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Shortly after being divorced for several years, death in the family and the disownment from a family member, I felt so alone and that my world has turned upside down. I haven't been dated since my divorce and I am a highly sensual but fairly attractive woman. Short, stout with dark eyes, dark hair. 56I-46-44. Very much old fashion where I love to meet guys in person, but since my divorce, Which by the way, I have been happy before, during and after my divorce. So I tried this internet dating but I was so hornier then ever. Met a couple guys on-line where we chatted by instant messaging for about a month or so. A bit hesitant to meet these guys though I am a very busy person. One guy was within my age group while the other was old enough to be either my father or grandfather. I have always has this fetish of dating guys slightly older than I am. I am a bit shy especially when I comes to sex, though I may explore outside of my comfort zone since I am naturally submissive with a touch of kink. At any rate, I decided to date the older guy who is old enough to be either my father or grandfather. His name is Gerry.

The minute I met him through cam to cam, I decided to meet him in person. He was very kind and gentle that I wanted to be with him. He wasn't pushy at all. It was a nice hot summery day when I got into his jeep, drove around to get acquainted. As we were getting acquainted he wanted to get very familiar for which I was comfortable of doing. So we got in back in seat of his jeep where we kissed and felt one another discretely in a mall parking garage out of sight of the camera and mall security probing the area. I wore a button down dress with several buttons unbuttoned down to my cleavage without a bra and a white bikini pantie.

As we were kissing, touching and fondling one another, his kiss got so deep that I had to submit to whatever came natural. He placed his hand on my left breast and started caressing it as he unbutton the rest. He opened the dress and he was amazing of my big breast that he wanted to examined them. Brown breast with dark milk chocolate mid-sized nipples that were standing so erect ready to suck on. He took my left nipple to suck as he caressed my right nipple. While he was doing that I was getting so moist and was curious whether he was either a boxer or brief kinda guy. He took his time to caress and suck each of them. then took both of my breasts to suck them both together. While he was busy with my breasts, my hand was on his crotch. He moved back to my lips for a kiss as he scooted my moist white bikini off to see my pussy in full view. Brown with very little pubic hair covering the opening of my pussy . He slid his fingers on my slit as I continue feeling his crotch. He realized that I was very wet that he wanted to taste me. He got down on the floorboard and spread my legs wide and started to eat me out. I had never had my pussy eaten out. I was sold. We only met for almost two hours before he had to leave as well as I had another date to go to. He didn't want me to go and wanted him all to himself.

Several weeks has past and we met again where we drove to the same spot, but this time he had the back seat down in the back. He was very excited to see me once again and wanted to be serious with me, but not too serious, but a steady relationship. He was deeply in love with me that he wanted more as well as I did. I could see it in his eyes that he was deeply in love with me. His kisses became more compassionate. He had great joys of getting naked but this time it was his time to reveal himself. I played with his cock as he craved for my pussy juice. He didn't rush to do the 69, but took his time as he wanted to get to know who I am as a person while petting, caressing every inch of my body. He took time to listen who I am as person. He pulled my face much closer for a much deeper kissing as he began to undress me. Laying there completely naked in back of his jeep, he was in full view and love me even much more. He kissed every in of my body, sucked my nipples as he fingered my pussy. Slowly moving towards my pussy, he enjoyed the way I was squirming and jumping like a fish as he played with my clit and chatted some more. I was getting so soaked that he didn't want to wasted the wetness that would be soaked into the carpet so he dove toward my pussy to savory my juices. Then I said, it is your turn as he undid his pants without any underpants. He had a male issue, but that didn't as much. I wanted to feel him inside my mouth. He was just firm enough but not hard which he felt bad about it. He was an average size and average width. From that time we did 69.

We continued seeing one another and he had the courage to ask me to go with him for monthly day trips to keep him company. I was much obliged to accompany him for his monthly day trips which lead into overnights. Then I knew that he wanted to get serious with the relationship where he asked my likes and dislikes and it ended up a very long term relationship.

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