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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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Wait, Wait.
Mahalia, an old fat black whore grabbed Lisa by the hair.
You ever eat any black pussy.
Oh No.
What you got something against me.
No NO , I never. Slap. Lisa took a slap across the face.
Mahalia pulled down her shorts down around her fat thighs.
Bout time you learned.
Get in here and start licking. Had five fucks tonight so it
should be nice and juicy for you.

The other girls were laughing their asses off.
Now that something I wouldn’’t want to smell.
You watch what You talking bout. Yelled Mahalia.
She pulled Lisa face down into her crotch.

I wants to feel some sucking and licking.
That’s it, lick it, suck it. Get that tongue inside me.
Let me hear you slurp bitch.
Eat It. Eat it. Eat it. Fucking White tramp.

Mahalia wrapped her thighs tight around Lisa’s head.
Her mouth was deep inside the fat, smelly dirty ugly black cunt.
Lisa couldn’t even see, her head was trapped by the belly fat rolls hanging down the fat whore.
Eat it Bitch. Suck on it. Lisa could hardly breath. The smell, the taste were so putrid.
The smell of urine, cum made a toxic mix.

Trapped in the back of a police Van with GHETTO street whores, Lisa was
the wrong girl at the wrong place and the wrong time.

Mahalia groaned and farted as Lisa satisfied her .
“Damn Mahalia, that’s foul, we all trapped here in dis van. “ Laughed one of the whores.
As soon as Mahalia released her two of the whore’s grabbed
Lisa and stood her up against the side of Van.

“Fucking White TRASH. Worthless Cunt.” She was surrounded by the girls cursing her.


“AGGHHHHH.” Lisa buckled as she took a punch to the gut.
She was held up by the armpits and pushed across the Van to Mahalia.

SLAAAP, Lisa took a head slap, then a slap to the face.
Spit hit her in the face. Mahalia held her head while
one after another the whores spit her face. The slime dripped down her face
as Mahalia twisted her mouth.

“UGHHH.” A fist hit her in the back of the ribs.

Mahalia shoved her over to another girl who shoved her again. Back and for the they
pushed her.

Grabbed by the face, Lisa looked into a screaming whore.

I didn’t come down, here, you don’t understand.
Lisa took smacks, slaps and punched from every side.

Pinned up against the Van wall Lisa felt Rhonda’s fingers,
mercilessly inside her.
AHHHHHH NO. Three fingers were fucking her pussy.
Hands pinched her ass and her tits.

Fuck that white pussy. Another hand pushed into her mouth.
Fucking gag on it Bitch. An ugly whore face pushed up against Lisa’s
How does that taste. She took her hand and stuck a finger up her
own ass. Then she pushed her hand in Lisa’s mouth.
Taste good, like my shit? Want some more?

Lisa was pushed on her knees and the ugly whore pulled down her shorts.
She leaned forward and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

Make the bitch lick my ass. The dirty ass whore had been
ass fucked earlier for twenties, her ass was filty with shit and cum.
Lisa was grabbed by the hair and her face was pushed between
the whore’s spread ass cheeks.

Lick up that shit. They laughed. Cum was oozing out her hole
as Lisa licked her ass. Poor Lisa started to gag but they held her face
up to the ass crack. The whore farted and some shit splattered on Lisa’s
face. Fuckin clean it up.
The shit face bitch Lisa licked up the dirty mess.

“Time to fuck that Bitch.” “Ya Fuck Her.” “Ya Ya.”

Four girls, one on each side picked her up by the legs.
“What are You doing. Stop. Stop this is crazy.”
They pulled her legs apart.
Rhonda was a young, skinny nasty looking whore that had fingered her
. “Lets see what this white pussy is like.”
They pulled her legs up higher and Rhonda buried her head into Lisa Crotch.

The screaming was pitiful. Rhonda had grabbed Lisa’s pussy with her teeth
and was pulling up on it.
“HAAA, now that’s wat I cal eatin PUSSY.”

“Git ready fo some special kinda Bitch slapping.”
“NO more Please. “

SMMMAAACK. Rhonda’s hand slapped Lisa’s thigh.
“Lookit dat Bitch meat quiver.”
Lisa’s leg rippled and her leg quivered and shook.
SMMMAAACK. Lisa took a hit to other thigh.
“YU gonna get 20 slaps to warm u up fo some heavy fucking.”

“NOOO. I can’t take it anymore, please stop.”

Even as Lisa begged a slap hit her right between her legs.
“We gonna pussy slap U till you red Hot.”

Lisa hanging by her legs, her head was barely of the ground.
She twisted and turn, struggling hopelessly to get free.
She felt like she was being torn apart as pulled her legs apart.
Each of the whore’s was taking turns slapping her thighs and pussy.
“Ten!” Yelled Rhonda.

“Ten more to go Bitch, then the fun begins.”
Each girl took a turn. Each trying to out do the other.
Lisa’s body was twitching. Ripples spread across her legs.
“Twenty!” the inside of Lisa’s legs were red from her knees to her crotch.


Rhonda stuck three fingers in Lisa beet red cut.”
Yolanda shoved three fingers in her butt hole.

As Lisa squirmed, twisted and screamed her stupid bitch head off
they pulled twisted, pushed in her ass and pussy.

They laughed and slapped her ass with their free hands.
Rhonda switched to four fingers and so did Yolanda.

“Fuck that cunt. Fist the Bitch. Do it now.!”
Rhonda pushed her full hand inside Lisa stretching tortured cunt.
Yolanda struggle but got her fist inside her ass. Together they were stretching.
“Gap that Bitch ASS!” “Fuck it hard.”

“Look at the Cunt Puppy twist. Listen to her beg.”

Back and forth the fucked her pussy and and ass. Mercilessly while the other
whore’s shouted.

Lisa lay on the floor of the police van as it bumped along. Shewas unconscious
from the brutal fisting . The door swung open and one of the cops yelled.
“Dump the Bitch out here.” The whores pulled Lisa out of the van and dumped at the side
of the dark alley.

“Bathroom break for you whore’s.” yelled the cops.

To Be Continued

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-30 13:39:58
I really like this story so far, but I really hate your writing style.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-30 07:52:36
It's now 05-30-2013 and I'm hoping that you , bigbob1200, will have some more of this before to much longer... Good going and keep this hot fucking story cuming...Please...

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-30 07:38:25
To the two idiots below, who have left there really stupid comments.. Do you imbeciles have any concept of the term " FICTION " or can you grasp the idea of something " MADE UP " or " NOT TRUE " or how about " IMAGINARY " or even " FABLE " maybe even " FICTITIOUS "...Good GOD what a pack of SIMPLETONS YOU PEOPLE ARE... ASS HOLES... GO AND DIE RIGHT NOW YOU FUCK WADS.......I hope that hot little " FICTITIOUS " Lisa gets her nonexistent throat cut from ear to ear and her " IMAGINARY " tits cut off and fed to " ANGORA PIGS " that shit gold coins...

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-27 17:52:46
If she doesn't die before she gets away... I'm sure she will do everything in her power to make those who have harmed her pay for their deeds.
However, at this rate, she's in trouble.
Being left naked in the street, most likely near other whores, she'll end up with a pimp as her only savior...
Poor Lisa.
We're rooting for you.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-26 10:43:22
you must be a sick asshole to make up something nasty about a young girl being raped like that...if i was lisa i would find a real cop and turn them in and the whores put them all away for good for doing that to her.i just hope this story end good for christ sake

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