Two 13-yr old friend explore handjobs, blowjobs, cum swallowing and setting a record
It was November, getting cold out, and on this particular Friday, my mom received a phone call from the mother of a friend of mine. Seems as though there had been a death in the family and she wanted to know if Jimmy could stay with us for the weekend. Of course my mom said yes and at 5:00 pm, Jimmy was knocking on our door. Jimmy and I were both 13, in the 8th grade and had been good friends since kindergarten. We were both looking forward to having the weekend to kick back, play video games and just enjoy ourselves.

My mom and dad were going out with friends and by six we were downstairs sitting on the couch watching tv, The conversation turned towards a couple of girls at school that we thought might be "fast", when I suddenly remembered something. "Hey, Jimmy, wait till you see this!" I exclaimed as I ran into the little storage area where my parents kept their stuff.

"What ya gettin, Jackie?" Jimmy asked as he eyed me from the couch.

"You'll see. I found these last weekend and haven't had a chance to go through them, though." I came out with a stack of Playboy magazines!

"Oh man! Your Dads?"

"I guess... I don't think they're my Mom's!" I laughed as I sat back down on the couch and set the stack of magazines between us.

We both grabbed one and started to look through them. Neither of us had ever seen a magazine with naked women and we oohed and ahhed and pointed and showed each other pictures and did so in a hushed whisper, as if we might be caught. The women were voluptuous and naked and sexy and naked and beautiful and naked. Quickly, without realizing it, I had a hard on that was pressing uncomfortably against my jeans. I tried to adjust it but my dick just wouldn't adjust. Finally Jimmy looked at me and said, "yeah, me too."

We both giggled at that. "You don't think it would be queer to pull out our dicks, do you?" I asked.

He looked at me and asked, "you aren't going to tell anyone, are you?"

I nervously shook my head back and forth. "No... I wouldn't want anyone to know, either."

Jimmy stared at me and shrugged his shoulders. Finally he said, "You first."

I stood up, all 5'2 and 110 lbs of me, my jeans tented in front. I undid my belt, unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down along with my jockeys until I was standing there with my 4" dick waving in the air. I stepped out of my jeans and sat down on the couch, my prick standing straight up. I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. Jimmy just looked at my dick, making me feel a little excited and dirty all at the same time. "Okay, your turn," I whispered at him.

Jimmy stood up and his tent was definitely bigger than mine. When he undid his jeans and pulled them down I was amazed at the size of his dick! We were both 13, Jimmy was shorter and skinnier than me, but Jimmy's pole looked to be 6.5 inches long! It was fatter than mine, his balls were huge compared to mine and he had dark pubic hair. My pubes were soft, blond and almost unseen. As I stared at his dick, mesmerized by his large boner, I absentmindedly took hold of my own dick and started to stroke it. Jimmy just stood there, facing me, watching me rub my pole up and down. Then he leered at me and said "So it turns you on to see my dick?" He was smiling boyishly as he said it.

I stammered, realizing I was stroking my boy boner while gazing at his hard on. "No... no..." Then honestly, " Its so big!"

Jimmy turned to the side to give me a profile. "Yeah, I know. When I shower in gym class, I can see I'm bigger than the other guys."

"Wow, that's really cool," I said breathlessly.

Jimmy sat down next to me, pushing the magazines out of the way. "Do you jerk off much?"

I continued to slowly stroke my own hard on, even as I answered, "I don't know... maybe 3 times a day."

Jimmy looked at my dick as he spoke, "That's it? How long have you been jerking?"

I almost didn't hear him as I continued to look at his fat hard prick. It was cut, like mine, but had a big mushroom head. "Uhm...oh... uh, I guess about three months. How many times do you jerk it?"

Jimmy watched me watching his dick and he held it in his one hand while the other hand rubbed his balls. "I shoot like 6-8 times a day! Its all I want to do. It's like I have to shoot all the time!"

I was nervous and excited all at once. Moving my hand up and down slowly, watching him do the same, I asked, "6-8 times a day?! Come on, Really?"

"Yeah, my record is 11 times in one day. I stroke it every chance I get."

"Wow, that's so hot," I said excitedly. "Do you want to stroke off together?"

"Yeah, alright." We both grabbed our dicks and started to slowly stroke. Jimmy reached over with his free hand and opened a playboy to a hot picture for us to look at while we masturbated. "This'll help," he said.

I wasn't looking at the picture, but at his impossibly hard dick, watching his hand run up and down, watching his balls jumble back and forth. It was hard for him to hold the magazine straight with one hand and suddenly, without thinking, I said, "If you hold the magazine steady, I'll jerk it for you."

I half expected him to smack me, or tell me I was a fag or, well, just about anything than what he said. "Yeah, that would be hot. Go ahead and jerk me and I'll flip through the magazine for us."

He held the magazine in two hands in front of him, showing me the pictures as I reached over and suddenly felt his warm meaty dick in my hand. My head was warm and my thoughts fogged, my breathing went shallow and I was completely turned on. There I was, stroking my own dick and his at the same time. "Hows that?" I asked breathlessly as I stroked his hard, fat dick.

"Oh...yeah...that feels good, Jackie! Keep doing it like that."

Soon I realized that Jimmy hadn't turned a page in a couple of minutes and was completely enthralled with me stroking his dick for him. I had to stop my own stroking several times as I was getting close to shooting my stuff. Jimmy's eyes were locked on his dick and my hand and he started to let out little moans and lifting his hips to meet my fist. "Yeah... so good Jackie. Wow, you're really good at that!"

His compliment made me want to please him more. With my free hand I reached down and cupped his balls. My little hand looked like it was holding two plums in a sack. "Oh...oh...OHHH" Jimmy moaned and then he started to shoot his sperm! I began to stroke him faster and faster as the first thick rope of sperm exploded from the angry purple mushroom head of his fat dick. "OOOOOoooohhhhh" It was more sperm than I'd ever shot! Long thick strands of sperm spurted out of his dick and landed on his chest, stomach and my hands. Over and over...5...6...7...8...9...10 thick ropes of heavy white sperm pumped onto his skin. Then he was done, sitting there, blinking unsteadily like he was near passing out, breathing heavy.

"Oh man...Jackie, that was unbelievable!"

His head fell back onto the couch, his eyes closed as he tried to slow down his breathing. In that instant, without a conscious thought about doing it, I quickly put my fingers to my mouth and tasted his sperm without him seeing me! It was thick, gloppy, not thin and stringy like mine. And it tasted wonderful! Tangy, salty, warm. He opened his eyes. "What a mess!" He was looking down at his stomach.

"Don't worry, I'll get a towel for you." I ran into the laundry room and brought out an old towel and without even asking, I started to wipe him up. Jimmy just watched me, not saying a word. "You shot so much!" I said as I cupped his balls and moved his dick to wipe him clean.

"I guess, " he answered. "It's like that all the time. My balls are always full, like that."

"That was so cool," I said to him as I finished cleaning him up.

"Did you shoot?"

"No, I kept stopping because I was going to shoot right away."

"You can do it now, if you want."

"Naw, I'll wait for you to get hard again and we can do it together." I desperately wanted to stroke him again, see his prick shoot all that hot white sperm.

"We can start now, if you want. I can shoot again, right away."

"No way!" I exclaimed as I sat down next to him.

Soon, after working his dick for just a couple of minutes, his dick was hard again, to my amazement!

Looking down at that big dick on that boys frame, I couldn't help myself. "Do you want me to do you again?"

He grinned big, "Yeah. That would be great! You really did it so nice."

This time as I stroked him I stroked myself in earnest and in a few, short minutes, both of us excited at our dirty little secret, were close to shooting. I could tell he was close as his dick turned that angry purple again and I could feel it getting harder and bigger. Suddenly he growled, " I go!"

His dick lurched in my hand, the pee hole on his prick gaped open and suddenly another long thick stream of sperm spewed out of his dick, landing almost on his chin. At the sight, my own pole exploded, shot after streaming shot of sperm landing on my hand and my belly button. We both convulsed on the couch, breathing loudly, moaning, squirming. I stopped shooting first while Jimmy's big dick continued for another three or four blasts. Finally we both sat there in the basement, gasping for air, quivering in post sperming exhaustion.

"You going to taste my sperm again?" Jimmy asked softly.

I turned a bright red with embarrassment, "What? No, I, no, um, no I didn't! I didn't taste your sperm!" I was completely taken by surprise.

Jimmy looked at me, scared that he had made me feel bad. "No Jackie, its alright. I saw you last time. But don't worry, I would never tell anyone!"

I didn't know what to say, so I sat there looking down at the floor. "I just wanted to see what it tasted like," I mumbled. "I didn't think you were watching."

"I know, Jackie. Like I said, its alright, I won't tell anyone." He put his hand on my neck and shook it like a friend does. "Did you like how it tasted?"

"Yeah, I guess it was alright."

"Well," he said, " I guess I got to say..." he paused for effect, "eeeeewwwwwwwwww!" And he broke up laughing, and suddenly, I was laughing too!

"Oh come on, you were watching?"

"I just opened my eyes as you were putting your fingers in your mouth! So, honestly, did you like it?"

I sat for a moment, thinking if I should tell him the truth and then just said it out loud, "I don't know. Its tangy and salty and warm."

He laughed again, took his dick, shook it at me and said, "Plenty where that came from!" We both giggled, the nervousness gone. "Wipe me up again," he commanded. And I did.

As I wiped and cleaned him, I deliberately, for his sake, took two fingers and scraped up a good amount of sperm and right in front of him I put my fingers in my mouth and licked and sucked them clean, moaning in what he thought was fake ecstasy. He ewed and said "You are such a pig!" I laughed harder, though all I could think of was how much I wanted to taste his sperm again.

"So, you can really shoot eight times a day?"

"Yeah. Its all I want to do!" He giggled. "I jerk off every morning when I wake up. Again 15 minutes later in the shower. When I get to school I go to the wash room and jerk off in the stall. Again at lunch. Sometimes in the afternoon I ask to go the bathroom and I do it again. The when I get home I do it. Then again when I go to bed. So... like 6-8 times a day. Yeah."

I was looking down at his big dick again when an idea formed in my head, one that would let me play with him without making him think I liked it. "We should see if you can set another record! I'll help!"

Jimmy was suddenly excited. "Yeah, with these magazines and you helping me, I bet I could shoot more than 11 times in a day!"

"Okay, you've already shot twice in the last half hour so we'll start the clock from seven, that was the first one." I got up and went back to the storage room. "Let me get some new magazines, we've been through just about all of those."

As I came out with another stack, the phone rang. I set the mags down and walked to the other side of the room and picked up the phone. It was my Mom. "Honey, our car broke down and we aren't going to get home tonight. Dad has the triple A people coming out, but we are going to have to stay at a hotel for the night. Will you two be okay by yourselves?"

"Sure Mom! No problem. We are just playing games and watching television."

"Okay, honey, you two be good. I will call Jimmy's Mom so she knows and I will call you first thing in the morning and let you know when we'll be home. Please, Jackie, be good and don't stay up too late, okay?"

"Yes Mom," I said sarcastically. She laughed and hung up. I turned around and told Jimmy what my Mom had just told me. "We have the house to ourselves tonight!" I wondered just how many times he was going to shoot his sperm.

Jimmy sat on the couch, staring at a magazine, his mouth hanging open.

"Jimmy?" I questioned.

"Oh man... Jackie, look at this!"

I noticed his dick was hard, standing straight up! And it had only been five minutes since his second burst of sperm! "What?"

As I walked up I couldn't believe my eyes. The cover of this magazine was unlike the rest we had seen. It was a close up, hi resolution photo of a woman's face, with a fat hard dick stretching her mouth! Thick red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, blond hair, eyes closed in ecstasy! The mans balls were laying gently on her chin, her nose in his pubic hairs, his balls dripping saliva, her mouth smeared with lipstick and spit, his hands on her head and the title of the magazine in big bold letters... "Cocksucker!"

"Holy moly!" I hissed. "Whats she doing!?"

"Shes giving him a blowjob!" Jimmy's eyes were wide open, taking it all in.

"Whats a blowjob?" I asked naively.

"What shes doing... That's a blowjob. Shes sucking on his dick. I guess they call it a cock." He started to flip through the magazine. It was thick, about 150 pages. Every single page was of women sucking cocks, being cocksuckers, giving blowjobs. Each scene was about 10 pages starring one woman and one or more men. There was a written paragraph on each page. A dirty story with the scene. Wonderfully filthy language that we had never heard before but quickly learned. Cock, cocksucker, face fuck, cum, cumming, whore, slut, bitch.

"Wow..." was all I could muster. I was as hard as I'd ever been in my young life.

As Jimmy thumbed through the magazine for both of us to see, without thinking I reached over and started to stroke his fat dick. He spread his legs and lifted his hips to meet my hand. "Man, can you imagine how that would feel?"

"Yeah, and look at all yeah... look at all the cum those women are eating!"

He smiled, "Yeah, figures you would like that part! Maybe you want to suck!"

I smiled back, leering at the magazine. "Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you!"

I was completely and utterly turned on. I didn't really think I would suck his dick, but suddenly, after hearing Jimmy say the words, it somehow didn't seem so far fetched!

"Yeah, I'd like it, but not as much as you would like sucking me!"

I didn't know how to respond. I was excited, breathless, holding his fat, hard cock in my little hand. This was moving so fast!

"Yeah, but I wouldn't be like those girls!"

"Man, look at those red lips! Why does that look so hot?" He asked rhetorically.

I looked and got harder still, thinking that those lips were mine and they were wrapped around my best friends dick! "Yeah," I replied, "that looks!"

"Yeah, that's it, slutty! If I could have those lips giving me a blowjob, I could break the record in no time!"

My hand was moving up and down, up and down his cock as we looked at the magazine, his breathing coming faster and faster. "Come on Jackie, why don't you put it in your mouth just once! Okay?"

I couldn't believe he had really, asked me. "I don't know Jimmy."

"Come on," he pleaded. Then, "you might like it!"

I continued to stroke him, looking down at his demanding hard dick. I looked at his fat balls, knowing the load of cum they held. "Aw, I don't know." Now I was afraid that he might think I was queer if I did it. I wanted to, but I didn't want my friend to think I was a fag.

"Please Jackie... just put it in your mouth for a minute. See if you like it. If you don't you can just stop! Please..." Jimmy's voice trailed off.

"But I'm not a fag," I said lowly.

Jimmy quickly replied, "I know your not! We're just having fun, trying to set the record. It would be just our secret. I would never tell anyone. I promise. And who knows, maybe you'll like it." He was lifting his hips to fuck my hand.

I should have said no, right there and ended it. Just say no, keep stroking him, make him cum. Just say no. But I couldn't. I was torn. I wanted to suck my friends dick, see what it was like, but I knew if I did, our friendship might change. What if he didn't like me anymore after that. And I didn't want him thinking I was a fag. And then I heard myself say...

"Alright, I'll try it, but you can't cum in my mouth. I'm not a fag!"

"Yeah Jackie, yeah. okay, sure!" His young voice cracked. He was so excited he started pushing my head down to his thick cock.

I scooted down next to his thin body and pulled his cock up straight. I was inches away, looking at it, seeing the gnarly veins and feeling its heat on my face. Up close his balls were huge and I suddenly wasn't sure I could get his dick into my mouth. He grabbed his cock from me and pushed up with his hips and down with his hands and I opened my mouth and let his cock fill my mouth.

I was in heaven!

"OOOOhhhhhh...." came the long moan of ultimate pleasure from deep in Jimmy's chest.

I pushed my tongue along the underside of his cock, its thickness filling me up. I began sucking, up and down, not having ever seen a blowjob, I must have been a natural.

"Oh God, Jackie, its unbelievable!"

Now both hands were on my head and he was slowly taking control of my mouth. I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger. Fatter and fatter. The head expanded in my little thirteen year old mouth. His boy hips rose and fell, demanding pleasure from my tongue and lips.

I suddenly tasted a sweet, salty liquid and realized this was the droplets of fluid that our dicks pushed out just before cumming! I tried to pull off, not wanting Jimmy to cum in my mouth, proving I was a fag! But his hands held me on his cock.

"Oh Jackie..." He groaned. "Please don't stop...don't stop...I'm so close!" He was moaning the words in a breathless waterfall of ecstasy. "Please Jackie, don't stop!"

I tried to pull up again but now his hands were like vices, forcing me down. Finally he groaned long and loud and I felt his cock lurch hard, throb, expand and I suddenly, with a pull, I was off his cock and stroking it for dear life. He grunted and his abs bucked hard and his cock jumped in my hand and he started to cum, even as Jimmy tried to force my head back onto his spewing prick.

"Suck it Jackie, please, suck it, suck it, suck it," He chanted as he exploded.

His cock spewed its biggest load yet. The first rope caught me square in the face, the second let go with the head of his cock on my cheek as he tried to push it back into my mouth. Three four and five landed on my neck, face and hands, some in my mouth. Then six, seven, eight, nine, ten and ELEVEN thick streams of pearly white sperm. When he was finished, Jimmy breathed heavily, holding my head against his stomach, grinding his thin hips upwards, forcing his dripping dick into my face.

"Oh man, Jackie, that was unbelievable!"

With my face away from him, I licked and swallowed every slippery bit of cum that was in my mouth and on my lips and chin. Slick, warm and salty, I realized I was craving it. I slowly, gently stroked his quickly softening dick, staring at it just inches from my face, covered in a messy, thick white coating of his gloppy sperm. Finally I sat up and looked at him. Jimmy looked with surprise at me and then burst out laughing!

"Jackie! You look like the girls in the magazine! You're covered in cum!"

I ran, naked, to the mirror in the bathroom and there I was, cum in my hair, on my face, my neck, dripping down my chin. It was so dirty and so hot all at once. I went back to the couch, took a towel and wiped myself down, then took up the task of toweling off Jimmy for the third time in just the last 75 minutes.

"Jimmy, you tried to shoot in my mouth! I told you, I'm not a fag. I'm not eating your sperm." I was just finishing wiping him down as I said this. His dick was laying against his thigh, still fat and heavy.

Jimmy reached down and rubbed his balls and cock as he answered me. "Jackie, you should just try it once. You liked sucking me right?"

"Yeah," I hesitated. "But that was just for fun. You said you wouldn't tell anyone."

"I won't! I would never do that. We're friends. And it felt so good. I just figured since you ate the sperm off your fingers, you would like more."

"Well you shouldn't have tried to make me." I said this as I watched him fondling his dick and balls, stroking them slowly.

"I'm sorry. Okay?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"You guess? Man, look at your dick, its dripping sperm." Jimmy pointed at my own prick. "You must have really liked having my dick in your mouth."

"I told you 'yeah.' I liked it, alright? It was fun, but I'm not some queer guy."

Jimmy squeezed his dick and a big dollop of left over sperm bulged out of the top of his cock. "Maybe you really like cum too? Why don't you try it again."

I was mesmerized by the fat dick in his hand and the thick white sperm that was leaking out of his it. I watched and then realized I was bending down closer and closer to his cock. "Yeah," Jimmy whispered, "just taste it and see if you want to try more. If you like it, I can give you as much as you want."

I opened my mouth and took the head of his now hardening dick into my mouth, tasting that big drool of sperm on my tongue. I sucked and then swallowed. I was in heaven. The neurons in my young brain firing crazily. A breathless fog washed over me and it was then that I heard Jimmy say, "Wow, you really like it, hunh?"

I pulled up, looking at him quizzically. "Why did you say that?"

He looked at me, slightly confused. "You moaned."

"I did?"

"Yeah. And then you sucked it more. Are you alright?"

I sat there thinking about it. I did want Jimmy to flood my mouth with all that cum but I was still afraid of what he would think of me. And then I just said, in a rush, "Okay, I'll try it."

"Really?!" Jimmy was suddenly excited.

"Yeah, I'll try it. You can cum in my mouth next time."

"Wow, this is going to the be best, ever!"

He was hard again and started to push my head down to his dick. I let him, taking his throbbing 13 year old prick into my mouth. Even wiped up, I could taste the tang of all the sperm he had shot that night. I began sucking softly, wetly, moving my head up and down slowly, letting his dick work into my mouth. This time it took him a little longer and I found myself sucking him for 15 minutes, Jimmy moaning over and over, rocking his hips into my mouth, hands on my head, afraid I might try to pull off when he came.

I found that if I didn't swallow and just let my spit drool out of my mouth and down his prick, he showed his approval by moaning louder and louder. When I sucked noisily by accident, he gripped my head tighter and mumbled low, "Yeah, Jackie, suck it. Yeah... you do that sooo good."

Soon, my face, lips, cheeks and chin were soaked with spit and his hips began to thrust upwards with anticipation. His pubic hair was a matted, dripping mess and his hands gripped my head harder, his little hands holding me while he began to fuck my mouth. "Yeah Jackie, that's it. Ohhh.. yess.. so good Jackie. Mmmmm..."

I reached down with my hands and fondled my own dick. As I did this, Jimmy's prick began growing in my mouth. Bigger and bigger, expanding, filling my 13 year old mouth till my lips were stretched tight. I knew he was close and for the first time I realized I was moaning too. Low, sucking moans. I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to fill my mouth. I wanted him to make me eat his sperm. There were wet, sucking, slapping noises as I made my mouth as inviting as I could.

"Oh...yess... are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth, Jackie?" Jimmy asked breathlessly, hoarsely, nearly moaning the words.

I sucked harder, louder, sloppier.

"Oh man, Jackie, I'm close," he whispered. "If you want me to shoot my sperm in your mouth, rub my balls."

I quickly took one hand from my own cock and frantically rubbed and fondled his fat, saliva covered nuts.

"I knew it!" Jimmy renewed his face fucking, driving his dick into my teen mouth. "Here... it... cums!"

He groaned loudly, his abs bouncing in and out, his hips lifting off the couch, his body tensed. His dick grew impossibly large in my mouth and then as if exhaling, the fat bulbous head of his dick spewed a ridiculous rope of sperm into my sucking mouth. I moaned loudly, not caring if Jimmy heard, and began swallowing. His sperm was so thick, like a milk shake, globs filled my mouth as I tried to swallow. It was so thick and viscous it caught in my throat as another and then another rope of white cum filled my mouth to overflowing. His dick lurched and grew then exhaled over and over again, making me swallow as fast as I could. I tasted his hot creamy sperm, felt it on my tongue, swallowed over and over as his hands held me down and he pumped his throbbing, heaving prick in and out of my soft bruised lips.

After about a minute, he lay his head on the back of the couch as I continued to suck, cleaning him, taking all the cum I could, his fat prick softening in my mouth.

"Oh Jackie, that was unreal. I knew you would like that sperm!"

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Again i have this striaght friend that i've been sucking off four over 18 years. I make him suck on me 4 a little while, and this gets him real hard. He use to want it done fast, now he want me to take my time and suck using different ruthums. He dosent like his balls sucked on but dose like me eating his ass. One time I almost got to fuck him. I never get tired of his dick and he of me sucking on it. Over the years I must of swallowed gallons of his cum (which is always so sweet) I should be speaking Spanish. lol

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There needs to be a part 2

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When I was around their age a buddy of mine came up behind me and laughingly told me to suck his dick. I turned around to see he had his hard on in his hand. His cock head was twice as big as the rest of the shaft. It was love at first sight. But I couldn't have my best friend knowing a was cock crazy so I laughed it off and turned him down. OOOHhh to live that moment over.

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