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Chris had seen the guard around school a few times since their last encounter, and each time the man had smiled at Chris and nodded politely. Sometimes Chris thought he saw a strange gleam in the guard's eyes, and he didn't know what to make of it. He remembered being very embarrassed about wetting himself, and the guard keeping his secret, so he assumed it was just the secret they shared. Sometimes Chris felt like there was more to remember, but he could never quite latch onto the memory. Chris had been careful to make sure he used the bathroom before coming to school in the morning, and he had been successful at avoiding both the school restrooms, and wetting himself like a little boy.
One Thursday towards the end of the first quarter of the school year, Chris had had a few sodas with lunch. He didn't want to ride the bus all the way home with his bladder aching, so after the final bell he slipped into the restroom at the end of the hall. In his haste, he hadn't seen the guard watching him do the pee-pee dance down the hall, but the guard had seen nothing but Chris. When Chris slid through the bathroom door, the guard was right behind him. Chris also didn't notice the sound of the door locking, he was concentrating on getting his zipper down fast enough to keep his pants dry.
"I see you missed your bus, Chris," the guard said. Chris jumped, and lost his grip on his penis, Urine began to run down the front of his pants and onto the floor.
"N-no I didn't," Chris replied, too scared to turn around. "I've got five minutes."
"No you don't. They left you behind," the guard said. "I'll give you a ride home. I Know where you live, Chris." The guard kept using his name, and Chris didn't remember introducing himself. "I know a lot about you. You get straight As in every class except PE. Are you afraid to change into your gym clothes, Chris? Afraid the other boys will see your little dick getting hard when you see them in their underwear?"
"I-I don't know what you mean," Chris said. "I'm not good at sports, that's all."
"I know all about you, Chris,"the man said, " better than you know yourself. I know you're ten years old, I know your parents drink, I know you think you're smart, but you're not as smart as you think you are."
"I-I, I did it again?" Chris asked himself aloud, staring at the warm wetness spreading across the front of his pants and puddling around his feet.
"Yes, you did, Chris. I know that about you, too. You pee yourself when you get scared. Why are you so scared of me, Chris? I'm just here to give you what you want."
"What i want?" Chris asked.
"Yes, what you want more than anything is to please a man, isn't it, Chris?" As the guard spoke, he began rubbing his crotch through his pants, making his keys jingle in his pocket. "You want to do everything I tell you to do, don't you, Chris?"
"I-I, I don't know," Chris said. He was watching the guard rub himself, and he could see something growing in the man's pants. He couldn't take his eyes off of the bulge.
"Yes, you do, Chris. Now, I want you to clean up your mess." The guard pointed at the puddle on the floor. "I want you to show your school pride by making that floor shine, Chris. Get on your hands and knees, Chris."
"W-what?" Chris replied. His head felt cloudy, but his body was following the guard's orders. On his knees, he looked up at the man and asked "What do I do?"
"Just bend down and stick out your tongue, Chris. Lap it up like a cat. You're a pussy, Chris, just like a cat."
"Y-yes, sir," Chris said, and began to obey. He felt his will slipping away, and he relished the emptiness inside him. He licked at his spilled urine like a boy dying of thirst. After a minute or so, his face was soaked along with his pants, urine dripped off his chin. "Am I doing good?" He asked.
"Yes you are, Chris, I think that's clean enough. Now stand up." Chris stood slowly. His knees shook a little, but held his weight. He started to wipe his face with his hand, then realized he hadn't been given permission. "You can wipe your mouth off, Chris, I want your mouth clean. I'm going to put something in it." The guard unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down. His penis stuck out through his tight white underwear, and Chris couldn't take his eyes off of it. "You like dicks, don't you, Chris?"
"Yes, sir," Chris said with a faraway look in his eyes. "I like to suck on it. And i like it when you put it in me." As he said this, memories of his previous encounter with the guard flooded his mind, and his penis began to stiffen against his wet pants.
"I know, Chris," said the guard, "but I like to hear you say it. You belong to me, remember, Chris? You're mine, and you must do as i say. Everything I say."
"Yes, sir," Chris said, as if in a dream, "I'm yours. I will do what you say."
"Good boy," the guard said, patting Chris' head. "Now, get those wet pants off, Chris." Chris unbuttoned his thrift-shop corduroy pants, a few sizes too large and badly stained, and let them fall to the floor. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear, then looked up at the guard sheepishly. "Those, too, boy." Chris pulled them down off of his hips and let them join his pants around his ankles.
"My thing is hard," Chris said.
"I see that, boy, but don't touch it unless i tell you to. Now, kneel down right here." The guard pointed to the ground just in front of his feet. As Chris knelt, the guard pulled the front of his underwear down and let his penis flip out into Chris' face. Chris thought it must be the biggest one in the world, and he could smell it: a musky odor that made his own penis throb and ache.
"You know where this goes, don't you, boy?" He grasped Chris' jaw with one hand, and put the other on top of Chris' head. "First, it goes in here. Open wide, boy." The guard squeezed Chris' face until his mouth popped open, then pulled Chris' head forward, his penis sliding into Chris' mouth. Chris tried hard to keep from gagging, and he was successful at first, but after about a minute of trying to swallow something too big for his mouth, he couldn't help it. "Take it easy, boy, there's plenty of dick for you. don't try to take it all at once."
Chris said, "But you were pulling my-" The guard slapped Chris' face, hard enough to make Chris' ears ring.
"What did you say to me, boy?" the guard asked.
"I-I'm sorry, sir," Chris said in a small voice. "I didn't mean to."
"That's OK, boy, I'm still going to let you make me happy. Get up and come over here." The guard motioned toward one of the stalls. "Kneel down in front of this one," he said, pointing to a toilet.
"Y-yes, sir," Chris said. He stood and walked slowly towards the stall, keeping his eyes on the floor.
"That's good, just kneel down and lay your head on the seat there," the guard said. Chris knelt before the toilet, placed his hands on either side of the seat, and rested his forehead on the back of the seat. "Just like that, good boy. Do you smell that? Looks like i forgot to flush. Well, I've smelled yours, so you can smell mine for a while." Chris noticed the dark yellow of the water, and smelled the sharp odor of the guard's urine. It made him light-headed, and made his penis ache even more. "Now, show me that butt, boy."
"Nnnnn, nnnnnn," Chris' whimpers faded to little moans, and his breath quickened. The guard knelt behind Chris, Spread Chris' butt cheeks with his hands, and spat on Chris' anus.
"Here's what you've been waiting for, boy." The guard rubbed the tip of his penis against Chris' anus, spreading the spit. He placed his hands on Chris' hips, and pushed the head of his penis into Chris' anus. Chris squirmed. "Hold still, boy, don't make it hurt more than it has to." The guard pushed his penis slowly deeper, until his balls were resting against Chris' butt. Chris whimpered as the guard slowly pulled his penis out, then pushed it back in. Each time it hit bottom, Chris let out a weak little moan.
The guard's thrusts quickened and became rougher, his hands pulling Chris back into his penis forcefully. He moaned as he buried his dick as deep as it would go, pushing Chris' head into the toilet as he pumped his hot, sticky cum into Chris' butt. He held Chris there for a moment, then pulled him up and wrapped his arms around him, his penis still throbbing deep inside Chris. "Aahh, that's my boy." Chris couldn't speak, he just whimpered. The cold toilet water ran down his face, and he licked it off of his lips.
The guard released him from the bear hug, and said "I know you can't wait another month for our special time, Chris. Get dressed, I'm taking you home now."
"Y-yes, sir," Chris said. "You can drop me off at my bus stop, my parents will never know."
"No, Chris, I'm taking you HOME, with ME," The guard said. "You're MY boy now, Chris, and I want to take good care of you. Give you everything you want. We both know what you want, don't we, Chris?"
"Yes, sir," Chris said. His head was full of fog, and he felt very tired. "Can I take a nap soon?"
"Yes, Chris, You can sleep all you want. In my bed," the guard said as he pulled his pants up and buckled his belt. "Let's go." He walked over to the door as Chris was fumbling with his own belt. "Just hold them for now, you won't be wearing them very long."
"Oh, good, they don't fit me anyway," Chris said. He walked to the door, and the guard led him into the parking lot, his hand gripping Chris' shoulder.
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