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3rd in a 4 pt series
Am I Strong Enough to Say No (pt3)

All the way to the mall, Angie was thinking. No, not thinking, day dreaming. In her dream, she is standing in her room, with only a towel covering her. Her dad was standing at her desk reading her texts. "Lil one, what’s this" He asked in a low voice. With her head lowered, she tell's him "I was texting Deb and, well, you read the texts I guess" "Yeah, I did" he replied. "So, is it true? Do you feel that way? About me?" Angie starts to tell him no, but, looking at how he is looking at her, she decides to answer him another way. As she drops the towel she says "does this answer your question? I am not a lil girl anymore. And even if it’s wrong, Yes, I feel that way." Her dad stared at her nude body, jaw hanging open. He tried to think, but his body was betraying him. Angie looked down at the growing bulge in his pants. "So, do I get dressed, or do you get undressed dad?" After a minute, he took off his shirt, and unbuckled his pants.

"Angie, where is your head girl" her mom asked. "Huh? She blinked and tried to think of what her mom was saying. "I said did you need any new bras or panties while we are shopping?" "Sure mom, but, can we go to Victoria's Secret and get them?" "WELL, I guess my baby is growing up, sure, as long as they are not too sexy, why not" With that, they found a place to park and started in the mall. "Holy crap, I can't believe I asked that" Angie thought, then, "WHY did I want to go there?" she wondered too. In the back of her mind she knew why, but, didn’t want to admit it.


"So, am I pretty enough to get a guy like you?" Deb was standing naked in the bunk, looking down at her dad in the sleeper. She had just undressed in the front part, with the windows curtained in, and a curtain separating the back area, and just opened them without putting on any clothes. Her dad laid there speechless, looking at the woman, not little girl, who stood before him naked. From her hair brushed down and slightly over her eyes, to her firm looking breast which must have been small C's, to her slightly furred area between her legs. "Deb Hun, are you sure you want this?" with that he pulled the sheets back showing his 6" hard dick to her. She answered by kneeling down and reaching out to grip him, leaning forward to lightly kiss the top of his dick. Then, slowly, while looking at his face, putting more of him into her mouth. "OH GAAAA" he moaned, placing his hand lightly on her head, hinting at her to keep going. She could only take about 2 inches in her mouth but knew from hearing other girls talk that using her tongue on it at the same time would make up for deep throating it. She took her other hand, as she had heard do, and lightly held his balls, gently squeezing them. The look on her dads face was amazing. Then she stood up, and climbed on top of him, reaching down to put his dick right at her opening. Lowering herself slowly, and lowering her body towards him too, letting him take his lips to her now sensitive nipples. Sucking on one, then blowing on it lightly and then the other the same way, till both where as hard as the dick sticking in her pussy right now. And not just any dick, the one which made her. With that thought, she tightened down more on him, making him push up slightly with his hips, wanting more. She put her hands on his chest and started a rocking motion, breathing harder with each moment passing. She could feel it building, that slight pressure that turned into pleasure when she played with herself in bed at night. Just as she was about to cum, and from the movement and moans of him too, she felt the bunk move and she woke up with a start.. Breathing heavily, and sweating, she looked over at where her dad was sitting up on the side of the bunk. "Sorry Deb, you was sweating and moving around so much that I thought you was getting to hot so I was going to start the truck and run the AC for a few to cool it off. I didn't mean to wake you up? Blushing, Deb told him "Its ok, I just had a a a nightmare is all" OK, well, you go back to sleep, I will stay up till the AC cools it off and then turn the truck off and go back to sleep. "OK dad, night" and with that, Deb rolled over and faced the back wall, still soaked between her legs and hoping her dad didn’t smell it or that she didn’t talk in her sleep.


Her dad did hear her moan, and she did mumble in her sleep. He was sure he hear her say dad once, but wasn’t sure. What was sure was the smell, the sweetness of a woman who was excited sexually. His daughter was having a wet dream, of that he was sure. But, did she moan "Dad"?? Just the thought of it made him rock hard. He would have to sit up front till it went away. How could he get back in the bunk with it showing like this? And if Deb rolled over and SEEN it? Lord, she would freak out and call him a perv and hate him for life. Or would she? He was so mixed up right now he didn’t know what to do. Eventually, after another 20 min of laying back and trying, and failing, to NOT think of Deb offering herself to him, his hard on left him and he was able to turn the truck off and get back into the bunk. "Thank god it’s got a big sleeper and not a "coffin" sleeper like the old days he thought". Facing the front, and trying his best to make himself smaller so he wouldn’t touch her, he finally went to sleep.

Angie showed her mom the black boy shorts and half cup push up bra set. “PLEASE” she asked her mom, “It’s the first REAL set I will own” Sighing, her mom thought she would solve this by saying “You can only buy something that you would not be ashamed of your father seeing you in.” Jumping up and down, she hugged her mom and said thanks, and took the bra and panties up to the counter. Her mom, shaking her head, said “I give up.”


“Man, what is up with you today, this is the third game in a row you let us lose” his friend Mike said as they walked to the showers. “Sorry man, Have a lot on my mind, um, work and all you know.” “Yeah, my boss is a bitch too. OK, well, have to hurry and shower, then get home to the wife and kids. Will talk to you tomorrow” “OK” Angies dad said, waving as he sat down to watch the girls swimming in the pool room. One came out, a real knockout, and ran up to him and hugged him. Startled, it took him a minute to know who it was. “Cindy, how you been? Haven’t seen you over at the house visiting Angie in awhile.” “Yeah, I know. I got a steady now and don’t get to hang as much. Nice seeing you though. Tell Angie HI!” and she ran off back to the pool. “What a body on that girl” He thought, then, got up and walked to the showers him. Thinking about just how many friends his daughter did have that “grew up”.


2013-05-25 22:48:32
Finished the final part, it is posted. read, give a thumbs up or down, and leave your comments. Tell me what you think. Thanks all


2013-05-25 22:03:18
I was thinking the same thing. Working on last one now, and maybe a way to split her off. thanks all, for both positive and negative comments. They both do help.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-25 21:42:27
in truth the point of Angie can be a story all its own through the connection to this story. It would probbably add to the story if you described the scene slightly more

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-25 13:45:15
The premise behind the story is excellent and realistic. OTR truckers do miss out on so much of their family life that kids spending some of their summer with dad on the road is common, I probably would have just focused in on dad and Deb, bringing Angie and her parents into the loop seems to create more confusion without adding much to the story IMHO.

Otherwise, a very excellent first series I look forward to reading more of your work.



2013-05-25 10:49:59
Advice taken. re writing whole pt 4. may take till tonight, but, in a different style and different ending than I had planned.

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