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My first story, hope you enjoy! Just for reference Stephen and I are both going into 9th grade at the time of this story.
"Hey man are you ready?!"
"Hell yeah dude! Two weeks at camp away from parents and responsibilities! Perfect way to start summer!"
"Haha I can't wait!"

All I could think of on the two hour drive was how much fun I was going to have for these two weeks. And better yet, it was going to be with my dream guy. He's just perfect.


"Finally here." I said to Stephen as I was unpacking
"I know. I've been looking forward to this all school year! It's going to be great!"
"Hey, Stephen I have an awkward question to ask..."
"Ok, what is it?"
"Well I was wondering if you ever thought about gay sex..."
"Yeah I have actually. I've always wondered what it'd be like."
"Yeah, me too."

At around 8:45 at night we got back to our cabin from all of camp activities.

"Dude, today was so much fun." Stephen said to me
"I know. I couldn't have asked for a better day!"
"Me either!"

It's around 9:30 at night and we're laying in our beds

"Hey, Jake, can I tell you something?"
"Yeah, sure man, what's up?"
"Well, I kind of, have a foot fetish"
"Oh... well everyone likes different things I guess."
"Yeah... but remember how we said earlier that we wondered what gay sex was like?"
"Yeah why?"
"Well we don't have to wonder much longer."

Stephen then jumped out of his bed and then on top of me and we started making out. He started to slide his hand up my shirt and play with my nipples. It was so great. He then started to take my pants and underwear off and then blew my 8 inch dick. It was the most amazing experience ever, I shot 4 thick ropes of cum into his mouth and he swallowed all of it. Then he licked all the way down my leg to my feet. He then devoured my feet. I was so great. He licked all around then and sucked on all of my toes.

"My turn" I said

I took off his pants and first started licking his gorgeous ball sack. He moaned in pleasure. Then I deep throated hos 7.5 inch dick, and he was screaming he liked it so much. Then he started yelling "I'm gonna cum! Here it is!!" I swallowed every last bit of it, it was so warm and amazing.

"Fuck me." Stephen said
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I want you inside of me."

I then tongue fucked his perfect asshole to get it nice and lubed up. Then I spit on his asshole and fingered the hell out of him. He loved it. Then he said, "Just fuck me already!" So I lied him down on the bed and shoved my dick up his ass. He screamed at first but then he loved it. I was pumping in out out so fast and the was my balls slapped against his ass was great. Then, I shot 5 ropes of cum in his asshole.

"Give me a foot job" Stephen said

I layed down and he fucked my feet. He squirted his cum all of my feet and chest then licked all of it off, and made out with me. We fell asleep holding eachother.

I woke up at 2:30 to an amazing feeling. I woke up to find Stephen licking my feet and then fucking them again.

"Round two?" I said
"Hell yeah!"

We started making out again and then he gave me another blow job. He gave me the blow job for like 10 ,inuted when I finally cummed down his throat. Still rock hard, I flipped him over and ate out his ass again. Then I shoved my throbbing dick up his ass! I fucked him for 30 minutes and then cummed in his ass. He then got right up and I rode him cowboy style. He fucked me for 45 minutes then cummed. Then we made out again. About to fall asleep wrapped in each others arms I said;

"This is going to be the best two weeks of my life. I love you."
"Yes it is. I love you too."

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2013-06-29 08:53:24
Oops, 'characters,' not 'chatacters' as below...dang touch typing!

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2013-06-29 08:51:34
Great story; realistic and hot! Don't worry about the overly critical; some of us develop early and if the chatacters are best friends it makes sense to ask of and admit to each other personal thoughts. Personally, I was fully developed by 12 and had my adult-size dick of 7 inches by then, so it's perfectly plausible for the narrator to have an 8 by age 13. Some guys think that, because they had a later body clock, everyone else just couldn't have developed earlier than they. Well, just allow me to say that there were plenty of us in 5th Grade (ages 10-11) who were undergoing puberty, as well as plenty whose bodies waited another year or two. I remember already wanting a couple of hot boys when we were all in 5th Grade...!

I look forward to hearing more!

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2013-05-24 19:20:55
Coulda have been an awesome erotic story, but way too rushed! Slow it down, make it more detailed... No one would believe them just asking if they thought about gay sex and tell them they had a foot fetish. Slow it down, draw it out, make it believeable

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