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“How can anyone, especially you, find all this” — you wave your hand around, gesturing to your naked body lying before Tom on his bed — “attractive?”

“You see fault where I find beauty,” he says gently, running the backs of his fingers down your cheek.

The corner of his mouth turns up. “By the end of this night, you will feel as if you could tempt a saint.”

“Why would I want to do that?” you ask. “I’ve already got you… Haven’t I?”

Tom bends down and places his lips on your collarbone while briefly touching your waist with his hand, brushing the underside of your breast. “Yes, you do.”

“Now,” he says, straightening, and you can tell he’s gone into his dominating self. “Sit up and watch me. I want to look your face as you watch me undress.”

You do as told and sit up, your hands resting on your thighs. When your eyes meet his, it is thoroughly impossible to look away. You find yourself lost in his intense blue stare. Sometimes, when he looks at you like this, you almost believe that he is as enamored by you as you are with him.

Standing right in front of you, he starts to disrobe, his long fingers deftly undoing the buttons on his shirt, and slides it off his shoulders, dropping it to the floor, unwanted.

Breaking away from his eyes, you drag yours to his chest dusted with dark hair, then travel further to his stomach. And while his muscles there aren’t pronounced, your mouth still watered. Shit, he wasn’t even naked yet and you were already wet.

“Take them off,” he says, and you realize he’s referring to his pants. You grit your teeth and try to concentrate on the task, when really all you want to do is crawl under the bed and hide. “Do it,” he orders.

You take a deep breath and quickly undo his belt, then the button, but you have some difficulty sliding the zipper down around his bulge, so he takes control, but then has you slide his pants down. Helping Tom step out of them, you try not to stare at his erection.

Please, please, please don’t ask me to… you think before he says, “These too.” And you bite your lip and close your eyes, trying not to groan.

“Eyes open,” he demands.

You pull his boxers down and his erection pops out, nearly hitting you in the face.

“Do you see this?” he asks. “Would my cock be like this if you weren’t attractive to me?” You decide not to answer.

“Lie back,” Tom says, pushing on your shoulder, and you fall onto your back. You gasp when he drags you toward him by your hips until your ass is on the edge of the bed. You look down at him kneeling before you, between your spread legs.

“Ah,” he sighs, sliding a finger through your slick wetness. “So wet already. I like that. I like that a lot. Remember how it took you ages to orgasm in that restaurant? Remember how I had whispered in your ear that if you couldn’t come by my fingers, then I’d have to craw under the table and finish you with my mouth?” He smirks. “Oh, you had come so hard.”

He gathers your juice on his finger and sticks it in his mouth, closing his eyes and letting out an agonized groan. “Such a shame I didn’t have the chance to eat you. You taste just as good on my fingers now as you did then.”

Tom opens his eyes and holds you open with his fingers. “Put your hands above your head. Don’t move them.”

As you obey the bottom half of his face disappears as he licks your folds from the bottom to the top, stopping and circling your clit with his tongue, and your hips lift slightly, anything to apply more pressure. Then he wraps his arms around your thighs, his mouth and tongue clearly determined to finish what he’d started, lapping at everything he can reach. Which is, frankly, everything. Your hips start to rock and you feel yourself getting wetter, your body writhing, your hands clenching the black Egyptian cotton sheets under your head.

When he starts to hum against you clit is when you lose it. Your muscles clench and your back arches as you ride out your orgasm, your thighs firmly holding Tom’s head between them. High-pitched whimpers slide out from between your lips.

When it’s over, Tom is still lapping at you, drinking all of your juices, but stopping before you begin your ascent again.

“Someday soon,” he says as he crawls up onto the bed to hover over you. “I’m going to do that until you are so spent that all you can do afterwards is smile weakly as I hold you in my arms.”

He leans to the side and wipes his mouth and chin on the sheets, then comes back and places his lips at your ear.

“[Y/N],” he whispers, sounding a bit breathless. “I’m going to take you now. After this, there’s no turning back. You will be mine forever. If I don’t succeed tonight, then I promise that everyday I will strive make you feel beautiful. Because you are. And I need you to know that.”

He readies himself at your entrance. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” you breathe, and he thrusts into you.

“Bite down on my shoulder if it hurts,” he gasps, and you sink your teeth into his shoulder. Then he starts thrusting repeatedly into you until the pain goes away and you don’t need to bite anymore.

“Kiss me, please,” you say, and his lips gladly meet yours, but once it gets difficult to breathe, your lips break apart and you cling to him as he makes love to you. Over. And over.

When he finds his release, his release triggers yours and you come together, his muscles flex and he bares his teeth as he arches his back above you.

He rolls off to the side, taking you with him, tucking you under his arm. You rest your head on his chest as you both attempt to control your breathing.

As he’s idly toying with your breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers, he asks, “Do you feel beautiful yet, [Y/N]?”

You smile weakly, and answer truthfully, “I think I might need a little more convincing… Maybe a lot.”

Tom smiles broadly. “Then let’s have some fun, shall we?”
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