This is a story about my life. Their are probably a few spelling errors here and their but don't let them get in the way of reading the story I hope you enjoy. It dose involve rape so if it's not your cup of tea just don't read it thank you. 
It was 7:30 on a Monday morning I had just left my house to go to school when out of nowhere near a small corner a man came up to me and asked me if i could have anything in the world what would I want at first I thought he was just some random sales man and I began to walk away from him but then 
     he said "wait Jacob I'm talking to you" I turned around quickly and gave the man a startled look" do I know you?" I asked even though I already knew the answer. The man stared at me for a good long second and then spoke" I'll give you one wish but it must be something interesting dose that sound good to you? His words rang in my ears but I showed no expression

      " I'm still waiting on an answer to my first question and if and I do mean if I say yes what will I owe you?"I thought to my self why me I'm just freshman I had nothing special I was 5ft 11inch and of natural Puerto rican decent just a regular kid
          The man took a long glance at the sky and spoke " my name is Shane and in return all you have to do is to use your power to to make your life interesting happy? Now do you want me to grant u a wish or not? In response I nodded my head and said "give me the power to control people's minds and body's ". The man broke into a full grin clapped his hands together and then he was gone in a small poof of smoke.

         I took a good minute and l looked over my whole body and noticed no difference. I pulled out my phone and noticed that the time was 8:00 I didn't really have plenty of time to get to school so I quickly walked out of the small ally and straight to school. The beginning of was slow but exciting I wanted to see my new gift in action.

       At about 10:30 I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom and left the class I looked around for someone to test it on and found two 9th grade girls walking and I ran till I was directly in front of them I looked straight into their eyes and spoke "come to the boys bathroom with me and don't make a sound". They gave me the weirdest of looks surprise but instead of placing a  kick on my balls they followed me their on the way I asked their names and they told me Nina and kaya. When we entered I locked the door behind me then I looked at the girls they were about 5ft tall with average b-cup breasts"take your clothes  now and be fast" their facil expressions turned to horror as they figured out what was happening their body's moved quickly to take off each piece of clothing when they finished I looked over their naked body's I ordered both girls to bend over the sink and to spread their legs as they did so and I was given the beautiful view of two of the most beautiful ass's ever,

           I then took off my pants and boxers releasing my 7 inch long cock I looked at their faces and saw them go white with terror." Nina I want you to touch your self as you watch me fuck Kaya" I looked directly at Kaya then placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy  and pushed in at that moment I felt her whole body quiver with pain I looked into her eyes as the pleaded me to stop and pushed In further till I was balls deep inside taking her sweet cherry. I quickly pulled out till just the tip of me was inside he and then I  ramed into her. I could see her wanting to scream but I didn't stop soon her juices began to flow allowing easy access into her, I began to pump harder and harder my balls slapping into her ass then her eyes went blank as her body began to involuntary shake, her pussy griped my dick like a vice as she had her first orgasm but that didn't make me stop I kept pumping full speed until I felt a strong pressure in my cock I pushed it as far as I could into her small body then let loose a strong torrent of cum I saw tears form in her eyes as I slowly pulled out as cum slowly began dripping from her naked body. 

        I quickly turned to face Nina who's face was stained with tears for her friend but even though she was crying she could not disobey the command I had given her to pleasure herself and under her feet was a small puddle of cum. I looked at her and laughed as I grabbed my phone from the pocket of my pants and saw 10minutes had gone by. I looked at Nina and Kaya and allowed some of my power to sink into my voice "when ever you think of today or me you will think of it as the best day of your lives and will have nothing but love for me oh and you won't tell anyone about it now clean up and put some cloths on" after that I unlocked the bathroom door and looked into the hall searching for teachers when I saw none I let the girls leave, to avoid suspicion I waited 2 minutes then walked to my class with only one thought that today was going to be a great day. 

Chapter 2
When I got back to my class i had the worlds biggest smile even as my teacher yelled at me for taking to long in the bathroom. I slowly strode to my seat, sat down and began copying notes off the board.At 3:15  when the last bell of the school day rang I went to my locker to grab my jacket when I got their I saw Kaya and Nina waiting for me their eyes full of lust and delusion and at that point I began to wonder if using my powers to alter their memories had been a mistake but I quickly dismissed the thought.

 I told the girls to call their parents and let me talk to them.  Using a little of my power I convinced both girls parents that they would be staying over at the other girls house till Friday but instead they would be at my house where only me and my sister would be until Saturday night when my mom got home from work. On the walk home I called my sister to go to a store and buy me a couple of items for the long week once agin using my powers. When we got home I instructed the girls to take off their cloths and and told them to bend over with their butt's bare and in the air. I looked at the girls and released the mind control I was using on them and in seconds I saw terror in their eyes " now its time we begin" .

 My sister arrived at just the right time to see me smack Nina's already red ass. "what the hell are you doing Jacob !?!?!?" before my sister could finish speaking I did 2 things one I used my powers to make it so she wouldn't want to come out of her room and the second thing I did was take the bags of items she had bought for me I looked in the bag and slowly pulled out a 8inch vibrators with solid metal studs "Girls the first person who dosent listen to me is going to spend the next 2 days with this stuck inside of her ok?" , both girls quickly nodded their heads without taking their eyes off the vibrator.

 I pulled off my pants and boxers grabbed my video camera and put it on the right side of the girls. I then walked behind them and placed my finger at the entrance of Nina's pussy and pushed in she squirmed around a little making her pussy tighten around my finger I began to move my finger faster and faster moving it so each time I pushed in my finger brushed against the tip of her clit makeing her shake with pleasure as she reached her first orgasm I slowly pulled out and placed the finger in front of Kaya's mouth "open up and suck your friends cum off me" she gave me a look of hate and yelled " fuck you go to hell and leave us alone" I smacked her hard in the face with a clam voice spoke "is this really what you want to do well I guess so" she had a confused look in her face until I grabbed the the 8inch vibrator I walked behind her and placed the vibrater at the tip of her tight ass hole she began screaming "no no not their please don't put it in my ass I'll do anything!!!" completely ignoring her I pushed into her as far as I could and turned it on with the remote control she screamed I pain but I ignored her and walked back over to Nina who's pussy was still wet and shoved my dick into the softness of her pussy it was enough to send me over but I held on ,I grabbed her waist and began thrusting full speed she moaned in pleasure tears dripping down her face as my cock brushed her clit making her shake as she found another orgasm but this time when her muscles squeezed and it felt like she was giving my cock a massage sending me into my own orgasm I let loose load after load inside her, she looked at me dazed and confused with a lustful smile. I pulled out of Nina and sat down both girls no longer able to stand fell I then tied them both up and fell asleep dreaming of all the possibilitys

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Juvenile. Not enough description of the action ... all played over just to get to the next part, and then it was over. Keep trying.

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Where in the story does it say they do?

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