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I'd never really been attracted to older men, but all of that changed on the day I graduated from high school.

It was a whirlwind of a day, hours setting in a hot gymnasium, my parents, and grand parents crying, taking pictures, and a host of other things. I looked forward to my families after party for nothing more than a chance to sit down. It was a small get together just my parents, and grandparents, and a few other close family friends. By the time I walked in the door, I heard my mother's aggravated sigh, which brought about my exhausted one.

“Your brother is going to be late, ” she groaned, rolling her eyes as she traipsed about the kitchen. “Layover in Los Angeles.”

“Honey he can't control if his plane is late,” he replied back, whilst cutting some vegetables.

“Uncle Scott is coming,” I asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Unfortunately,” my Mother mumbled under her breath.

My mother did not care much for my father's younger brother. He just turned 30 and lives in Hawaii, making a living as a waiter at a hotel. When he wasn't working, he was either surfing on the beach, or smoking weed. At least that's how my mom described his life. I had not seen him since I was 4, so if I passed him on the street today, I wouldn't even have known him if I passed him on the street.

We just went on with the party, and had a great time. It was about 9:00 and everyone had already left, and I felt exhausted from the day, when the doorbell rang. My mother groaned as my father got up, to get it.

“Scott,” I heard as my father embraced his brother, keeping him from my sight. As he stepped aside, I laid eyes on him, and I swear my jaw dropped. Tall muscular, and a thin cut black beard, I'm sure that between his pot smoking and surfing, Scott was hitting the gym. My mother reluctantly hugged him, and then it was my turn, we both stopped, almost sizing each other up.

“Damn I think you were only a foot tall the last time I saw you,” he said, both of us laughing as we embraced, my mother obviously ruffled at his uncouthness.

We kept talking for about an hour before everyone headed off too bed. Despite my tiredness from earlier, I found that when trying to actually go to sleep, I had more energy than earlier. I decided to go for a late night swim. I slipped into a bikini, and headed down the steps quietly, and out into the back yard. It was dimly lit by the pool lights, and the water was warm. I swam a few laps when I looked up, seeing the door to the back yard slide open. Scott slid the door closed again, jumping slightly as he saw me in the pool. We both laughed quietly, trying to keep the noise down.

“I didn't expect to see you out here,” he said, but I was unable to keep my eyes on his face. He was dressed in a pair of board shorts, which set low on his hips, framing a pair of deep v lines. His stomach sat below a defined set of pecs, his whole chest and stomach covered in black hair. It was times like this, I was glad girls didn't have visible erections. But this was my uncle?

“Mind if I join you,” he asked, slipping in.

“Come on in,” I said, laughing as I splashed some water in his direction. He ducked under the water, coming back up and splashing me in return. He soaked me, and our battle began. For two people trying to be quiet, we weren't doing very good job. He swam behind me and tried to push me down into the water, I pushed away, Scott grabbing after me. He barely missed me, and I laughed as I swam away from him. I stopped when I noticed he wasn't playing any more. I turned to look and he was just staring, eyes fixed on me. That's when I noticed my top... floating next to him. I scrambled to cover myself up with my hands as he swam towards me, almost pushing me against the side of the pool.

“You know,” he said, his voice dropped to a low whisper. “You've been staring at me all night, it's only fair I get a turn,” he said as he hands grabbed my arms, pulling them from covering up my chests. I probably should have resisted, but something wanted me to let him see.

I think my tits are pretty perfect for me. Not huge but a nice full C cup with pretty big nipples. Scott seemed to like them as well. His giant hands enveloped both of them, squeezing them gently. He tweaked the nipples ever so slightly, sending a shiver down my body. He obviously knew what he was doing. He dropped down in the water, and his mouth enveloped my left breast, sucking the nipple into his mouth. I gasped, as he licked and sucked on my nipple, massaging the other with hand. He stopped, only to slip his mouth to mine. His lips enveloped mine, his beard, tickling my face. His tongue entered my mouth, and began wrestling with my own. He pushed me against the side of the pool to hold me in place. His big hand slipped down, over my stomach, slipping down beneath my bottoms, his hand rubbing my pussy. He slipped one of his big fingers inside of me, and I gasped again.

“Mmm you're nice and tight aren't you,” he said, pushing his middle finger into me as far as he could. He probed me, pulling his thick finger back out before pushing it back in again. His thumb pushed into my clit, causing me to shudder. He pinched it lightly, before rubbing it viciously, causing my legs to buckle beneath me. 
When he stopped, he spun me around, pushing me against the side of the pool deck , like i was being patted down, my ass sticking out. As I looked back, I saw him untying his shorts, and my heart beat quickened. He pushed my bikini to the side, rubbing my pussy lips again, before I felt the head of his cock, rub against me, With his hands on my hips, he pushed into me from behind, and I gasped loudly, my eyes and mouth opened wide. His cock wasn't very long, 6-7 inches tops, but god damn it was thick. I swear it felt like my hip bones were being pushed apart as he entered me, his thick member stretching me farther than I had ever been.
 Finally I felt his hips push up against my ass as he was all the way in, his warm body against mine. His hand moved their way up, grabbing my breasts, squeezing roughly, as he pulled his hips back, and thrust back in, humping me, my pussy clamping down on his hard, fat dick.. He rode me like this, passionately humping me, kissing and sucking on my ear. Eventually he picked up his pace, and I found him wrapping my hair around his hand and pulling it back. I yelped, his other hand quickly slapping over my mouth to hush me.
AS he picked up his pace, he pushed my body down onto the pool deck, my stomach and breasts being scratched by the concrete surface. His balls were now loudly slapping against me as he leaned in over me.
“Look at you, you nasty little slut, getting fucked by your uncle's cock,” he would say, licking my ear at the end, only able to utter a muffled moan do to the hand over my mouth. “You want my cock to explode in you, don't you,” he said, right before he yanked my hair back even more, tears welling in my eyes. As he did, he slammed into me, and I could feel his big cock shooting inside of me, pumping me full of his cum.
We were both panting, as he pulled his cock out of me, jumping up out of the pool, next to me. I watched his muscular, hairy ass saunter away, as he slipped his shorts back on, grabbing the towel he brought with him. He toweled himself off, as he walked back inside, without looking back said “Don't stay out too late,” before sliding the door shut behind him.
I pulled myself out of the pool, laying on the deck on my back, butt naked, the cool night air hardening my nipples. I could feel his cum dripping out of me as I lied there, wondering what I had just done, and even more so, when was I going to do it again.

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2016-02-24 04:06:18
i reaaaaaally want this to happen to me. pool sex is hot as hell and "little slut" is one of my biggest turn ons. i LOVE this one.

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2013-07-06 01:37:50
Like, Like, Like...

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2013-05-28 18:48:40
Very good .. please part 2

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2013-05-25 01:26:49
this was fucking hot.
It was well written and I really loved your deions of sexual feelings. not many include that.
I look forward to more of your writing

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2013-05-23 18:34:21
Quiero acer l amor con una mujer chuchona tetona jopona

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