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The next week was one of distinct contradictions depending on whose perspective you looked at. For Carole it was a whirlwind of activity, starting with sitting down on Sunday evening and telling her extremely nervous children that she and Jim had resolved their differences. They were visibly relieved at that piece of news, but when she smilingly advised that Jim had agreed to expand their sexual boundaries there were cheers of delight echoing through the house. When they finally settled back down Carole brought them back to reality, discussing the importance of complete confidentiality and the conditions Jim had applied.

Cassie and Matt agreed that their schoolwork couldn’t suffer as result of their new activities, but were less than enthusiastic about the enforced period of celibacy. “Mom, you have to be kidding.” Matt protested. “If I can’t do anything for a week I’ll have a permanent hard-on by Wednesday night. It could make walking around school a little difficult!”

“And I’ll be climbing the walls in frustration!” Cassie chimed in.

Carole shook her head but smiled as she did, sure she would be having similar problems long before Friday rolled around. “Look, if you need to….take care of things in the shower or your bedroom… then who’s to know? As long as you leave each other alone then I can’t see a problem.”

That seemed to put them at ease, so she took Cassie to her room and outlined Jim’s suggestions for her preparation. Carole slipped into her bedroom and rummaged through her extensive collection of sex toys before heading back to Cassie, whose eyes were sparkling as Carole spread them out on the bed. She spent some time telling Cassie that preparing her body was extremely important, as she was still growing and her father and brother were both well-endowed men. “As you get older you’ll find it easier to make love to them honey, but for at least the next few weeks you’ll need to be prepared to really enjoy having them fuck you.”

She showed Cassie her dildos and gave her a bottle of lube, suggesting she practice with them when she was happy and relaxed, and to take her time and work through the various sizes as she became comfortable with them. Then Carole asked if she really wanted to try anal sex or if she’d prefer to do that later. “Matt says you really enjoy it Mom, so I want to try and see how it feels for me.” Cassie assured her, so Carole suggested she start by wearing a small butt plug for an hour or so, and see how she felt with it inside her while she did normal things around the house.

“Do you ever wear one to work Mom?” She asked breathlessly. “I think it would be kinda hot walking around all day with a plug inside you!”

Carole actually blushed just a little. “Ummm….I have done that honey, but I’d be careful if I were you. It could be a problem if you were on the bus or in class and felt it was just too much, and you had to get rid of it!”

Cassie nodded in agreement. “Ok, I’ll wear it when I get home from school and see how that goes first.”

Then Carole told her they would be going to the medical center tomorrow to put her on the pill, and stressed they would have be careful when they were talking to the doctor as they would be questioned why a thirteen year old needed birth control. “You should say you get really bad cramps every time you get your period; cramps that are so severe you can’t go to school sometimes because you are in so much pain. Don’t go any further than that please, because that should be enough to have them prescribe the pill to regulate your periods, ok?”

Cassie assured her she understood and Carole went on to complete Jim’s instructions, telling Cassie she would have to keep her pussy shaved and they would both need regular enemas from now on. Cassie had no experience with either and asked several questions, but Carole reassured her she would help until she was comfortable on her own. She had saved the best for last, telling her that Jim wanted them both dressed in lingerie or sexy clothing on weekends, so a trip to the mall was on the schedule. Cassie surprised her Mom by bursting into laughter at that suggestion. “What’s so funny about that Cassie?” Carole asked.

“Don’t you get it Mom?” Cassie replied with tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’ll be the only girl in school whose parents actually want her to dress like a slut, and pay for the outfits! That’s just sooooo funny!!!”

Carole saw the amusing side of it and joined her daughter shrieking in amusement. “Well, just be prepared for Dad to react like a normal father if you try and wear them out of the house!”

With Cassie covered Carole left her to it and went into the kitchen to start dinner, finding Matt waiting for her. “It sounds like you two were having a great time.” He grinned.

Carole was still smiling at Cassie’s final comment. “It was a pretty funny.” She assured him as he came over and wrapped his arms around her.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you on Friday night Mom.” He whispered into her ear.

She leant against his firm body. “The feeling’s mutual Matt.” She assured him. “I think it’s going to be a long week!”

“Are you still going to teach me Mom? You know; how to please a woman?” He asked earnestly.

She took his face in her hands and looked at him. “I’m going to teach you everything you need to know, and a few things besides. If word ever gets out how good you are, your cell will go into meltdown!”

“I don’t know if I want to fuck other girls.” He replied honestly. “I think I’ll be busy enough with you and Cassie.”

She smiled at his maturity, sure that most boys his age would be chasing every piece of pussy they saw with their tongues hanging out. “This will take a little time to settle down honey. At first we’ll be all over each other every chance we get, and that’s completely normal. But after a while we’ll reach a point where we want to do other normal things, and that’s fine as well. I’m not saying we’ll stop wanting to have sex with each other, but we’ll find a routine that everyone is happy with.”

Matt flashed a lascivious grin. “Don’t bet on that Mom. I think I’ll be chasing you or Cassie every chance I get!”

His enthusiasm was infectious and more than a little flattering as well, so she smiled back at him. “Well, I don’t see any problem there at all.” She confessed.

She finally got dinner underway, thankful that the trauma of the last few days was receding and things were getting back to normal.

On Monday she left work early and picked Cassie up from school before they headed for the medical center. Thankfully the doctor who saw them was a female, and when Cassie told her about her horrendous cramps she completed a cursory examination, before filling out the prescription with no further questions. A quick stop at the chemist had that taken care of, along with a packet of morning-after pills to protect Cassie until she was safe to enjoy herself.

Tuesday saw them meet at the mall when Carole finished work, and as Cassie had arrived an hour earlier and already checked out most of the stores, a quick snatch and grab tour had most of their immediate needs for hot clothing covered. Another trip on Wednesday took care of suitable shoes and sultry make up, and then Cassie waited in the car while Carole made a stop in a back-street adult store, returning with a beaming smile and a plain bag bulging with various toys.

On Thursday Cassie proudly showed Jim her math test results, where she had finished second in class in what was one of her weaker subjects. Jim was delighted, particularly when he read her teacher’s positive comments at the bottom of the page, and commented to Carole later that perhaps they’d finally found a unique form of motivation to lift the kids’ grades.

Later that evening Carole and Cassie locked themselves in the bathroom and spent a quiet hour or so shaving each other and experimenting with their new enema kits. With the help of the detailed instructions it didn’t take long to get the hang of using them, and both commented that the sensations weren’t unpleasant, and in fact were mildly erotic.

Friday finally arrived, and each felt the day was dragging by with painful slowness. Jim and Carole found themselves checking the time every few minutes, breathing long sighs of relief when the working day finally came to an end. With several miles between them both arrived at their cars within seconds of each other, and with scant regard for the posted limits they sped home. Carole beat Jim home and flew into the kitchen, making sure the wine she had put in the refrigerator was nicely chilled before putting a roast in the oven. When Jim arrived fifteen minutes later he wasn’t surprised to find Matt in the den watching TV, and no sign of Carole or Cassie. “How’s your week been Matt?” He asked his son.

“Long Dad!” Was his pained reply, to which they both laughed heartily.

“I hear that, but somehow I think it’ll be worth the wait.” Jim assured his son, who grinned broadly in response. “Are the girls upstairs getting ready?” He asked, and when Matt nodded in agreement he said he was going to shower and shave.

Jim enjoyed the opportunity to relax under the steaming spray, though his mind kept drifting to the prospect of spending an intimate evening with his daughter. He knew it could prove difficult to keep his hormones under control as every passing day had seen his sense of anticipation increase, but he realized he would need to be slow, tender and gentle with her. Perhaps tomorrow would see the reigns of hedonistic indulgence released a little, but that remained to be seen.

In the other bathroom Carole and Cassie were giggling like giddy schoolgirls before a night out with their boyfriends, as they stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the large mirror applying their sultry makeup. Carole was wearing the most risqué piece of clothing Cassie had ever seen, if you could even call it that. It was a black crocheted mini-dress with more holes than fabric, so that every inch of her skin was clearly visible, including her firm nipples and the clefts between her labia and butt cheeks. Attempting to conceal her feminine treasures with underwear would have looked ridiculous so she hadn’t bothered. “Mom, that dress is amazing.” Cassie giggled. “I don’t even think a hooker would be game to wear that little piece of nothing!”

Carole smirked in reply. “It is kind of hot isn’t it? Do you think this will get Matt’s attention?”

“I think he’ll be tripping over his tongue, and Dad probably won’t be any better.” Cassie agreed.

By comparison Cassie’s outfit was more conservative, but not by much. She had found a short lemon mini-dress that had opaque panels that just covered her breasts, pussy and ass, but the reminder was made of sheer see-though fabric. The fabric had a metallic sheen that glimmered in the light, and Carole had to admit it suited her perfectly. They both had towering stilettos, and their smoky makeup was a perfect match for their revealing outfits. With their preparations complete they grinned at each other, before Carole took Cassie’s hand. “Let’s go get ‘em girl!” She laughed as they strolled hand-in-hand down the hallway.

They walked into the kitchen and the conversation between Jim and Matt stopped abruptly in mid-sentence. Both looked at Carole and Cassie in amazement, drinking lustfully from the well of their decadent appearance. Jim was the first to recover, whistling softly. “I have to say you two have excelled yourselves. You both look smoking hot, incredibly sexy, like…WOW!”

As Cassie had predicted, Matt was literally tripping over his tongue in surprise. “Fuck yeah!” Was as much as he could come up with as Carole checked the roast in the oven, bending down to give both men a front-row view of her smooth, glistening pussy and shapely ass. With Cassie’s help dinner was soon served, and Jim even agreed to allow the kids to join them in a glass of wine. Soon laughter and animated discussion filled the room, continuing as Carole served dessert and slid the empty plates into the dishwasher.

She sat back down, took a slow sip from her glass and looked across the table at Jim. “I don’t know about you honey, but I have to admit I’m kind of anxious to get this party started. I mean…’s been a very long week waiting for tonight to come round!”

Cassie and Matt were quick to agree, so Jim smiled at his family. “I’d be lying to suggest I haven’t been looking forward to this as well!” He slid his chair back and took Cassie’s tiny hand in his, drawing her to her feet. “So I guess we’ll say good night, and see you in the morning.”

Cassie’s hand squeezed his and didn’t let go until he lead her into his bedroom and softly closed the door. “You look breathtaking Cassie.” He said with genuine admiration. “I can’t believe how quickly you are growing up, and what a beautiful woman you’re becoming.” He leant down and took her face in his hands, kissing her softly until he felt her lips part ever so slightly. For the first time in their lives they kissed as lovers, the tip of her tongue brushing his before he responded in kind, the intensity of their kiss building slowly until their tongues were dueling in a primal dance of passion.

When their kiss finally broke they were both semi-breathless and he noticed she was trembling. “Try not to be too nervous princess.” He reassured her, as he slid the straps from her shoulders and eased her stunning dress down her body until she could step clear. “We’re not going to do anything you don’t want to, and we’re going to take this nice and slow, ok?”

Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at him. “I know that Dad, and I don’t think I’m all that nervous but, I think it’s more that I have wanted this for so long. I can’t tell you how often I’ve fantasized about this moment, and I’m so glad you’re going to my first Dad; I just hope….I’m not too inexperienced for you!”

He could feel his cock straining firmly against the fabric of his shorts, slippery fluid oozing freely from his piss-slit. “I am one hundred percent sure this is going to be a fantastic night that we’ll never forget Cassie, and experience will have nothing to do with it.” He reassured her softly, before he lay her back on the bed and his hands starting exploring his daughter’s body for the very first time.

His fingers stroked her face lovingly, slowly brushing her skin as they trailed softly down her neck, before sliding down her chest until he reached her budding A-cup breasts. She gasped and closed her eyes for a moment as he grazed the tips of her pink nipples, noting they were already firm and erect like two tiny little cocks. His fingers gripped them and he stretched back gently, wondering if her nipples were as sensitive as Carole’s until a soft moan provided the answer. Her hands reached up until they lay on his shoulders, pulling him down until his lips opened and he took her nipple in his mouth. He flicked the tip with his tongue feeling her tremble beneath him, and he opened wider, trying to draw as much of her firm breast into his mouth as he could. “Uhhhh! Ahhhhh!” She moaned as her eyes closed again.

He moved from one breast to the other, alternating his oral affection until both nipples grew even longer. The heady scent of woman ripe for fucking teased his nostrils and his fingers drifted down to her smooth pussy, amazed to find she was dripping wet. She was so moist there was no need to prepare her further, indeed he felt as though her pussy was trying to suck his stoking finger inside. She groaned again as she felt him penetrate her, but this time it was a longer, deeper expression of building lust. Her hips rose toward him, anxious to have him explore, her juices saturating his hand.

“Do you want me Cassie?” He said softly. “Are you ready to make love to me?”

“Yes.” She whispered. “I want this so much! Do you….think I’m ready for you?”

He smiled down at her as he slid his shorts down, finally freeing his cock from its cotton cage. “I don’t think I’ve ever been with a woman who was so ready honey.”

She smiled dreamily, her legs sliding apart while she gazed longingly as he wrapped his hand around his proud cock. He moved forward slowly until the dripping head nudged her labia, rocking ever so gently until it slid inside where he paused, feeling the incredible heat and tightness of her young pussy. “My God Cassie; it feels as though your pussy is on fire!”

“Oh Dad!” She groaned. “I am so hot for you!” He rocked gently and another inch slid inside, followed by another, and he started rocking deeper as she gradually opened for him. Oh…my…. fucking…..God!” She whispered between his steady thrusts. “I can’t….believe….how good…..this feels!”

Jim glanced down to see she had taken around half his eight inch cock, but the pressure was increasing and he was starting to sweat. “So good baby!” He hissed. “So….fucking…..tight!” It took every ounce of self control not to throw caution to the winds and slam his cock as far as it would go, but he kept breathing deeply and maintained a steady pace. Ever so slowly she stretched to accommodate him, allowing him to penetrate her further than anything she had ever had inside her before. Her grip on his shaft was incredibly intense, causing him to feel that his cock was being squeezed by a muscular hand in a slick rubber glove. His balls were twitching and he realized that he couldn’t hold back for much longer.

“Honey!” He gasped. “I hope you’re close; because I’m gonna cum any second now!”

“Oh……ooohhhhh! Oh yeah Dad….fuck me hard Daddy please! I’m…..CUUMMIINNGG!!!!!”

Just as he pushed forward he felt her clamp around him, her muscles insistently milking his slippery shaft. A torrent of her cum bathed his cock and he lost the unequal battle, ropes of thick cream spraying forcefully inside her as they came together.

“FUUCCKK MEEEEEE!!!” She screamed; her body shaking like a leaf in a violent wind as their juices combined in a boiling cocktail of primal release. He pumped his juices furiously, his body going into spasm as one spurt after another sprayed deep inside her. It seemed his whole body was focused on his cock and balls, as he gave her every drop that he had accumulated over the past week. Again and again his seed surged up his shaft until it found freedom, and he thought his orgasm would never end. Just as he finally stopped pumping his knees gave out and he slumped down on her tiny body, just managing to take some of the weight with his elbows to prevent crushing the breath from her gasping lungs. When he found the strength to move he carefully eased back and rolled over beside her, stroking the perspiration-soaked hair back from her face.

Minutes passed before her eyes flickered open, a dream-like expression on her smiling face as her arms drew him to her. She kissed him softly, her eyes glimmering in the dim light. “How was that princess?” He asked, genuinely interested in her answer.

Her smile grew wider. “That was….perfect Dad. I never knew…..anything could make me feel like that. It was just…..wonderful!”

She lay her head on his chest, feeling it gently rising and falling as he breathed. “It was something very special Cassie… doubt about that!” He agreed.

As they lay quietly in a loving embrace they may have been surprised to know that Carole and Matt were still in the kitchen, talking.


When Jim took Cassie's hand and led her away Matt looked at Carole expectantly. When she didn't move he wondered if he had overlooked something, and with the directness of youth asked the obvious question. "Ummm.....something wrong Mom? Are.....we going upstairs too?"

She gave him a reassuring smile as she replied. "Well, that depends on you, Matty. You said you wanted me to teach you how to make love to a woman. Were you serious about that or do you just want to go and fuck? I'm fine either way, so what do you want to do?"

He had the slightest inkling he was the mouse sniffing the cheese on the trap release, and paused for a moment’s thought. While his cock was so hard it was bordering on painful, there was only one obvious answer to her question. "I won't deny I'm desperate to take you upstairs Mom, particularly as we haven't been able to do anything for the last week, but I really want to learn so where would you like to start?"

"That's your first A grading." She thought to herself before she replied. "Why don't you top up my glass, and help yourself to a drink as well if you want one." She replied, waiting until he sat back down. "The first thing I’ll say is that it's impossible to give you advice that will work every time without fail, so what I'm going to tell you are....guidelines rather than absolute rules, ok?" He nodded that he understood. "Possibly the most important thing I can try and teach you, is that men and women look at sex from entirely different perspectives and always will. The guys who go home with an attractive girl are not luckier than those who go home alone and masturbate; they get laid because they understand how to push a girl's buttons so that she really wants to go home and fuck him!"

It was clear from Matt's expression that he didn't have a clue what she was talking about, which was hardly surprising given his age and inexperience. "There are two simple things you need to remember if you want a girl to spend the night with you, and hopefully want to be with you again." Carole assured him. "The first is respect, because if you can’t convince a girl that you truly respect her, you’ll be one of the guys who goes home alone and makes love to his hand. Even if she’s a wild, uninhibited creature with a strong sex drive, she may let you fuck her once or twice but at some point she’ll drop you for a boy who treats her better. Have I ever told you how Jim and I met?”

“No Mom.” He replied. “How did you guys get together?”

“We met at a party when we were around seventeen. Jim was there alone as he’d recently broken up with his girlfriend, and I was with Adam, a boy I’d been seeing for a little while. Anyway, as soon as we got there Adam disappeared with his buddies and they all starting drinking beer up the back, and by around ten or eleven they were pretty hammered. Jim came over and started talking to me and my girlfriends and he was drinking too, but he was pacing himself so he was fine. Adam saw Jim talking to us and came over, telling him to fuck off and leave me alone which was really unfair as we were only talking, and Jim hadn’t put so much as a finger on any of us. When Jim told him to relax and there was nothing going on he started on me; and I can’t remember exactly what he said, but he called me a slut or something like that.”

Matt was leaning forward intently, listening to the story of how his parents met while Carole smiled as she remembered what happened next. “You know that look your Dad gets when he’s really angry?” Matt nodded emphatically, as he’d been on the receiving end of that icy stare more than once. “Well Jim gave him that look and told him to stop being a prick and apologise, so Adam swung a punch at him! Jim actually caught Adam’s fist with his hand and then started to squeeze, as though they were having a mid-air arm wrestle if that makes sense. Adam started to buckle at the knees and Jim kept going, slowly pushing him down while he quietly told him to remember he was a guest at the party and to stop making a complete fool of himself. I swear I heard a knuckle crack and my EX-BOYFRIEND, because at that point I decided I never wanted to see him again, went real white and threw up on Jim’s shoes!”

They both laughed at that mental image before Carole concluded her story. “Anyway, Adam’s buddies put him in a car and took him home while Jim went to clean up. When he came back he asked if anyone needed a ride, so three of us got in his car because two of my friends didn’t want to get in a car with a drunk driver, but I made sure I was in the front and the last one to be dropped off. I said thanks and went to kiss him, but you know what he said? He said the ride had no strings attached, which I thought was really sweet so I kissed him anyway! Adam rang the next morning to apologise and I told him to fuck off and grow up before he ever spoke to me again. Jim caught up with me at school the next Monday and actually apologised for creating a problem with the BF, so I told him there was no problem as I’d dumped him. The rest as they say, is history!”

Matt was looking thoughtful. “Ok, so your boyfriend blew his chances by leaving you by yourself and getting drunk, coming back and making a scene with Dad when there was no reason to, and calling you a slut. Then he made things worse by trying to be macho and throw a punch, all of which make him look like a complete cock in front of you and your friends. On the other hand, Dad talked to you...without hitting on you or your friends?” He glanced at Carole and she nodded in agreement. “He stood up for you when he didn’t have to because you weren’t together then, he dealt with your boyfriend without making a major scene that could have been embarrassing, and he didn’t expect you anything in return for the ride home. Is that what you mean when you talk about showing respect?”

She smiled proudly. “Top marks Matty. I couldn’t have put it any better if I tried.”

He was grinning happily as well, feeling that this wasn’t much more than common sense but good advice nonetheless. “You said there were two things Mom. What’s the other one?”

“The other aspect is trust honey, and this one is a little....more complex to explain. When it comes to sex men and women generally fall into two basic categories, dominant and submissive. Are you familiar with those terms and understand what they mean?"

“I think so Mom.” He replied. “But I’d like to hear about it from your perspective.”

“When it comes to sex, there are dominant woman who want to be in control the action. They know what they want and how they want it, and normally they are quite prepared to take the lead though I think they are probably in the minority. The more common group are submissive, but not to the extent you see in S&M movies or books if you’re familiar with those. They prefer to have the man take the lead, but if you cross an unspoken boundary you’re likely to have problems.” Carole was finding it more difficult than she expected to explain this concept to Matt, and paused for a moment to gather her thoughts. “This is kind of tough to explain honey!” She said in frustration.

“Then take your time Mom.” He reassured her. “I get that this is important, so there’s no reason to rush it.”

She was thankful he was prepared to be patient, as she would have understood if all he wanted to do was head for the bedroom and get the fun started. “Ok, let’s try it this way. Remember when we all sat down last Saturday after I told Jim what had happened?” He nodded emphatically. “Cassie made great sense when she said parents don’t talk to their children enough about sex, and teach them how to enjoy being with someone. Well, when two people first get together most of the time they don’t talk about it either, which is pretty stupid when you think about it. So what you finish up with is two people who fumble around for a while, trying different things until they have a basic idea what works for them and what turns them off. Once they’ve formed a relationship they are more likely to start talking about their personal likes and dislikes, but it would make a lot more sense if they did that as soon as they were interested in each other!”

“That does sound kind of crazy Mom.” Matt agreed.

“What makes it even harder is that one woman might get really hot about a certain kind of sex, but another will find it a total turn-off, and there’s no manual to help you work it out either. You know I love anal sex right? It’s something that gets my pussy running just thinking about it, but let me assure there are plenty of woman out there who’d scream the house down if a stiff cock went anywhere near her back door. There are others who hate the thought of oral sex, and wouldn’t take a cock in their mouth if you offered them a million dollars.”

Matt whistled softly because this was a major revelation. He had assumed every girl was basically like his Mom and Cassie with the differences being the level of skill, and this had surprised him. “I’m not doubting what you’re telling me Mom, but are you sure about that? Doesn’t that.....limit your options?”

She nodded in agreement. “It certainly does, but that’s just the way some people choose to live. It has a lot do with your upbringing I guess, because if you’re brought up in a conservative home then you’re likely to become a conservative adult. If your parents are broad-minded and happy to talk about sex and not make it some mysterious dark secret, then you’re more likely to be prepared to experiment and try new things until you find out what works for you.”

He was shaking his head slowly. “Poor suckers don’t know what they’re missing, but it makes me glad we’ve got you and Dad to teach us.”

She pushed her chair back and stood, tidying up the last few things in the kitchen as she finished the lesson. “As far as I’m concerned, I think you know by now that I’m pretty much up for anything so you don’t need to worry you’ll offend me or turn me off. I guess I’m thinking more about Cassie and anyone else you might want to hook up with, because if they say no to something, then you have to respect that and move on, ok?”

He walked up behind her and slid his arms around her waist, drawing her back against his chest. He kissed her softly on the neck. “Thanks Mom.”

“For what Matty?” She whispered as she leaned back.

“For taking the time to explain this to me. I’m starting to realise there’s a lot more to this than simple fucking, and you’ve given me a lot to think about. But even more than that, for being such a smoking hot Mom and dressing like this tonight. I can see you went to a lot of trouble and I appreciate you did it for me. I just want to tell you that when you walked in, you were the sexiest woman I had ever seen in my life. Whoever came up with the term MILF must have been thinking about you!”

She smiled to herself, acknowledging he was an amazingly fast learner as he was already applying his new skills to good effect. “I’ve heard that term before Matt, but I have no idea what it means.”

He laughed softly. “Really Mom? The letters stand for Mom I’d Like to Fuck.”

She half-turned her head until he could see the look of amusement on her face. “That’s very clever, and it looks like we’ve both learned something today. So tell I the Mom you’d like to fuck?”

“So much Mom!” He replied with heartfelt enthusiasm. “You have no idea how much I want you right now!”

Her hand slid down his chest until it wrapped around his cock, which felt so hard she believed it would snap before it bent. “I think I’m getting the idea honey, so let’s go upstairs before we both go crazy!”

They hurried upstairs to the guest bedroom as both the kids had single beds in theirs, closing the door behind them. Matt dimmed the light down as Carole looked at him with an expression of pure, lustful anticipation conveying how badly she wanted him with a clarity that words would never match. This was completely different to the previous time they had been together, as they felt far more comfortable knowing they were not going behind Jim’s back or subjecting each other to unexpected surprises. She had relived their previous encounter numerous times, her vivid imagination making it increasingly difficult to focus on her mundane day-to-day tasks as this time drew closer. In a sense she felt as though this was some form of rebirth, as a part of her sexual core celebrated the opportunity to savour fresh experiences. A new man who would provide different types of stimulation and want to try new things was an incredibly attractive prospect, one that most women her age would give almost anything to enjoy. She knew she was incredibly fortunate, still young enough to enjoy herself fully, but old enough to have the experience that would enhance her time with her son.

“Do you want to take my dress off Matt?” She whispered.

“Hell no Mom!” He replied emphatically. “You look so hot with it on, I wouldn’t dream of taking it off.”

He led her to the comfortable armchair in the corner, pushing her gently back before he lifted one of her legs and placed it on the padded armrest, and then the other. Standing back he surveyed his handiwork, loving the way she was spread wide as she waited for his next move. He dropped to his knees and shuffled forward, grinning at Carole as his proud cock nudged the edge of the chair. “I think I did ok in the theory lesson earlier, but it’s time for a hands-on practical lesson now Mom.”

She could feel his steady breath on her slick pussy, every breath cooling her warm skin. “What can I teach you honey?” She whispered breathlessly.

“Teach me how to make love to your cunt with my mouth Mom. Show me how to get you so wet you’ll scream at me to stop!”

Tremors of anticipation rippled through her body and her eyes closed for a second. She reached down and folded back the fleshy hood that concealed her clit and smiled at him. “I think I can do that honey. Now, see this little button here? That’s my clit, the equivalent of your cock, the most sensitive erogenous zone on a woman’s body, so take it between your lips and see what happens when you use your tongue on my tiny little prick!”

As Carole held her hood Matt kissed her clit softly, as though he was kissing a tender mouth, his lips embracing her tiny button as his tongue flicked slowly over the tip. A long, soft moan slipped from her lips as she gave herself completely to her son’s loving mouth. “Yes Matty, YES!” She encouraged him. “That’s amazing honey, just....keep going like that, slow and gentle!” He kept working on her slowly, feeling her clit grow in his mouth like an aroused nipple before gripping the base with his lips and starting to suck on her tiny cock.

She was finding it increasingly difficult to remain still for him, her body writhing from the point where his mouth was locked onto her tender flesh. Her first cum was surprisingly gentle and came out of nowhere, rippling through her body as her juices oozed onto Matt’s chin. “Aahhhh!” She hissed in satisfaction. “You’ve brought me off already Matty!” She exclaimed. “The first cum of the night for us, but definitely not the last! Now lick my cunt Matt, slide your tongue up and down my slippery slit until you think I’m ready, and then taste my hot pussy. Get that tongue deep inside me and I’ll reward you with a drink of cunt cream....or three!”

He followed her decadent instructions, sliding his tongue up and down the cleft between her labia, tasting the slight tang of her first climax as it mixed with her precum. She was so wet, so incredibly ready for penetration, but he resisted the temptation to rush knowing they had the entire weekend to explore every inch of each other. Her taste was totally different to Cassie’s, though neither was unpleasant by any measure, and his face became wetter as her oozing juices coated his skin. He reached the point where he had to be inside her, and took hold of her steaming labia between thumb and forefinger, drawing his hands to the side and opening her glistening hole. “Oh, fuck yeah!” She almost shouted, her unbridled enthusiasm encouraging him. “Stretch that cunt baby, rip my fuck-box open so that you can see everything!”

He did as she asked, feeling the pull of her tiny muscles before moving back and slipping his tongue inside her. The heat, taste and aroma were powerful aphrodisiacs that no man could resist, and he attacked her. His lips and tongue were in constant motion; probing, licking, sucking and massaging her primal core. She was moving far more violently as he brought her closer and closer to her second release, and it was as though she was trying to stuff his face inside her one second, and attempting to move away for a brief respite the next. “Uhhh....Uhhh....UHHHH!” She panted.

With Carole still holding her clit hood and Matt forcing her labia apart there wasn’t a part of her pussy that he couldn’t reach, and with increasing confidence he moved from one point to another. He would kiss and suck her clit for a few seconds before swiping the length of greasy slit, and then mashing his face against her slick flesh as he tried to probe her even deeper with his pointed tongue.

“Ahhhh.....ahhh.....ARRGGHH!!!” She squealed as her entire body shuddered and shook, a solid spray of gushing juices pumping directly into Matt’s working mouth. He ground his face into her mound, his jaw working as he attempting to swallow her gushing nectar. The force and volume of her cum took him by surprise, as his previous experience of oral sex with Cassie had resulted in a far milder release. He mentally complimented himself, Carole’s violent orgasm seeming confirmation that his technique couldn’t have been too bad for a novice cunt-sucker.

When Carole finally stopped cumming he rocked back on his heels and grinned to himself as he looked at his Mom’s prone form, slumped back in the chair, eyes clenched shut and flushed chest heaving as she sucked oxygen into her body.

He wondered briefly if he should give her a few minutes to recover, but his cock was screaming for attention, insisting it was ready....soooo ready! He managed to slide his strong hands under her sweaty butt cheeks until he could pull her forward, bringing her oozing pussy to the edge of the chair. She was still coming down, her complaint body his to do whatever he chose, so he took a hold of his dribbling shaft, lined the head up with her glistening slit, and slammed forward.

Her eyes flashed wide open and she stifled a scream as she felt him force his passage inside her, her clenching muscles stretching instantly to accept him. “Fuucckk....YEESSS!!” She hissed. “I cannot tell you how much I’ve wanted to feel your cock deep in my fuck-box. Oooohhh...FUCK!!! I LOVE YOUR CUNT-FUCKING COCK MATTY!!!”

Simultaneously Matt was experiencing a sensory overload of his own, and it was the most incredible feeling of his young life. While he and Cassie had fooled around to the extent he had slid the tip of his cock into her tight teen pussy, this was so completely different there was no comparison, as he had his rigid shaft deep in a slippery cunt for the very first time. “Fuck yeah Mom!” He groaned. “You’re cunt is fucking amazing! I...can’t describe how good this feels, I just....want to fuck you forever!”

“Then do it!” Carole screamed in a state of pure, unbridled lust. “Fuck my slutty cunt! Do me hard and deep! Pound that cunt fucker into me every chance you get, my hot, horny Son!”

He was thrusting furiously, his hips almost a blur of motion as he slammed into her, and she was with him every second, lifting her hips every time he drove deeper. When her eyes blinked open and she looked up she felt she had never seen such a perfect sight, as Matt grinned down at her with beads of perspiration popping out on his forehead. “I love your cock!” She hissed. “Promise me....promise me that this weekend you’ll fuck every one of my holes, and give me a cum bath as well! Can you do that Matty? Do you want to fuck my cunt, my ass, my mouth, my tits, and when you’ve done them all then you can jack off and blow wads of greasy fuck juice all over my face and my hair?”

He grinned down at her with the self-assured confidence of youth. “You got it...slut! You’ll have cum running from every hole and all over you come Sunday night!”

Her body dissolved into the most exquisite orgasm, her trembling cunt gushing even more juice as her muscles clamped down on his slippery cock. “Arrgghh! YES! YES! YES!!!” She moaned. “I....can’t fuck!” She panted.

The additional pressure of Carole’s massive release had brought Matt to the brink of ecstatic release. “Get ready Mom.” He gasped. “I’ve got so much cum in my balls I’m about to blow you clean off my cock!”

She was unable to respond, but managed to raise her legs and lock them around his waist, drawing him even deeper as his balls sucked upward and fired the first burst of cum through his cock. He slammed into her, his balls smacking against her slick flesh as he started to unload his fuck juice, thankful he had only jerked off twice in the preceding week. His cum flew in powerful spurts, pumping hard and deep inside his Mom’s clenching cunt. “FUCK!” He yelled. “I’m never gonna stop cumming!”

“I hope not!” Carole hissed, still using her legs to pull him into her until his spraying cock finally emptied out.

He lay there panting, his chest heaving as he grinned to himself. His first fuck had been everything he hoped it would be, AND SO MUCH MORE! Carole gave him a minute or two to catch his breath before unhooking her legs and pushing him away. For a moment he thought she needed time to recover, to give her body a chance to settle down, that was until she pushed him further back on the floor, took his cum-covered cock in her hand, and started rubbing it all over her face. “I love how you taste....and smell honey. I’ve just got to have your juice all over me!” He grinned at her self-indulgent behaviour, wondering how much wilder this could get. He didn’t have to wait long, as she dipped her fingers into her oozing pussy and scooped out their fluids, tilting her head back before she slid her slick fingers into her hungry mouth.

Matt sat on his haunches and looked at her in amazement, wondering again how he could have lived under the same roof for his entire life and have no idea his mother was such a sexual wildcat. She was insatiable in the bedroom, a primal, depraved, cock-crazy cunt that wanted nothing more than a hard cock jammed into one of her hot holes. She did nothing to alter his opinion when she finally finished thrusting her fingers deep in her throat, and skipped across the room until she lay back on the bed with head hanging over the side so that she was smiling at him with her head upside down. “Are you ready for round two honey?”

“Any time you are Mom.” He assured her, stroking his still firm cock as he got to his feet and walked toward her.

“I get the feeling I’m going to love having a young cock around.” She sighed softly. “Now come here and slide that instrument of pleasure into my mouth, and I want you to really fuck my throat...HARD!”

A smile slid across his face as his cock slipped past her cherry-red lips and he wondered briefly, very briefly, if Cassie was having as much fun as he was.


In other room Cassie and Jim were relaxing in the afterglow of their first time together, and he had slipped down to the kitchen and returned with a couple of sodas which they drank thirstily. Cassie was still gushing enthusiastically, her eyes glistening brightly in the dim light.

“That just amazing Dad, thank you so much. I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now, I just feel.... so alive! My whole body is still tingling, and I feel all warm and....slippery inside. It is the best feeling!!!”

Jim couldn’t help but feel delighted for her, and for himself, and gave silent thanks that Carole had managed to talk him around from the anger he felt when she confessed what had happened with Matt, and what had been going on behind his back. “Sweet Jesus.” He thought to himself. “I was ready to send my kids away to same-sex boarding schools. What a huge mistake that would have been!”

He smiled at his daughter. “I think I should say thank you too princess, because I can honestly say that was fantastic for me as well.”

Her face lit up at his compliment. “Really Dad, are you telling the truth? Because I know you and Mom have been together for ages, and I won’t be upset if you tell me she’s much better at sex than I am.”

“Cassie, there is no way I’d lie to you about this because it’s just too important.” He said earnestly.

“I believe you Dad. So.....are you really ok....with this now? I mean you were really angry, and Matt and I were sure we were in huge trouble.”

He nodded slowly, still a little unsure about how he really felt. “I think it’ll take some time Cassie, but I guess you could say I’m starting to...adjust to the idea. We just have to make sure we don’t breathe a word of this to anyone, ever!”

“I won’t Dad, I promise.” She replied genuinely. “And I’m sure Matt won’t either. Apart from anything, we’d be crazy to do anything that could stop you and Mom from wanting to be with us.”

Jim actually breathed a tiny sigh of relief. “As long as you look at it that way I’m sure we’ll be fine honey.”

His fingers were tracing lazy, loving circles on her moist skin, slowly moving down her body. She rolled onto her stomach and he stroked her lower back, feeling the occasional patch of goose-bumps popping up as he continued his gentle caresses. She shivered as he touched the top of the cleft between her butt cheeks, and her eyes closed as she smiled and dropped her head. He legs slid slowly apart, inviting him to explore further, so he indulged himself and slid fingers down until they brushed across her pink rosebud. He moved down the bed and used one had to push her butt-cheek to the side as he slid his finger into his mouth, coating it in saliva before sliding it down her valley again. She groaned, ever so softly like a whispering breeze, and he continued to slide around and over her clenched muscle. “Are you going to fuck my ass Dad?” She whispered.

“If you can take me princess.” He replied softly. “But we’re going to take our time, so I hope your little ass is in the mood for a lot of attention.”

He licked his fingers again, moistening her opening as he started to probe her with gentle, loving care. “Ohhhhh....that feels so good!” She moaned as she felt the tip of his finger starting to stretch her. “You and Mom really like anal don’t you Dad.” She whispered, more as a statement than a question.

“Sure do Cassie, in fact we always have. Your Mom goes crazy when I slide my cock in back there, and it turns me on too!”

His finger finally used a combination of his lubricant and a progressive increase in pressure to slip past her incredibly tight muscle, and he paused to allow her to get used to this new sensation. “Oh God, that feels good Dad, just...don’t go too fast, ok?”

‘We have all night Cassie, so there’s no reason to rush anything. I’m going to take my time and get you wet and ready for me, but if you can’t take me that’s ok, there’s plenty of other things we can do.”

He slid his finger back and poured a thick bead of lube over her sphincter, before slipping his finger back inside and slowly probing deeper. “Oooooh....fuck.” She whispered. “I’m liking this...a lot! So why do you get so hot about anal sex Dad? Is it because some girls don’t want to do it?”

He grinned to himself, wondering how she could string a sentence together while he was sliding his finger ever-deeper. “Yes honey.” He answered honestly. “It turns me on because good girls don’t do anal,’s hard to explain....but I get really turned on because....some people just aren’t prepared to even try it. The fact that some consider it depraved or dirty is a strong part of the attraction.”

His finger was now completely inside her, exploring the walls of her tight passage with slow, deliberate strokes. She moaned again. “Can I be your dirty girl Dad, because I really want to be! Can I be your dirty little daughter; that you can fuck and suck whenever you want? I will be a total slut for you, and for Matty, whenever you want me to. You can tell me how you want me to dress, or even to go naked if you’d rather, and I’ll do it if you promise to teach me everything I need to know about fucking.”

Her words caused him to lose focus for a moment, as a large bead of precum oozed from his piss-slit in response. “I would love you to be my dirty little girl, princess.” He replied with heartfelt enthusiasm. “And I promise to teach you everything you want to know.”

He slid a second finger inside her, again pausing as her muscles slowly stretched around him. “Ahhhh .....YES!” She hissed in wanton enjoyment. “I love you Daddy. I promise I’m going the best slut a father could ever wish for! What are your doing back there Dad? Talk to me about what you’re doing. Tell your dirty slut how you are using her!”

He grinned again, thinking how much like her mother she was despite her age and inexperience. “I’m sliding two fingers into your tight, greasy little ass baby. I’m looking at your asshole stretching as I slide inside you, watching it fold inward when I slide my fingers deeper, and fold back as slide back out again. You have such a hot little ass Cassie. I can’t decide which hole I like better, your dirty little ass or your perfect little cunt!”

She groaned at his hedonistic commentary. “Then you’ll just have to fuck them both....all the time!”

“I think I can do that Cassie.” He assured her, before he slid his fingers free and replaced them with his mouth. He was quickly sinking into a warm world of fuck-lust, the sight of his daughter lying on the bed with her legs spread and her lustful encouragement causing his cock to twitch in anticipation. While he had managed to stretch her with two fingers and she had taken his probing digits relatively easily, he knew his sizeable cock would be a totally new experience, and there was more to be done. He firmly gripped her butt cheeks and pulled them apart, completely exposing her to his gaze, before he mashed his face between them and slid his tongue past her now semi-relaxed opening.

“Oh Fuck! Oh Jesus!” She squealed. “My Daddy has his tongue in my fucking ass. Oh Dad, YES! Suck my dirty little ass, make me your slut, and fuck me when you think I’m ready.....PLEASE!!!!”

Jim was losing! He was no stranger to hot, dirty sex-talk, as he and Carole both appreciated how much of a turn-on it was and indulged each other at every opportunity. But the fact that it was his thirteen year old daughter encouraging him to slide his tongue deep into her private passage was doing his head in. He didn’t attempt to kiss or caress her with his mouth, he did his best to slide his whole head inside. He mashed his face against her flesh, his tongue striving to get another tiny bit deeper as he coated the walls of her incredibly tight tunnel with his saliva. His tongue probed, explored and bathed every piece of flesh it touched, and she groaned and gyrated against him.

He sensed her deep, rhythmic breathing, as if she instinctively knew this would help her to relax, and he could actually feel the muscles of her ass opening around his probing tongue. Her taste and scent were by no means unpleasant, and he knew she and Carole had been enjoying regular enemas which only enhanced the sensations coursing through his body. She was as ready as she would ever be, so he slid back and hurried to kneel between her legs, sliding his hand firmly under her waist and easily picking her up as though she weighed nothing at all. She held herself on her hands and knees, sliding her legs wide apart as he moved behind her and poured strings of viscous lube all over his hard, angry cock.

He looked down at her gaping opening, the glistening muscle gradually closing as he watched. “Not for long!” He whispered to himself as he carefully lined up his slick cock-head and pushed forward. The head of his cock kissed the glistening ring of muscle, before sliding firmly past until he paused with his tip firmly inside her. Her body went rigid beneath him, her head snapping back as her spine arched and her eyes flashed open. For an instant he feared he had hurt her, perhaps damaged her internally, before her head turned slowly and he saw she was smiling. “Ohhhhh Daddy. That feels ......unbelievable! How much is inside me?”

“Just the head baby.” He replied, holding completely still. “Are you ok?”

She nodded slowly. “, but.....please go very slow.”

“Relax Cassie. You’re so incredibly tight.....I can hardly move right now, so the only way this is going to happen is if we take it very easy.”

She bit her lip softly and nodded at his reassurance. “I don’t think...I’ve ever felt so stuffed in my life. I just can’t describe it....I feels kinda strange....but really, really good too!”

He started rocking, thrusting an inch inside before easing back. “I don’t think I could describe how great this feels Cassie.” He groaned. “Oh...FUCK! SO...FUCKING...GOOD!!!”

Her arched back continued to rise and fall steadily as she breathed, her body ever so slowly opening to accommodate his significant girth. He managed to slide two inches into her clenching tunnel, and then another, his body pushing hers up the bed as he strove to penetrate her taboo passage. Beads of sweat were popping up all over his body, his mental temperature matching his physical state. He looked down to see that she had taken half his impressive length, and was thankful the hedonistic mind-fuck had his cock oozing freely, his lubricant making things just a little easier. He knew that this was wrong on so many levels that he couldn’t count them, but couldn’t have cared less. His entire body was centred on the rhythmic thrusting of his cock; knowing that he had sweet, fresh meat wrapped around his incredibly hard shaft, and that meat was in the form of his thirteen year old daughter. And what’s more, she had encouraged him to do whatever he wanted after tonight, to tell her how to dress or even if he wanted her to be naked in the house, and to teach her. Oh yes, he had every intention of teaching her!

As if she had read his mind, she spoke to him. “I love you Dad. This just feels....fucking fantastic! Do you love me Dad? Do you love fucking you little girl’s tight, dirty ass?”

“Oh yes princess!” He half-shouted. “Daddy loves fucking his dirty girl; and he’s going to do it every chance he gets!”

“Oh yes....PLEASE!” She grunted. “I’m gonna feel so empty without your cock inside me!”

Another inch slid inside, making around five inches of throbbing, dribbling cock she’d managed to accommodate. His balls sucked upward and tiny electric shocks started to ripple down his quivering shaft, making sure he knew that his climax was rapidly approaching and it was going to be the cum of the century. “Can’t....hold....back!” He groaned out loud.

“Then FUCK ME DAD!” She screamed. “Fuck your hot little slut and give me your cum!”

One final mindless thrust saw him lose the last vestiges of control as a gushing torrent of cum sprayed deep inside her, instantly painting her quivering ass with rope after pulsating rope of greasy cum which saturated every inch of her clenching hole. Her eyes flashed wide-open and her back arched upward as she joined him, her own juices of lust spraying past her puffy pussy-lips and soaking his tight balls with her aromatic fluids. He had already cum a short time before, but the pumping, scalding release made him think he hadn’t climaxed in weeks; such was the intensity and volume of his amazing release.

Her body started to shake, just a little at first before it spread across her body like a brushfire raging through tinder-dry grass. Her arms and legs struggled to support her weight and lost the battle, her body slumping down on the bed and taking him with her, his twitching cock struggling to share the final drops of fuck-juice before he slid free. He managed to roll over beside her, and somehow found the strength to wrap his muscular arms around her tiny waist and draw her body to his, unable to do anything more than simply hold her, and pray she knew exactly how much he loved her at that moment.

Uttering a single word was simply impossible, and they both drifted away into a deep restful sleep.


Jim woke the next morning, or at least tried to as his subconscious ploughed through the wispy tendrils of persistent sleep that strongly suggested he could rest for another hour or more. He became aware of something touching his skin, feather-soft contacts that teased his nipples and moved across his chest. As consciousness returned he could also feel something wrapped around his semi-flaccid cock, stroking it gently.

His eyes finally flickered open and he saw Cassie smiling down at him. “And about time too!” She greeted him cheekily. “Mom and Matty are cooking the most amazing breakfast. I mean, we’ve got sausage and eggs and hash browns and pancakes and everything. For some reason she thinks we’ve all got serious appetites this morning, but I can’t work out where that idea came from....MUCH!” She giggled happily. “So you’ve got about five minutes to have a shower and make it to the kitchen, otherwise it’s table-scraps for you!”

His hand flew across the distance between them, grabbing her wrist like a striking snake and pulling her down on the bed beside him before she realized what had happened. He took her in his powerful arms and gave her a gentle squeeze before kissing her softly, his eyes sparkling back at her. “And here was I thinking I was going to get lucky first up!” He teased.

She stood and smoothed down her tiny skirt, belatedly drawing his attention to the way she was dressed, and flashed a surprisingly adult lascivious smile. “Oh, you’ll get lucky alright, but it will have to be after breakfast ‘cause I’M SO HUNGRY!”

She was heading for the door when he stopped her. “Hey you, hold up a minute! I want to have a good look at what my sexy little girl is wearing this morning!”

Her delighted face showed how much she enjoyed his flirting flattery, and she did a slow turn for him. She and Carole had obviously been conspiring, because she was wearing a similar schoolgirl outfit to the one Carole had worn the previous weekend. Her tiny pleated skirt was even shorter than Carole’s, providing a teasing glimpse of the bottom edge of pussy and ass, and her tiny see-through white blouse was knotted just below her pert breasts, her pointed pink nipples clearly visible. However she taken things in a different direction with white thigh length stay-up stockings and pair of gleaming spike heels. Her long was brushed and shining, and a touch of makeup and glistening red lip gloss made him want to throw her on the bed, or the floor, and make love to her until his cock refused to rise again. She turned away from him, still smiling over her shoulder as she bent forward with agonising slowness, her skirt slowly creeping up until he could see the base of butt-plug nestled in her flawless ass. “This is the first time I could take this one Daddy.” She whispered in a husky sensual voice. “I think your gorgeous cock did a great job stretching my dirty little ass last night. Am I your dirty girl Daddy? Are you happy with what I’m wearing, our would you like me to take it off and just go naked?”

“There’s no doubt I would love to see you naked honey.” He growled. “You are just so beautiful, but the way you’re dressed now is just.....fucking amazing! You are so damn sexy you’re doing my head in! I don’t want you to change a single thing.”

She lapped up his lustful compliments, and why not? She had slipped out of bed well over an hour ago before anyone else was stirring, and showered and washed her hair before spending some time considering what she would wear to really get Jim’s pulse racing. His reaction just made her feel the time and effort were well worth it, and she blew him a kiss as she turned for the door a second time. “Well, I’d love to stay and play, but I think you’ve got about two minutes to get ready for breakfast now, so you’d be get in the shower.”

“Save some food for me, princess.” He called as she slipped out. “I’m hungry too!”

He had to get moving as he had no doubt Matt would clean up the food in no time at all, and if everyone else was as hungry as he was it wouldn’t take long. He half-ran to the bathroom and turned on the taps, moving under the spray as soon as the hot water started coming through. He washed himself quickly but thoroughly, stepped out and towelled dry. He ran a comb through his hair, had a fleeting thought that a shave would have to wait for a while, and slid into a pair of long casual pants and sandals before heading shirtless for the kitchen. Carole always encouraged not to wear a shirt when the weather was warm, saying she loved checking out his abs and broad shoulders, so he wasn’t surprised that she wolf-whistled when he walked in. “Good morning honey. Undressed to impress I see!” She greeted him.

He bent down to kiss her before taking his seat at the table and realizing Cassie hadn’t exaggerated, as there were plates and bowls of food occupying every available inch of space. “Good morning yourself, and this is great guys. I think we’re having a breakfast banquet!”

Carole reached over and squeezed his hand. “When I woke up and realized how hungry I felt, I figured I’d better cook up a storm and make sure our men had plenty of gas in the tank for later.” She winked at Cassie. “We can’t have you running out of energy at the wrong time now, can we?”

The food was passed around until everyone had a decent serving and silence reigned for a while, the only sounds being the clink of cutlery on china as starving stomachs were progressively satisfied. Matt was into a second helping of everything on offer while the others were still working through their first. “You certainly worked up a decent appetite Matt.” Jim laughed.

He grinned back at his father. “You’re married to Mom, you should know hard it is to keep up with her Dad!”

“I hear that Son.” Jim laughed heartily. “She can be a handful!”

Carole held up a hand in mock protest as she stood to pour a round of coffees. “Listen you guys a girl has her needs too, don’t we Cassie?” Cassie nodded emphatically. “I can’t help it if I have an over-active sex drive!”

“And we wouldn’t have it any other way Mom.” Matt assured her, before looking at Cassie. “So how was your night Sis?”

Cassie sat back in her chair and smiled contentedly as she thought back to last night. “I can honestly say it was the most amazing night of my life Bro. My body is tingling now just thinking about it!”

Carole smiled at Jim, knowing he would have taken very good care of their precious little girl. Matt looked at Carole and grinned as well. “All I can say is....Mom is a hell of a teacher!”

Laughter filled the room as each enjoyed a brief mental replay, or two, before Matt spoke again. “This all feels....kinda strange, but not in a bad way. It’s like....something’s changed but I can’t describe how. Does anyone else feel like that? Like....our relationship as a family is....on a different level now?”

Carole considered this for a moment, as she had been having similar feelings that she couldn’t quite pin down. “I’d agree with that honey. I guess when you’ve intimate with someone for the first time it does change the dynamic of the relationship. Just don’t ask me for any guidance on this one, as I’m as new to this as we all are!”

Jim was thinking that the way he felt about Cassie had changed significantly, but where that would eventually lead was a complete mystery. “There’s no doubt that things will be very different from now on, but I don’t think that’s anything to worry about. Some aspects of our relationship will change, but others will probably go on pretty much as normal, so we perhaps we should just go with flow for a while and see where this takes us.” He looked at Matt and Cassie. “This is all totally new, and I’d be the first to admit it’s exciting and really intense, but things will settle into a routine once we have a chance to explore the things we want to do with each other.”

“Well, I know what I want to do Dad.” Cassie said in a very self-assured tone. “Everything!”

That comment had laughter echoing from the walls again, and Jim happily accepted that there was nothing like youthful enthusiasm. With their hunger pangs well and truly satisfied they all helped clear the dishes and clean up the kitchen, with Carole laughingly suggesting they could run out of food before the weekend was over. Matt said he felt like a swim so they all trooped outside, embracing the warmth of the sun and the whispering breeze as they stripped off and dove into the cool water. Jim and Matt were behaving like typical males, matching each other stroke for stoke as they swam laps, the pace increasing until it was clear they were racing each other. That lasted until Cassie cannon-balled directly between them, a huge surge interrupting their rhythmic strokes as they stopped and wiped the water from their eyes.

Cassie was grinning as she trod water. “Message from Mom you silly boys.” She announced loudly. “Stop showing off and save your energy for something important!”

They looked around and saw Carole laying back on a sun lounge, smiling at them and waggling a finger as an amused warning. Jim and Matt grinned back and shrugged their shoulders, swimming to the steps and climbing out. Carole couldn’t help but look at their thick, dangling cocks, sincerely grateful that both her handsome men were blessed with above average equipment.

Jim turned on the outdoor stereo and they lay back, allowing the heat of the sun to dry their bodies as they relaxed and enjoyed the perfect day. After a while Cassie came over and sat on the side of Jim’s lounge, her tiny hand moving across his thigh until it wrapped around his thick cock and started to stroke him gently. He closed his eyes and his mind focused on her loving touches, feeling his cock rising, growing harder and longer as she continued to stimulate him until the first bead of precum oozed slowly from his piss-slit. Her palm moved over the head, smearing his juices down his growing length and providing the sweet lubricant to assist her erotic movements. He felt her other hand wrap around his ball sac, squeezing gently as if to feel how much cum she could draw from his body.

While he couldn’t see them, Carole and Matt had noticed what they were doing and were watching intently, Carole matching her daughter’s wanton actions as Matt slid a finger in his mouth before stroking his Mom’s already slippery slit. Cassie’s lips brushed across Jim’s glans, causing him to gasp in surprise before she took as much of his length as she could into her willing mouth. By now he was fully erect, his proud cock pointing straight up as Cassie’s lips slid almost halfway down until his head was nudging the entrance to her throat. Her hand was still working on the lower half of his cock, and he wondered how much he could take with the full length of his shaft enjoying the dual stimulation of her working mouth, tongue, and hand.

Matt leaned over to whisper to Carole. “I need to fuck you Mom. Watching this....I need to fuck you so bad!”

“I want you too Matt!” She assured him. “But....I need to watch this. This is so fucking hot! Can you be patient....please? Just keep stroking my hot cunt, and I promise I will SO make it worth your while!”

He groaned softly, making it abundantly clear that his hormones were in full flight, and controlling them was a battle he was certain to lose. “Ok Mom, just...go easy jacking my cock. Otherwise my first load is gonna be wasted!”

They resumed their voyeuristic enjoyment of father and daughter at play, Cassie’s head bobbing up and down as she savoured the taste of Jim’s increasing flow of precum. “Oh fuck, blow me you little cunt!” He hissed loudly enough for all to hear. “Daddy loves his dirty little girl, especially when her cherry lips are wrapped around his pussy-fucker!”

His encouraging words spurred her on and she was determined to give him a cum he wouldn’t forget, her lips holding his shaft as her tongue swirled around him. At the same time her hand was jacking down to the base while the other teased his heavy, loaded balls. “Fuck yeah baby!” He groaned loudly. “!”

She could actually feel his balls suck upward as his piss-slit flared wide open and his first burst of cum pumped forcefully into her mouth. Her eyes closed in indulgent delight as she tasted his seed, swallowing quickly as he continued to pump his thick cream into her mouth. For a second she thought he may choke her as she simply couldn’t swallow fast enough, so she stopped trying to keep up and allowed him to fill her mouth. She was beginning to wonder if she could take it all when she sensed he was finally slowing, until he bucked his hips upward one final time before slumping back on the lounge.

Cassie followed his movements, her pursed lips still holding him in place as she felt his firmness start to fade by the slightest amount. Satisfied she had taken everything he could give she swallowed again, loving the feeling that for the first time, she was one in control giving him such amazing pleasure. His eyes finally opened, blinking in the glare of the sunlight as he tried to focus on her smiling face. His arms found her and drew her down on top of him, and he stroked her hair back from her face before kissing her longingly. “My God!” He whispered. “That was unbelievable Cassie. Just.....I don’t know....the most amazing experience!”

She nuzzled against him contentedly. “Dad, after what you did to me last night, I really wanted to give you something in return.” She said softly.

In the meantime Carole and Matt were getting hotter by the second, as watching Cassie and Jim had got their juices flowing and pulses racing big time! “Now Mom...PLEASE?” Matt begged, his tone conveying his sense of urgent desperation.

She rolled off the lounge and got on her hands and knees, her eyes blazing with lust as she gazed up at him. “Now Matt.” She replied. “Any hole, any way you like, as hard as you can!”

He moved behind her and got down on his knees, his cock so hard it was bordering on painful. Moving with desperate purpose he slammed forward, burying the full length of his steel-hard shaft deep in her oozing pussy in one brutal thrust. His balls flattened her greasy labia for a split second, before he slid back to the point she feared he would slide free, and she whimpered as she pushed back to make sure he stayed where she wanted him. There was no way he could control himself, or build up steadily to a nice fucking rhythm, nor did either want or need that kind of intimate coupling. This was raw, primal, almost savage, as Matt forced her to stretch to take every inch, and she was with him all the way. “Gimme that cock Matt!” She growled. “Rape my slutty cunt until I’m bleeding. Fuck me as hard as you can!”

While it seemed impossible she sensed him respond, and looked back to see that his hips were almost a blur of movement and he pounded into her, forcing his cock deeper than it had ever been before. “You got it cunt!” He half-shouted. “You’re gonna be so sore when I’m done with your slut hole!”

She smiled in lustful acceptance and turned her head back, but wait; was that movement she detected from the corner of her eye? Her eyes flashed open and she saw another flicker of movement, shifting her gaze until she saw.....her friend April, standing stock still with her eyes and mouth wide open! “Oh no! FUCK...NO!!!” She thought to herself. “No! Not now! Not after everything we’ve been through, and when we’re just getting things under control. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW???”

Matt was groaning as he drove into her and Carole could only pray that he had his eyes closed, or was looking anywhere but where April was standing, frozen like a rabbit on a highway that knew it was about to become a steaming pile of road-kill. There wasn’t the slightest point to try and deny what she could clearly see, or suggest she had been sunbathing naked when Matt slipped and accidentally slid his cock into her dripping pussy. While indecision stopped her from doing anything, at least April hadn’t screamed, fled back through the gate, or grabbed her cell and dialled 911. Carole could see her cheeks were flushed bright red, and wondered if it was from acute embarrassment, or something else? Regardless, it would only be seconds before someone looked over and realized they had been busted in the worst possible way, so Carole looked at the row of thick screening shrubs against the fence before glancing back at April, nodding toward cover.

April’s gaze followed her nod before looking back, her face a neon question mark, so Carole nodded again, her intent more emphatic this time. Thankfully April bit her lip but nodded, and moved quietly over until she slipped behind the first thick bush. Carole looked carefully, finally satisfied that even a slow passing glance was unlikely to detect the concealed voyeur hiding behind the bushes. She took a deep breath, aware that she had forgotten to breathe while this unexpected interruption played out, and accepted that the die was cast and she there was nothing she could do but enjoy Matt’s enthusiastic use of her body.

Trails of slippery precum were dribbling down her thighs, and a soft grunt slipped from Matt’s lips every time he drove into her. Tiny sparks rippled from her clenching pussy and she dropped the reigns of self control, her cum starting as a trickle before it grew in intensity and a gush of fluid sprayed over her loving son’s cock. “Yeah cunt!” He encouraged as he felt her steaming juices. “Cum on my cock you slut! Paint my cunt-fucker with your dirty juices!”

“I’!” She gasped between deep, invading strokes. “I’m going to suck your cock dry with my hot little fuck-box!”

To prove the point she bore down on him, increasing the pressure on his sliding shaft with her internal muscles, and smiling as she heard him groan. “Fuck Mom! I can’t believe you can do that!” He groaned in amazement. She came again, even more violently as her own actions increased her overwhelming sense of stimulation. “Getting close cunt!” He growled. “Where do you want me to dump this load?”

“AAAARRRRHHHH!!!” She attempted to stifle a scream as an even stronger orgasm tore through her body. “I.....DON’T.....CARE!” She half-expected him to slam into her and pump her fuck-tunnel full of cum until it oozed down her thighs, but he slid free, leaving her feeling strangely empty and wondering where he was going next. Her unspoken question was answered when he stood before her, his hand wrapped around his shaft and pumping it rapidly as he grinned down at her. “Open wide bitch! Cum bath coming your way!”

She just had time to comply as his first jet flew from his flaring piss-slit, his aim slightly off as it sprayed across her chin. The second and third were right on target, perfectly placed between her lips as she felt his juices raining over her tongue and sliding down her throat. He adjusted his aim again and she just managed to close her eyes as he pumped his seed over her left eyebrow, and then evened up the right. A final spray across her forehead seemed to satisfy his need to paint her face white, and his aim dropped to her hard, pointed nipples as his copious flow finally slowed, before one final grunt indicated he was satisfied, for now. She started to move back so that she could use her fingers to clear her eyes but Matt had other ideas, grabbing a handful of hair to clearly indicate he wanted her to stay exactly as she was.

It was what he did next that really got her pulse racing, as he used a handful of hair to drag her head up, and started smearing his cum all over her face with his surprisingly firm cock. Back and forth it travelled, dribbling its way across her forehead and eyes before sliding up one side of her nose, across the bridge, and down the other. It moved back and forth across one cheek, before moving slowly across her lips and around the other. With one final trail down her chin he was done. “Now you look like a first class slut!” He laughed.

Her eyes blinked open and she gazed up at him, loving the intense sexual look that he conveyed in return. “That was....FUCKING AWESOME!” She hissed up at him.

He gave her a quizzical smile. “I was going to apologize for getting carried away. I thought I might have hurt you when I pulled your hair, but seeing you with cum running down all over your face just made me crazy!”

“The next time you feel like doing something like that.....just go for it!” She gushed, her enthusiasm clear in her shining eyes. “I’ve NEVER experienced anything like that. I mean, normally after fucking everyone just starts to relax and come down, and it feels all warm and cosy, but that was.....WOW!!!”

“You’re full of surprises Mom.” He laughed easily, reassured he hadn’t taken things too far.

“No Matty, it’s you who’s full of surprises!” Carole assured him. “Now, I think I could use another swim, and then I might crack a bottle of champagne.”

She stood and stretched, turning slowly as she tried to locate April behind the bushes, but there was no sign of her. At some point she had picked an opportune time to steal quietly away, and Carole wondered what ramifications may come from her surprise visit. Accepting there was nothing she could do to change the situation she balanced on the edge of the pool, and dove cleanly into water.

Matt was right behind her and both enjoyed the chance to rinse the perspiration from their skin, not to mention the slippery fluids from their first fuck of the day. After a while Cassie and Jim joined them, and other than their naked state, it could be any average family enjoying being together in their pool.

Carole climbed from the clear water and towelled dry before heading inside for the champagne and glasses, still wondering about April’s surprise visit and what the consequences may be. On an impulse she picked up her cell, and saw two missed calls and a text message from her. She swiped the cell to unlock it and opened the message. “OMG AWKWARD!!! So sorry to bust in on u but tried to call! We need to talk, can we meet 4 coffee aft work monday?”

Carole was grateful that at least she wasn’t threatening to ring Child Services or telling her she never wanted to see her again, so she interpreted that as some form of positive. Her fingers tapped out her reply. “Really sorry, u must think Im a sick bitch! Will meet u Monday, can we keep this between us till then???”

“U sure into some freaky shit GF!” Came straight back, but at least April put the smiley face symbol at the end of the sentence. “C u Monday”

Carole breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that the chance to talk was as much as she could hope for at this point, though how she could explain this was a concept beyond her reasoning, at least for now. “I guess there’s not much point in worrying about it.” She muttered to herself, and picked up the bottle and glasses and went back outside.

The remainder of the weekend was a blur of erotic pleasure and indulgence, with Cassie and Matt seemingly desperate to explore every aspect of sex that they could, and to learn from the experience of their parents.

Matt fucked Carole’s tits, which proved to be more of a turn-on than he believed possible when he blew his load all over her chest, while Cassie received her first cum facial from her loving father, smiling up at him happily as his thick cream dribbled down her face and body. That night both girls enjoyed their first doubles, with Cassie taking Jim in her mouth while Matt finally succeeded in sliding his impressive cock into her tight pussy. Then Carole went in a delirious state of incredible pleasure when Jim took her ass and Matt slammed into her cunt, both pumping furiously once they established a rhythm and leaving her with thick white cream oozing freely from her ravaged fuck-holes. Cassie watched on breathlessly, her rapidly moving fingers bringing her to a gasping climax as she watched the unbelievable scene of her mother impaled between a pair or rampaging cocks.

Sunday continued in much the same vein, though Matt was keen to spend some time with Cassie, so Carole and Jim actually had some time to themselves as their children practised their new-found skills until they fucked each other to a standstill. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled round they were done for the time being, each thinking they had never felt so completely satisfied.

A regular day was a welcome distraction in some respects, as a sense of normality returned as they prepared for school and work on Monday morning, though Carole was increasingly nervous about her impending coffee date with April. They had been friends for years and had shared happy and troubled times, but this was a long way beyond anything they had experienced in the past.

Her stomach was churning as she pulled her VW into the car park, and she slid her bag over her shoulder and walked nervously inside. As her eyes adjusted to the lower light she saw April sitting in a corner booth, smiling happily when saw Carole standing in the doorway. “Is that a positive sign?” Carole hoped as she walked over. They order coffees and a couple of irresistible pastries, waiting until they were placed on the table before April broke the ice.

“I’m really sorry I busted in on you like that Carole.” She apologised. “I tried calling a couple of times, and then I was driving past and thought I’d stop in anyway. I really should have called first or not come over!”

Carole blushed slightly. “I think I should be apologising......but....I honestly don’t know what to say. You must think I’m the worst wife and mother on the planet. I’m surprised you’re even prepared to talk to me!”

“Well, I knew that you were seeing someone else.” April confessed. “But I had no idea that someone was your own son!”

That revelation took Carole by total surprise, her face registering her state of shock. “You..knew? I....I don’t understand. How could you possibly know that?”

“That was the reason why I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.” She acknowledged, and then proceeded to tell Carole about her chance meeting with Jim in the bar. Things became clearer as April explained how she found Jim seemingly determined to drink himself into oblivion, and what they had talked about before she had driven him home. Carole had spent some time wondering where he had been and what he may have been doing on that tempestuous night, but there was no way she was going to dredge up bitter memories unless he chose to discuss it.

“Oh God.” Carole moaned softly. “So you go out looking for a good time, and finish up baby-sitting my half-drunk husband. I’m so sorry April!”

April gave her a wry smile. “I guess we can put that down to shit happens. And to be honest I don’t know if I could have gone through with it anyway. When I was driving home I was actually relieved I’d bumped into Jim, because I don’t think I could handle clumsy pick-up lines or groping around in a car. So I went home and got busy with my trusty vibrator.”

Carole couldn’t comprehend what that must be like for her friend, living a lie as she put on a happy face for friends and relatives, and then going home to a loveless relationship that failed to satisfy her physical needs. She shook her head sadly. “That must be dreadful for you.” She said quietly.

“Don’t get me wrong honey.” April responded. “I could have done a lot worse than marry Phil. He’s a good provider, he’s never been violent toward me and we enjoy a nice standard of living, but....I just wish he’d remember that his penis is not just there so that he can take a piss! Anyway....I don’t know whether I have any right to ask this, but....what happened with you guys? I mean; a little over a week ago Jim sounded as though you two were on the rocks, and it was pretty much over. I don’t know how he found out about you and Matt, but he was just....shattered. I told him he needed to find a way to make things right, because it’s clear you two belong together. I’m really glad things seem ok now, but this is really...unconventional. I couldn’t help but notice that Jim’s clearly ok with you and Matt now, and it seems he’s....enjoying Cassie as well? But I just can’t get my head around this. What did you do that turned this around so fast?”

Carole paused for a moment’s quiet thought, wondering how the hell she could explain this in a manner that didn’t sound as though she and Jim had become sex-crazed deviates. She drew a breath and started to relate what had happened that had led to the unbelievable sights April had witnessed when she slipped through the gate. When she finally finished she sat back and looked hesitantly across at her friend, waiting for her reaction.

It was April’s turn to pause in thought, before she slid her hand across the table and lay it over Carole’s. “Do you have any idea how many laws you’ve broken honey?”

Carole shook her head slowly. “No. But I’m betting it’s somewhere between a lot and plenty!”

“And that doesn’t bother you?” April pushed on.

Again a shake of the head. “It did at first, but to be honest it doesn’t now.” Carole replied simply. “Look April, I don’t know about you but I was a pretty wild kid, and I was exploring sex when I was around Matt and Cassie’s age. Finding out that Matt and Cassie were....fooling around came as a shock, but if we tried to stop them what do you think would have happened? I have no doubt they would have kept going, been a lot more discreet, and possibly got themselves into serious trouble. I had no intention of becoming a grandmother when Cassie found out she had an unwanted pregnancy, and I didn’t want Matt coming home trying to tell me he’d picked up an unpleasant disease from unprotected sex. I’m not making excuses here, but the genie was out of the bottle by the time Jim and I found about it. You said this was unconventional and there’s no doubt that’s true, but at least this way we control who they’re with and what they’re doing. Society and the law wouldn’t see it that way, but nobody is being coerced or forced to do anything they don’t want to. If Matt or Cassie said they didn’t want with us anymore then that’s their choice, and we’d respect that. It’s bound to happen sooner or later and they’ll become interested in someone their own age, but if nothing else, by the time that happens they’ll be confident and know what kind of sex they really enjoy, so you tell me what’s wrong with it!”

April carefully considered Carole’s passionate explanation, having no doubt her friend fervently believed every word she had spoken. “When you put it that way.....I can’t really see too much wrong with it. And to be honest, I think I’m even a little jealous!” Carole raised a questioning eyebrow so April explained. “Look honey, we all know that Jim really loves you because every time we see you together there’s a touch here, a kiss there, a quick squeeze of your ass, so it stands to reason he’s taking great care of you in the bedroom. But now I find out you’ve got two men keeping you happy, and my lover sits in my bottom drawer with a fresh pack of batteries on standby. I guess that’s good luck for you, and tough luck for me!”

“Is it really that bad April?” Carole asked honestly. “Have you tried dressing sexy, or pouring a few drinks into him and watching porn together? He’s not that old and you’re an attractive gal who takes care of herself; isn’t there anything you can try to kick-start his libido?”

“I’ve tried everything I can think of, including what you suggested.” She sighed. “About the best I get is the occasional good old missionary humping, which lasts all of two minutes before he rolls over and goes to sleep. He used to be so good at foreplay, and he knew precisely how to push my buttons so that I’d do anything for him! But now, I don’t think he even remembers that it’s better if I’m wet before he starts banging away. I can’t remember the last time he went down on me, or wanted me to go down on him!”

Sex was such a vitally important part of her life that Carole struggled to comprehend how anyone could live without it, though she knew many did. The fact that her best friend was suffering like this made her heart go out in sympathy, so she didn’t stop and think before she spoke. “Perhaps that’s something I could help you with.” She said simply.

April looked curious and shocked at the same time. “You’re not suggesting Jim, are you Carole? Because even I know there’s no way he’d agree to be with anyone but you, or Cassie I guess.”

Carole smiled as she shook her head. “No, that wouldn’t work. I was thinking more of Matt.”

April’s eyes opened in amazement. “Matt? Your son, Matt? Jesus Carole, I think you’ve lost your mind! What makes you think he’d even be interested in being with me? I mean, I’m old enough to be his mother for God’s sake!”

Carole glanced around before leaning forward, a conspiratorial smile on her face. “I think you’re forgetting that I am his mother, you and I are the same age, and he’s fucking me!”

April was flushed, her face almost a luminous pink colour, her substantial chest rising as she breathed deeply. She glanced around as well, ensuring there was no one within earshot. “Oh God, I don’t know about this! What’s it like Carole? Being with a young horny boy, what’s it really like?”

Carole’s eyes sparkled as she leaned forward again, her voice dropping an octave and taking on a husky tone. “He may lack Jim’s finesse, but it won’t take long for him to learn. Other than that he’s a simply incredible lover, because he is just so willing to please a woman. If I want him to eat my cunt I just have to ask and he’ll get down and dirty. It doesn’t matter how much I cum he just keeps going. And when it comes to fucking....oh wow! He’s like that battery ad on TV. He just keeps going and going and going! I have to tell you that it seems such a waste that, when we’re that age we don’t realize how good we’ve got it. By the time we really know what we want from a lover, our man is normally older and can’t keep it up as long. With Matty it’s just so intense, he really is a fucking machine!”

April groaned softly. “Oh fuck, you’re such a tease! Can I big is he?”

Carole grinned. “He’s his father’s son, so that would make him around eight inches. And I hope he’s finished growing down there, otherwise he’s going to damage some poor girl if he gets any bigger.”

April was having trouble with her hearing. “Eight inches?” She gasped. “At his age he’s eight inches? Tell me you’re kidding!”

Carole shook her head. “Nope. And even after he’s given me a load he’s still half-hard. A few minutes of stroking or sucking and he’s raring to go again!”

April shook her head in wonder, as if trying to clear a persistent mental block. “You bitch. You’ve got two men like that to look after you, and I’m relying on a fucking vibrator!”

Carole leaned back and took a slip from her coffee, waiting patiently for April to process her suggestion. “When does Phil go away next April?”

“He’s home all this week, and flies out next Thursday for five days somewhere or other. I lose track of his trips these days. It almost seems like he’s away more than he’s home.”

“Then you’ve got plenty of time to think about it.” Carole replied. “If you want to do it then you’ll need to give me a few days notice. I don’t just order Matt around, especially with things like this, so I’ll need to find a quiet time to speak to him and see if he’s interested.”

“Do you think he would be interested?” April asked breathlessly. “Do you really think he’d agree to be with someone like me? He might laugh at you and ask if you’re doing some weird drugs or something.”

“I guess that’s possible.” Carole replied honestly, before grinning across the table. “But I think it’s unlikely. After all, he is a horny teenage boy and you’re an attractive woman, so he might have a few initial reservations, but I think he’d be UP for it.”

April laughed at Carole’s emphasised innuendo. “You know when you said you were a pretty wild kid? Well I think you’re still a pretty wild woman! If you told me last week we’d be having this conversation, I’d be asking you if you’re on drugs!”

They both laughed so loudly some other patrons glanced across to see what was so amusing before Carole leaned in again. “I am on drugs! But mine are, and so much better than anything you can buy in a bar or on a street corner.”

“Looking at how happy you are, it’s hard to argue with that.” April replied enviously. “You are positively glowing girlfriend!”

“Life is pretty good at the moment.” Carole agreed. “But it was pretty rocky there for a while. Look, I’m not trying to push you into something you don’t feel comfortable with, or to do the same to Matt either. But....I can’t imagine how...unfulfilling this must be for you and....if you’re happy with Phil apart from this aspect, then maybe this is a solution that keeps you together?”

“I’ll certainly think about it Carole, and thanks.” April assured her. “I really appreciate this even if it is a little strange.”

They finished their coffees and Carole glanced at her watch, realizing time had passed and she should be on her way. They stood and kissed each other on the cheek, before April assured her she would call when she had reached a decision. Carole slid behind the wheel and started the engine, speeding out of the parking lot and heading for home.

When she arrived Cassie was sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework. “Hi Mom. Did you have a good day?”

She smiled at her daughter. “Sure did honey. Is Matty around?”

“I think he’s up his room.” She replied with a smile. “Probably watching porn if I know my brother! Oh, Dad called and said he had a late meeting. He should be home around seven.”

“Ok, thanks. Are you ok if I hold off starting dinner then?” Cassie assured her that was fine, so Carole headed for Matt’s room.

Sure enough she found him stroking his cock and watching porn, just as Cassie had suspected. But this time there was no sense of embarrassment or rush to cover himself, he simply smiled up at her as he lay on his bed and continued stretching his proud cock. “I was just thinking about you, Mom.”

She flashed a sexy smile as she started stripping off. “That’s nice honey, but there’s no way I’m going to let you waste that load of gorgeous cum by pumping it all over your chest.”

“What have you got in mind?” He asked.

She got down on her hands and knees. “Your choice honey. I’ve been thinking about you as well, so I’ve got a hot, slippery cunt just begging for a good fucking, or a tight little ass that would love a good stretching if you’d prefer. Maybe you can fuck them both if you’re up to it, and....then there’s something I need to ask you.”

TO BE CONTINUED................................

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