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Take It All, My King


Note: In this story, the time is set long before America was discovered. None of the places, or people listed in this story are real, and the story is fantasy, too. I wanted to do something fun for my first story for you guys. I hope you enjoy.

Background of the Story: A man who as a boy once lived on the streets was taken in by a Noble family, who were friends with the King, in secret when their only son died suddenly. Driven by madness and grief, they took the boy in for his striking resemblance to their son. No one knew, no one ever guessed. The maids who had found their son dead were killed in a tragic "accident." Not even the boy remembered anything from his life on the streets when he grew up. When the boy had grown into a man, the King had died, and His son has taken over. War had been declared by an enemy, and a Mass-murdering Monster is on the loose, murdering women and female children. When the war is over, and the Monster is caught and killed by the Nobleman, what will the Young King do when he sees him stride in on the ball that were called for victory? Not only is he strikingly handsome, he has brought with him the monster as tribute. How will the King act when he finds out his 'hero' is also secretly gay... and wanting a piece of him?

Take it All, My King.
It being a cold, dark night, with a murderer on the loose, the streets were empty. The war outbreak had left the people scared, and the young king upset. No one wanted a monster around.
Every time a citizen heard a crash that resembled swords clashing, they all ran for cover. No one wanted to die. Why would they? They were thriving, and still were, despite the war. Somewhere in a dark alley tonight of many similar nights a little girl lay shivering, sniffling as she cried quietly.
She was a beautiful child, with long, naturally soft curled blonde hair and big blue eyes. Why was she outside? Out the rain no less. Did no one care for her? Was she alone? Did someone leave her? Was she lost? Why would anyone want to get rid of her? If you came across this girl many of these thoughts and more would run through your head. She looked absolutely perfect.
She wore only a nightdress and some slippers. Other than that she had nothing else to keep warm with. The clothes were expensive but no one ever noticed that these clothes were bloodstained and ripped, as if someone with claws had torn through it. They were old and worn too.
Normally in this situation a little girl like her would freeze to death. She'd die. But tonight was like many similar nights.
So a rather plump middle aged woman, hurrying and trying to get home before the monster got her, came across the little girl.
The woman heard the sniffling of tears. Being a mother of five children, she naturally hurried toward to sound. She didn't enjoy hearing little children crying for whatever reason.
"Oh... are you alright? Are you lost?" The woman dropped to her knees in front of the angelic child, her skirt fanning out around her. She leaned forward, touching her shoulder gently.
The little girl looked up at the woman, and smiled. At first, the woman was relieved. The little girl wasn't crying anymore. But as the smile grew, and grew; as it grew into an unnatural size, the lady gasped. All of the little girl's teeth started to slide out of her gums. As blood dripped, the teeth made a tiny popping noise as they were finally out, and bounced onto the floor with the smallest of clatters. And slowly in the teeth's place grew four long, black, rotten fangs, two on top and two on the bottom.
Strands of her hair fell out, before clumps tumbled down her body instead. And when she blinked, her blue eyes were gone; replaced with black and yellow orbs.
With a hiss, the voices of all those she has devoured echoing with her own voice, she spoke, "Yessssssss.... I'm quite alright."
With a shock to her mind, the woman realized she was with the monster and naturally she screamed. She attempted to get up and run, but the little girl wouldn't let her. She reached up, and tore the skin from her face, from most of her body; all that she could reach. In its place were black scales that oozed white puss. Her jaw had unlocked and stretched wide open, exactly like a snake's and where her hair used to be were now thorns, made as if a tool of protection for the monster. It was inhuman, sickening in fact.
Blood splatters painted the ground and alley way as the monster caught the woman by the leg and with a sickening crunch, broke it. It slowly dragged her back, and struck, before ripping out her stomach.
The woman's constant screams pierced the night as she was killed slowly, torturously, and almost entirely devoured. When she was found the next day, she just had a bit more than a skeleton and her face left intact.

***** The Next Day: The Body is found*****

"This... This... MONSTER has killed again! Sir Aidon, when are you going to catch this thing?!" yelled at the officer.
Sir Aidon looked at the man who cried about the monster. Did he think he didn't realize that? The corpse of a dead woman was lying right before him; torn up and partially dismembered.
Sir Aidon was tall and lean with a thick head of black curly hair that framed his face deliciously. His eyes were a pale green, and he had full lips with tan skin.
Sir Aidon was a fine specimen; all the ladies said so. 'He only wears the finest of clothing, rides the bravest and most beautiful of steeds and only takes to the slightest of Women’ Some of the women would say.
'He holds only the sharpest, and greatest of swords, he bares no scars to proof his skill and he's one of the best swordsmen' little boys in awe, would proclaim.
He was admired by most and all; friend or foe.
There was no better champion.
"Sir, when will you catch this monstrosity? The people are afraid," the officer said.
"As soon as I get a lead on where it is, if you have a problem with my hunting methods, by all means, go out and find a better hunter and I assure you, you will not," He snapped at the annoying man, all but growling at him.
"I..I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again, I assure you.. I'll leave you to do as you please," the officer gulped. He slowly took a few steps back.
"Good," Aidon would huff. He squatted down to observe the corpse closer and noticed then in it's quite still fleshy hand, it held something. What the hell? He thought. He gently pried the fingers open and picked up a child's slipper. What is something like this doing here?
"At least we can identify the body. The monster is getting sloppy. In a few days time, it'll attack again and we'll be ready," He'd say more to himself than the officer. Sighing, he took the ruffled old blanket given to him then by the officer and covered the corpse.
"Take it to the morgue, and have the Doctor perform an autopsy, figure out what made this one different. I Think the victim might have realized what was going on a second before everyone else," he'd command the officer.
"And take these as well," He handed the man pouches with the clumps of hair and teeth in them. He then tossed him a pouch with the slipper.
"That one is the most important; don’t lose it."
"A slipper? A childs slipper? How the bloody hell is that a clue?" The officer asked. He had peeked into the pouch.
"Certain typed of demons posses’ unsuspecting bodies. When it does, after a long period of time, the demon's soul forces the humans out, killing the human, but keeping the body alive. That's when the demon attaches itself to the body, and makes adjustments to it. The demon gets all the memories, and learns soon how to act like that person, so no one would suspect them. If this demon took over the body of a child, it'd be the perfect predator. It could lure it's victims into a trap and then kill them. That slipper COULD lead us right to it. Understand?" He finished.
"Oh, yes! Quite perfectly now. Thank you!" He'd gently pick up the corpse, depositing it into a wheel barrel, and leaving with the body and evidence to the morgue.
Sir Aidon stayed around, searching the alley for any more clues.
He found none. The clumps of hair and teeth didn't even count. It just confirmed it was the monster; for it left those same things at every crime scene.
Aidon walked out to his horse, climbing onto it with exquisite grace. He ignored to ooo's 'n ahh's, and squeals 'n screams of recognition. He was just about to ride off when the sound of cannon could be heard a few leagues from there.
Everyone murmured, moving close together. A few children screamed, but all went running, hiding under their mother's skirts, or behind their father's legs.
"Oh. My lord!" A Woman gasped.
"They've never battled this close to the kingdom before..." A Young woman said uncertainly. Sir Aidon glanced down at her. She was just blossoming, too.

*****A Couple Days Later: The War has been won and now the Monster is caught*****

"Mama, Mama, Look! A Little girl! Mama, she’s crying!" A child whined, pointing to a blonde haired and blue eyed little girl.
"Oh, hunny, I know, I know. We'll go over as soon as I get a blanket," The mother said, pulled a blanket from her picnic blanket. The child and mother moved forward, their footsteps echoing on the cobblestone. The swish of the mother's skirts could be heard.
A smile slid across its fact and it laughed quietly, making sure to still sound and look like it was crying. The woman and child continued to walk forward, and the monster stilled; something was... off. These people didn't smell of sadness, or pity, or any of that. They smelt of hatred. The woman wrapped the blanket around the monster, and tied it uncomfortably tight. Why? It then caught a glimpse at the boy's mother's eyes, Anger, defiantly anger.
The monster's skin burned suddenly. In firey, excruciating pain where ever the blanket touched, which was everywhere of course. The lady made sure of it. It screamed the voices of those it's killed screaming along with it in a horrible screech, like that of a banshee.
It continued to burn, and the more it burned, the more the creature started to panic and scream. It didn't like this. It thrashed this way and that, trying to break free with all it's might. It made quite a ruckus. People started opening their windows, trying to catch a glimpse of was so obviously the screams of pain of the monster.
The pain was so intense, it had made the Monster start its sickening transformation. It didn't want to; it was trying to stop it. Why was it changing? And why did it HURT?
"Use holy water on the bitch!" The mother snarled. She'd made sure to cover her son's ears when she cursed, though, despite her rage. She'd also turned him around, hiding his face in her skirts so he wouldn't have to witness it. But like any little boy, He wanted to see. After a moment, he wriggled out of her grasp and watched with wide eyes as the monster finished turning into, well, a monster.
As the transformation was complete, the monster became paralyzed from the pain and fear. it couldn't see straight. It could see the shadow of someone over it, and see it raising something. But it never suspected that it was a sword being swung down to end its life when Sir Aidon decapitated it, and it's screaming was cut short.
As expected, everyone cheered 'The monster is dead, the monster is dead!'
One man grabbed a horse and ran off, ignoring that it was the dead of the night. He was going to inform the King.

*****The King Learns the Monster is dead. It's Time for a Party*****

"Killian! Oh Killian? Are you up? It's time to attend to your duties, Sir. There are messengers here with some good news! It’s a marvellous day, today, too. The Lord has sent us praise," Servant Bertrisha sang.
She waltzed in to the King's chambers, throwing the curtains open. She didn't lie. It was a beautiful day. The sun was in the sky, there were beautiful puffy white clouds, the sky was blue, birds were flying and singing, and all of the flowers were in full bloom, a splash of colour against all the green and beauty.
Killian murmured something, but he couldn't be heard. He was under all of his blankets and furs.
"What was that?" Bertrisha said, pulling the covers off, revealing the small, always nude body of the King.
"I don't wanna git up, Trishy..." He murmured, adding in her nickname from what he called her ever sense he was little. He sat up in the middle of his large bed, giving her a pouty look.
"Oh, don't give me those eyes, Killian. I know you want to sleep after last night, but this is important," Bertrisha said, as she grabbed his arm, dragging him out of bed. He was a whole head shorter than her. She always teased him about that, everyone knew it. Everyone thought it was quite cute how Killian considered her more of a friend than servant and always treated her as such. As children, Bertrisha actually found Killian annoying. He was always following her. They were only eight years of age apart, after all.
Killian's face went red to the roots of his hair in embarrassment, as he remembered the night before. He should really stop letting Sir Hunter taking advantage of him when he was drunk. They never went far, mostly just fingering and sucking, but still.
Someone was going to find out one of these days. And while most of his people were Christian, and they found nothing wrong with the gays, for they understood that there were still things in the world that were unexplained, such AS the gays, he still needed to produce heirs. How was he going to do that?
Killian had trusted only Bertrisha with such a secret. She knew him the best, after all. His father knew, too, and he had no problem with it, as long as Killian produced heirs. But his father was dead now, and he only one who knew was Bertrisha.
Sir Hunter didn't count. He didn't know that he was gay, he just knew that he could take advantage of him when he was drunk.
While He was up in his head, Bertrisha had started brushing out his long hair. Like every day, she'd say, "I wish I had this long and beautiful hair. Mine is always so messy."
"My Hair is only so beautiful because you take so much time washing it every night."
"Well, when you wash it, you don't wash it properly."
"You just say that because you like washing my hair. Your hair looks better messy, anyways. I've seen quite a couple men stare at you and say how sexy it looks."
After hearing that, Bertrisha snorted in disbelief. She started pulling out Killian's clothes for the day, and tied his hair in the same loose throng like always, placing it over his shoulder.
Once Killian dressed, he looked himself over in the mirror.
Satisfied, He grabbed his regular, plain simple black boots with gold embroidering at the top, and put them on. He grabbed Bertrisha's hand and ran across the length of his room, opening the door and flying out.
"Whoo! Let's go get breakfast, I'm starving! I want some ale, Aye?" He called back at Bertrisha who was five steps behind him.
"No Ale! With one glass, you will be drunk for the rest of the day!" She huffed.
Both of them started giggling as they hurried down the broad, white marble steps to the dining area.
"Go to the throne room, There is a messenger here waiting for you! I'll bring you your food," Bertrisha called.
"Okay, Trishy," He grinned and turned down the next hallway turn, still running full speed. Bertrisha zoomed past. They both ran to their destinations, grinning the entire time.
Killian ran into the throne room, literally jumping into his seat.
"Okay Everyone!!!!! I'm here!" He yelled, as if nobody already knew that. He giggled and sat in his chair properly.
"Trishy said someone needed to talk to me? Something good?" he asked, tilting his head, looking around the room. About Forty people were there. It wasn't much, considering the size of the room. Most of them were soldiers, staying to protect him, or leaving to train in the battle training arena, and servants who were cleaning.
"Aye, My Highness. This here is the messenger now," Said the duke, gesturing to a very excited and happy man being escorted to the King.
The man bowed, and then stood, grinning as he said, "My Highness, I have great news from nobleman, Sir Aidon. He has killed the dreadful monster! He got it just last week, and is travelling here now to give you the body as tribute! He will be here in a few days time!"
"Sir Aidon? He has never came to the castle before. We must call a ball for this victory! For The hero Sir Aidon, the won war, And the killing of this creature! Start the preparations immediately!! Go, go, go, go, go!! Get some fresh fish, Men, get your hunting gear! Go out and catch some meat! Tell some of the lady servants to go to the market; We need fruits, and get some vegetables from the Garden! This is a great victory, people! One of the Greatest we've ever had in the history of Teirloch! We will have the greatest party in our history!"
Everyone stood still for this outburst. It was not the King who gave the orders, But Bertrisha. She had arrived with Killian's breakfast.
"Well?" King Killian asked. "Get on with it! Bertrisha and I will take care of the guest list!"
Everyone broke into a broad grin before everyone started running around, following orders. Soldiers went out to inform the other's and spread the news.
Today was a marvellous day, indeed. Bertrisha had not lied about that.

*****The Ball of the Hero Sir Aidon, the Won War, and the Killing of This Creature*****

"Everything's done. And right in the nick of time, too. The ball is tonight," Bertrisha sighed, wiping her dirty hands on her dirty dress, wiping her sweaty brow off with her sleeve.
"I'll be going home, then, Killian. My work here is done."
"Oh, no, you don't. I've got a surprise, “Killian grinned, and walked into the throne room, where all the servants, cooks, designers, everyone, who worked so hard these past couple of days had gathered.
"I thank you all so much for these past couple of days. I know it hasn't been easy. But, I have a gift, for all of you," He gestured for the 50 dress makers to come up.
"You have all seen these people walking around lately, and I'm sure you've wondered why. The reason is, I've asked them all to make you, themselves included an outfit to wear to the ball tonight." The crowd gasped, before clapping, and weeping. Everyone was so shocked. But they all quieted down when Killian raised his hand for silence.
"Your invitations are all already given to Sir Lance, so they know to let you in. You do not need to pay for these outfits; I have it all taken care of. We have a replacement head chef and cooks to take care of catering, and I want you to know that all of your outfits are complete with accessories and have been delivered to your homes with outfits for your family. I want you all to go home and get ready immediately!" Killian Grinned, laughing.
"King, surely you don't have enough money for this?" One of the servants questioned.
"Oh! quite the opposite. We are quite rich, you know. All of your small taxes really add up to my already big family dowry. We have had a lot of peoples dowries added to ours over the past thousand years," He giggled.
He then turned, and pulled out a grand dress before walking to Bertrisha and handing it to her.
"Go into the Guest rooms and get ready. I can take care of myself," He smiles.
Running off, they both went to separate rooms to get ready.

*****The Ball Has Begun! *****

Sir Aidon stared up at the grand doors of the castle, and blinked. Well, at least the Kings' had taste, he thought to himself. Turning to his servant, he had to chuckle. His servant was wobbling all over the place; the tribute was too heavy.
He had had the actual body of the monster cast in a thick layer of gold. As the gold was hardening, he himself placed gems into the gold to match the clothing. He had black gems for the yes of the monster, and its horns where diamonds, along with the rest of the body where it's 'skin' showed.
For its mouth, he had rubies, and it's fangs had black gems as well. It was a lot of work. Every piece had a gem on it to match the color, or the exact opposite of the color, considering, and it was very valuable.
He took the statue from him, placing it on his shoulder and kicked open the doors with a loud slam. Everyone stopped what they were doing. As he walked inside, the people made way for him and the terrifying yet beautiful statue.
He stared straight ahead at the king. How can this puny runt be king? He thought to himself, noticing the small build of the man. He walked before him, and in the cent of the room, there was a pedestal. One this statue would take up.
Setting it down on the pedestal, he unsheathed his sword with a hiss. Immediately, guards unsheathed their swords as well, and started stepping towards him. Shaking his head, he raised his recently gemmed and sharpened sword, and slammed it into the statue at its nose.
There was a slip, just large enough for his sword to go through. The statue was completed. With a grin, he watched the guards put their swords away and return to their spots, embarrassed.
"King Killian!" boomed Sir Aidon. "As you can see, I have brought the body of the monstrosity that has been killing our women for the past six months! I have cast it in gold and gems, as a valuable tribute to you, along with my favorite sword to go with it. I trust that you will take well care of it, for it is one of my greatest feats yet! And I pledge myself to you, my highness, and apologize for my absence in your council," He'd bow to him, before standing straight and striding towards him. "Do you forgive me, your Highness?"
"Aye, I do, Sir Aidon. And I thank you for this gift. You have become not only a hero to Teirloch, and the people, but to me, too. Thanks will be given. Your belongings and family will be moved into the castle, and you’ll all live here with me."
"I thank you, Sir. This is an honor," he gulped, glancing at Killian.
"Let the real party Begin!"
While Sir Aidon got some wine and talked to the ladies who had crowded him, his thoughts were only of the king naked on a large bed underneath him.
The king had perfect skin, and plump, red, moist lips. His soft blonde hair was long and beautiful, in a loose tie over his shoulder, and a braid running through it. Strands of hair were loose and on the other side of his shoulder, going around the back of his neck where the tie would be. Over his ear, a beautiful rose was clipped into his hair, the thorns snipped off, giving his already beautiful skin the illusion of a glow.
He wore a black tunic, embroidered with gold on the edges, and it snuck tightly to his skin. He wore matching trews, and the King wore his regular boots. They went with the outfit. When he was getting ready, he was quite pleased with his handy work, and put on a dark, rich violet cloak that gave him a mysterious and alluring vibe.
Sir Aidon was so entranced by how the King looked, and imagining fucking him to submission, he didn't notice when the King had actually walked up to him until the king spoke.
"You are pretty popular with the ladies... They are all chattering of indecent things about you."
Wait, what? "Well, the ladies can chatter all they want; it’s not them I'm thinking indecent things about." Wait!!!!! What am I saying? He thought to himself.
The King laughed, giggled more like it, and stared up at the very much taller man.
"Is there any lucky person? Any wives, or women you're courting then, Sir Aidon?"
Sir Aidon looked down at the king, and shook his head, a small smirk tilting his lips.
He reached behind the king to grab a glass of wine off a platter a caterer was walking around with. He had stepped closer to the king in order to get it, pressing his hard cock against his belly roughly as he did so.
"No, you’re highness... Whatever gave you that Idea?"
Killian sucked in a breath, and blushed brightly when he felt Sir Aidon's cock on his belly. His delicious meat was huge.
Killian knew what he was doing, and it was a bad idea. But that didn't mean it wasn't a fun game. What he didn't know it was going to be a short game, a very short one. Killian lifted his hand, brushing it against Aidon's cock before Aidon stepped back and handed him the wine glass. Killian took the glass, acting as if that's why he had lifted his hand in the first place. He pressed the edge of the glass to his lips gently before tilting it, and taking a sip.
"This wine is the best in the world. I had it shipped from England."
"Oh? Really you’re Highness?"
"Aye! Indeed. Though, I'm afraid I can't enjoy most of it; I get drunk easily, you see?"
"Ah, yes, I understand."
Killian looked up at him, giving him a great view of his big golden eyes and a charming smile before grabbing his hand, brushing his fingertips across his cock gain in the process before turning and walking to the statue, pulling him with.
"Tell me, how did you do this? It's exquisite."
Aidon licked his lip, shivering lightly before explaining the process.
"Come, let’s get refreshment, aye?" He said, turning and walking to the buffet`, picking up a small bunch of grapes and eating one.
Killian followed, entranced.
"My Highness, May you show me where the bathrooms are?"
"Aye, Right this way."
No one suspected anything, when both of them seemed to disappear.
Aidon slammed Killian against a wall, grind his hips against him as he tangled his fingers in his long hair.
Killian cried out in surprise, and his eyes widened.
"S... Sir Aidon, What are yo-"
"Shut up, Killian...” Aidon pressed his lips against Killian's, forcing his tongue in his mouth, before pushing him to his knees. Tugging on the laces of his trews, he made the younger man look up at him as he tugged his already half hard cock out.
He rubbed the head on Killian's lower lip, and to Aidon's surprise, Killian eagerly opened his mouth, sucking his cock hungrily into his warm, wet mouth.
He bobbed his head gently as he suckled him, staring up at Aidon as he did so. He increased his suction, his cheeks hollowing out gently.
It felt so good. He sucked on him as he lifted his hands, wrapping them around the base and pumped the opposite direction of his mouth.
Groaning, Aidon placed his hands on the wall to balance himself. He defiantly liked that.
"Fuck yeah, suck that good and hard, you'll get my cum quickly if you keep doin' that," He said. His hands dropped off the wall, and grabbing his head, he took charge of the pace, he was bobbing his head and increased it, making him sigh in pleasure.
Killian whimpered in pleasure, and spread his legs. All the action had him tugging his own small dick out. He let one hand go of the cock he sucked on and lowered it to his own, playing with it in small, shy movements. Aidon slid his length out of his mouth, grabbing him by the hair and forcing him up, making him moan in pleasure. His hair was a sensitive spot, we loved it when it was pulled.
They heard a clatter on the steps from a maid dropping a goblet that she was taking to whoever. Maybe she herself had consumed too much and was drunk.
Either way, neither of them wanted taking chances of someone seeing him. Picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder, he gripped his own manhood, stroking it as he walked to Killian's chambers. It took about 15 minutes but they made it there.
Pushing the door's open, Aidon swung the smaller boy onto the bed, before closing the doors, and turning to Killian.
Grabbing Killian's trews, and cloak, he ripped them all off before lifting his shirt. Aidon pushed his cock back into his mouth and into his throat. He moaned in pleasure, and began to pump his hips.
"Damn... you sure know how to suck a cock like a slut," he panted.
He slid out and Killian Gasped for air. Aidon hauled him up, and walked out onto the balcony. Far below, a couple of people dancing outside could be seen. Aidon bent Killian over so his ass was in the air. He squatted down, rubbing the globes of his ass before he stuck his tongue out of his mouth.
Killian moaned loudly, jerking his hips as the nobleman's fat tongue slid into his ass, tasting him. Aidon groaned. He tasted sweet. No one should ever taste this good. He continued his assault, stopping only to murmur, "Sweet ass you've got here... Mind if I have a piece?" before diving back in.
Killian couldn't believe it. He never thought that something so nasty could feel so good. Sir Hunter had NEVER done this before, he even yelled at him when the young King suggested such a thing out of curiosity.
After awhile, Aidon let up, and pushed two fingers inside, pumping gently as he prepared him for his girth and length. He was by no means small. As Killian moaned, Aidon pushed another finger in, and then another.
Once he was certain that Killian could take him, he placed the head of his dick between his cheeks and pushed, easing right in. He groaned, and grabbed a bottle of scented oils, rubbing it on his cock to make it easier on the younger man underneath him as he realized most of his saliva on his meat had dried up.
He slid his cock in and out, chuckling as he pressed his chest against his back, whispering in his ear, "You like it? You like my cock meat in you? Come on, Moan for me!" He gripped Kilian's hair, tugging his head up so his moans weren't muffled anymore by his arm, and Aidon started slamming inside.
Damn, that felt good. Killian's moans turned into screams as the sounds of skin slapping on skin filled the air, and Aidon's chuckled turned into groans.
He pushed into him very hard all of a sudden.. Killian immediately bolted up. He drooled, and his tongue was out of his mouth like a bitch dog. Looking over his shoulder with half closed eyes, he stared at Aidon, forcing the words, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I'm yours, all yours, just don't stop! That fat cock is the best!!" out of his mouth.
His mind was lost in the pleasure. He didn't even realize what he was saying.
Aidon's cock jumped at his words, and he quickly picked up the pace, roaring as he came. Killian screamed in pleasure, his back arching as he was filled with his white creamy seed, his own cum spurting forth, and landing on the far ground below.
Coming to his senses, Killian stared in horror down at the people.
"What if they heard me, Aidon, what if they heard me?!"
"Relax, we're too far up," He chuckled.
He stayed inside of him as he walked him to the bed, rolling him onto his back while keeping his cock inside him. He pumped his hips again, and crying out, Killian squirmed hard.
"A...Again? Not now! Please, let me rest!"
But Aidon heard nothing. He started pounding back inside him in seconds, and Killian drooled, his hair spread out underneath him. He back arched and his hips were ground against Aidon's pole.
Groaning, Aidon started angling up, rubbing against his prostate.
His eyes going cross, Killian yelled, "Yeshhh! mmm hardeh, hardeh!"
Cum covered his abdomen a second later, and another load filled his ass.
They collapsed onto the bed, panting as cum and sweat stuck their bodies together. Aidon rolled onto his back, keeping the exhausted King Killian there as he pulled the blankets over them. The Party below went on, never suspecting, never hearing anything above the music.

*****The End*****

Officially, I'd like to thank my friends in the making of this story, Especially Haze (It's a nickname.)
He fixed alot of grammical errors for me, considering the program I typed this on didn't tell me when my grammer or spelling was wrong, which, in this type of writing, can get pretty sloppy. Even though I did change some things back, like "His eyes going cross, Killian yelled, "Yes! mmm harder, harder!" " Back to what you see now.

I also would like to thank the author of a website that gave me alot of tips to make story aswell, despite the fact I can't remember his name.
If you have any stories you'd like me to type up, or any ideas, send an email to me. And my email is
Thank you for reading this!!!! x o x o <3

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2013-05-24 16:58:12
This was really sexy and I loved how it made sense and it wasn't sloppy. Good Story!

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2013-05-24 11:31:55
This is an excellent story you had a well developed plot and the he characters harm personality and I would love to read more it had a hot ending and I am now curious as to how things will progress between Killian and aidon

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2013-05-23 23:27:40
I like it. Great plot and very hot at the end. Yes the rules are a bonus...nicely done.

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2013-05-23 22:49:44
It was in paragraphs. when I read it, it was in paragraphs, and it still is. -first commenter-


2013-05-23 21:35:14
Wow where to begin break up your story paragraphs are your friend. Giant wall of text is not your friend. Got a headache after the first break. Keep trying

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