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I had told you about the dream I had with Julie about the two girls... and here is the reality that followed!
Eventually I fell asleep as well. I don't know what time it was or how long Julie and I had been together that night. As it happened, I began to dream -- maybe it was a premonition(maybe more about that later) -- I was driving down the highway when I stop to pick up a couple of stranded travelers. Two girls around the age of eighteen were walking down the highway - moving away from a car that had broken down on the side of the road. I offered the girls a ride to the nearest town to see if we could find a station still open to go out and repair their car... but none of the local service stations were open at that time of the night, so rather than putting these two girls up in a local hotel, I offered to let them sleep on my couch. The dream was a classic porn scene with the two girls approaching me and taking advantage of me!! --- but then - From The First Julie Experience

Well, on that particular night, I found the Julie was giving me an incredible blow job. About two months after the
second time Julie and I got together, I was driving down the highway. Off to the side I saw two girls walking along and so I decided to stop and see if I could help them. I asked what had happened, thinking that they had car trouble or something, but instead they had been taken to a party by their boyfriends and it turned out bad! They both had gotten into a big fight with the boyfriends so they decided to get away. They both got into my car and we started driving down the highway. I asked them where they wanted to go, and after a bit, they said where ever I was going.

I talked to them for a while, they told me they had just graduated from high school, and were looking for an
opportunity to enjoy themselves. Beth was a cute little blonde girl, with very perky tits poking into her t-shirt.
Angie was a brunette with an amazing smile, and she was wearing jeans on this particular night. It was about a half hour later that we pulled into my apartment, and I escorted them up to my place. I asked them where they wanted to sleep... but they chose to sleep on the couch. So much for enjoying themselves!

I woke up about two hours later to the feeling of someone snuggled up next to me. The blonde,Beth, had decided that I wasn't so bad, and was sleeping next to me. I fell back to sleep with Beth's head resting on my shoulder. As the sun rose, so did I... and soon I felt Beth's hand sliding over my cock and balls. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began stroking me. She was working me over with her hand... squeezing and stoking. And then, I felt her lips at the tip of my cock. She took the head into her mouth, and started swirling her tongue around the head. Shortly, I felt her take my cock completely into mouth... and I started shooting into her mouth. She started to pull her mouth off of my cock, but I held her head down... so that she was able to take all of my seed.

A little later, Angie walks in and screams at Beth... What the hell are you doing? What is Jessie going to say? And then she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Beth got up, and asked if she could take a shower. I showed her to my shower, got a towel for her, and then left her to clean up. I decided to go out and see what Angie was doing. She was sitting on the sofa... still pissed. I wasn't sure if she was pissed because Beth got to me first, or if she was pissed that Beth was in my bed at all.

Beth came out wearing only the towel, and was wanting to know if she could borrow some clothing. She "cried", but I don't have any panties, and lifted the towel... with a sly smile on her face!! And, Angie let out a laugh, so I think she was no longer angry. I gave Beth some clothing to put on... it was way too big for her, but she loved it! I took them both out to breakfast, and then I had to go to work when we came back to the apartment. I asked what they were going to do, and they told me they would just sit at the apartment and watch television.

When I came back, the apartment was empty. So I thought the girls had called their boyfriends to come pick them up and take them back home. Boy was I wrong!!

They came back to the apartment smoking cigarettes, and wearing huge smiles. I asked them where they had been, and they told me the had gone down to the park and met a couple of boys. They said 4 blow jobs later, they had $40 in their pocket and were ready to party again!

I just set back and listened to the stories they were telling, and I was amazed at how easily they had picked up some spending money. They told me how easy these guys were, and that they wanted to go to the movies tonight. So into the car we go... drive through McDonald's and then on our way to the movies. We were all set to go into the Texas Chainsaw movie, but the girls were not carrying IDs with them, so it was a quick decision to go to the John Candy movie, Armed and Dangerous... I could not take my eyes off of Meg Ryan on the screen, but I kept being distracted by hands sliding up and down my leg. I'm not sure whether it was the sweet lips of Meg Ryan that was giving me the erection, or whether it was the girls. Before I knew it. Angie was on her knees between mine, and was rubbing my cock through my jeans... Beth had undone the button and zipper...and Angie was taking me deep into her mouth. Sucking me feverishly, her head bobbing up and down... and the slurping sounds were almost enough to bring everyone's attention to our row. But again, it was Armed and Dangerous, so there were only about 15 people in the theater, and we were sitting away from most of the people. Angie was sucking and licking and sucking and licking, and then Beth whispered in my ear that she was going to fuck me tonight when we got home... I lost it at that moment, and Angie about choked on the cum that filled her mouth... she looked up at me, but it was so dark I could see anything but her teeth!!

The movie ended and we made our way out to the lobby, the two girls walking beside me. I looked at Angie, and she had cum dried on her chin and on the front of her shirt... Beth laughed out loud, and the two of them ran off to the restroom! A few minutes late they came back out, with Angie all cleaned up, but Beth was licking her lips. I asked what she was doing... she told me just get a taste of what was to come later. Angie said Beth had licked the cum off of her shirt while she was trying to wash her face! Must have been quite a site in the bathroom!

We drove back to the apartment, the three of us crawled into bed and pulled up the covers. Each one snuggled up on my shoulder, and then Beth said, it was time for me to receive my gift... Both girls started kissing me and caressing me... I was hard as could be. Beth then pulled down the covers and ripped down my shorts. Beth and Angie started arguing. Evidently, Angie did not know of Beth's plan for the evening. She jumped out of the bed, and slammed the door again. I started to say something, but Beth quickly covered my mouth with hers. She was kissing me deeply... her tongue was probing deep into my mouth... and she slid her slick pussy up and down my cock, and then she reached down and held the tip of my cock again her pussy...and pushed down hard. Something didn't feel right as she screamed as she slammed down on my cock. Beth was so tight, and she was crying a little bit, but she starting bouncing up and down on my cock as hard as she could... I reached up and started playing with her nipples... already hard and shaped like pencil erasers. Pulling and pinching, she moaned a little, and then started squeezing my cock with her pussy, and her body started shaking... I rolled her over onto her back and began to drive my cock as deep as I could... I wanted to explode inside her... she was pushing up to meet each of my thrusts into her, and then I let go of a huge load!! Beth's legs were wrapped around my waist and I continued to push deep inside her... and then finally, my excitement subsided...and I began to breath normally.

As we laid there together, my cock softened and I rolled off of her. It was then that I noticed the blood on my cock. Ok I was a bit naive, but I thought maybe she was on her period, but I asked Beth if she was okay. She gave one of those seductive moans that I had heard earlier, and she say that no way she was on her period. So I asked why she there was blood mixed with the cum oozing out of her... and then she said "I was a virgin" with the emphasis on "was"... and I thought OOOH Shit!! I had not expected that at all. She explained a little more about the argument between she and Angie, that both of them were still virgins and Angie didn't want her to do it tonight. Angie didn't want to lose her virginity yet, and she was really upset that Beth wanted to.

Having exerted a good deal of effort tonight, I rolled away from the seeping stain, and fell asleep. The rest of the night was uneventful, but in the morning when I awoke, Angie had returned to the bed and was snuggled up against me, and Beth was again in the shower.... or at least I guessed so because I heard the water running. Angie woke up and kissed me on the cheek, and told me she was sorry about last night. She explained why she had been so upset, and wanted to make sure that I still liked her. It was the second time in about 8 hours that I began to wonder how old these girls really were... I didn't ask at the time, but I probably should have done so.

I pulled the sheets off of the bed, and gathered the girls clothing and dropped them into the washing machine. No reason for them to be running around in my clothes still. I went out and got breakfast, and when I returned they told me they had to go home. Angie and Beth had convinced their parents earlier that they were each staying at the other house. The stories had kept the parents at bay for a couple of days, but now it was time to return. I asked them if their parents knew where they were, and they both said no. I asked if they wanted me to take them back, and they both thought I should not take them all the way home. So after the clothes dried, we
hopped in the car and headed back to the place where I had picked them up. Not wanting to leave them on the side of the road, I continued to drive further until I found a convenience store where they could have their parents come get them. I really thought it would be the last impact they would have on me, but ...

The next day, one of the high school boys would end up knocking on my door, asking for Beth. I told him that she had left, but he didn't necessarily believe, because he came back the next day too. About six hours later two more young men stopped by the door but left sadly since the girls were no longer in town.

I really thought the situation was over, the girls had both given me blow jobs, and had been very good to me while we were together. And Beth, I thought that the lingering thing that she had given me was her virginity... but she had left one more memory that appear a couple of weeks later-- Crabs!!

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2013-08-12 18:33:24
1st whats crabs 2nd too fucking hot 3rd keep it up as my techer use to say

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2013-05-27 05:42:08
How did she get crabs if she was a virgin?

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