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Hi, This is FICTION, Please remember that!
Ok, First, this is my first published story!
Second: THIS IS FICTION. In life I both respect and admire my mother!
Third: Enjoy. Its extreme and unlikely but it was fun to push my boundaries in this way

I have never has much respect for my mother. For someone born in the classless captial of the country where the tango man would fit in and its definatly maybeline (or a cheap knock off) i strangely was born with one defining assest - class. That means that i looked at my slap-covered, mutton dressed as lamb slag of a mother with distaste. Which is probably how she ended up as my total bitch.

It all started when she came to visit me. I opened the door, and there she stood, dressed 'smartly', which meant that she was wearing more that a skirt and top! In this case a pair of jeans and a boob tube. As predicted the make up had been applied with a shovel. "Haay Darlin" she drawled at me.
"Un hum" i replied.
"Deary can i use the can, it was a really long drive and i need to piss!"
"Ok" i replied and led her to the bathroom, but my mother being her annoying self stopped to talk before eventually going into the bathroom.

She was a while and the i heard "Jim darlin?"
Going to the door i knocked "Ma?"
"Come in Jimmy"
Walking in i was greeted by a sight that made my cock go hard. My mothers face was beet red with humiliation, and the crouch of her jeans was showing me why...

"I left it too long darlin'. Can i borrow some trousers?"
I looked over my mother, a lanky blonde with pink highlights. I suppose with a brushup she would be ok, she had a thin waist, pert bum and a pair of perky tits. I stopped myself. This was my mother that i wouldnt touch with a bargepole! My eyes drifted to the wet patch again as she started speaking again butbi wasnt listening. Something snapped. Revenge for all the years of near abusive boyfriends and lack of support for me from her.

Taking two steps forward i grabbed her throat, using my bulk to lift her tippy toes - an impressive feat considering the size of her heels. Pinning h against the wall i growled "You dirty fucking slut"
"Pardon?" My mother said shocked, her voice different.
My brain clocked this, her voice, her eyes were awake. She was getting off on this rough treatment.
"You slag" i told her, "when i wanted porn i could have just watched you, couldn't i?"
"Yes love" she replied, her arms snaking around my broad shoulders.
Turning i threw her to the ground, grabbing hold of her long hair. Taking her head i turned it to me.
"Well now, im gonna have as much of you as i like. No one will miss you. You are mine, understand. I will control everything that you do. Understand?"
"Yes, Jimmy" she replied.
"Thats sir to you. Always sir."
Pushing her head down the toilet i said "and yoj wear too much make up." Being the slag that i remembwr she wasn't going to flush the loo.til she left the room so her piss was still down there, not inclusing that in her wet panties! Taking the flush i pulled releasing a torrent of water onto her face, forcing her face in, before bringing her up gasping, her mascara running, her slapper lipstick glistening.

"Better" i say standing back. "Kneel"
As she kneels i take out my cock, and aim it at her, the hardness softened for know, and unleash a stream of piss onto her, aiming at her clothes.

Feeling the warm urine hit her body my mum shrieked with pleasure massaging it into herself like some fucked up soap advert, soon my aim became difficult as the sight made my cock go hard.

Grabbing my mother by the throat i bodily dragged her through to the kitchen. Throwing her to the floor i heard the air burst from her and she lay there winded. As she tried to get up i straddled her back.

Taking a knife i cut off her clothes, leaving her lying there face down in her undies. Looking at them i was surprised. She was wearing white lacy knickers and bra, obviously expensive.

"You wanted this you slut, didn't you" i whispered menacingly into her ear as my hand whipped down her panties. Looking round the kitchen i spotted some olive oil. Pouring it over arse and my cock i leaned down to her ear again. "Your my slut now, so im gonna fuck you. You will fuck anyone or anything i tell you to. Got it?"
"Yes sir. Make mummy your slut. Make me your fuck rag"
These words make me snap again and i pushed my cock into her arse. She wasn't expecting her little classy boy to be so crass and as my large cock penetrated her she screamed.

I quickly put my hands in her mouth, the fingers curled around her lips allowing me to fuck her hard. Soon the screams let up and i looked down at her, sobbing but smiling. She was whispering something and i leaned closer to hear.

As I leaned in i heard my mother muttering "Thank you, thank you, thank you",
"You fucking bitch dog!" I told her. "Like it in the arse do you, like
little sons big cock in that arse?"
"Yes!" She cried as I started to hammer her arse some more "You rape
mommys virgin arse!"
At that comment I looked down and saw some blood on my cock from where
I had penetrated her arse so violently.
"Does it her mommy?" I asked in a sweet voice, my cock burried deep in
that arse of hers.
"Yes" she whispered "and I love it!"

Pulling out of her arse I stood up and looked at her sprawled on the
floor, blood between her buttcheeks, her white knickers still around
her knees. "Come her and kneel".
As she knelt before me, I slapped her hard across the cheek, leaving a
big red hand print there. "Would you like to clean my cock mommy?"
"Yes sir I would" she replied SLAP
"Open wide then, and remember you are my little slut whore from now on".
Pushing my cock into her mouth I violently fucked her face, not caring
if she was gagging, just looking for some release from my aching
balls. Soon though constant pounding of my cock on the back of her
throat was too much for her, and she started to retch. I pulled my
cock out, just as the vomit hit her mouth, her cheeks puffing up like
a chipmunk. She start to turn to one side to spit it out, and I caught
her by the throat. I tapped her chest. Dump it here I said, my ball
still aching from the built up cum inside them. Her eyes glistened
with lust at the depravity of what I was suggesting, and she obidently
opened her mouth, depositing puke down her cleveage into her wide lace

"Hands and knees, bitch, dont want to see your ugly face" I told my
mother, and she obediently knelt down.

Looking down at my mother on all fours i shook my head in disgust. The puke was dripping off her chest and her arse was oil covered and bloody from the pounding i had given in.

Taking my cock i rubbed it up and down her pussy lips, getting it coated in her juices. A couple.of time i started to push it into her pussy but i pulled out before i enter her.

I could hear my mom whimpering something, so kneeling down i grabbed her hair. "Something to say bitch?"
"Please fuck me sir!" She said.
"Sorry, didn't catch that." I said with a nasty smile.
"Sir please fuck your cum slut, fill me up.with your cock sir and put your load deep in me. Sir please fuck me, sir i need that cock sir. Sir please"
She was practically crying like a child denied her toy by now, and so i returned to her pussy, my cock now harder than ever. As i started to push in she stopped talking,, a long ahhh escaping her lips. Shoving my cock i hard i said menacingly "who told you to shut up? You will talk until i tell you. No thank me for fucking you!"
"Thank you sir, thank you" she said as i started to fuck her "fuck me, fuck me harder, please, oh god please thank you please..."

As she begged my i rammed my cock deep into that well used pussy. She was by no means tight, but she new how to take a pounding and i enjoyed the sensation of her wet hole rubbing on my cock. By now her begging had become gibberish filled with the occasional please or thank you. Soon i could feel the release that i wanted building in my balls, the ache growing as i fucked her stupid skank pussy, until i came deep in her womb, shooting my wad straight into that pussy. Pulling my softing cock out i stood on wobbly legs, looking down on my well fucked mother.

Taking her by her hair i walked her on all fours to where the puke had dripped on the floor. "Lick it up" i told her, looking for disgust on her face but she eagerly flew to licking up her own puke. "You stink" i tld her, dragging her back into the bathroom. Taking an old collar from my great dane i put it around her throat. "Thank you sir" she said smiling briefly. I then chained her to the shower before taking the hose. Turning the water onto ice cold, i sprayed her with the shower, making sure that i got all of the puke off. Throwing her some soap i told her to wash her body off. Once i had finished "showering" he tramp, i undid the chain and walked her through to the bedroom. My ex had left tons of her beauty products in a cupboard and i pointed to it.

"everyday i want you to look after your skin. I want that skin soft and gorgeous and pale. No fake tan! I want your pussy shaven. In fact everyday shave your body, all of it. Soon ill take you for a make over."

Giving her a towel i pointed at the floor. "You sleep there. Three times tonight you are to masturbate but not cum. If you wake me i shall punish you!"

Thats Day 1, hope you guys liked. Please let me know in the comments. Troll will be ignored so dont bother. Critics will have their comments taken on board!

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-08 07:04:56
We love your story..keep up with your writting. I was fucking my mothers pussy while I read your story. Mom and I are secret lovers. I became her husband right after dad died 2 yrs. ago. Mom wanted my thick manhood sperms in her slutty horny bald cunt. I, of course, enjoying that fat clean-shaved meat hole of mine. She's my sex slave.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-04 09:43:22
Definitely seemed a little rushed. Not much build-up to the action. Also, I'm not sure if you were going for the over-the-top, aggressive role for Jimmy, it was definitely a step or two past the preferred dominant, but not too rude role. All in all, I'd give about 6/10.

Either way, its still quite enjoyable.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-28 19:36:48
Good story. Please post more, more bondage and public humiliation if poss.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-24 14:28:55
ALWAYS use the upper case I when writing as yourself [in the first person], not the lower case i.

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