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Just what turns Toni on?
Toni was a normal woman by most peoples standards. She was in her 30's, single, lived in her own flat and worked from home as a freelance journalist. She explored subjects many did not and wrote pieces for magazines and newspapers.

She had recently been recruited by an adult magazine to write a story on certain types of clubs. She had thought she was open minded but she had her eyes well and truly opened by some activities she witnessed while researching her story. Many times she found herself turned on by what she saw and upon her return home she relieved herself of 'tension'
Toni had not had a boyfriend for some months and she was not really missing the sex for it left her feeling as if she was missing something even though she normally orgasmed. Even masturbation left her feeling the same, until recently...
After her trips to numerous clubs she found herself having fantastic orgasms by her own hand that left her drained and entirely sated. She wondered exactly what it was that excited her so much and part of her wished she had a man to test out some scenarios with. She finished her story and the magazine thanked her, paid her and published it. Toni then found herself at a loose end and decided she would again visit the club nearest her home and try to find what she was missing.

She went shopping for an outfit more fitting to the scene she was about to enter into. She found a shop off the main high street, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she entered. She blinked her eyes to adjust to subdued lighting and gazed around her. Immediately she noted that this was unlike any other shop she had been in. The lighting although muted was well done to focus upon outfits displayed around the shop floor. The closest to her was for a man, a mesh t-shirt, leather pants with a studded belt and below a pair of stylish boots. She slowly moved about the shop taking in the goods displayed. Other than the clothes the shop also had 'toys' for sex. She didn't feel brave enough to pick any up with a shop assistant watching her.
The woman behind the counter kept her head down but Toni knew she was watching her with curiosity as she did not look like the type of person to frequent this type of shop, or at least she presumed she didn't. Gently biting her lower lip she continued to wander about the shop until she came to an outfit that raised her pulse. The colour of it caught her attention first, a beautiful tone of red, her favourite colour. It comprised of a corset, a very short skirt, stockings and precariously high stilettos, all in red leather with black trim. Unconsciously she licked her lips as she imagined wearing it.

"Would you like to try it on?" The voice of the assistant caused Toni to jump a mile before she turned as red as the outfit as she stumbled over her reply, "Err, ye... yes..please, if that is okay?" The assistant smiled and then checked Toni's sizes and got her an identical copy of the display, she then showed Toni to a changing room. She quickly donned the outfit and after some struggling she managed the laced front of the corset and stepped back to view herself in the mirror. She gasped when she saw herself. Her hair though dark brown looked almost black and as it was really long she had braided it into a long ponytail and it now hung over her shoulder and trailed down the length of the corset which cinched her tightly pushing her breasts upwards almost spilling over the top. Her eyes followed where her hair ended at the waistband of the mini skirt or mini mini skirt she thought as she could see it barely covered her panties. Her pulse increased as she inspected her image. She turned around to see how it looked from behind and knew that the height of the heels was making her legs looked more toned and long clad in the stockings. Stealing herself she lifted the back of the skirt slightly and took in how taut her ass was. Her panties spoiled the effect a bit as they were yellow with little flowers on them. 'Maybe new lingerie is needed', she mused to herself. She stood up straight and ran her hands down her leather clad torso and felt the clench in her stomach of excitement and wondered how it would feel for someone else to do that.

Feeling more turned on by the minute, she quickly changed clothes and rushed out to pay for the outfit and almost ran home. She placed her new clothes on her bed and on the spur of the moment decided she had to try it out and digging out her notes on the clubs found the nearest to her that would be open that night, she had 4 hours to wait. She used the time well. Taking a long bath she decided she would shave everywhere including her pubes for the first time. It wasn't easy but she managed it and as she rubbed lotion over her smooth mons she nearly orgasmed at the unfamiliar feel. Her body was wound tightly and was craving release but she held herself in check as she slowly dressed. She applied the barest of makeup except for a delicious scarlet lipstick she had picked up on the way home on impulse.

When Toni was finished she stood before her full length mirror and marvelled at herself, she felt horny at the sight and wondered what others would think. Biting her lip she glanced at the clock and saw the club would be opening soon so had better make a move. Then a quandary hit her! Her neighbours? How was she going to get there? If she left looking like that everyone would think she was a hooker or something! Quickly delving into the passage closest she found a black coat that would have to do, it was long enough to hang mid thigh and she could fasten it to hide the corset. Now to get there. Alcohol and driving didn't mix so she decided to call a cab. The cab dropped her outside the club and she got a knowing look and wink from the driver as she got out and paid him. She felt herself colour and quickly turned and entered the club.
Feeling extremely self conscious she slipped her coat off and checked it in before making sure the skirt was laying flat and crossing to the bar. The club was one of the better ones she had visited so she wasn't too nervous of a bad crowd, but she still glanced nervously about her as she ordered a drink. There were already about 30 to 40 people there, some were dancing sexily in the centre while others were in clinches dotted around the room. Toni had seen many things happen in the clubs so she reckoned if anything happened she would not be afraid, she knew she still had to be wary though. The barman; clad only in a g-string; put her drink on the bar and she paid him. Through the mirror behind him she saw 2 women gyrating on the dance floor their bodies almost conjoined down the front. It looked really hot to watch and Toni did for a few minutes before she felt a hand close around her waist and a pair of lips gently touched the base of her neck
Toni tried not to jump or scream and made every effort to relax and the owner of the lips trailed them up and down her neck and across her shoulder. She closed her eyes as her skin came alive and her pussy clenched. The hand about her waist moved slowly down and Toni's breath caught as the tips of the strangers fingers feathered across her thigh before they slipped under the edge of her skirt. She heard the stranger groan quietly as her found her naked mons; she had decided against panties in a fit of devil may care Her pussy tingled in delight as the fingers slid between her legs and found her clit. Slowly they circled teasing and exploring as the lips again went up her neck and teeth then nibbled on her ear lobe. She let out her own moan then and a deep sexy voice spoke, "lets make this more private, keep your eyes closed". She nodded her head and felt herself being led somewhere. Briefly she thought she should at least be nervous, but she wasn't. She heard a door close behind her before she felt herself pushed up against something waist height. She grasped it in her hands and found it was the back of a sofa. A hand slid back between her legs and fingers gently and slowly massaged her clit as another hand lifted one breast free of the corset and seizing the nipple the stranger squeezed and stretched it exciting her even further.

As her breathing got more ragged she felt the mouth at her ear and the stranger began nipping her lobe sending pulses to her pussy and she moaned again. "Raise your knee to the top of the sofa," the voice said and she did without thinking knowing she was opening herself to him. The hand left her nipple and slipped down to her open pussy and fingers slipped easily inside of her, "Oh baby so wet so soon, I like that", her stranger said. Soon both hands moved swiftly as they rubbed her clit and fucked her hard making her cry out as she reached many orgasms in a short space of time. Her legs grew weak and she slumped against the sofa as her stranger worked his magic fingers. She didn't know who he was, what he looked like or what else he might do and she was fine with that. All she wanted was the unknown mans touch upon her right now.

She was bent over the back of the sofa with her ass in the air when his hands released her and she felt his hips push against her ass cheeks and she clearly understood that he was turned on by his hardness. She pushed back against him to show her willingness and he said, "I will use a condom." He fiddled for a minute then she felt him push into her slowly, making her cry out in orgasm again. He chuckled to himself then rammed his cock into her and began to hammer her as fast as he could. His hands pulled her up against him and then freeing her other tit he then proceeded to pull and twist her nipples with each thrust inside of her. Feeling even more wanton now she raised her arms over her head and gripped his hair. It felt so soft as her fingers pulled and he grunted into her ear. She came again but he wasn't ready and continued to thrust and grind for many more minutes before at last he gave one last thrust and stilled inside her as he shot his load.

He stayed inside her as he rubbed her tender nipples and kissed her neck as they recovered. He slowly released her checking she was steady on her feet as he withdrew. She moaned as his cock slipped out and she lowered her leg to the floor. As her senses returned she realised she didn't know what the etiquette was now. Did she now turn and face him? Did she wait for him to leave so he stayed anonymous? Stealing herself she moved slowly making it clear she was turning around, giving him chance to stop her but he didn't. She kept her eyes down and the first thing she saw was his handsome cock still twitching inside the condom covered in her cum and filled with his. Immediately she reddened and looked up at his face. Her mouth dropped open in shock as she found herself face to face with the cab driver. He just smiled at her and said "I visit here on my days off but I couldn't resist checking you out." With that he took off the condom, threw it into near by bin and began to leave. At the last second he said "I will be outside at 2am if you want a lift home." Before Toni could answer he was gone.

Gathering her wits back together, or what was left of them, she went back to the bar and the barman gave her a wink and a smile as he gave her the drink she had left earlier. She didn't have time to consider recent events as she became popular. As the club filled up so did her pussy as more strangers groped her, men and women. She could barely control herself as fingers slipped easily into her wet pussy all night. Sometimes she was asked to accompany the person to the room, other times she was groped to orgasm standing at the bar. One time she was pushed against the bar as a man pushed his groin onto her ass as he fucked her with his fingers and the bar man cheekily leaned over, freed her tits and then sucked and nibbled on her nipples until he had to serve someone.She wasn't the only one, all along the bar men were getting blow jobs and women had sheathed cocks buried inside their pussies.

Toni didn't give any blow jobs for the sake of her health nor did she have penetrative sex at the bar, only in the room. She did however have a women drop to her knees in front of her and lifting her skirt pushed her face into Toni's pussy using her tongue to great effect to bring Toni to yet another orgasm. Toni had had a great time and did not regret her decision at all.

Growing tired she reluctantly decided it was time to head home and retrieving her coat she stepped outside to see if there were any taxis available. Her cab driver was there waiting and it was only 1.30am! He grinned broadly at her and said "Your carriage awaits m'lady." She couldn't help smiling back at him and got into the front of the taxi. As he set off he glanced at her and said "Fancy a quickie in a place I know near here?" She looked at him and he unzipped his flies to free his cock then he reached over and slid a hand between her legs and she took a deep breath as his fingers found their mark and she watched as his cock sprang to life. Grasping him in her right hand she said "You bet!".

Five minutes later he pulled to a stop in a car park near a field with a lot of trees around. He beckoned for her to follow him. She followed him past some trees and saw a picnic bench there, she glanced nervously around but saw no one as he sat on the bench and pulled her to him. He slipped his trousers down to his ankles and sheathed his now erect cock. "Face away from me and sit on it," he instructed. Again Toni looked around but all was clear, so she turned and lowered herself onto his erection, she languished for a moment in how deep he was inside her before he pulled her back against him and leaned against the table behind him.

He opened his legs wide holding hers even wider then lifted her tits free of the corset. She again reached behind her to hold his hair as one of his hands held her waist and the other gripped her throat loosely as he nibbled her neck. Her eyes closed in ecstasy and he rotated his hips. She wriggled on his lap and delighted in the feel of him when she felt another hand then another and another touching her. The taxi driver felt her tense and whispered "Keep your eyes closed and enjoy." He continued to gyrate inside of her as many hands caressed and probed her body. Her nipples were pinched and pulled, her clit was rubbed gently and then faster as the fingers made her orgasm. Her hands were placed on cocks to wank them and wank them she did. She knew from the size and shape there were at least 7 different men around them but she lept her eyes closed and thrilled at their ministrations.

Two mouths closed on her nipples and it aroused her even more and as she neared another orgasm another mouth claimed her clit and she spasmed long and hard. She felt cum from the men land on her chest and legs as they carefully aimed. Soon her taxi driver grabbed her waist and began to thrust long and hard into her until he too orgasmed.. She opened her eyes but all she saw was darkness around them and if it had not been for the cum trails on her she would have thought she had imagined the other men.
Her taxi driver took her home then and after a quick shower she collapsed onto her bed well and truly sated with a smile on her face as she dreamed of the night she had experienced.

John her driver and she meet up once a week and go to the picnic bench. She now knows it is a dogging area and that lots of men like to watch and sometimes join in with some fun. Toni knows she has to be safe as she now understands that she likes strangers to do things to her, so John is the safety net for now. She goes to clubs every week and indulges as often as she likes.

She doesn't care who they are or what they look like. All she wants is the touch of unknown hands, cocks and hands all over her body. The last thing she does each night before sleep takes her over is to have mind blowing orgasm with her own hands as she remembers what these men have done to her and what is possibly to come in the future.

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I will add more when I get the chance to. No it is not a fantasy of mine, all imagination but it is horny to think about lol


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What an imagination. Is this a fantasy of yours?

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