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Just because you have mind control doesn't mean you're in charge.
Minding Others
by DiscipleN

Chapter 8

After mom called Wendy that night, Rodney left to meet her and try to save their relationship, again. Lynn and Shell were tucked into their room, and I was told to knock on my mom's bedroom door once they slept.

"Come in Jules."

I gripped the knob and twisted. The door moved awfully slowly. If I could have opened it slower I would have. Mother stood next to her bed, wearing a loose, green silk nightgown and brushing her long, dark hair.

"Gee mom, I could come back later." Like maybe next week?

"Close the door behind you. We have to talk."

"Umm, okay." The click of the door latch sounded like the seal of my doom.

"Come and sit down." She indicated the bed beside her with her knee. Her gown rustled like warm wind.

I walked to the side opposite her and sat. So far my dick remained inert.

She watched me as I walked around her bed.

"Jules, I've been wondering."

"Y-yes mom?"

"Do you think I look sexy?" She tilted her head and smiled at me.

Now I thought my mother was the most erotic creature on Earth. Her hair, she so seductively brushed, flowed across her shoulders like silken licorice. It fell down her back in curtains of midnight water. In figure, she'd added a few pounds since her prime, but the keen wisdom shining in her eyes made her more beautiful than a super-model. Her breasts hung a trifle low, but their modest size gave them a subtle, but alluring cleavage. Fat tits are a waste of good chocolate, I say. Fine breasts are gourmet platters. Mother's were an artist's master-work. Her belly was just big enough to be soft, without waves. Her hips, wide and womanly, and her toned legs, I remember their grip the previous night. She had used them together to suck me into her wanting loins.

Something was wrong. My cock, it wasn't getting hard. I was surrounded by the inviting glow of my nautilly clad mother. The air sustained the subtle perfume of her sex, and I hadn't had sex in 24 hours. My mind swirled with ardor, but my dick lie in my groin like a dead slug. Mother must have noted my initial panic. She walked around the bed and took me in her arms. I listened to her whisper in my ear.

Mom hadn't asked her question, expecting an answer. "See, my naughty boy, there are greater things under the sun than sexual psychic powers, or God's meddling with genetics, or whatever the hell's going on with you.

"You - you did something to me. The meal! You put something in the meatloaf!"

"No, honey. Not at all."

"But what is it? What's happening? Why am I so soft?"

"It was the chocolate cake." She winked and released me. Mother stood up and went to her dresser. She set her brush on top of it.

I was about to squeak out, 'why?', but it was instantly obvious. I had raped my own mother. "But mom, is it healthy? What did you use? I'm a teenage boy. What if I'm suppose to get hard a lot. How often do I have to eat that stuff? And for how long? Will it damage me? What about my sexual adulthood?"

"Oh, I think you crossed that line yesterday. How does it feel to have YOUR sexuality manipulated?" She did not speak this cruelly. She asked it only to underscore her lesson. "Jules, I laced your cake to prove you can control your desires, even if you have to use a drug."

"I don't know what to say."

"I'm not going to poison you, and if you'd like, we can experiment with what it will take to let you stay in control. But that's a decision you have to make. Jules, this is more important that your biological imperatives. You have to control yourself, or your brother will be proven right, eventually." Mother walked back to her side of the bed.

"Okay. I guess I deserved it." My eyes were misting up. "I-I know you didn't deserve what I did last night."

"Hush. That's in the past now. What will you do about your future?" Mother sat down on her bed. "The current problem is, I've been thinking about you, a lot. Ever since last night, I've had the oddest cravings. I was furious at you yesterday, but by morning I couldn't get the memory of you inside me, out of my head. I'm worried your power has serious after-effects."

"Do you think," I grew alarmed, "maybe that's why Wendy dressed up like a hooker."

"Poor girl. When I called her, she sounded so ashamed. She admitted she liked Rodney very much, but she had never imagined going all the way so early in their relationship. She told me, if her father found out, she wouldn't be allowed to leave her house ever again. What they did was really foolish, but I should have reasoned with them instead of going ballistic. I promised her he wouldn't find out. Got that?" She intoned adamantly.

"Yes, yes. I won't tell a soul, but let's hope the neighbors weren't watching. What about you, mom? What did you mean by cravings?"

"I've been struggling with my feelings." Mother confessed. "Honey, what you did was very powerful for me. I haven't been with a man for a long time. You know I don't like to pick up dates. My four children cause me enough distress. I don't need a man to add to the excitement." She paused and looked deep into my eyes. "All day I've been fighting being excited around you."

"Mom, maybe I should go. Maybe my power doesn't need a boner for an antenna."

"No, it's not the same, at all. The first time it happened in the kitchen, when I went berserk, afterwards I felt the same things. I got really horny, and I couldn't get you or Rod out of my fantasies. The feelings lasted for a couple days, but you're my son's after all. I kept a lid on it." Mother pulled herself across the bed and smoothed her gown. She studied me longingly. Her pupils dilated like black tea cups.

My eyes grew wide at her revelation. "Th-then you must be feeling..."

Suddenly my mother shrugged off her nighty, and her tits popped into view. "Please son, suck mommy's nipples!" She reached out and grabbed my head.

"Hey! Ohh- plllppt!" So much for her letting me choose my own level of control.

She planted my mouth squarely upon a breast and she cooed delightedly as she stroked my hair. "Mommy can't control herself. She needs you honey. She needs her son to make her feel good again. Suck me good honey. Suck my tits real nice."

What can I tell you? My dick might have been a poster child for Viagra, but as I was about to learn, a hard dick isn't everything. I sucked on my mom's tit like it was fresh melon. My nostrils tickled from imaginary wisps of honeydew and cantaloupe. Her fingers ran through my young locks reassuringly. I forgot all our troubles, but I did worry a little about her strange regression to baby talk. It sounded so uncharacteristically submissive. It was like I was with another woman who was also my mother. My dick would have hardened to steel at her first words if it weren't for the nasty chemicals I had been fed.

"Ohhh, yes son. That's right, just right, that's just what your mother needs. So strong, your mouth sucks my tit wonderfully. Here, pinch mommy's other nipple." She took my hand and pressed its fingers to her bare breast. I twirled her dark bud and tugged it lightly. "MMMmmmmm!"

Beneath me, I felt a hand fumbling at the base of her gown. She was pulling it up to her waist.

"I'm burning up inside. How can I be doing this? I shouldn't be doing this, but I can't help myself. I need you Jules. Mommy has to free herself. She needs to set herself free!" She managed to push one hand between her thighs and sink a finger or two inside her dripping slot. She groaned upon first contact and she leaned into my face.

I slurped and pinched the best I knew how, but it was only my second time.

"Mmmnngh, my tits love what you're doing to them. Ohh!" I felt her hand moving rapidly beneath my torso. Her other hand pressed me tightly against her.

"Oh Lord, is this so wrong?" She cried out. I think she might have had a couple tears in her eyes. The good feelings I gave her tits and she was giving her cunt must have fostered no little guilt. For a few moments we simply worked at our lustful labors. Then she seemed to make a decision.

"Oh, honey, mommy is so sorry she doctored your dessert! Can you forgive me?"

I had to pull my mouth away, but she relaxed her grip on my skull, anticipating my need. "Can you forgive me? I never should have taken you last night." I turned and sucked her other nipple into my mouth. I switched the hand that held me up and teased the one left wet and swollen.

"No, you couldn't help yourself, just like mommy can't help herself right now. We are linked, our desires. We must relish them. Damn, if only I hadn't poisoned you!" She swore.

"You did what you had to. I needed to learn."

"No, silly child of mine. I need more from you. I want you to fuck me!" She shook her head, frustrated. "But you can't!" She sighed explosively. Beneath me, her fingers flashed angrily, in and out of her cunt, desperately trying to quell its hunger.

My thoughts reeled. Mother was telling me she wanted my dick hard, so I could fuck her. Last night, everything she said was at odds with everything she did. Tonight, her mind and body were of one will, but I couldn't deliver. It was maddening. I wanted her so bad!

"Mother, let me suck your pussy. Maybe I can make you cum that way." I spoke as the thought formed.

"Oh, honey, YES!" She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and gripped my head with both hands. I felt her open her legs wide under me. "Yes, suck your naughty mommy. Get down there and suck her cunt. NNnnnnngghh!! I need you so badly. I need to cum!"

With her hands pressing, I quickly shifted down my mom's plush body. I could smell her sex strongly even before my chin passed her pubes. I gulped and prayed I wouldn't get sick from its smell. I still had a child's taste for sweet things. Mother's cunt was rich and dark with adult musks. She pressed my face into her soaked flesh without realizing my concern. My only escape was to suck.

I sucked and I licked her cunt, up and down, and my spit mingled with her juices and her taste mellowed. Soon I was gobbling her satiny lips like they were leaking heavenly nectar.

"My son, my dearest son! That's incredible! Suck me. Suck your mommy's cunt. Eat me and bite me and chew me up into a monster orgasm. Oooohhhhhh! Mommy needs you so much!"

I took another lesson from her and pushed two of my fingers into her cunt. She was so wet with cunt slime and my spit they slipped inside her to their hilts. Her reaction astonished me. She bucked her hips into my face, and I nearly blacked out.

"GOD, OH GOD, I think I'm going to cum!!" She yelled freely.

Thank heavens she didn't cum right away. I was enjoying this vivid meal of my mom's secret center. I slobbered all over her and I sucked in her wide outer lips and out again like a demon. I sucked her clitoris in without realizing what it was and she screamed!

"JULES!! THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!! Mommy is going to cum!!!"

Mother started humping my face like a mad woman. "Fuck mommy's cunt! Fuck her with your mouth. Mommy's gotta have her little boy sucking her cunny, making her cum. Ohh, I'm going to CUM!!!"

I think she held out another fifteen seconds, while I buried myself in her pussy and licked and sucked her juice as fast as she spilled it out of her. With one hand deep inside her, plunging my fingers in and out of her cunt, my other hand rubbed madly against her clit. I tongue lashed her and lip smacked her. My face and hands were a united fucking machine.

She came with a roar! Mother hollered and swore. "Fuck me, fuuck f-fuck MEEEEEEEE!!!! Damn and hell and shit and fuck!" Her body thrashed on the bed, and I struggled to keep sucking on her pulsing cooz.

"I'M CUUUUMMMMINNNNGGG!! OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh CUMMING!!! Jules, don't stop. Don't stop." Her body jerked and jumped beneath my urgent ministrations

I didn't stop until my jaw refused to obey me, my tongue felt dead, and my hands needed surgical intervention to ever be used again. I collapsed at my mother's side and fought for breath.

I heard her gasping quietly beside me.

"Jules, mother needed that. I-I needed that, more than I could imagine." She uttered between breaths. I sensed her change of voice, its reassumption of maturity, of position and self-control. I envied her.

"What are we going to do? I-I don't understand any of it. You, me what are we? Was it my fault again. Am I to blame? What am I suppose to do?"

"Just rest, honey. Rest. You did nothing wrong. It was all my doing, but I'm not sure anymore that it was wrong. Whatever happens next between us, I promise, I won't hold you responsible." She slumped down and covered her waist with a pillow.

Laying next to my incredible mother, I thought about our future. I felt reassured, I wouldn't have to deal with my strange power alone, anymore. I still worried about Rodney, but then something occurred to me. I twisted my head around to face my mother. "What about Wendy, what if she attacks Rodney again, in her own house?"

Mother laughed lightly, and grinned. "You weren't the only one who ate two helpings of cake."

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