Gang banged and lovin' every inch of it!!!!!!
Part 2

After I fucked my new bride with the cum taken from my asshole of a hunk of a black man who just fucked me, I wondered about my meeting we'd set up for the following night. I agreed I'd meet him in the parking lot of the convenience store where he fucked me, but wasn't sure what I'd tell my new wife for an excuse to leave for at least several hours.

All day the next day I thought of meeting up with my new friend, my brutha, my masta !!! I love black cock so much, I can't resist it under ANY circumstances!!!!!!! If my wife and I were sitting on the beach and a black man walked up to me and pulled out his cock I'd suck it right there in front of her!! I'd bend my faggot ass over my chair and beg him to pound my white trash asshole right there on the spot!!! That's how much of a slave I am to black cock!!! I've sucked black cocks in bathroom stalls at bars, in a WalMart bathroom, at a rest area bathroom, anywhere the chance arises, no matter where I am, public sex with black men turns me on!!! I'm so turned on by the interracial thing, by a black man dominating me, degrading me, calling me names, abusing my faggot pussy - I am shaking right now as I write this thinking of all the hot black men who have fucked and abused my white trash faggot asshole over the years!!!!

My new wife and I went to the beach in the morning, got some good sun, I laid out in my thong bikini and later she was topless on our private 2nd floor sun deck of our suite. The ocean was nice and warm, we swam off and on during the day, but my thoughts kept fast forwarding to 8pm. I was drawing a blank at what to tell her and over dinner at our resort cafe, I broached the subject of our having sex again with another person. Fortunately it was towards the end of the meal as she began to get upset at the thought, telling me we were married now and should only fuck each other. She'd use a strap on dildo on me ocassionally, which felt good, I'd just fantasize about it being a black man, but it wasn't the same as riding a nice black cock bareback!!! I pressed the issue with her saying we could bring another woman in for a three way if she wanted, whatever she was willing to do, I'd go for it. She got mad and started an argument. We left the cafe in haste and bickered the whole way back to the room. It was 7pm. She ranted on about how I was crazy for wanting to continue our kinky lifestyle, I countered with the fact that we had been into all sorts of kinky risky sex for two years and going backwards at this point was too hard. She got mad and said she was going to go for a walk on the beach alone. How perfect!!! I asked her half-heartedly if she wanted any company, she said no and to "do what you want, I'm going to walk on the beach". I thought that was a very open ended comment and would use that as my excuse. I said I'd go walk around Duvall Street for a while and meet her later back at the room. She agreed.

I lingered around our suite as she changed into her bikini and a sarong and headed out. I jumped in the shower, cleaned up - cleaned my butthole (nice way of saying I took a shit!!) and dressed in my tightest, sexiest, shortest pair of shorts - no shirt tonight, it was very hot out. Both of my nipples are pierced and I thought that it was a good cue or signal to send out as I was out and about in public, hey, I'm kinky, gay or whatever someone might think if they saw my pierced nipples on the street.

I ran down the street to the store and was there at 7:55, whew! five minutes to spare!! I waited around for a good 15 minutes, and my heart sank - he isn't going to show. I hung out by the pay phone like he had been last night and just as I thought I'd be going back to jack off by myself, I heard a car horn honk that pulled up to the side of the store. It was an older model Chevy Monte Carlo, burgundy with tinted windows. I looked in the passenger window, it was my lover from last night!! Hallelujah!!! I'm gonna get gang raped tonight!! I poked my head in the passenger window and said, "Hey!" He nodded at me and told me to get in. I hopped in and I could feel myself getting horny already!!

"You ready to get seriously fucked tonight bitch?!" he asked. "Oh yes!" I replied, trying not to sound like the eager, white trash slut that I am. "Good. Cuz I got some homies that are dyin' ta meet ya!" I couldn't wait!!!

We pulled out onto a side street and he took a joint from the car's ashtray and handed it to me. "Why don't you hit on this and relax a bit" he said offering the stick to me. I obliged and sparked it up and hit the joint hard and deep. I passed it to him but he waved it off as he drove so I smoked it all by myself on the way to his place, which was a lower end motel. I was pretty stoned by the time we got there and I was lovin' it!!! I hadn't been stoned in a while and the sensation was great! Not to mention it makes me so fuckin' horny and turns me into Super Fag!!

We walked into his room and four of his buddies were sitting around drinking, smoking pot and watching basketball on t.v. His introduction consisted of, "Here's da bitch!!" They nodded, one brutha commented on my slim, tan body and tight shorts. There was no mixing of words here, I wasn't there to socialize, I was there to fuck!! My host pulled the coffee table back away from the couch and the middle guy on the couch was first to pull his shorts off and motioned for me to come over. I kicked off my sandles, peeled off my shorts and thong panties and made a bee line for his large cock. I knelt between his legs and slurped on his massive shaft while the others all got naked and started stroking their cocks. I sucked on the cock of the guy in the middle and stroked the two sitting next to him with both hands while I slurped on his cock. Then I rotated between all three on the couch and sucked them each for a few minutes, then moved on to the next. The fourth "homie" milled around behind my ass and rubbed my legs and butt cheeks and rubbed my cock and balls as he stroked his own cock. I caught a glimpse of his rod - a good 9 inches and growing. None of these guys were under 10 to 11 inches when fully erect and two of them had cocks with extremely wide girths.

I felt the brutha behind me rub some sort of lube up and down my ass crack then push two fingers inside me and lubed up my anal canal. I continued to slurp on the black cocks placed before me and relaxed my sphincter in anticipation of the pounding that would surely begin at any moment.

I felt the head of his cock nuzzle up to my shit hole and I pushed out a bit to open up my faggot pussy. "Damn!!" he remarked. "This bitch really wants it. She's fuckin' openin' up wide ta take it already!!" Then he slipped the head in and worked it around a bit. I was surprised it didn't hurt at all, but with the good reaming I got last night, I shouldn't have been surprised in the least!! He slowly worked it in a few inches at a time, then out, then in again. It felt good, but it was like he was fucking me like you do a chick on the first date or something - slow and easy or whatever. I pulled the cock out of my mouth I'd been sucking and turned my head back to him - "Fuck me!!!" I yelled at him. One of the guys on the couch said, "Damn Derek!! You gonna take that!?" They all chuckled. I guess Derek got embarrassed or mad or something cuz he grabbed my hips and plowed his now hard 11 inches all the way in me in one stroke - balls deep!! He moaned and groaned, commented how good my ass was for takin' it all in and laid in a few gay comments and called me some names, I got so hard from that, and the good fuckin' too!!

Derek rode me for a while, but didn't cum. He pulled out and one of the cocks I'd been sucking took a stab at me and Derek took his place on the couch. "Suck yo shit off my cock bitch!!" He ordered me. I happily obliged his command. My next rider entered me with no thoughts of tenderness, he just aimed his massive black love tool at my fag hole and plowed right on in!!! I loved it so fuckin' much!!! I beamed a smile from ear to ear as he pounded my ever loosening white trash asshole to pieces and blew a huge load of cum so fucking deep inside me I thought it would come out my nose!!! I licked his cock clean after he pulled out and the next rider mounted up and fucked me. I was loving every second of this - a fantasy come true - gang fucked by a bunch of black men!!! A dream I wish I could live out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of my life!!!

They all took their turn tearing my asshole to pieces and filling me up with load after load of hot, gooey cum. A couple of the early fuckers got hard by the time my last lover blew his wad in me and they fucked me again. My previous night's lover fucked me last, saying he'd already had a piece of me and would let his posse tear it up first. Of the five of them, I was fucked by all of them once, and then fucked again by three more. So I had eight fucks at that point and no end in sight, I was getting tired. I was fucked doggy style mostly, I sat on top of a couple of them on the couch and rode them, and was fucked once on my back on the couch by one of them. I got a good working over.

After the last of my repeaters came in me I laid on the floor enjoying myself with one of my lovers lying near me and three were on the couch, one in a lazy boy recliner. All spent, drinking some beers and then I smelled a familiar odor. Someone sparked up a joint!! I sat up and looked to see who was teasing my senses. The brutha in the lazy boy had a big fat joint he just lit and was toking on. I got on all fours and seductively crawled over to him. The other homies on the couch laughed, "Look out Jamie, she's comin' ta get ya!!" I crawled in between Jamie's legs and he said, "What'chu want bitch!!??" I sucked his cock into my mouth and slurped it hard and fast a few times. He knew I wanted a hit. He offered the joint to me and I hit it hard and deep a few times and passed it back. He sent it around the couch and it came back to me - I greedily smoked the rest of it and used a roach clip to get every last puff!!. I was buzzin' hard in no time!!

"Down here bitch!!" I heard one say. I crawled toward the couch and the first guy on the end had a vial with some white powder in it. "Sniff dis!!" I wasn't too sure what it was but didn't give a shit either!! It had a top on it with a hole in it so I stuck it up my nose and leaned back and snorted hard. My nose and sinuses tingled immediately as I kept snorting the entire brown vial of powder and in no time I was tripping hard on whatever it was!!

"Oh yeah!!" One yelled out. "We gotz us a party bitch here!!" I felt someone smack my ass as the room started getting weird, the walls seemed to move and I was all tingly all over and felt awesome!!! My head was spinning as I stood up in front of the couch and started dancing to some imaginary music in my head, swiveling my hips and raising my arms over my head, running them down my body, tugging at my nipple piercings, I tucked my cock back between my legs so I looked just like a girl. "Yeah bitch!!" one yelled out.

Then Jamie stood up and came over to me and I noticed his cock was rock hard. It may have been because I was stoned, but his cock looked like it was over a foot long!! He cupped my ass as he stood there in front of me and lifted me up and onto his cock. Our chests rubbed together as his huge muscular arms lifted me over his cock. I reached back and checked to make sure it would go right in just as he lowered me onto his throbbing black love machine. It lined up perfectly with my gaping asshole - I was so loose now he couldn't miss my ass cave!!. He held me loosely and let my own body weight insert his cock into my nasty ass until it was as deep as it could go. It felt so fuckin' awesome sliding in, it only took a second to bottom out to his balls, but it felt like it lasted an hour!! I locked my legs tight around his waist and rested my arms on his shoulders as he cupped my ass and pulled me up and down and literally fucked me while he was standing up!!! The others cheered him on as I rode him like a wild whore and he fucked me hard and very deep!!!!!!.

After that the fucking got bizarre. Two of them would hold me up by the arms in the air while another held my legs in the air and fucked me while I "levitated" so to speak. Then as darkness settled in on the Keys, one of the bruthas took me onto the small balcony, had me lean over the railing (we were on the second floor over looking the parking lot) and fucked me and told me to yell out, "I'm a fag! I love black cock!!" to anyone who walked by. Fortunately only a few people did, one was a brutha who I was told to invite upstairs. "Hey baby!!" I said as sexy as I could for being stoned out of my mind and having a huge black cock pound me. "My man here wants to know if you wanna cum on up and fuck me!!" He kept walking, did a double take, saw the homies inside the room through the sliding glass door, saw the brutha fucking me and stopped to look a bit. My lover motioned to him to come on up, and he did. By then, my stud was done with me and helped me back into the living area. It was hard for me to walk straight I was so high!!! When we walked back inside Jamie handed me a big fat joint and I eagerly smoked the entire thing as I stood there waiting to see if the guy from the parking lot would show up. Derek finished cutting four lines of something - an off-whitish powder, on a big mirror on the coffee table and motioned for me to partake of the illicit substance. "All yours bitch!!" he said handing me a short glass tube. I was finishing up my joint and knelt in front of the coffee table, my heart racing, stoned out of my mind but wanting to be higher!!! I ran two lines hard up each nostril and smoked the last few puffs of my joint as a knock came at the door. I was so fucked up I could barely stand, it felt so fucking awesome!!!

I sized up our new guest as he nodded and said, " Sup!?" to the bruthas. I stumbled over to him, he had a pair of running shorts and a tank top on. I ran my hand along his muscular chest and arms. "Mmmmm....Nice!" I said and I kissed down his chest to his shorts and pulled out his semi hard cock. His cock was much bigger than any of my lovers in the room and I began to suck him feverishly. "Who's da bitch?" He asked the guys. "She's our party ho!!! She's cool, fuck the shit outta her!!" I pulled his cock from my mouth, looked up at him and smiled, "hi" I said. "Shut the fuck up bitch and suck!!" He grabbed my head and pumped his gigantic cock in and out of my mouth. "Take dat you fuckin' white ho!!!" I get so fuckin' turned on being treated like a whore - I suppose because I am one!!! After a few minutes of sucking him he pulled out of my mouth, dropped his shorts and spun me around and pushed me over the coffee table. One of the bruthas on the couch was puffing on a joint and offered it to me as I prepared to be reamed by this elephant cock!! I hit the joint hard several times, I was so stoned and this got me going even more!! My newest lover was stroking his huge cock and peeking at my gay pussy and commented on how big my gaping hole was. "My bruthas done a good job bangin' dis pussy huh!?!?" They all chuckled as I spread my legs wide wanting him to stick me hard and deep. By now as high as I was, I just wanted bigger and bigger cocks in me!! I told you I turn into Super Fag when I'm stoned!!!

"Oh yeah bitch, I'm gonna tap dat hole good!!" I turned my head towards him, reached back with both hands and spread my asscheeks wide open and yelled with clenched teeth, "Rape my faggot ass!!!!!" No sooner had I uttered those words when he obliged my desires. He slammed his rock hard cock which was at least 13 inches long and 6 inches around deep into my gaping snatch. I could hear my loose pussy slosh with air with every stroke. As stoned as I was, as horny as I was, it hurt like hell for a minute, but only a minute. He pounded me from the start, no foreplay, no warm up, nothing, slamma - jamma!!! He grabbed my hips and pumped me like a jack hammer for at least 20 minutes. Then he sat back on the floor on his ass and pulled me over to straddle his huge tool with my back to him and made me plunge myself up and down on his massive manhood. I was spread wider and fucked deeper than I can ever remember, not that I hadn't ever had a bigger cock, but at the moment, I couldn't recall one.

The sensation of riding up and down on such a long, thick black bareback shaft turned me on to no end!!! My cock got so hard as I rode his full length, I'd pull up until just his cock head was barely in me and then let my legs go and plunge down full force onto his cock with all my weight and bury his cock inside my slutty asshole until there was no more to go in. I rode him like that for almost 15 minutes as the other bruthas watched and commented on my cock riding skills and called me names and cussed at me. Then I started calling myself names - "I'm... such... a... fucking...faggot!!!!" I said each word with each plunge down onto his rocket cock. "Mmmm....fuck my pussy!!!!!..... Fuck my pussy!!!!...... Fuck me... Oh fuck my pussy harder!! Harder!!!!" I was going wild!! He grabbed my hips and jerked my down as hard as he could onto his pole. "Oh yeah..." I smiled to the bruthas on the couch, "That a baby!! That a baby!!! Give your ho what she needs!!!!" The guys on the couch snickered at my comments and added some of their own. This huge cock was actually tearing my sphincter muscles and I was begging for more!!!!

I was passed a joint and toked on it while I rode my newest lover's cock and got even more stoned, which got my cock even harder and I could tell by the feeling in my anal canal and colon that I was going to cum!! I let out a yell to no one in particular that I was cumming and a minute later, my lover went over the edge and pulled me down completely onto him so he was buried totally inside me and blew a volcano of hot cum inside me!!! I just sat there as I came down from my orgasm grindind my ass into his lap and felt his cock splash load after load of cum inside me until I felt him slowly, very slowly start to soften. I rode his cock while it softened even more until it bent when I thrusted down and I pulled out and puckered my asshole shut as best I could, my sphincter muscles were shot to hell. I dutifully sucked his cock clean and lay on the floor to collect myself as one of the bruthas offered our new arrival a beer.

"What'chu doin' bitch!?!?" one asked me. "Mmm...just enjoying the ride!!!" Referring to the cocks I'd ridden and being stoned. I felt my shorts and thong panties thrown on me and was told, "Get the fuck dressed and get the fuck outta here!!! We done with yo nasty ass bitch!!!" They all laughed and for a second I was shocked and offeneded, but that's what I wanted, humiliation and degredation!!! I got it all!! I half laughed with them and nodded, "Yup, you're right, you're done and I gotta go!!!" I clumsily put on my thong which became an instant sponge, as cum drenched it as it settled into my ass crack. I put my shorts on, grabbed my sandles and turned and thanked all of my black lovers for a wonderful evening and waved goodbye and left the motel room.

I hadn't a fucking clue where I was and as I staggered out of the motel parking lot in the direction I thought I'd come in the Monte Carlo, I felt my hips totally swishing back and forth and realized I was walking like a girl, or at least a faggot!! Which is what I really am, let's face it!!! I was a bit sore, at least my legs were, my asshole still tingled but felt great, the feeling of my thong on my asshole as I walked along turned me on. I was still high as hell and I pulled on my nipple rings as I tried to walk down the street, making my cock start to wake up.

As I walked along in the darkness in the direction I hoped was towards my resort, I saw a taxicab slowly drive by me. I waved him down. "Do you know where the Dewey House is??" I asked. He nodded, checking out my tan body, pierced nipples and tight shorts with a bulge in them. "How much??" I asked referring to the dollars it would cost to take me there. I could tell in his eyes I wouldn't be paying in cash!!!!


Stay tuned....

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