Brenda is a devoted wife and mother. Why can't she resist secretly meeting with her Master?
Soccer Mom Slave
By: Kahiltna

As she waited in her car, Brenda couldn’t believe she was here again. Her short, shallow breathing and rapid heartbeat gave away her apprehension. “My God”, she thought, “I’m a happily married wife and mother, why can’t I stop doing this?” Brenda was the prototype “Soccer Mom”. She was 33 years old, married 10 years, with a 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter, living in the suburbs. Her husband was just what she dreamed of as a girl. Loving, hansom, dedicated to her and the kids, a good provider, he genuinely enjoyed being a family man She appeared to be totally absorbed in the lifestyle of a stay at home Mom. Driving kids to school in the morning, keeping the house just right, volunteer work at a number of charities and civic groups, picking up kids in the afternoon and shuttling them to after school activities filled her days.

But appearances can be deceiving, here she was again. Down deep she knew why. There was great passion with her husband during their courtship and right after they were married. Bill was a good lover, gentle, considerate. never demanding, always trying to fulfill her needs. A few months after they were married she was pregnant with Bill Jr and things started to change. It was a difficult pregnancy and after her son was born it seemed there was never time for intimacy. She fell into the Mom routine, continuing to Jill’s birth and beyond. Now the kids were old enough that whenever she and her husband found time for sex it was only behind a locked bedroom door with the emphasis on being quiet so the kids wouldn’t hear. At 5ft 6in, 135lbs, Brenda kept herself fit and without bragging she thought she had a nice body. It’s true her figure had changed since having kids. She was quite slender when she was younger, now she had a woman’s figure. At 36C-28-38 Brenda could best be described as voluptuous and by most men’s taste, very desirable. Brenda felt like she was wasting away in a dull sex life. Then she started meeting…Him.

There was nothing dull about the meetings with Him. As long as she could remember Brenda had fantasies involving strong men. When she was younger she dreamed of being swept off her feet. As she grew older the fantasies changed to being taken by a man. She never thought she could tell anyone how she felt, certainly not her husband. Then she told Him.
He questioned her about the fantasies wanting specific details. Embarrassed about what she really wanted, Brenda tried to be vague. He made her answer just by the force of his personality. Then he began to take control over her. At first Brenda thought he was just doing what she wanted. Then she realized he was using the knowledge to take advantage of her and use her as he pleased. He constantly took Brenda to new limits. Some of the things he did Brenda had fantasized about since she was a teenager. Others she never dreamed of. He was anything but gentle and considerate. The things he did were rough, sometimes degrading, even painful. She couldn't explain why the things he demanded would gave her such pleasure, such ecstasy. She only knew she didn't want Him to stop.

Today He had said nothing about how Brenda should dress. Sometimes he instructed her to wear specific clothes and lingerie, but not today. Brenda was dressed like a suburban soccer mom. White short sleeve button down blouse and a light blue skirt. The skirt was snug-but not too tight, above the knee-but not too short. 3 inch high heeled wedge sandals finished off her outfit for this warm spring day. The sandals had little ankle straps and could either be viewed as sexy or stylish depending on the frame of mind of the viewer. Perfectly appropriate for shopping or pick up the kids after school. But today she was waiting for Him.

She sent Him the text this morning. “Master, may I please see you today?” His reply came about 20 minutes later. “12 o’clock at the farm house slave”. When she read it she could hardly breathe. Since then the day had been a blur. Getting the kids to school, going back home to get ready, a hot bubble bath, taking her time to carefully shave…everywhere. Since their first meeting He had been very specific about that. Getting her make up just right, doing her shoulder length chestnut hair in a very simple pony tail as was his preference, getting dressed with new matching lace bra and thong panties. And now Brenda waited.

Brenda squirmed around on the car seat again. She felt the front of her panties slip under one of her cunt lips. It was still hard for her to believe she used words like that to describe her body. He had been pretty clear about her vocabulary. Slaves didn’t have vaginas or breasts or bottoms. She had a cunt, tits and ass. Of course she had resisted, she never used that kind of language. After experiencing his methods of persuasion she came around pretty quickly. Now it had become second nature and she had to be careful during conversations in her regular life. Fortunately she rarely discussed her private body parts in the routine course of a day. She put her hands under her skirt. Slipping her fingers under the lacy fabric, she ran her fingers over her cunt lips, adjusting her panties out of her crack. Touching her cunt lips, she felt a pleasurable surge flow through her lower body. Her cunt was already starting to get wet. Brenda pulled her hands out from under her skit, resisting the urge to finger her cunt. She sighed and kept waiting.

He always arrived after her. The farm house was a 25 minute drive from Brenda’s home, most of it on the freeway, then 10 minutes on county roads. Brenda was parked in front of the farm house. It was hard to tell how long it had been since anyone had lived here, certainly a long time. The property was overgrown, the house not visible from the road. The home was in disrepair, unkempt and dusty, except for one bedroom. That was the only room in the house that was clean and had furniture. Once more Brenda thought, “I could leave now, send Him a text saying something came up and I can’t make it. I don’t have to go through with this!”

The movement in the rear view mirror startled her. The Sheriff’s Department patrol car drove up the long gravel driveway and came to a stop directly behind Brenda’s car. With no room to pull forward and the patrol car behind her, she was blocked in. Brenda had the sensation of ice water hitting her heart then familiar tingling between her legs. He’s here!

Brenda didn’t move. She watched in the mirror as He stepped out of his patrol car. He was an imposing figure in his uniform. 6ft 2in, 210lbs, wide shoulders and narrow waist and as always, the mirrored sunglasses. He carried a small black bag with him. The bag he always brought to their meetings. Even though Brenda was never sure what would be in the bag, from past experience the contents both frightened and excited her. He walked up and put the bag on top of Brenda’s car. Brenda’s window was open and He placed both hands on the door. As she looked into His face she could see her reflection in the mirrored sunglasses. She knew why he wore the mirrored shades. He wanted Brenda to see her as he did. To know what she was to him.

“Hello slave. Don’t you look pretty today?” He said.

Knowing that He was pleased with her, Brenda’s face lit up with a smile, “Thank you Master”, she replied.

“I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long” He said facetiously.

“Oh…no sir” Brenda stammered. “I don’t mind” My god she thought, I sound like a school girl.

“Since I didn’t give you any direction, I was wondering how you would dress today”, He said. “But why so modest, don’t you think you would look better if you undid the top button of your blouse?”

“Oh…yes sir”. Brenda’s hands trembled as she unfastened the button.

“Are you nervous slave?” He asked.

“No master…I’m just sort of…I’ve been wanting to see you again…and now…” Brenda’s voice trailed off.

“I understand” He said, “Your blouse looks better that way, why don’t you unbutton the next button as well slave”.

“Yes sir” Still trembling she fumbled with the button. Her blouse was now open exposing her bra. He reached into the car with his right hand and ran backs of his fingers over the skin of the exposed portion of her tits. He slowly pushed back the blouse, first one side, then the other. His touch made Brenda inhale deeply.

The lacy low cut bra lifted her tits provocatively. He took a moment to gaze at her smooth skin. “Your tits look fantastic in that bra slave”. Brenda’s face again lit up again. “Thank you Master, it’s new, I was hoping you would like it”.

“Only one problem though, I don’t remember giving you permission to wear a bra”.

The shock in Brenda’s face was obvious. “But Master, you didn’t say,…so I thought…” she stammered.

“Thought what slave? Surely you remember my rules concerning underclothing, I will tell you what to wear under your cloths, if I say nothing you should understand that means you should wear nothing” He said sternly.

“I ah…yes sir…” Brenda immediately thought of the panties and her heart sank.

“Pull down the front of your bra slave” He said. Brenda put the fingers of both hands on the bra cups and pulled them down allowing her ample tits to spill out. Her large nipples were erect. He again gently stroked her tits with the backs of his fingers, making sure to run each finger over her nipples slowly. Brenda closed her eyes and sighed. The feeling was exquisite. Her nipples grew ever harder. Suddenly He pinched her left nipple between the knuckles of his index and middle finger. He twisted and pulled the nipple toward him. Brenda opened her eyes and gasped from the sudden pain.

“Why would you ever want to cover up these lovely hard nipples slave? Are you afraid people will see what a horny little slut you are?”

Brenda’s face went flush with embarrassment. He knew that’s exactly why she wanted them covered. At any given time during the day an erotic thought or image would come to Brenda's mind causing her cunt to moisten and her nipples get hard. When her nipples were hard they would show through almost any blouse or sweater she was wearing. Sometimes she could force the thoughts or images from her mind, sometimes she couldn't.

“Yes sir” was all she could say. He released her nipple and put his hand back on the top of the car door.

“What’s under the skirt slave?”

“Master…” Brenda’s voice trailed off, barely audible.

“Pull up your skirt and show me slave” He said.

Brenda wriggled in the seat and pulled up the hem of her skirt with both hands exposing her white lace thong. Her eyes were downcast to avoid his gaze. “Hmmm…again very pretty slave. But should you be wearing those panties?” Brenda looked up, opened her mouth and tried to speak but couldn’t utter a word. He reached into the car with his left hand and began to gently stroke the insides of her thighs with the backs of his fingers. Brenda instinctively spread her legs exposing more skin to his touch. He let his fingers linger over the lace fabric between her legs. “Your panties are already wet slave”. Again Brenda couldn’t respond. He slipped his fingers under the lace fabric and felt the smooth skin underneath. “You shaved your cunt nicely slave” Brenda looked up and managed a weak “Thank you Master”

He tightened his grip on the material in the front of Brenda’s panties and jerked it up sharply. Brenda cried out. The back of the thong was pulling against her asshole, the front had slipped between her wet cunt lips, pressing tightly on her clit. The sharp pain took her by surprise. He continued to pull on the front of the panties. Brenda whined “Master, you’re hurting me!”

Brenda heard the low sigh, then in a stern voice He said, “You disappoint me slave.” Still holding the panties tightly he said, “You intentionally disobey me and complain when I give you correction. Do I have to remind you, that you were the one that asked to meet me today? You need to decide what you want slave. If this is too much for you just say so. I’ll drive away right now and you can go back to your vanilla life.” He pulled on the panties even harder. “You and I both know that you’re not going to get what you really want at home. If you want to stay you need to say so now. But if you get out of the car now there’s no turning back. You’re going stay here until I’m done with you.” He let go of her panties and stepped back from the car.

Brenda couldn’t move. His sudden release of the panties relieved the sharp pain on her asshole and clit, but she could still feel the hot afterglow from the rough treatment. Brenda knew what would happen if she stayed. He would use her in any way he wanted. What she had just experienced would be a primer to what would happen to every part of her body. She also knew she would have orgasm after orgasm with intensity she could never experience any other way.

“Don’t keep me waiting slave” He said sternly.

Brenda looked straight ahead and said in a barely audible voice, “I’d want to stay Master”.

“Speak up slave, are you staying or leaving?

Brenda looked up at Him and said clearly, “May I please stay Master?”

He paused briefly and replied “Get out of the car slave”.

Brenda stepped out of the car, closed the door behind her and stood directly in from of Him. Her skirt was still pulled up over her hips, her thong panties disappeared between her shaved cunt lips, her blouse open, tits exposed. Her heart was racing. Even in her heels he was still 3inches taller than Brenda. She looked up at her master’s face and saw her reflection in his mirrored shades.

“Something has to be done about your inappropriate attire slave” He said with a wry grin. He grabbed Brenda by both shoulders, spun her around and pushed her against the car. Brenda put both hands on the edge of the car roof cushioning herself with her forearms. She felt Him pulling at the waist of her skirt. The skirt closed in the back with a button and short zipper. He put his finger through the button closure and pulled sharply ripping off the button. Using both hands, he grabbed the waist of the skirt on either side of the zipper and ripped it open. He pushed the skirt over her hips, it fell around her ankles. He reached around her from both sides grabbing the opening of Brenda’s partially unbuttoned blouse. He ripped open the blouse tearing off the remaining buttons and pulled the blouse down over her shoulders. Then He grabbed the back of the collar and pulled the blouse down behind her. Brenda’s arms were pulled behind her back as the blouse slipped past her hands. He threw the blouse into the open car window and spun her around facing him.

He put his left hand at the top of Brenda’s chest, his thumb and index finger around the bottom of her throat pushing her back firmly against the car. He wasn’t actually choking her but Brenda could feel the pressure against her throat. Brenda put the palms of each hand against the car behind her. With his right hand he took a large pocket knife from the leather pouch on the back of his gun belt. He opened the knife blade with his right thumb. Brenda was frozen with fear. He slid his left hand down Brenda’s chest to the front of the bra. Roughly pulling the front of the bra away from Brenda’s tits, he slipped the knife between her body and the bra. Drawing the knife away from her body, he cut through the front of the bra.

He cut each shoulder strap and let the bra fall to the ground. He slid his left hand down to the front of her thong panties. He pulled the front of the panties up and away from Brenda’s body. He slipped the knife blade between her body and waist strap at her hip cutting the flimsy material, then he cut the waist strap over the other hip. The panties were still running through Brenda’s cunt lips and ass cheeks. He pulled the material away in one quick motion and threw the ruined garment on the ground.

In what seemed like one motion, he put the knife back in the pouch and took the shiny chrome handcuffs from another leather pouch on his belt. With her hands in front of her body, He locked the handcuffs on each of Brenda’s wrists. Brenda heard the familiar ratcheting sound and felt steel against her skin.

Brenda was breathless. In a matter of seconds he had striped her and now she was restrained. He grabbed both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He pulled her nipples stretching her tits upward. Brenda cried out in pain and tried to stand on her tip toes to relieve the pressure. “Now, that’s much better. Don’t you think so slave?” Brenda looked into her master’s face. She saw her reflection in the mirrored shades, naked, her tits pulled sharply away from her body. Butterflies in her stomach, electric tingling in her cunt, she was always turned on when he took control of her. “Yes Master” she managed.

He released his grip on her tits. Taking her left elbow with his hand he turned her towards the farmhouse. SMACK!! Brenda never saw the slap coming that landed squarely on her ass. She stumbled several steps, her high heeled sandals still tangled in the ruined skirt around her ankles. Her tits bounced with the awkward jerky steps. She suppressed the urge to cry out, regained her footing and started walking normally. He picked up his bag from the top of the car and followed her toward the front door of the home, enjoying the view of her ass with the fresh pink hand print swaying as she walked. Once at the door Brenda waited to one side. She glanced back toward her car. Looking at the torn clothes on the ground Brenda wondered how she was going to get home. “Surely he brought something for me to wear” she thought. She quickly turned away and cast her eyes down in front of her.
He took a key from the bag and opened the padlock on the door. After opening the door for her, Brenda stepped inside. She walked toward the hallway, she knew the way, this wasn’t her first time here. The house was hot and smelled musty. It was no cleaner than the last time she had seen it.

Arriving outside the bedroom door, she again waited to one side. He opened the door for her and she stepped through. The musty smell was gone and it was much cooler than the rest of the house. Both windows were open. “Had he been here earlier in preparation?” she thought. The furniture was familiar to Brenda. A leather easy chair, a sturdy wood office chair with no arms, a long low padded bench covered in black leather. The bench was constructed of heavy lumber with 1 inch rings all the way around the circumference. Memories of being tied to the bench flashed through Brenda’s mind. In the corner, the thing He called the horse, also built of heavy lumber, it looked like a heavy duty saw horse, the top padded and covered in black leather. Heavy steel rings were mounted on each sturdy leg. The floor was covered in a thick rug. Brenda had many memories from this room. As she looked around she could feel her cunt getting wetter.

He put the bag down on the end of the bench and pointed to the other end “There slave, elbows and knees” Brenda obediently walked to the end of the bench. She knelt on the edge of the bench, knees apart, lay her forearms on the leather surface in front of her, lower legs and feet hanging over the edge. Her ass was propped up above her upper body. Her cunt exposed as if ready for inspection. He took two black leather cuffs out of the bag and walked behind her. Brenda felt him strapping the cuffs to her ankles. They each had sturdy steel rings facing the inside of each of her legs. After both cuffs were secured he slowly ran his fingers up and down the inside of Brenda’s thighs, then gently stroked her cunt lips. Reaching under her, he caressed the skin in her pubic area above her cunt, then slowly ran his middle finger between her cunt lips and up the crack of her ass. Brenda was enjoying the attention but knew He was inspecting her for any areas she might have missed while shaving. Once she met him with a little stubble on her cunt lips. He had refused to fuck her that day. She was careful to never repeat that oversight.
With both hands he gripped her ass cheeks firmly, his thumbs between her cunt and asshole. He pulled her ass apart, stretching her cunt and asshole. Brenda inhaled sharply. He paused savoring the moment. The view of her stretched cunt and asshole, the feeling of her ass flesh squeezed tightly under his hands, “Like the commercial says”, he thought, “Priceless”. He released her right cheek and pushed two fingers into her cunt. His fingers stroked in and out of her cunt a few times before he removed them. Still holding his tight grip on her left ass cheek, He reached forward, holding the two fingers in front of Brenda’s face and said “Your cunt is already soaking wet slave, were you masturbating while you waited for me?

Masturbation in private without permission was strictly forbidden. She replied frantically, “Oh No master, I wasn’t masturbating!”

“Are you sure slave? Not even a little?” He asked.

“No sir, I swear!” she answered quickly. He released his grip and wiped his wet fingers off on her ass.

He left her on the bench and walked to the middle of the room. A rope with a snap fastener on the end hung from the ceiling. The rope went through a steel ring in the ceiling and then to a hook on the wall. “Come here slave”. Brenda didn’t hesitate, she got up from the bench and walked directly in front of Him holding out her cuffed hands. He attached the snap on the rope to the chain between her wrists and walked over the hook on the wall. He began to pull on the rope, lifting Brenda’s hands over her head. The cuffs started to bite into the skin on her wrists but Brenda was able to hold the rope with her hands to relieve some of the pressure. When Brenda’s hands were above her head, her elbows still slightly bent, He tied the rope to the hook.

He went back to the bag and took out a red ballgag. Walking in front of Brenda he said “It’s been a while since you’ve been gagged hasn’t it slave?” Brenda replied “Yes sir”. Holding the ball gag from the end of each strap he began to roll it over her body. First along her side, then stepping behind her he slowly rolled it up and down her back and over her ass cheeks. Continuing to circle Brenda, he rolled the ball on her other side and stepped back in front of her. He slowly rolled the ball up and down over her abdomen and tits. Brenda had her eyes closed. She was becoming more aroused by the second.

He stopped rolling the ballgag and dragged one of the nylon straps up across Brenda’s left nipple roughly. Her nipple popped down after the strap passed. Brenda jerked slightly and she let out a little squeak. He dragged the strap down across Brenda’s right nipple. Her body jerked again but no squeak this time. He continued to drag the strap up and down across her nipples. Brenda began to breathe rapidly. He stopped and looked at her beautiful tits. Her nipples were hard as steel. They poked out from her tits a half inch and were as big around as the tip of her small fingers.

He moved the ballgag down her body to her cunt, easily slipping it between the shaved wet lips. Without thinking Brenda spread her legs. He rubbed the ballgag in a circular motion around her clit then down to the opening of her cunt. He slipped the ball inside her gently pumping it in and out. He slowly moved it back to her clit and repeated the process. Brenda’s eyes were closed and she moved her hips with his rhythm to maximize her pleasure. Brenda was so aroused she thought she might cum.

He suddenly stopped and pulled the ballgag out of Brenda’s cunt. It was dripping wet. He held the ballgag in front of Brenda’s face. “You are such a horny slut, is there anything that won’t make you cum?” he said. Brenda couldn’t respond. He pressed the ballgag against her lips, rubbing it around her mouth and against her nostrils. Brenda could feel the sticky wetness, she could smell her cunt. He put the ball back in Brendas cunt again. Pumping it in and out to make sure it was thoroughly soaked before pulling it out.

“Open” he said. Brenda opened her mouth, He slipped the ball inside. The sweet taste of her cunt flooded Brenda's mouth. She breathed in deeply through her nose and sighed. Her mouth began to water uncontrollably. He secured the straps behind Brenda’s head and stepped in front of her. She could see her reflection in his mirrored shades. With her hands over her head, Brenda’s large round tits were pulled up, her erect nipples pointed straight toward her masters face. The smell and taste of her cunt was overwhelming. With her mouth held open by the ballgag, Brenda knew she wouldn't be able to swallow and the drooling would start, soon. Thinking, “I am a horny slut” she lowered her eyes and blushed with embarrassment.

He reached out and with his right hand and pinched her right nipple. Another little squeal escaped from Brenda. He released her nipple. As he started to walk around her he ran his fingernails across her tit to her side. His nails were leaving little red trails in her skin. Fingernails up the inside of her arm, then down her rib cage to her thigh. He stood behind her, pressing his body against hers. He reached around her and cupped her tits in his hands, gently stroking her nipples. He smelled her hair, then gave her a series of gentle bites on the neck and shoulders. Brenda moaned into the ballgag and pressed her ass against he crotch. He continued to carress her tits with his left hand and dropped his right hand down her belly. He slipped a finger between Brenda's cunt lips and found her hard clit. Brenda reacted to the gentle stroking of her clit by rubbing her ass agains his crotch in a circular motion. When he felt her body tremble he knew she was building toward an orgasm, he suddenly released her. Brenda tried to say, “PLEASE DON'T STOP” but unintelligible grunts were the only thing that came out. He stepped around in front of her. He saw a long string of drool hanging from her chin.

“You enjoy being touched don’t you slave?” Brenda nodded her head,”Mmmm” another moan was all she could manage through the ballgag. Without hesitation he gave a full slap to Brenda’s left tit, then her right. Brenda was caught by surprise and began to make a sound somewhere between a moan and a cry. “MMMMmmmmpppphhhh!!!…MMMMmmmmpppphhhh!!!. She shook her head from side spreading drool across her reddening tits.

He chuckled and said, “Don’t get too comfortable slave”

He turned around walked over the bench. Reaching into the bag, He pulled out a pair clover nipple clamps attached together with a silver chain. He faced Brenda stretching out the chain in front of him. He held the clamps with his fingertips so she could clearly see what was coming next. “MMMMMMmmmmmmmm….” Brenda gave a long moaning sigh. Drool was running off Brenda's chin onto her tits. The flesh was quickly becoming soaked. He walked directly to her and started to rub the taught chain over her nipples. He alternated between up and down and side to side motions. Satisfied that her nipples couldn’t get any harder, he spread one of the small spring loaded clamps in front of Brenda’s face. The clamps were the type that attached with minimal spring tension, but once attached the more you pulled on the chain the tighter the clamp squeezed the nipple.
Holding one of her tits with one hand, he attached the clamp to her nipple, then repeated the process with her other tit. Brenda squirmed and moaned. She moved he upper body back and forth trying to shake the clamps off her tits even though she knew from experience they were attached tightly. Her tits swayed and bounced provocatively. When she opened her eyes, Brenda saw him watching, thoroughly enjoying the view.

He walked back to the bag, Brenda followed him with her eyes. “I have something new for you today slave. I think your going to like it”. With his back to her, Brenda, had trouble seeing what he was doing. He took something red out of the bag and put it on the black leather covered bench. He reached back into the bag, took something out and started to walk back to her. He was holding a piece of black nylon rope about 4 feet long and about ¼ inch in diameter. He held the rope in front of her so she could see it. One end had a small loop. He stretched the rope in front of her and began to rub it up and down her body. He hooked the rope under her tits lifting both up until the rope slipped past them allowing her tits to fall. He then ran the rope back down the front of her body to the tops of her thighs. “Just a piece of rope slave”, He said with a smile.

Reaching behind her, he passed the end of the rope with the loop around Brenda’s waist encircling her body. He then passed the other end of the rope through the loop and took out all the slack. Brenda looked down and saw the rope around her waist with the loop positioned just below her bellybutton, the loose end was hanging down in front of her legs, not quite reaching the floor. Puzzled, she watched him walk back to the bench and pick up the red…Dildo! As he walked back towards her she could see him holding up a six inch red dildo. Other than the color it was very life like, with a large classic domed head and raised veins around the shaft. Near the base of the dildo there was a large hole through the center.

He held the dildo up for her to see but didn’t say a word. Then he picked up the loose end of the rope and ran the end through the hole at the base of the dildo. He held the dildo in front of her again briefly, and then began to touch her face with it. He rubbed it first on one side of her face, then the other, then on her chin. Brenda realized he was wiping the drool from her ballgagged mouth onto the dildo.

“Oh my God!” thought Brenda, “ He’s going to tie the dildo in my cunt!” Breathing heavily through her nose, Brenda’s tits were heaving with each breath. He lowered the dildo from her face to her tits to wipe up the drool there. He rotated the dildo while rubbing it over her tit flesh, coating the entire rubber surface. Brenda looked down as he lowered the dildo between her legs. She was so excited her cunt lips had parted like petals of a flower. Her clit was enlarged and hard. Her wet cunt glistened in anticipation.

He started to rub the dildo against her cunt, first the head against her clit, slowly rotating and moving up and down. He used the head of the dildo and then the veins on the shaft to directly stimulate Brenda’s clit. “MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm…” Brenda moaned and began to hump the hard rubber cock against her clit. “I’m so ready to cum” she thought, “I’m so ready”. He continued to pleasure Brenda for a minute or so. All the while she was becoming more aroused and humping the dildo harder. Suddenly He pulled the dildo away from the cunt. Brenda continued to hump. She looked at her master with pleading eyes.

“What’s the hurry slave, we have lots of time” He said. Brenda stopped humping knowing that he was not ready to release her desire. She thought she was going to cry, so close to an orgasm and she could do nothing. He held the dildo between her legs, the head just touching her cunt lips. She tried to hump again, “Hold still slave, don’t move!” He said in his authoritative voice.” MMMMMmmmmmmmmm…” Brenda moaned again and tried to hold her trembling body still.

He slipped the head of the dildo between her cunt lips and stopped. Brenda was watching him hold the dildo between her legs. He pulled the slack of the rope through the hole in the dildo. The rope was now taught from the loop in the front of her waist to the hole in the dildo. He looked into her pretty face, smiled and said “Enjoy slave”. In one movement he shoved the dildo all the way into her cunt, pulled the rope tight behind her and up between her ass cheeks. The only thing keeping the dildo from going further into Brenda’s cunt was the rope.

The sudden violation of Brenda’s cunt was almost more than she could stand. She screamed “Please Make Me Cum, Please Make Me Cum!” But all that could be heard beyond the ballgag were her muffled grunts. She felt him tying off the loose end of the rope at the small of her back.
The dildo was filling her cunt, the rope going under her crotch pressing roughly against her clit and asshole. She wanted to cum so badly she tried to hump the dildo in spite of his order not to do so. Brenda was looking down at the rope that disappeared between her legs. No matter how she tried, the dildo was tied to her waist and she couldn’t get any movement inside her. Brenda rubbed her thighs together trying to rotate the dildo. She could feel there was about an inch of the dildo sticking out from her cunt but no matter how she tried, it wouldn’t move. She was struggling so hard her entire body was writhing. Brenda didn't know how long she had been trying to make herself cum. Eventually she realized the handcuffs were painfully digging into her wrists.

Out of breath, she finally stopped squirming and looked up. She saw Him sitting in the easy chair, watching her with amusement. “MMmm…MMmm… MMmmmmm…” Brenda sighed over and over.

He looked at her and had to make a conscious effort to control his excitement. She was captivating. Her hands tied above her head, the red ballgag causing her to drool over her full round tits, the silver chain dangling in a shallow U shape between the clamps on her nipples, the black rope against her smooth white skin around her waist, disappearing between her cunt lips, the red stub of the dildo sticking out of her cunt, so excited the juice from her cunt was running down the inside of her thighs, her tits wet and shinny from drool. “I’ve never seen you more beautiful slave” He said.

He stood up and took his phone out of his pocket. Holding it up, he said “Turn your head, slave”. Brenda turned her head and used her forearm to block the view of her face. He began to take pictures of her from various angles. Brenda did her best to hide her face from the camera.

After putting away his phone, He went back to the bag and took out the flogger. Two dozen strips of black leather about two feet long attached to a 10 inch wood handle covered in leather strips. He walked toward Brenda letting the leather strips dangle towards the floor shaking the handle slightly in an effort to remove any tangles.
With the backs of his fingers he stroked her cheeks and wiped off a string of drool hanging from her chin. He ran the backs of his fingers around the outside and under her tits, then roughly flicked each of the nipple clamps with his index finger. He ran his fingers down to Brenda’s waist. He slipped his fingers under the rope that went between her legs and gave it a sharp upward pull. Brenda moaned as the rope tightened momentarily on her cunt and asshole causing the dildo to shift position in her cunt.

Brenda was becoming crazy with excitement. The sight of the flogger, his touch on her body, the pull on the rope holding the dildo in her cunt was almost more than she could stand. She was breathing so heavily she thought she might hyperventilate. Then he started to rub the flogger against her body. First her thighs, followed by her cunt, then her abdomen and finally her tits. The feeling of the leather straps sliding against her skin was incredibly sensuous. She new that soon she would get a different kind of sensation from the flogger, a VERY different kind of sensation.

He stepped around behind her, slowly drawing the leather straps against the skin of her thighs, over her ass and up her back. He did that several times before he started to let the straps gently slap against her thighs and ass before slowly rubbing the leather against her skin. Soon the impact from the flogger was getting a little more firm and there was less gentle stroking against her skin. Still standing behind her he began slow strokes slapping the flogger across the front of her thighs. Then he moved the impact point up to her tits. The force was not enough to leave marks on her skin yet but Brenda could feel the sting. Grabbing the base of her pony tail and pulled her head back, he roughly rubbed the handle of the flogger under and around her tits. He lowered the flogger between her legs and rubbed the handle against her cunt bumping it against the end of the dildo. Brenda welcomed the movement of the dildo but it wasn’t enough to give her the relief she craved.

With his mouth next to Brenda’s ear he whispered, “Are you ready slave?”

Brenda closed her eyes and nodded her head as best as she could with his grip on her pony tail. Knowing what was coming next her body tensed involuntarily. He released his grip on her hair and stepped back. He held the flogger out to his side briefly, then briskly flipped the flogger across Brenda ass. “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm…” Brenda tried to cry out at the sharp stinging sensation. Seconds later the next impact hit the back of her thighs. He returned his attention to her ass for more strikes, each five to 10 seconds apart. He loved to watch the flogger hit her ass. She had just enough flesh to make a small wave roll through her skin after the impact. He stepped to her side for a better view of Brenda’s lovely tits. The flogger was hitting her ass just hard enough to make her jump the way he liked. He watched her tits bounce about with satisfaction, He stopped briefly and stroked her ass with the palm of his had. The skin was already getting pink and warm to the touch.

Stepping in front of her he held the ends of the leather straps taught in his left hand in preparation for flogging her tits. Brenda tilted her head back away from the ark of the leather tips. He made several strikes on each of her tits. The leather straps struck the nipple clamps full on but the clamps held. Holding the flogger down toward the floor he swung in an upward motion between Brenda’s legs. When the flogger hit her cunt Brenda thought she would faint. She crossed her legs involuntarily to protect the most sensitive part of her body. “Spread your legs slave!” Brenda had to force herself to spread her legs and keep them apart. The tips of the flogger flipped against her cunt several more times before He returned his attention to her ass. He continued flicking the flogger across Brenda’s ass until it was glowing pink.

Stepping in front of her, He looked into Brenda’s eyes and said “Time to make your ass red slave”. He pulled the nipple chain away from her body and slipped the handle of the flogger over it. He slowly lowered the flogger until the chain was supporting its weight. The nipple clamps tightened under the strain. Brenda thought she was screaming but realized she was not uttering a sound. He walked over to the horse. He slid the apparatus over to where Brenda was standing. He went to the hook on the wall and released some slack in the rope attached to Brenda’s handcuffs, he retied the rope to the hook. She was able to lower her hands to about chin level. He gave her a gentle nudge and she stepped slightly to the side. He moved the horse directly under the ring in the ceiling, turned to Brenda and said, “Climb on slave, but DO NOT let the dildo touch the horse”.

Brenda hesitated, she had been on the horse many times but never with a dildo in her cunt. SMACK! He slapped her ass with full force. Her reaction made the flogger hanging from the nipple clamps swing wildly. The pain was incredible. The sound of Brenda sucking in her breath filled the room. She immediately lifted her leg over the horse. On her high heels she could easily stand over the horse without the dildo touching. He walked to one side and lifted her lower leg. Using a snap ring, he attached the leather ankle cuff to the ring on the horses leg about 12 inches above the floor. Brenda was now standing on one leg. He moved to the other side, lifted her leg and attached the other ankle cuff. With her ankles secured to the legs of the horse her lower legs were almost parallel to the floor.

Brenda desperately wanted to lower herself so she could press the dildo on the horse and manipulate it in her cunt. She continued to hold herself up supporting her weight with her hands on the rope and by tensing her legs against the ankle cuffs. Her torso was leaned forward, wrists cuffed near face level. Bent over as she was, Brenda knew her ass was sticking out, exposed prominently for the flogger. She was so wet she felt a chill from the evaporation from the cunt juices running down her legs. The flogger was hanging down from her tits swaying back and forth. Brenda tied to hold still thinking it would minimize the pain on her nipples.

He took a moment to admire his work. Bent over on the horse Brenda offered him an unobstructed view of her spread cunt with the dildo sticking out. The black rope running up her ass crack, the edges of her asshole visible on either side of the rope. Her ass cheeks pink from the work he had done so far. She looked so sexy. His cock was so hard it was straining against his uniform pants.

Brenda heard the shutter release clicking sound as her Master's took more photos with his phone. When it went quiet for a few minutes, Brenda strained to turn her head and saw him getting undressed. She longed to see his naked body. He draped his gun belt across the wood chair, then sat down to take off his boots. He laid his slacks across the chair back, then used the back of his chair like a hanger for his shirt. She watched him take off his underwear. When He turned toward her, she had to catch her breath at the sight his hard cock. “I did that” she thought, “I gave him that hard on”. She felt her heart flutter at the thought. “I want him so bad I’ll do anything”.

He walked toward her. She stared at his 8 inch cock swaying back and forth with each step, she looked up at his face and saw her reflection in the mirrored shades. Hands cuffed and tied to the ceiling, drooling from her ballgaged mouth, her ankles securely attached to the legs of the horse the nipple clamps straining at her tits to hold up the flogger dangling on the chain.

“Do you want to fuck yourself with the dildo slave?”

Brenda nodded vigorously, “Mm Hmm!”

“Go ahead slave, make yourself cum”

Brenda closed her eyes, lowered her cunt to the horse and started to rub the dildo. The feeling was exquisite. Brenda felt Him lift the flogger off the nipple chain. Knowing what was coming, Brenda ground the dildo against the horse even harder.

Standing behind her he paused to watch her grind the stub end of the dildo into her cunt. After moment took a step back and fully extended His arm. He swung with full force releasing the floggers’ fury on her upturned ass. The impact hit Brenda like a lightning bolt, but she continued furiously rubbing her dildo filled cunt against the horse. At this point Brenda wasn’t sure how much she could take. She knew what she was in for when she sent her text this morning but somehow the reality always surprised her. She hated the flogger but she loved what was happening to her right now.

The blows from the flogger kept falling about 5 seconds apart. She discovered a bucking-circular motion with her hips that moved the dildo in all directions in her cunt. The rope, lubricated by her flowing secretions, rubbed hard against her clit. All the while he continued to flog her ass with full force. The separation between the intense pain and intense pleasure blurred. It was fantastic. Brenda lost any sense of time. One after another the blows from the flogger raked her tender flesh. She had an explosive orgasm and screamed into the ballgag “UURRRGGMMMPPPH.”, then collapsed against her restraints. He stopped flogging her and took a moment, viewing her with satisfaction. He gently stroked his hand over her bright red ass, it was hot to the touch, the flogger marks were clearly visible on the smooth skin. Her ass looked lovely this way.

He tossed the flogger on the bench. Moving in front of Brenda, He released the snap holding the rope to her handcuffs. She slumped forward, hands on the horse. He stood in front of her and loosened the ballgag letting it slip out of her mouth. The ballgag hung like a slave necklace around Brenda’s neck. Brenda opened her eyes and was rewarded with the sight of her master’s hard cock in front of her face. She looked at it briefly then leaned forward and greedily sucked it into her mouth.

She began sucking and licking the head of his cock. She knew he expected her to take it completely down her throat, and she wanted to do just that, but she couldn’t do it right away. She had to warm up and get ready for that violation. When she started meeting with Him he had to train her to suck cock properly. It wasn’t as if she never had oral sex before but she used to stroke the shaft with her hands and just suck and lick the head. During their first meeting he slapped her hand away and told her if he wanted a hand job he would do it himself. When he demanded Brenda swallow his cock she balked. She didn’t think she could do it without gagging. She did gag at first, but he was patient with her. He gave her instruction on how to shift her jaw forward and lower the base of her tongue to create more space in the back of her mouth. He told her to practice with a small dildo between their meetings. Gradually she was able to work the dildo past the spot that made her gag. Eventually she learned to get his huge cock all the way down her throat. Now it excited her to know how much she could arouse and please her master by sucking cock in a way that few women could.

He began to move his hips slowly, matching Brenda’s head movements. He caressed the side of her face with one hand, her shoulders and back with the other. Brenda was alternating between taking his cock out of her mouth to lick up and down the shaft, then slipping it back in her mouth and sucking. The occasional slurping sound aroused Him even more. He began to move his hips a little more. Brenda took his cock down a little more deeply. She paused and pulled back when she felt a slight gag in her throat. She continued sucking and running her tongue around the head for several minutes, then she pushed forward and took his cock a little deeper than before. It went down a little easier this time. She smiled to herself, she knew she was warming up.
She continued to suck his cock, again losing track of time. Eventually He slid his hand down her back and put his fingers under the rope around her waist. His fingers were centered over the cunt rope that stretched over her asshole and between her legs. He gently tugged on the rope encouraging her to take his cock deeper in her throat. The dildo moving in Brenda’s cunt had the desired effect, she sucked harder.

Brenda was really getting warmed up now, her master’s cock slipping down her throat a little further with each effort. She thought she was almost ready when she felt him grab the base of her pony tail with his other hand. He started to pull on the rope and press her head forward with her pony tail. The rope pressed on her asshole, pulled on her clit and shifted the dildo in her cunt. The tension pulled her body toward her master. At the same time He rotated his hips forward. The combined pressure forced his cock all the way down Brenda’s throat. Her nose was touching his abdomen, His balls pressed against her chin. He held her like that briefly and the released some pressure allowing his cock to slide out.

She gave a little cough as his cock slipped out of her mouth. She stared at his cock just inches in front of her face. After Brenda caught her breath she couldn’t wait to continue. She didn’t have to wait long. He pulled on the cunt rope and Brenda’s pony tail forcing his cock back into her mouth. The rope and dildo were stimulating her again. She went along with His rhythm, multiple short penetrations followed by one or two very deep rams down her throat. He was in complete control fucking her mouth. She was already building toward another orgasm. All thoughts of gagging were gone now. Brenda was overcome with the feeling of being filled with cock. Her master’s cock slamming down her throat, the dildo filling her cunt, the feeling was overwhelming.

Brenda was surprised how quickly she came. This orgasm felt like a warm glow flowing through her body. He sensed her orgasm and slowed his rhythm, then stopped. His cock slipped out of her mouth. Brenda gasped for breath and collapsed on the horse. He released his grip on her pony tail and cunt rope. He walked behind Brenda.

Brenda was exhausted. “I can’t possibly fuck now” she thought. But she knew she could not refuse her master. He grabbed the rope around Brenda's waist and roughly pulled her toward him. The leather covering the horse was wet from Brenda's cunt and she slid easily. The dildo slipped off the end of the horse leaving her cunt exposed to him. He untied the rope at the small of her back and roughly pulled it out between her ass cheeks. The dildo made a slurping sound as it popped out of Brenda’s cunt. “MMMPPhhhh…”Brenda was shocked at the sudden emptiness in her cunt. He dropped the dildo, it dangled from the rope looped around Brenda’s waist.

She felt his left hand on her ass, she knew his other hand was guiding his cock toward her cunt. She felt the head of his cock touch her dripping cunt lips, suddenly she was alert and full of energy. He moved his left hand from her ass to her pony tail. He grabbed her hair, in one fluid motion he snapped her head back and pulled her body back toward his thrusting hips. His cock filled Brenda’s cunt.

“OH YES…OH YES…OH YES” Brenda screamed. His cock felt huge compared to the dildo. Any feeling of exhaustion was a distant memory now. She was bucking against his thrusting cock like a mad woman. “OH FUCK ME…FUCK ME” she screamed over and over. The loud slapping sound each time their bodies collided echoed off the walls. The secretions from Brenda’s soaking cunt were covering His cock and dripping down his balls. Again Brenda lost track of time, he may have fucked her for 5 minutes of 5 hours, she couldn’t tell. She felt another orgasm building and tried to buck harder. “PLEASE MAKE ME CUM…PLEASE MAKE ME CUM” she screamed. Brend’s cunt released her womanly cum all over her masters cock. He slowed and then stopped fucking her. Brenda slumped forward onto the horse. “Thank you Master” she whispered.

His cock was still hard. “You’re not done yet slave”. He unfastened her ankle cuffs from the horse. He tugged on the ball gag looped around her neck and said “Get up, On the bench” Brenda began to move knowing that another hard slap to her tender ass was on the way if she didn’t. Her legs and arms were stiff from the restraints and her body was sore all over, but she got off horse as fast as she could. He loosened the rope around her waist and let it slip to the floor. With two fingers through ball gag strap, He led her to the bench and said “On your back”. Brenda lay down in the middle of the bench, her cuffed hands across her stomach. With one foot on the floor he put his other foot on the bench near her shoulder and straddled her face.
Brenda looked up and saw his balls just above her mouth, his hard cock was over her face pointed toward her forehead. Brenda’s cum dripping from his cock and balls onto her face. She opened her mouth as he lowered himself. Brenda started licking and sucking his nut sack. She moved her head back and forth trying to reach every part. As she was doing her best to stimulate his balls, He was using his hand to rub his glistening wet cock back and forth over her nose, cheeks and even her forehead. She could feel the head of his cock brush past her ears as he rubbed it over her entire face. Brenda took turns sucked his balls into her mouth. The taste and smell of her cunt was all over her now. Her face was wet from her chin to her forehead.

Brenda knew she should be disgusted by this but she wasn't. Her cunt smell, cunt taste, sucking her masters balls turned her on immensely. She stretched her mouth open as far as she could and sucked both of his balls into her mouth.

Brenda didn’t remember slipping her hands down to her wet cunt. She suddenly realized she was rubbing her clit with the fingers of one hand while finger-fucking herself with the others. She opened her eyes and looked up. Between the times when his cock was not covering her eyes, she could see her masters face. She saw her reflection in the mirrored shades. “This is how he sees me” she thought, “This is how he thinks of me”. This thought aroused her even more and she began to masturbate harder. Brenda was well on her way to another orgasm when her master stood up, pulling his balls out of her mouth.

He walked to the other end of the bench and grabbed Brenda’s legs. He pulled and lifted her legs so that her ass was on the edge of the bench. Spreading her legs apart by her ankle cuffs, He let his cock rest on her lower belly above her cunt. Brenda spread her cunt lips and pressed his hard cock against her skin with her fingers. She looked at his face, seeing the reflection of an incorrigible slut. “Please master…Oh Please…” she cried. He slipped his cock off her belly. She guided it into her waiting cunt, he rammed it in. “OH YESSSSSSS…OH YESSSSS”, she screamed. Brenda was rubbing her clit with her fingers while he fucked her furiously.

He listened to the hard slapping sound each time their bodies collided. He watched Brenda fingering her cunt. As she stretched her hands to her cunt, her upper arms were pressing her tits toward the center of her chest. In spite of being partially restrained by her arms, her tits were flopping up and down with each of his thrusts, the chain from the nipple clamps bouncing about wildly. Brenda’s eyes were tightly closed, her mouth was wide open, her face covered with her own cum, she was grunting with every impact.

“Perfect” He thought, “She’s a perfect little slave-slut”.

He knew his own orgasm was near when he saw Brenda open her eyes wide. Her mouth was open but she had stopped grunting, she was holding her breath. Her orgasm came in waves. She bucked wildly and cum gushed from her cunt onto his cock. He pulled his cock out and stepped to the other end of the bench. He grabbed Brenda by her pony tail and jerked her up from the bench. “UP…GET UP” Brenda tried to react as quicky as she could but she was still in a daze. She made it into a sitting position with her feet on the floor He pulled her off the bench and forced her down. “ON YOUR KNEES” He shouted. Brenda knelt down immediately. He stepped one foot between Brenda’s cuffed hands and her body. Brenda’s hands were now wrapped around one of his legs. With his left hand still holding her pony tail, he guided his rock hard cock to Brenda’s lips. When she felt his cock touching her lips she instinctively opened her mouth. He rammed his cock down Brenda’s throat. He held Brenda’s head tightly with both hands while he fucked her throat.

Brenda felt totally helpless. She had no control over the forced throat fucking. With her hands cuffed around one of her master’s legs, even if she wanted to, she could do nothing to hold off the brutal cock thrusts. She couldn’t even touch her own cunt. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her mouth, giving Brenda a chance to catch her breath. He reached down, grabbed the chain between the nipple clamps and pulled up. He slipped the chain over his cock, then shoved his cock back into Brenda’s mouth. Brenda’s tits felt like they were on fire. The clamps had tightened on her nipples like tiny pliers. Her tits were pointing straight up and were stretched into fleshy cones. The chain slid to base of his cock. Every time he ran his cock down Brenda’s throat she could feel the chain touch her upper lip and it stretched her tits even more. He looked down at the lovely site. His slave handcuffed, tits stretched to limit of endurance, his cock disappearing into her throat. Once again he thought “Perfect little slave-slut.”

She sensed her master’s impending orgasm and became excited. She tried to use her tongue to give him more pleasure but he was totally in control, fucking her face as he pleased. His pace started to slow, then he pushed his cock down her throat as far as it would go and held it there. She stuck out her tongue and tried to lick his balls. She could feel a quivering in the base of his cock. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold her breath. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her mouth. The nipple chain slid free and he began pumping his cock furiously with his right hand. Using his left hand on her pony tail to hold her head immobile, he jacked off just inches from her face. He suddenly moaned and Brenda watched cum shoot from his cock at her face. The first blast shot to the top of her head landing in her hair. Blast after blast of cum splashed onto Brenda’s face. Her forehead, her nose, her cheeks covered with ribbons of cum. All of it covering cum from her cunt that he rubbed on her face earlier.

After his orgasm passed he gently removed the nipple clamps from her tits and dropped the chain on the bench. Brenda wasn’t sure if it was pain or relief she felt when the blood returned to her battered nipples. A moment later she realized it was relief. He began to slowly rub his cock on her face, smearing his cum around. He was mixing their cum together all over her face. “You look beautiful slave” he said. and meant it. She looked up at his face and saw the reflection of his cock smearing cum on her face. “Thank you master” she said, and she meant it too.

His cock was still erect but not as hard as it was earlier. “Clean my cock slave” he said gently. She immediately started to lick and suck cum from his cock. Their cum was thoroughly mixed together, thick and sticky. It covered his balls as well as his cock. She had to swallow often. The taste of his cum mixed with hers was decadent. The sucking and licking sounds punctuated the erotic sight of his slave cleaning his cock with her mouth.

When he was satisfied with her cleaning effort he let her slip her hands from around his leg. “On the bench slave” he said. Brenda got up slowly from her kneeling position. She tried to sit on then bench but her ass was too sore. She lay down on her stomach, her head on her hands. He retrieved two bottles of water from the black bag, opening both and handing one to Brenda. “Thank you master” she said weakly, so exhausted she couldn’t take a sip. He drank all the contents of the other bottle, then took a hand towel from the bag and wiped the sweat from his face and body. He dried Brenda’s saliva and what little cum was left on his cock and balls. He walked to the horse and picked up the dildo from the floor. He pulled the rest of the rope out of the hole in the dildo and used the towel to wipe Brenda’s cum from both. The padded rail on the horse was drenched. He sopped it up with the towel. He went back to the bench and dropped the rope and dildo in the bag. He wiped off the nipple clamps and flogger dropping them in the bag as well. When he was done he tossed the towel on the bench next to Brenda.

“Don’t wipe any cum off your face until you get home slave” He said.

Brenda was shocked, lifting her head she said, “But master…”

“Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself Slave” He said sternly “And for the back talk you can wear the ankle cuffs and ballgag until you get home as well.

For a moment Brenda was speechless, “Yes sir” she said in a small voice and rested her head back on her hands. She lay on the bench, watching in silence as he dressed. Back in full uniform, he walked over to the bench, taking his handcuff key from the ring on his gun belt. He unlocked and removing the cuffs from Brenda’s wrists. After returning the cuffs to the pouch, he briefly ran his fingertips over the dark red lines around her wrists. “Don't forget to lock up on your way out slave”. He picked up his bag and walked to the door.

Brenda lifted herself up on her elbows, “Master please wait, what about my clothes. How will I get home”

He turned at the door “You should take better care of your things slave. You left your clothes out by your car. Go get dressed and drive yourself home like a big girl” Then he turned and walked out. She heard his footsteps on the old wooden floor, the front door opened and closed, a minute later she heard his car start, he drove away.

Brenda wasn’t sure how long she lay there. Finally she sat up, immediately feeling the sting on her ass. She began to sip water from the bottle. She felt a drop of cum drip from her nose and she started to reach up. She stopped herself, remembering she couldn’t wipe her face. She picked up the soiled towel and began to wipe her body. She knew she must be a sight. Sweat, drool and cum were everywhere, her cunt and inner thighs were soaked. Cum was still dripping off her face onto her tits. The towel was so wet she wasn’t sure if she was really cleaning herself or just smearing everything around. Brenda knew she had to get going. She wasn't sure what time it was, she had to pick up the kids at 3:00. It didn't seem like she had been here that long. There would plenty of time to go home and change clothes.

She took a few minutes to drink the rest of her water. She got up slowly and closed the windows. Closing the bedroom door behind her, she walked to the front door. She hesitated there. She was naked and alone. She trembled. When master was with her she felt safe from the outside world. What would she do if someone was out there? What if someone saw her? She looked at the hand towel, it was so small it would barely cover her tits. She held the towel in front of her cunt with one hand and opened the door slightly. Peeking out she saw nothing but her car. She leaned her head out and looked around, nothing. Finally she stepped out of the door and closed it behind her. She fumbled with the pad lock, finally getting it to snap closed.

Still trying to cover her cunt, she trotted as quickly as she could in her heels, her tits and ballgag bouncing wildly. She found her skirt on the ground near the front of her car. She picked it up and looked at the torn zipper and missing button. Her heart sank. “How can I wear this?” she thought. Then she saw her shredded panties and bra on the ground next to the car door. She picked them up “Hopeless” she thought and threw them in the open car window along with the hand towel.
Feeling naked and exposed she held the skirt in front of her with one hand covering her tits, she put her other hand over her cunt and held her legs together. She felt like everyone in the world was watcher her. Brenda looked around sheepishly. Seeing nothing, she draping the skirt over the car door, reached in the window and picked the blouse up off the seat. She held it up and realized that the top two buttons were still there, all the others were missing. “This might work” she thought excitedly.

She put on the blouse and buttoned the top two buttons. Her tits spread the blouse open exposing her abdomen. “Great, upside down cleavage” she thought. It looked like her hard nipples were trying to poke holes through her blouse. The color contrast between her nipples and the skin on her tits was clearly visible through the white cotton material. She stepped into the skirt and pulled it up. No way to keep it on without holding it closed at the back. If she let go it would slip down to her knees. “What can I use to hold this skirt closed?” She thought. A memory popped into her mind from her childhood, her mother telling her to always carry a safety pin in her purse. “Thanks mom, if only I had followed that bit of advice”. She pushed thoughts of her mother from her mind. I have no choice she thought, I’ll have to drive home this way.

Holding the back of her skirt closed, Brenda slid painfully on the car seat and wiggled the skirt into position covering her. No matter what she tried she couldn’t keep the lower part of her blouse closed. “At least my tits are covered, even if my nipples are on display” Brenda thought. She reached up and adjusted the rear view mirror so she could see her face. Brenda was shocked, “OH MY GOD” she said out loud. Her hair was a mess, her face was covered in cum, her make up smeared. The red ballgag was hanging around her neck. Brenda almost broke down and cried.

That emotion passed quickly, “Stop it, you can get through this” again speaking out loud. She pulled the barrette out of her hair. She didn’t bother trying to brush out her hair, just smoothed it with her hands smearing in some cum in the process. Pulling it back into a pony tail, she replaced the barrette.

She rummaged around in the glove compartment and found the extra pair of sunglasses. The really big ones she only used when she forgot her Raybans. She put on the sunglasses. They covered most of the make up disaster. The cum was starting to dry into a pasty white color, she didn’t think it could be seen from a distance, but up close? “All I have to do is drive home” she thought, “This will work”

She started the car and looked at the clock on the dash. “2:30?” she said out loud, “OH NO!”. She put the car in gear, spinning the tires in the gravel driveway. Thoughts began racing through her mind.

“How could I have been there so long?....You were being abused and fucked like a slut and lost track of time because you were loving every second of it.”

“I have to pick up the kids at school at 3:00! I can’t go looking like this!”

Soon Brenda was pulling onto the freeway. She accelerated in the fast lane then slowed down to the speed limit. “I can’t get pulled over like this.” She shivered at the thought of talking to a police officer. How could she explain her clothes, the ballgag, the ankle cuffs not to mention her cum covered face. She had to make a conscious effort to keep her speed down when all she wanted to do was race to the safety of her home. She called her friend Cheryl with her cell. “Can you pick up Billy and Jill at school? The dentist office called, they had an opening, I'm getting my teeth cleaned, I can pick them up at your place by 4:00” “No problem, I’ll drop them off at your place, see you at 4:00.” “Thanks, you’re a doll”. So far-so good. Halfway home now, Brenda’s heart raced.

10 minutes later when she pulled off the freeway she thought, “Only two traffic lights to go, please let them be green. Please don’t let me see anyone I know.” Both lights were red but she didn’t see anyone she knew. It seemed like forever, then she was pulling onto her street. 5 houses from her place she started hitting the button on the garage door remote. “Come on…Come on.” Finally the door started to open. Brenda pulled in the garage and immediately hit the remote to close the door. “Does this garage door always move this slow?” She shut off the car engine. Finally the door was closed.
She took off her sunglasses, closed her eyes and let her racing heart settle. Once she was calmed down she got out of the car, flinching as her sore ass rubbed across the seat. As she stepped out of the car her skirt fell around her ankles. She stepped out of ruined skirt and picked it up off the floor. She held the skirt, torn lingerie and towel in one hand, her purse in the other and walked into the house.

Almost 3:00, she had an hour before Cheryl would be here. Please don’t be early! She put her purse down in the kitchen and started for the bedroom. She walked upstairs to the master bedroom locking the door behind her and went into the bathroom. She dropped the ruined garments and towel on the floor Then she looked at herself in the mirror

She was quite a sight. Dried cum covered her face, her makeup still a mess, bright red ballgag around her neck, nipples clearly visible through her blouse, bottoms of her tits showing from the opening of the lower part of her blouse, more cum had oozed out of her cunt on the way home..

“I look like I fucked the Green Bay Packers” she thought.

She took off the ballgag and dropped it in the sink. When she took off her blouse she noticed how tender her nipples were. She dropped the blouse on the floor with the rest of her clothes. Her nipples were bright pink and swollen. She could see a few light marks from the flogger on her tits and thighs. A mark from the rope circled her waist, another ran down toward her cunt. Her cunt lips were still wide open. She felt the soreness from the rope and the hard fucking from her master. She touched her clit lightly, it was swollen and very sore. “The rope” she thought. She saw the marks left by the handcuffs were no longer red, bright pink now, but starting to fade.

“I bet the Green Bay Packers wouldn’t have been this rough on me” she thought.

Then she turned around and looked at her ass in the mirror. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Her ass was beet red. Thin red stripe marks from the flogger were everywhere. She reached back and touched her bright red ass cheeks. Sore and still very hot. “Master has never left me like this before” she thought “He’s testing my limits…I’ve passed every test”. She felt a surge of pride.

Brenda looked at the clock. 3:15. Wow..OK, lets get busy. She took of her shoes and ankle cuffs, ran the shower and stepped in as soon as the water was warm. She put her head under the rushing water and rinsed cum out of her hair, then her face, then her body. She soaped up with shower gel, washing everywhere. When her fingers touched her cunt she jumped. Her clit was sore and very sensitive. While she was touching her cunt, her mind drifted to the memory of her masturbating with both hands while her master’s balls were stuffed in her mouth.


She shampooed her hair and rinsed off. After turning off the tap, she stepped out of the shower and began to towel herself dry. She had to be careful touching the towel to her sore nipples, ass and cunt.

Once dry, she put moisturizer on her skin paying extra attention to the red marks. She knew that the moisturizer would make the marks fade faster. She also knew that nothing was going to help her ass. It would take at least a week before it started to look normal. Brenda used the blow dryer on her hair, no time for the curling iron. She would put it back in a pony tail, what else? A quick dab of make up and she looked at the clock again. 3:50, she was going to make it.

Brenda rinsed off the ballgag and dried it with her bath towel. She scooped everything up off the floor. She threw the ruined clothes in the trash, tossed the shoes in the closet, and ran to her dresser. She stashed the ballgag and ankle cuffs in the back of her lingerie drawer and at the same time picked out a set of everyday bra and panties. Brenda dressed quickly putting on pair of knee length shorts and a pull over blouse, the same clothes she had worn when dropping off the kids at school earlier in the morning. “Done” she thought.

When she got downstairs she heard a car in the driveway. Looking out the window she saw Cheryl’s car. She opened the front door as her son and daughter raced past her into the house. “Hi Mom” they both yelled. Brenda waved at Cheryl and said, “Thanks, I owe you one”. She replied “Any time Hun”.

Brenda wondered how Cheryl coped with the soccer mom lifestyle. For a moment she imagined Cheryl on the horse, a dildo tied in her cunt and sucking cock.

“STOP IT” she thought and pushed the image from her mind.

Brenda closed the door and turned. She was rewarded with the sight of her kids taking off their backpacks and jabbering about their day, what a great time they had with Cheryl. Her heart melted. She loved her family more than anything. Nothing in the world was more important to her. She knew she would have to manage the meetings with her Master carefully.

Two hours later things were quiet in the house. Both kids were at the kitchen table doing homework. Brenda was preparing dinner, a normal evening. The sound of the garage door opening announced the arrival of her husband home from work. Both kids looked up and said “Dads home!” The back door opened and he stepped into the kitchen. Both kids turned in their chairs and yelled “HI DAD!”, his booming reply followed “HI YOU TWO!” He walked over to the table and hugged both of them at the same time, kissing each on the tops of their heads, “What are you doing?” A fairly long explanation of their homework followed, mostly incomprehensible because both kids were talking at the same time. Brenda listened to the exchange. “So routine it would be easy to miss how really special this is”. She thought again how important her family was to her.

All this time Brenda was facing away cutting vegetables at the kitchen counter. He walked over to her, put both arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck.

“Hey you”, he said.

“Hey yourself, how was your day?” she asked nonchalantly.

He smiled and said “Well, my day was pretty great”. He took his right arm from around her waist and ran his fingers down her arm. When he reached her wrist he touched the pink mark left by the handcuffs.

“So how was your day?” He asked.

She stopped what she was doing, turned and reached her arms up around his neck. Standing in her flip-flops, He was a full 6 inches taller than Brenda. She looked up into his eyes, then her gaze dropped to his chest. Looking at his uniform shirt she saw the familiar mirrored shades hanging outside of his chest pocket below his badge. No question, he was an imposing figure in his uniform.

Brenda looked back into his eyes, smiled and said, “My day was fantastic!” Then they shared a long kiss.


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