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Hey Guys, this is my first story, I hope you guys enjoy it, and I'll love to post more! Please, feedback would be great :)
I didn't ever think it'll happen this way, nor this bad. I guess you can say it's a weird thing once you get caught. You never know what to expect, what they'd do, how would they act. It all comes as a big shock to you, like getting hit in the stomach with a bowling ball. But, it's worse than that. I suppose I should tell you why I'm writing my own story. You could say it's because I'm trying to figure out what happened myself, or that I'm trying to clear my name. Well, to me, it's both.

It began when I was sixteen. It was January and Summer in Australia, and of course, like every other typical Aussie girl, I was at the beach with my mates. My best friend, Chelsea, and myself were with two of our guy friends; James and Brent. I had such a big crush on Brent, but I knew it would never happen, since he was going out with the biggest skank in our school district, Ella. I didn't ever understand why he would like a girl like that, she was so trashy and uncharming, whilst he was smart and adorably humble. Anyway, as we were splashing water into one-another's faces, I lost sight of Brent and felt this figure from under me, moving it's way up my legs. As soon as I realised it was Brent, it was way too late and he undid my bikini top at the back. I squealed and hit him, immediately tying it back up; whilst he just laughed it off.

The day finished up and I was starting walk home, as I only live a ten minute walk from the beach. Suddenly, I heard footsteps from behind me. I started freaking out, I mean all I was in was a blue skimpy bikini which showed most of my bum because of it being so big, and the side of my boobs because it only just covered my nipples. I began to jog back, knowing my house was only a few minutes away, my long blonde hair flowing behind me as I ran. But I began to hear the person running too, I glanced back and realised it was Brent, I stopped and turned around, beginning to yell at him. But before I knew it, he was two centimetres away from my face. The awkward silence lasted a mere minute, and then he kissed me. Passionately. I broke the kiss, pushing him away, "Brent, you're with Ella!" I yelled, trying to figure out what just happened. "I don't care, seeing your ass bounce as you ran away from me, it turned me on Bec, I couldn't help myself." He came closer, I moved away, "I.. no! I wouldn't do this to someone! Brent, go away!" I protested, turning around and slightly blushing as I walked home. But before I could even take two steps he grabbed my arm. "No, Becky!" He pleaded, "I think I love you!" I stopped for that second, thinking about how he was with Ella. However, I didn't really care, Ella was probably cheating on him already, so why would it even matter. I grabbed his hand and brought him to my house. I knew nobody was home as my parents worked through the day and my older brother, who was 18, lived out of home. I brought him into my room and that's when our whole relationship changed.

He grabbed me and through my onto the bed, sliding my bikini bottoms off as he kissed his way up my leg. I could feel myself getting wet already, I couldn't stand the teasing so I grabbed his hair and yanked his head up to my pussy lips. He happily began devouring it, I couldn't even comprehend the feeling of how his lips and tongue worked on my clean-shaved pussy, it was astonishing. He began rubbing my clit and that's when I lost it, I came all over his face, and he sure as hell didn't mind licking it all up. I was beyond turned on by now, and all I wanted was his dick inside of me. He came up, kissing me once again as I undid his buttons on his bordies. I couldn't wait any longer, and I could feel his hardness already. After this, out popped his dick, he was bigger than the guy I had lost my virginity to, that's for sure, maybe around 6 inches. I grabbed a hold of his cock and started pumping it fast. He was grunting into my mouth as he kissed me, and then moved his fingers down to my pussy to play with it, it felt so good; but however, I stopped the kiss and rolled us over so I was now on top of him. I began to kiss down his chest, and stomach, until I got to the head of his cock. I kissed the top of it, and began sucking just the head. He began growing impatient and grabbed my head, shoving it down on his cock almost making me gag. I didn't mind though, as I deep throated it. I then began fiddling with his balls, and I could feel him about to explode. I then took it out of my mouth as he cried and begged me not stop. This was until he realised I started lowering my pussy onto his cock. "No, Becky, condom!" He yelled, trying to have some self-controlled, yet mine was long gone - "I don't care, just don't cum inside me!" I yelled back, entering his throbbing member into me. It filled me up perfectly and I began riding his dick. The amount of moans coming out of my mouth was unbearable. He then pulled me down, licking and sucking my very hard nipples, squeezing my breasts and playing with them whole-heartedly. I could feel myself being intoxicated with the greatness of this moment, until he yelled "I'm going to cum! Get off!" But I didn't care, I kept bouncing, lost in the moment, "Becky!" He groaned, "Cum in me Brent, I want to feel your thick, hot cum shoot inside me!" I squealed, anxious now. And that was it for him, I felt my insides being drenched in his cum, and it lost it for me as I began cumming too.

It was the best feeling of my life, I fell off of him in a breathless fit. As he smiled and kissed me. "That was so hot" He whispered into my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. "I think what made it hotter was that it was behind Ella's back." I responded, "Don't break up with her, I like it this way" I added. His eyes gleamed and nodded, "So do I" He kissed me intently.


I hadn't seen Brent the rest of the week, as school was starting the next week and I had to get all of my things ready. It was the first day and I sent Brent a text,
"are we gonna have some fun today? ;) x"
"i hope so baby, music? x"
"sounds great, mr. m doesn't even stay in class with us x"
So that was the plan. I waited until the end of the second period, knowing music was next I quickly ran to the bathroom making sure that my hair looked okay, if only I didn't have to wear this ugly school uniform with my stupid tie and "knee-length" skirt which I had now pulled up to just above mid-thigh, I also removed my thong as it was not necessary for my next class.

I walked into music and found Brent's eyes, he saved me a spot at the back of the class next to him. There were only six other people taking music, and we got told to do our own thing. For all as Mr. M would know, me and Brent sure would be. We found a lone room with the piano, telling him and the class we bagsed it and ran in there, closing the door and pulling down the curtain to cover the window on it. Immediately, my skirt was pulled up and my top unbuttoned so that Brent could have full access to my C cup tits. I pulled out his dick from his pants and pushed it into my pussy as soon as possible. We began pounding up against the door, moaning into one another's mouths. We couldn't control ourselves and moved on the wall next to it. He had my up against it, pounding his member into me. But then our hearts stopped as the door opened. In walked a girl with her skirt so short it was showing the bottom of her ass, it was Ella. We froze, not knowing what to do as she gaped at us. "Well, look who I've found! I knew it! I knew you two were doing something as soon as one of the girls' texted me you guys went in here!" She accused. I could still feel Brent's member, as it felt to be getting even harder than it was before, which I didn't even think was possible. We stayed frozen, until Ella ripped off her shirt, "What are we waiting for, let's do this, Mr. M wont care, he's trying to find his misplaced guitar. She removed the rest of her clothes and stood in front of us butt naked. And then, before I knew it, she was kissing my neck and chewing on it. Brent began to pound even harder, I was in ectacy!

I then jumped off him, beginning to make out with Ella, we got on the floor and Ella took Brent's cock into her mouth, deep throating it straight away. Brent pounded it into her mouth as she gagged and I played with her boobs, it was so erotic I couldn't contain myself and moved down, I licked her pussy, tasting my first ever one. It tasted so sweet and juicy I continued to suck and nibble on it, sticking my tongue in her hole. I then started playing with her clit and she began to cum. It was better than I ever imagined! Brent then took his dick out of Ella's mouth and came behind me, starting to pump it into me doggy style, as I licked up Ella's juices. I couldn't stop licking her, moaning into her pussy as Brent fucked me. Brent groaned that he was cumming and I pushed back hard onto his cock. Ella scooted down underneath me, and began kissing me. I was humping her now because of Brent's pounding and began to feel myself cumming too as Ella sucked on my tits and humped me back. I screamed in joy and began to shake uncontrollably once I felt Brent's warm liquid inside of me.

We laid there for a few more minutes until we all stood up and got changed. Awaiting our next meeting.

*If you liked this story then please leave a comment and I'll post the one of how we got ourselves an after school detention to fuck again! Thanks

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