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This a fictional story about becoming President of our country. It sort of parallels our present history and time line.

Chapter Five is about Tina's Experience

“Hello Tina are you their hello?” I shouted into the phone. I could hear some background voices, and what little I could make out did not sound too good. Then nothing as they must have hung the phone up on her.

My cell phone rang, and it was my security chief, “Someone has taken her.” I told him with some anger in my voice.

This part is from Tina’s point of view

I am waiting on the phone for Stewart to come back on, when three black men started to walk toward me. I turned my back to them, but they were making rude and crude remarks. O God please don’t have them come my way I said to myself.

One said, “hey baby I’d sure like to get me some of that prime white meat.” They all laughed, as I blushed at his remark.

The other one said, “hey their sweet meat, they say that once you go black, you never go back.” Again they all laughed at my distress.

I though to myself, dam where is a cop when you need one. Just then I saw one walking, in my direction, but he was still on the other side of the lobby.

One of them, I think he was the leader, he said to me, “Hey there slut hang that phone up. We want you to come partying with us. You will be the center of our attention.”

I tried to ignore them and pretended to be talking on the phone. When I heard a snap, and a large knife blade appeared right in front of my eyes. “I told you to hang that fucking phone up. Now do it bitch, or I will carve your pretty little face up like a fucking pumpkin. Do you fucking understand me?” He whispered loudly in my ear, as he grabbed my hair and gave it a yank.

I was scared, and I could hear Stewart’s voice on the other end of the phone, as I hung up the phone.

“Now you will be going with us, and if you make a sound, I will run this knife right through you, and you will be dead before you hit the floor.” He said to me softly but with force behind his words, as he grabbed my arm and started to escort me toward the door, as the other two followed behind us.

“What about her bags?” One of the guys asked their leader.

“Leave them there for either the cops to find, or some poor homeless bastard, who probably could use some new clothes.” He said with an evil chuckle.

“Hey you two back there go take care of that rental cop. He is getting to close.” Said the leader, as pointed to the two in the back. The other two closed up ranks as we went through the door, and started to walk down the sidewalk.

We were approached by another black man.

“Car two where are you?” The lead agent spoke into his 2-way radio.

“We just pulled up to the back side of the terminal.” Came the reply.

“OK I can see the girl at the phone with three black guys surrounding her. Looks like a couple of more behind them as look outs.” He informed the agents in car two.

Just then another car pulled next to car one. “You need any help Jarvis, “ The FBI agents said, as they knew each other from previous encounters.

“Ya Jack I could use your help on this one, we have a lady to rescue for the President, who seems to have gotten herself into some trouble inside the terminal.” He replied to the FBI agent.

The two of them discussed the plan for a couple of minutes. There would be two Secret Service agents and two FBI agents to handle things in the front, and two Secret Service agents to bring up the rear through the back of the terminal.

“Car two when you come through the back get her luggage by the phone. There are two green bags sitting there. Also pick up the other two suspects that attacked the officer inside.” He instructed them.

“Hey man how much for that white women? Me and a couple of my friends would like to have fun with her for the night?” The lead Secret Service agent asked the guy holding my arm. They all just stared at him without saying a word.

“Hey man I got five big ones, to rent her for the night.” He said again.

“Get you’re fucking ass out of here man. She ain’t for rent.” The leader said, as he was getting pissed.

“All right man, I just thought you guys were pedaling flesh, no hard feelings.” He said with a laugh.

Suddenly his foot snapped up and hit the leader right in the chest, knocking him backwards. He grabbed me in a whirling move, putting his body between me and the other black guys. Just then I heard someone holler, “FBI don’t move.”

When I looked around all three of the black guys were being handcuffed by the agents. Two more agents came out of the terminal with the other two guys in handcuffs. They had my luggage with them.

The agent who had a hold of me started to issue some orders.

“Thanks Jack my guys can handle it now. Put her luggage into the truck of my car, and take these five guys out to the farm, I will join you as soon as I get her to the White House.” He said to all of them.

Next thing I know he is escorting me to his car, where he opens the passengers’ door for me to get in. Then he shuts the door. He closes the truck after my luggage is put in there, and gets into the driver’s side. He looks at me and says, “Are you ok Ma’am.”

“Am I ok, I don’t know, it all happen so fast. I not sure just what happen, but I guess I am ok.” I replied back to him with a smile.

“Sorry about the way it went down, but the main thing is that you are ok. I will get you to the President as soon as possible.” He said to me.

He drove fast but not reckless, I was lost as soon as he left the bus station. I asked him a few questions. He was not answering, but to just say the President will answer all my questions. We finished the rest of the drive in silence, until we got to the White House. He helped me out of the car, got my bags, and we went through the security entrance.

He turned me over to a female agent, “I wish you a pleasant visit Ma’am.” He said to me.

“Thank you for all that you have done for me tonight, including the rescue.” I said to him with a smile. He nodded back at me and left.

“This way Ma’am.” The female agent said to me as she ushered me into a waiting room.

She used a security wand to search my body, and apologizing as she padded me down in my private areas. She then fingerprinted me and took my picture. While she was doing that another agent was searching my bags. I was a little bit embarrassed and humiliated by their procedures.

“This is standard procedure since 9-11, and we are just doing our jobs.” She explained to me.

When she got all done she, hand me an ID card, “slip it over your head.” She told me.

I followed her through a bunch of hallways to room that had the doors closed. She knocked on the door. There was a buzz sound and she ushered me inside. Stewart was behind his desk talking on the phone. He waved a thanks to the agent and motioned me to sit in a chair. I waited for him to finish with his phone call, as I looked around the room. This must be the Oval Office.

Finally he finished the call, and looked over at me.

“Are you ok?” He asked me with some concern in his voice.

“Yes I guess so, but it was rather nerve wracking going through that whole ordeal.” I replied back to using my best smile.

“I am sorry that had to happen, but I am sure glad that you are ok and here now.” He said, which made me feel a whole lot better. I was not certain just how he was going to react with me coming here unannounced like I did.

“I bet that you are hungry after all of this drama, and action that you were involved with this evening.” He said to me

“I am famished.” I replied back to him.

He picked up the phone and spoke to someone telling them his plans, and then we left with my bags to an elegant stairway that took us up to the next floor. He stops just before what look like a doorway to a livingroom.

“This is your bedroom. It is called the West bedroom. Through those doors is what I call the main livingroom, and my bedroom is on the left, and the dinning room is on the right.” He said as we walked into this beautiful room.

“Why don’t you get yourself situated, and freshened up, and when done go through those doors and take the first right into the dining room. The door on the left in the dining room leads to the kitchen, and I should be in there getting us something to eat.” He said to me, like I was going to be able to follow all of those directions.

“Ok” I said with a smile. He always seems to make me smile.

I unpacked my bags, used the bathroom and washed up, reapplied some makeup and perfume, and felt a little more presentable. Surprising I was able to find the dinning room and the kitchen.
Stewart was warming up some soup.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked.

“Ya on the counter is some cole slaw, and applesauce. You could take those out and put them on the table.” He said.

He served us a simple meal of chicken noodle soup, chicken salad sandwiches, cole slaw, and applesauce. I was starved and tried not to wolf my food down to fast. I did not want to be improper in front of him. But I did not leave a single scrape of food on my plate.

I was kind of toying with my dish of applesauce. I want to ask him some questions about what happened to me this evening, but I did not know how to start.

“What would have happen to me if you did not have those agents rescue me from those men?”
I asked him.

“Are you really sure that you what to know the answer to your question, or should we leave well enough alone?” He responded back to me.

“I have to know, please tell me?” I asked in a soft voice to him.

“You’re sure you want to know?” He asked back to me, as I just nodded my head in return.

“Well there are 3-4 possible scenarios that could happen to you, all of them bad. They all will involve you getting raped multiple times by different guys.” He told me.

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2013-06-01 04:49:02
I liked the first 4 chapters...they had potential...but this one killed that off. Flicking back and forth between character perspectives only makes sense if there's something between the parts to distinguish one point you switched from her to him and I had to read it twice to understand that you'd gone back to him telling the story...I doesn't have to be much, just a couple extra line spaces, or a small heading; nothing that would detract from the flow of the story.

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