.”

Tears absolutely poured out of her eyes before she pulled herself hard against me and began crying her eyes out on my shoulder. I could feel her love radiating through my entire body as she sat there, trembling against me. I have to admit that I had a bit of a lump in my throat as well. I was going to be a father again with the love of my life. It felt like we were in our own little world, wrapped up in a blanket that shielded us from the rest of the world as we sat there in the hot water holding each other close. Hearing nothing and feeling nothing except for each other and the embrace that we shared. I can honestly say that for that one moment, time stopped.

(You guys have no idea how fucking badly this hurts to try and describe this without my Kayko here. You get the idea so I am going to skip ahead a little.)

When we rejoined the rest of the family the kids were all in the pool splashing around and having fun. It’s great to see them interacting with each other. Mark and Shiori were on one side of the shallow end of the pool while Erin and Saki were on the other side. The big beach ball we have was sailing back and forth between them as they played some sort of modified volleyball. Laughter and cheers sounded from the group as they splashed water and jockeyed for position. As Kayko and I approached the pool, play slowed until all of them were looking at us.

“I have some news for you guys,” I said as I put my left arm around my wife’s back when we stopped at the pools edge. All four of them gathered together in the shallow water just below me and Kayko and looked up intently with curious expressions on their faces.

“What is it?” resounded from the group as the all drifted a little closer to us. You could see the excitement on their faces as I prepared to speak. I am not sure what they expected, but the amount of interest each was displaying showed me that all of them were genuinely curious.

I cleared my throat and gave Kayko a quick glance. She had a smile on her face and just gave me a little nod of approval before looking back at the gathered crowd. “We are going to have to make a few changes around the house.” I said with a very stern tone about my voice. I could see their expressions change from curiosity to something that resembled uncertainty and possibly panic.

“Why?” asked Shiori after she gave Mark a quick glance before backing up against his chest.

“Well,” I said, as I gave the impression that someone was in trouble. “We have a situation that is going to require some major changes, and it involves all of you.”

Again, all of their expressions changed and they started looking back and forth at each other like someone had just farted in the car but would not admit it. I know it was a bit mean to string them along like this, and to be honest I was actually enjoying myself a little. But when Kayko gave me a gentle nudge in the ribs with her elbow I knew it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

“We are going to have another house guest,” I said as I gave my wife an additional squeeze. “And they are going to be staying for quite a long time.”

Mouths dropped open and Mark quickly put his arm around Shiori, drawing her tightly against him. I guess he figured that we were going to separate him and Shiori, but that was about as far from the truth as you could get. Erin and Sakis expressions changed from one of bewilderment to the beginnings of understanding.

“You see,” I said, finally getting around to the point, “we are going to have another baby.”

Can you say look of shock?! Everyone froze for just a moment as the news sunk in. The silence was so deafening that you probably could have heard a mouse fart in the next county. In the blink of an eye all of their expressions changed. The wide open mouths of Erin and Saki turned into huge smiles and their eyes got as big as saucers. Shioris’ expression changed to one of joy and she quickly turned around to Mark and began hugging the stuffing out of him. Mark hugged her back and began smiling with genuine happiness on his face. As quickly as their expressions changed they were all looking at Kaykos’ belly. Then the onslaught of questions poured out of them.

“When did this happen? How did this happen? Is it a boy or a girl? When is he going to be here? What are you going to name him?...” you get the idea. Everyone was trying to speak at once as they began piling out of the pool. Four naked kids hugged themselves to us with an excitement that built by the moment. It really was one of the cooler moments that we have shared as a family.

Kayko was the one who reeled in the excitement. “Alright everyone,” she said as she made a little distance between herself and the soaking wet kids, “we’ll get to all of your questions. Hurry up and get cleaned up for dinner.” she said with a clap of her hands.

“Dress nice,” I said, causing Kayko to turn quickly to look at me. “We’re going to go out and eat.”

All of the kids jumped and took off toward the house, laughing and cheering as they ran. It had been a while since we had eaten out, but I figured that today was definitely a time to celebrate. As the kids scrambled through the door I felt Kayko gently grasp my hand. She had this strange warm smile on her face as I turned my head to gaze upon her. She seemed like she was glowing as she moved in close to me while we walked across the blazing hot yard.

“I love you so much,” she said with a smile.

I responded by letting go of her hand and wrapping my right arm around her. “I love you too sweetheart.” And I gave her a nice little squeeze. I was on top of the world!

In 20 minutes we were ready to go. I had donned a nice pair of kakis and a golf shirt while Kayko was wearing her favorite red kimono. It was the same one she had worn the first time we had gone out to eat while I was in Japan. She looks hot as hell in it which almost guarantees that I have a boner the whole time. Her dark tanned legs extending down to her favorite black high heels beckoned me to lick and kiss every inch of them. And what is really the capper for me is the knowledge that she is completely naked underneath. The only other items she wore were her jewelry, capped off by the expensive pendent I bought her in Spain. To say that my wife looked like a million bucks was an understatement. She was absolutely gorgeous!

Mark was dressed in a similar fashion as me. He was wearing a nice pair of Dockers and a golf shirt while Shiori had on one of her miniskirts and a nice blouse. They matched, looking almost like a pair of bookends. Erin and Saki were both wearing miniskirts with equally nice tops as well, adding a nice splash of color to the group. Everyone looked great. As I held the door to the garage open for them, each of the girls, Erin, Saki, and Kayko each handed me the remote control for the egg inside them as they passed, giving me a smile and a wink as the remotes were placed in my palm. Shiori did not. She stayed glued to Mark like he was her life line or something. It was actually ok. I had ‘given’ her to Mark, so teasing her with the egg was now his responsibility.

We drove into the city to this really nice Asian restaurant that is Kaykos’ favorite. It’s expensive, but well worth the money if you ask me. Every time we have been there the food has been outstanding, matched only by superior service. Kayko says it reminds her of being back in Japan, and she always reminds me of our first dinner out and the limo ride. I always respond in the same fashion, I turn her egg on. Only today, Erin and Saki got their eggs turned on too. My daughter and my pet both fidgeted back and forth a little as we walked through the restaurant. It had been a while for them since the last time they were out in public with their wonder toys buzzing away inside them. But they handled things nicely thanks to my wife’s instruction. We got our usual table, a private dining table in a separate room large enough for all of us, including the twins. This was the first time they had been here, but they became comfortable with the surroundings very quickly.

The dining table was a traditional style Japanese table that you might find in any home in Japan. (Although considerably more expensive.) It was long and built low to the ground, and was surrounded by many large pillows for the seats. Leaving our shoes at the door we filed in to the room and took our seats. Kayko sat to my right with Erin sitting next to her, while my pet sat on my left with Shiori and then Mark. The family was well ordered, and I felt like the master. Kayko sat on her pillow in a very traditional style, with her feet folded underneath her in a kneeling position. The kids all sat Indian style. I will just say that I did my best, I am not as young as I used to be. When the food came in I turned the girl’s eggs off. Granted I do like the power of turning them off and on at my whim, but I wanted everyone to enjoy their food without any distractions. Besides, I already knew that when we got home the girls were going to rape me. So the brief pause while we ate was not going to be a big deal.

Everyone chowed down like they were hungry. I had the usual big helping of oysters along with a nice slab of Kobe beef. The other meals ranged from duck and soup, to shrimp and fish. Almost every type of food was displayed on the table somewhere, and it all smelled fabulous! About half way through the meal Saki reached over and tapped my leg.

“What is it honey?” I asked as I leaned over her way a little.

Saki stretched herself up toward my ear and whispered, “Will you turn my egg on please?”

I just looked at the young girl and smile before reaching into my pocket. A big smile came across her face just after I flipped the switch, causing her to wiggle back and forth a little on her pillow. I looked over at Erin, who was pulling the tail off a shrimp when I flipped her egg on. Instantly she sat upright and her mouth dropped open before she looked over at me and smiled. I gave her a wink before turning to look at Kayko. Kayko had seen what I had done to the girls and was sitting looking at me with wanton lust in her eyes. I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss as I flipped the switch for her egg to the on position. Kayko didn’t make a move. She just gazed back at me before she took in a slightly deeper breath than normal before letting out a soft exhale. She loves having the egg inside her when we are out, and I just love turning her on.

It would be fair to say that the bulk of the conversation at the table was about what we were going to name our new arrival. Everyone had at least 20 suggestions with names ranging from Tabitha and Tim, to Zander and Jen. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm in everyone, even though it probably complicated the issue. But everyone got to have their say, and that is what was more important at this time. Just the fact that everyone got to participate in some fashion made the whole dinner great.

By the time we finished our desert, Erin and Saki both appeared to have had many orgasms. Both of them were breathing hard, and Erins nipples stuck out hard against her blouse. I imagine that their legs were probably rather wobbly, but I had no intention of turning their eggs off. I was thoroughly horny by this time and I was definitely ready for some action. As we stood to leave I noticed the big wet spots on Erin and Sakis’ pillows. Both of them had left a large wet spot where their naked pussies had oozed out my favorite drink. Oops. I gave a very generous tip when I paid for our $200.00 meal. It was the least I could do.

The ride home was absolute torture for me. While the kids were talking back and forth about who had the better name for the baby, Kayko had turned sideways in her seat with her feet toward me. She had her legs spread as wide as she could get them and was digging her fingers in her pussy while grinning at me like a naughty school girl. I thought I was going to rip a hole in my pants from the boner I was sporting as I occasionally glanced down from driving to see her pulling her pussy wide open before stuffing three fingers into herself. This is the only reason why I hate living so far out of the city. And Kayko seems to enjoy the agony she puts me through. For almost the whole way back to the house Kayko teased me, brushing my hand away every time I tried to reach over to sample the delicacy she was frothing up for me. I wanted her so badly that I almost pulled over several times to screw her brains out. But sensing my state of arousal and frustration she finally sat up and straightened out the front of her kimono.

“You can wait for a few more minutes,” she smiled.

I wasted no time getting us back to the house. Once in the driveway the kids all piled out of the car and headed straight for the house, leaving me and Kayko behind.

“Come with me,” Kayko said as she gently pulled my hand, leading me toward the back yard.

Who am I to argue? She led me to the patio where the large sun bathing chairs are and stepped out of her shoes. I already know this routine and began stripping as quickly as I could, discarding my clothes into a pile. By the time I was naked Kayko had the lounger folded out flat and was pulling her kimono off. I love watching my wife disrobe. Aside from the fact that each move looks like it has been rehearsed to excite me, her body is absolutely stunning. The deep red kimono came over her head to reveal her beautifully tanned and toned body. Her nipples stood out proudly from her firm round breasts, and her neatly trimmed bush highlighted the gentle curves of her hips. Every last inch of her is the same caramel color, from the edge of her hair line to the gaps between her toes. And there is not a single place on her body that is not firm. All of the years of exercise and training have kept her in impeccable shape. And now I was going to enjoy my wife who was going to do her best to pleasure me in any fashion that I desired.

I lay down on the lounger and looked up at her with my dick sticking straight up, ready for the wonderful feelings I was about to experience. Kayko moved gracefully to my right side and stopped with her feet apart, offering me a good look at her pussy with the black wire hanging out of it. I reached up and grasp the wire. It was gooey with her cream, and it only took a gentle tug to extract the egg from inside her. A rather large flow of her cum accompanied the egg as it came out, falling to the patio between her feet with an audible splat.

“Looks like someone is horny,” I said as I placed the egg on my pile of clothes.

Kayko smiled down at me as she stepped over the lounger, “You have no idea.”

Kayko aligned herself with my sky pointing dick and slowly lowered herself onto me, engulfing all of my cock inside her steaming hot crevice. It felt like I was sliding into molten butter as inch after inch disappeared into my wife. Kayko slid all the way down until her wide open labia came in contact with my groin before she stopped. This is one of the most outstanding things Kayko does to me. There is not any other place on our bodies that touch except for my cock inside her. And once she is down all the way, she turns on that fabulous milking machine inside her. Firmly and steadily she squeezes and releases my cock with her pussy, pulling and tugging at my engorged member. I reached up with my hands to grab her breasts, but Kayko stopped me.

“No touching,” she said with a devilish grin. “I want you to just feel inside me.”

I was in agony! I wanted to hold her breasts in my hands and feel their soft warmth. But Kayko had her own agenda for me. She quickly switched her pussy into overdrive, squeezing and releasing me from bottom to top. It felt like she was trying to pull my dick into her using only her muscles. I lay still and enjoyed the fabulous sensations, relishing in the fact that my wife was doing all of this just for me. After a few moments she slowed her pace before she stopped.

“I want to do something a little different,” she said as she slowly stood up and pulled herself off of me. “Hold still,” she said as she headed toward the house. “I’ll be right back.”

I had no idea what she had in mind, but I figured it had to be good. I looked up at the stars and wondered in anticipation as I waited the few minutes for her to return. When she did come back she was carrying a small blindfold.

“What have you got there?” I asked as she carefully placed the blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head.

“This will change a lot of things,” her voice said as I was suddenly in complete darkness.

This was something new. Kayko has always enjoyed being naked in front of me. She has no fear or hesitation in showing off her magnificent body to me in any position that I want. Now, being blind folded, I had only my sense of touch to experience my wife. I lay there perfectly still, waiting for the next stimulus to come when I felt my cock once again being engulfed in her molten hot box. The feeling was absolutely incredible! Without my sight everything seemed to be magnified by a factor of 1000! Every inch that entered her seemed better than the last. Once again she stopped when I was fully embedded inside her before she turned on the milking machine. WOW!! In my mind’s eye I could ‘see’ her with her legs wide apart, mounted on my hard shaft. Slowly and steadily she began squeezing me, eliciting a loud moan from me as her pussy worked its magic.

“Oh my god!” I moaned as she started sliding up and down my length at the same time. “You are incredible!”

I heard only the faintest little grunt of approval as she continued to bring me closer and closer to my goal, riding up and down on me like a jockey in slow motion. Again I reached up with my hands to grasp her breasts.

“No touching,” she said sternly, before stopping her trek about half way up my shaft.

“I’m sorry honey,” I said as I brought my hands back down to my sides. “You just feel so good.”

“I know,” she said as she slid back down my shaft before pulling all the way off me again. “I want to please you for being so wonderful to me.”

Again I was in agony. Slickened with cum, my cock was now out in the exposed air. And even though it was almost 90 degrees outside, the slight little breeze made my cock feel cool. I wanted back inside my wife. Back inside the warm surroundings that reminds me that I am home again. And to my great pleasure, I didn’t have to wait for long. Again I felt my cock slide into its molten hot sheath, once again held firmly inside his soaking wet home. I let out a loud moan of approval as she began sliding up and down my shaft, fucking me with greater diligence than before. The darkness of the blindfold only heightened the sensations of her delicious pussy as she raised and lowered herself onto me at an ever increasing rate.

“Would you like some pussy to eat?” Kayko asked as her pace slowed a little.

“Who do you have in mind?” I asked playfully.

“You have to guess,” her voice answered as her pace resumed.

I had not heard a thing when I got the unmistakable whiff of pussy directly in front of my nose. How she had managed to get one of the girls out there without me hearing was beyond me, but yet the aroma was undeniable. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue only to have a nice soaking wet pussy lowered into place. The sensations were just as intense as when I was first blindfolded and Kayko had sat on me. Whichever one of the girls it was she tasted fabulous! I could feel the delicate folds of her labia resting on my lips, and the hard little nub of her clit against my nose as I began devouring the mystery snatch. I started to reach up to grasp the legs on either side of my head but again Kayko stopped me.

“No touching!” she said again sternly, and once again my dick was out in the air cooling. I grunted a note of dissatisfaction into my unknown feast as my hands were pushed under the small of my back. “Now keep your hands there,” Kaykos’ voice resounded one more time just before my cock was engulfed again.

I felt helpless, but I was loving every last moment as my cock was being ridden up and down again and my tongue swirled around inside my unknown feast like there was no tomorrow. Somebody was going to cum, and it was going to happen soon. With a little tilt of my head and a few flicks of my tongue, my late night snack began bucking back and forth on my face, sending a shower of cum into my mouth and down over my cheeks. With one tiny little gasp I could tell it was Saki. She bucked her hips back and forth as my tongue licked and tasted all she had to offer. Combined with the grinding my cock was getting I lost it. My cock swelled up and my nuts tightened as my impending orgasm shifted into high gear. At the same moment a sense of urgency came across my rider, sending her into hyper drive. In a flash my cock was being squeezed and ridden at the speed of light. I couldn’t help myself when my orgasm started. I pulled my hands from behind my back, grasp on to the legs on either side of my head, pulled my face into the pussy I had been eating and screamed at the top of my lungs. My back arched and I fired, blasting a huge load of sperm up into my rider. All I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears as I unloaded.

Sakis hands ripped the mask off my eyes as her orgasm continued, revealing my naked pet looking down at me with her eyes and mouth wide open. I stuck my tongue up into her as far as I could while my cock continued to blast away, unloading my balls in a massive blaze of glory. I needed to breathe so I pulled Saki up a little, freeing my mouth to take in a gulp of desperately needed air. As I did I looked between her legs. That is when I saw that it was Erin who was mounted on my cock and not Kayko. Kayko was bent over behind her with her hands on Erins hips and she was pushing her down onto me. That one sight alone almost killed me. The next three shots were incredibly amplified in not only volume, but force. Erins’ mouth was wide open and her eyes were tightly closed as she took a huge load from her father. I was so confused at this moment that I could not have told you which way was up, let alone what had just happened.

Saki leaned forward and flopped down on the top of the lounger and off to my right. She was breathing hard, and she pulled her knees up to her chest and rolled up in the fetal position. Kayko looked over Erins shoulder to see me looking up at them when she leaned down next to Erins’ ear and said, “Look, see how much your father enjoyed you?”

Erins’ eyes opened to lock with mine. Instantly a huge smile come over her face just before she leaned forward and threw herself onto my chest, hugging me very tightly. I threw my arms around my daughter and hugged her tightly against me while I looked up at Kayko. Kayko did not let up on the pressure on Erins hips. She continued to hold her down on me even though we could not get any closer together. With the last little twitch from my hips my orgasm was over. Erin was full, and her mother made sure none of it was going to leak out. As Erin lay gasping for air on my chest Kayo slowly stood up, releasing the pressure she had been applying to Erins hips.

“Holy shit,” I said, halfway aware of everything that had just transpired. “That was incredible!”

Kayko looked down at me and smiled before she walked off toward the house, leaving me with the two exhausted girls on the patio.

“Thank you daddy,” Erin said with her face still pressed against my chest. “That felt so good.”

I placed my hand on the back of her head and held her close to me. “Thank you sweetie,” I replied as I gently patted her head and stroked her hair. “But what gave you guys the idea to do this?” I asked in a bit of bewilderment.

“It was mom’s idea,” Erin said as she raised her head up to look at me. “She wanted to do something a little different for you.”

As Erin finished speaking Kayko reappeared from the house. She was carrying the large dildo that was molded from me in her right hand and smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.

“Well that certainly was a surprise,” I retorted while smiling up at my wife.

Kayko stopped by the side of the lounger even with my hips. As she bent over she looked at me. “You have been so wonderful to all of us, and the girls wanted to do something a little special for you.” With that said Kayko barked out something in Japanese, causing Saki to immediately get to her feet and head into the house. “Erin,” she continued as she lowered the dildo between Erins wide spread legs, “pull off your father.”

Erin raised her ass up, pulling my length from deep inside her. As soon as my dick pulled free Kayko plugged her pussy with the dildo, trapping all of my sperm inside her. Kayko looked down at us with a smile on her face as she stood up straight. “Now go to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Thanks mom,” Erin replied. Before she raised herself up from me, my daughter gave me a huge hug. “Thanks daddy, I love you so much.”

“I love you too sweetheart,” I responded, giving her an equally big hug.

My daughter stepped over me and scooted into the house, keeping her legs together as she went. The end of the dildo was just barely visible in the gap between her legs as she walked through the door and disappeared inside.

I looked up at Kayko as she swung her leg over me and sat back down on my semi hard cock, taking all of me back inside her. When she was fully seated she began squeezing me again, halting the deflation of my dick and causing me to grow hard again. “What do you mean we have a busy day tomorrow?” I asked as I grasp my wife by her hips and pulled her down onto me.

“You’ll see,” she replied with a pleasant smile. “It is the 4th of July and you will be home all day.”

“Yes,” I responded with a bit of uncertainty in my voice.

“Well,” she continued as she rode up and down a little, combining it with my favorite rippling action from her talented pussy. “We have a nice little celebration in store for you.”

“A celebration?” I was wondering what she had in mind. For my birthday the girls had played ‘games’ for my enjoyment, leaving me with a raging boner. Now she had something planned for the 4th? This was going to be good!

“Come on,” Kayko said as she stood up and stepped to the side of the lounger. “There is still more for you tonight.”

Now, I am no dumbass. When my wife tells me there is more in store for me I know I can take that to the bank. Her devilish little mind had something in store for me, now it was just a matter of finding out what it was and experiencing it. As I stood up Kayko grasp me by my dick and gave a gentle tug, leading me through the house to my awaiting enjoyment. In a way it’s kind of cool. Her soft hand feels good around my cock, and it is a different kind of feeling knowing that I am being lead around by the very thing my wife is going to pleasure. And I think it gives Kayko a feeling of power knowing that I am going to go exactly where she wants me to go. So I followed along in complete compliance, knowing full well that in just a little while I was going to be cumming again inside my exquisite wife.

Kayko lead me through the house and up the stairs to our bedroom, never once loosening her grip on me. As we passed Mark and Shioris’ room we could easily hear them screwing away like there was no tomorrow. Good for him. At least he was getting some on just as regular of a basis as me. I will admit that I was again fully hard by the time we walked into the bedroom, and I was ready to stick my cock back in my wife with a vengeance. Inside, my pet was standing at the foot of the bed in her usual inspection position. Her feet were apart with her legs straight, and she was bent over at the waist while holding her pussy wide open with both hands. Kayko lead me over behind her and plugged the end of my dick straight into the waiting girl. Saki made no move at all; she just let out a small sigh as the first 2 inches of my dick slid into her.

“Your pet has been waiting for this all day,” Kayko said as she released my cock and put her arm around my waist. “I am going to watch you two,” she continued as she pulled on my waist, forcing me to drive all the way into her. “Give her what she wants.” my wife said as she turned and began to crawl up onto the bed. Looking over her shoulder she gave me a little smile as she flipped over and lay down on her back. “And when you’re done, then you get me.” And with that said she spread her legs and slowly began rubbing her clit.

What would you do? Probably the same thing I did in this situation. I began fucking my pet like she was a plastic fuck doll. Saki gripped the sheets with both hands, making fists with her fingers bunching up the material as she hung on for dear life. I grasp her hips with both hands and lifted her up, picking her feet up from the floor as I plowed into her with very powerful strokes. Kayko stuffed three fingers into her snatch and hammered them in and out furiously as she watched me try and destroy our niece. The sight of my wife finger fucking herself had the effect of making my dick harder, which I forced in and out of my little pet without any regard. I was driving in deep into my little pet, and she was loving every second of it, grunting out moans of pleasure every time I bottomed out in her young snatch.

“Bring her down here,” Kayko said as she patted the bed next to her.

Pulling free from her I tossed Saki onto the bed. She landed next to Kayko and immediately flipped over onto her back, spreading her legs wide open in the process to reveal her bald little pussy. Her lips were spread open and her hole was still dilated from my cock having been in her when she positioned herself to accept me again. As I got up on the edge of the bed, Kayko rolled over and got to her knees. She was getting ready to sit on Sakis face when I stopped her in mid process. As soon as her leg had come over Saki, leaving her pussy spread wide open; I grasp her by her hips and pulled her back onto my waiting dick. Kayko let out a bit of a gasp from the unexpected intrusion when I drove into her, causing her to turn her head to the right and look over her shoulder at me.

“You’re supposed to be in your pet,” she said as her body jerked back and forth from the force of my thrusts.

“I will be,” I said as I slowed my pace a little. “Saki, raise your hips up.”

Saki spread her feet wide apart and raised her hips till her belly was touching Kaykos’. I released the grip on my wife’s hips, but reached around her and grasp onto Sakis’ hips, holding her up against Kayko. With one quick jerk I was out of Kayko, and on the next thrust I was in Saki. A noted ‘aaahh’ of approval came from my pet as I thrust into her 5 or 6 times before withdrawing on an out stroke. On the next in stroke I was back inside Kayko, driving deep into my wife again. I gave Kayko 5 or 6 good hard strokes before I pulled out and went back into Saki. Back and forth I went, switching between the two girls every 5 or 6 strokes for maybe 10 minutes. With her shoulders still on the bed, Saki had her hands clamped onto Kaykos’ breasts and she was squeezing them like she was trying to milk a cow. Both girls were moaning, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself even though I had more pussy at my disposal than I had dick.

Saki was the first to cum. Her legs began to shake and her pussy began to squish loudly every time I was inside her. If it had not been for my hands holding her hips she would have collapsed onto the bed, leaving Kayko to handle alone to handle me. As Saki shook she squeezed Kaykos’ breasts hard, sending my wife over the edge and into the realm of an orgasmic tidal wave. This was great! It’s the first time I had ever made two women cum at almost the same time by fucking them. Talk about a blast to your ego, this was it! I began pounding harder into both of them every time I switched back and forth. Cum from both of them dripped off my nut sack while I hammered away into one, and then the other.

Kayko finally looked over her shoulder and said between gasps for air, “Well…make up your mind, where do you want to cum? We’re both ready.”

NASA this is Houston, you have a green light for engine ignition. Commence start up! To hear my wife tell me to choose which one of them to cum in was like opening the flood gates of the grand cooler dam. In a micro second the countdown went from 10 to 1 and the fueling process was underway. I was already inside Kayko when the first blast started up the launch tube, so I just drove deep into her and let her have the first two shots. Kayko let out a little sigh as she felt the hot juice spray inside her, causing her to squeeze my cock with her pussy. But her enjoyment was short lived as I pulled out in the middle of the second shot. Without a drop wasted I stuffed my cock back into Saki to finish firing my load.

“Oh yes!” Saki squealed as I sent the rest of my orgasm down into her hot depths.

Kayko dropped down onto her elbows and began French kissing Saki as I pumped the last of my load into her. Sakis arms came up around Kaykos’ neck as the two kissed like they had been lifelong lovers, swirling their tongues around inside each other’s mouths. I grunted and jerked the last few times before I pulled out of Saki and sat back on my heels, dropping my pets’ waist to have her land on the bed between Kaykos knees. I had a tremendous view from where I was sitting. My wife’s fabulous ass was sticking out, almost in my face, with her now used pussy glistening from the combined juice from the three of us. Saki was lying flat on her back between Kaykos legs with her legs wide apart, and her bald naked pussy was shining up at me, glistening in the light just like my wife’s. ‘Mission accomplished’ I thought to myself as I watched the fervor of the kiss between them slowly fade. When they did finally part Kayko looked into the eyes of Saki and whispered something to her, causing Saki to nod her head yes and smile before looking down at me. Both of them seemed to be happy.

We all took a quick bath before heading to bed. I got to watch my pet and my wife clean out their pussies before having both of them ride me briefly in the hot pool. They truly do love me, and I love them just as much. We lay down in the bed with Kayko to my left and my little pet mounted on my cock, lying on my chest. Can you think of any better way to sleep?

The women in my home are genuine treasures, and I really mean it. My wife, my daughter, and my pet all loved me like I am the king of the universe. I am not sure what I did to deserve such a high and respected position, but I give all of the credit for the stability of the family to my Kayko. She was the real master here. And I am not just talking about all of the wonderful things she did with her body. I considered that as a fringe benefit. I am talking about all of the things she did to keep the family together. She washed the clothes and cooked the meals; she was the arbitrator for small issues as well as the supreme instructor for the girls. My wife tended the flowers and paid our bills while I was away, yet she asked for nothing in return. She just accepted what I give her and went about her business almost tirelessly, allowing me access to her body at any moment. And aside from being the glue that held this family together, she was absolutely gorgeous! I was the luckiest man alive. And it is not because of anything that I have done, it was all due to my wife. I miss you honey.

End Pt20


2013-06-15 02:06:00
glad you continued writing. This is a great story.

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2013-06-15 01:59:55
very well done, I'm glad you kept writing this story.


2013-05-26 10:21:55
I'm glad that your still writing the story because it such a good story and I know this must really hard for you go through

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2013-05-25 11:32:38
Mike, I think your stories are great. I am so glad you have decided to keep writing them. I know it must be tough to continue after your loss, that has to suck. I am fortunate that my wife and son are still with me so I can not imagine what it must be like for you. Hang in there. You have a wonderful family. We should all be so fortunate.

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2013-05-24 19:27:38
sorry for your losses , love your stories maybe you will keep us updated with your life. I have lost 2 wives ,my mother my dad and my baby brouther and I am getting old myself at79 yo still read the good stories like yours So i will see what tomorrow holds keep up the good work THENIGHTRIDER!!!!!

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