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A Story of a Friend and I
This story has a little personal detail in of my life. Maybe I will write a story about Lelia someday but at this moment I dont think I will. Please enjoy the story. Rate and Comment


My name is Alex. I am 19 years of age turning 20 at the end of the year. I have recently cut my dirty blonde hair and now it only reaches a bit over my ears. I used to keep it long but my previous girlfriend wanted it short for her Matric Farewell so I decided “What the heck” and cut it. My girlfriend’s name is Lelia or well she used to be my girlfriend. It didn’t work out like we wanted it to work out so we went our separate ways. I have deep brown eyes which Lelia used to love to stare into. I kept on calling them my stalker eyes because you can’t really see where I am looking. I am not very muscular or fat I am average at 1.8m tall.

I have had my fair share of girls in the past so I know my way around the block. I won’t go into detail about my previous encounters with girls maybe those are stories for a different time but this is going to be a story about a fated meeting of a girl I have met before on a chat site long time ago. She stays quite far from me actually and that is the sad thing that I regret because I know if she stayed closer we would be even greater friends maybe even more. Okay scratch that last statement we would be more than friends because she is a great girl. You are probably wondering when I am going to say her name. Now because this is a story that brings the readers closer to the writer I am going to change the name of the girl to protect her identity. Like I said I really appreciate her friendship and I don’t want to lose it.

Her name is Lara and no it is not Lara Croft. She has blue eyes that make her look like she is smiling with her eyes. She has dirty blonde hair that reach down to her shoulders. I haven’t met her in person so I don’t know her exact height but I have seen pictures of her. She has 36C boobs that seem to defy gravity but I suppose at her age of 18 every girl’s boobs seem to defy gravity. There is just something about her boobs that seem to make my mind jump off of buildings. They are so soft and so perky. Perfect is the only word I can use to describe them.

We met on a chat site about 2 years ago and we started talking and she sparked my interest the first few times we talked. We talked about random things. What she does for a living, what school she goes to, her friends, her boyfriends and many more things. She said that she really wanted to meet me in person and I knew that I also wanted to meet her in person and get to know her better.

She had boyfriends on and off and I had a few girls in my past but there was always a little green monster on my shoulder when she talked about her boyfriends. You could say I was jealous of them and wanted to be in their shoes. Not because of all the attention she was getting but that any guy would be lucky to have her as his girl.

I have actually thought about hopping on my scooter and driving to where she lived. Well I only had a scooter at that time and now I have a car so the option of driving to where she lives has grown since last time.
I was sitting in Mugg and Bean typing my stories for the site you are reading from when I got a message on my phone. I opened up the message and speak of the devil it was Lara.

Hi buddy how are you today? What are you doing tomorrow? I am in town and I want to meet you!

My heart skipped a beat and I nearly choked on the strongest coffee I have drunk before. If you have a Mugg and Bean close to you or ever come to South Africa and you want to drink a nice strong cup of coffee to cleanse yourself of all the demons inside your body then I suggest a cup of their bottomless coffee at R14.70 which is about $2. I replied to the message after reading through it again.

Well buddy I have nothing planned and if I had something planned I would cancel it to jump at the opportunity to meet you

I sent the message and continued typing on my stories before another message came through the phone.

Well I am going to be at Centurion Mall maybe we can meet at a restaurant there
Centurion is the biggest mall where I live. It’s about 5minutes drive from my house if I sprint with my scooter; which I usually do.

That sounds like a plan to me.

Now let me tell you a bit more about the nature of our friendship. We didn’t just talk about some of the boring things you guys might think. She turned out to be quite the vixen. We slowly eased into it but then our conversations turned to role-playing and eventually to sexual in nature. Usually in my country people frown upon sexual things of nature. Usually around the ages of being teenager you experiment with sex talk over chat sites. Well for me it was always in the words so I continued after being a teenager to enjoy and relish in the release that sex talk brought.

So the day progress on and I was excited to meet Lara for the first time and wondered what it held. We have talked in the past how it would be to meet for the first time and if we would jump each other’s bones so to speak. Like I said she was a true beauty and her personality and her way of speaking to me just got me going.

The fated day arrived and I stood in front of my closet and decided on what to wear. I had to impress this girl; you guys out there know how it goes usually. I decided on my black slacks with my black button shirt that has little surf boards on it. Don’t ask me why it is designed like that I only know that the girls love it. Well the girls that live near me so it might be different with the girls around your areas. I put on my comfortable flat shoes. I don’t know what you call them but they are almost like those pump things that girls wear except they look more like shoes. Almost like platform shoes but a bit less formal. I left my hair a bit wet and got in my car and drove down to the mall.

I walked around a bit to try and calm my nerves. I don’t know why I was so nervous it was like meeting any other girl for coffee. Could it be that she lived so far and that we have grown so close that I didn’t want to mess it up with the first meeting? I walked over to the restaurant that we agreed on as the location for meeting each other and saw the place was practically deserted. It was during a working day so I didn’t expect any people to be around. I went to sit down at one of the tables and ordered myself some coffee.
I sat for a few minutes drinking my coffee when I turned around to see if anyone new had showed up and there she was. One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that was straightened over her one eye adding to the mystery of who she was. She wore a black shirt that said “Bite me” in white. It sat snug against her body accentuating her figure even more. Her boobs stuck out and bounced a little with each step she took. Her tummy was flat as a plate. She had on a pair of black skinny jeans that hugged her ass like a 5 year old held onto a new puppy he or she just got. She walked passed me and I looked at her tight ass swaying in the jeans. Damn it was so hot I almost came right then and there in my pants just by looking at this goddess girl in front of me. I leaned out of my seat to follow her. Probably looking like a stalker but at that moment I didn’t care. The only thing in my world was this vixen of a girl showing off her natural gifts. You can probably guess what shoes she was wearing. Those pump things. If you guys know the proper name of those things please send me a PM.

I took another sip of my drink and the girl caught me peering over my coffee mug at her and smiled and winked at me with her revealed eye. I smiled back at her and decided that I needed to get this girl’s number and I got up and walked closer to her. Each step I took taking a toll on my nerves. I stopped at her table and looked down at her and she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes. “Can I help you by any chance” She asked and I nodded and cleared my throat. “Is this seat open or is someone joining you later” I asked almost shaking like I did on my first date. “You may join me but later on I might just have to scare you off to make way for a guy I am waiting for” She said giggling slightly and I sat down.

“Who is joining you if I may ask” I asked and she looked around as if she was searching for someone. “A friend that I met on a chat site. I am actually wondering where he could be” She replied and looked straight ahead again after the waiter put down her drink. “He must be one lucky guy to meet such a nice girl such as you” I said grinning and she blushed and put her hand over her mouth and looked away. She looked so cute blushing like she did and I just wanted to keep doing that to her. I looked around to see if I could see Lara and to my disappointment I saw no one entering the restaurant at that moment and figured that I could still spend some time talking to this new girl and maybe still get her number.

We talked about random things and she mentioned to me that she isn’t really around from here she just came to visit a friend so I was a bit disappointed by that development. We had been talking for seemed like 30 minutes and she checked her phone and looked uncomfortable. “Looks like your date isn’t showing up” I said and she nodded slowly. I felt kind of bad for her because now she came all this way for nothing. “I haven’t really asked you why you are here. A handsome guy like you wouldn’t just be here all alone.” She asked taking a sip of her drink. “I am in the same boat as you at the moment. I am also waiting for a friend” I said taking out my phone. “Would you mind if I gave her a call” I asked standing up and she nodded and I dialled Lara and at that moment the girl’s phone rang and I found that strange.

“Where are you Lara” I asked turning around looking at the entrance of the restaurant. “Turn around and you will see me” I heard the voice on the other end of the phone and also right next to me. I turned around and lowered the phone putting it down and there the girl stood in front of me inches away from my face. The girl stood in front of me smiling putting her phone away. The girl and Lara is the same person. “Lara is that you” I asked but I already knew the answer. “Yes it is I buddy” Lara said hugging me and I hugged her back. That goddess I was talking too turned out to be the girl I always wanted to meet and here we were talking to each other like we didn’t know each other.

For the first time I smelled her perfume coming from her neck and leaned closer to take another whiff. I hope I didn’t come off as a pervert doing that but it was just so intoxicating. We held the hug longer than normal friends would but I didn’t complain and it looked like she didn’t either. Those perfect boobs I was talking so much about. Guess what? They were mashing into my chest turning me on so much. I had to move my legs a bit back to not scare her with my huge boner I had. We sat down in silence and she kept on smiling and I chuckled and we eventually both broke out into full laughter.
“You look so different with you short hair I didn’t recognise you at first” Lara said staring into my brown eyes. “I thought exactly the same thing when I saw you for the first time. I thought that it was someone else that I was talking to. I guess we both made dragged our names through the mud” I replied smiling and scratching my head trying to hide my embarrassment. “You look really beautiful today” I said and Lara slapped me playfully on the arm. Her touch was so electrifying that it snapped me into a trance and I kept staring into her blue eyes.

We continued chatting for about an hour reaching our limit on the amount of coffee we both can take in at once. Lara leaned closer and I did also and she whispered something and I had to come closer. Our cheeks were almost touching that is how close we really were to each other. “Let’s get out of here and go do something fun” Lara said putting the emphasis on the word “Fun”. I smiled and felt her foot on my crotch pressing on it softly and then rubbing up and down before she took it away leaving me with a hard-on.
I called the waiter over immediately and tipped her, surprisingly a lot considering we just drank a bit of coffee. We both stood up and left and Lara locked her arm in with mine and we walked around the mall a bit before heading to my car. We drove home and Lara kept watching the scenery. I wasn’t surprised; after all it was her first time in this city. I was too preoccupied with my driving to notice that she had slipped her hand onto my thigh. I haven’t had my license for that long so driving was sometimes a bit of a challenge. I looked down to see her hand rubbing slowly up and down my leg. It felt so good that I almost closed my eyes to focus more on the feeling but then I remembered that I was driving and that I had to concentrate on where I was driving.

We stopped at my house and when I turned to Lara I felt her soft strawberry lips on my mine. She had put her hands around my neck and was kissing me deeper and deeper and I felt her tongue probe my mouth in search of my tongue. I let her find my tongue and they danced around a bit before she pulled back and started sucking on my tongue as if it was a lollipop. I was amazed at her sucking strength that she had and it felt like my tongue was going to come clean off and go into her mouth as a morning snack. Instead she slowed her sucking and played around with my tongue again and then I felt something rather cold. I pulled back in shock and she opened her mouth and showed me her tongue ring and I grinned and started kissing her again.

My hands played with her soft hair and she gave a slight moan and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I needed this girl and I needed her now. I opened my door and ran around not scared of anyone seeing my hard-on through my slacks and opened the door for her. She smiled and I took her hand and led her to the front door and opened it. Luckily my parents were out during the day or this would have been a very short visit. My mom trusted me but still wanted me to keep the door of my room open when there were girls around except I always closed it after a while so I guess she gave up on that battle.

I closed the door behind us and Lara pushed me against the door and our hands locked together and we continued kissing each other furiously. I lead her to the steps leading up to the bedrooms and she let go of my hands and jumped and I caught her holding onto her butt. She locked her legs around my waist and squeezed. Damn she was already hot because I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy onto my crotch. I held her soft ass in my hands and carried her up the steps and never once did her eyes leave my eyes. Every step increased her lust in her eyes. It was like an ocean speeding up and up with each step. The waves were reaching higher and higher with each step I took to my room. I opened the door and she jumped down and turned us around and pushed me back onto the bed and I wanted to move to pull to me but she pushed me down. “Oh no you don’t you bad boy” Lara said and she stood back and looked around and saw my hi-fi player and put it on and if the stars looked down on us it was on a sensual song suited for the occasion.

Lara put her arms in the air pushing her boobs together and she started slowly rotating her hips around and round staring all the time into my eyes. The waves of lust I saw in her eyes were busy crashing down. She spun around and shook her ass for me and I could hear a zip going down and a button clicking. Her pants slowly started going down and down revealing her hot-pants that were underneath. Her sensual ass came into view piece by piece. Letters started to reveal themselves on her hot-pants. I looked closely trying to see what they were but it was difficult with her shaking and the letter being only revealed halfway.

The music stopped and my heart also stopped for a few second before I felt it beat again. Lara dropped her skinny jeans to the ground and bent down to pull them off of her feet. I looked at her ass and saw the letters “If you dare” and pieced together what they meant. “Bite me... if you dare” was the whole sentence if you read from her shirt to her ass. While bent down she spread her legs and showed me her ample ass and I looked directly at a wet spot that formed between her legs. She stood up again and grinned at me pulling her shirt over her head in one go revealing her lacy black bra.

She turned around and bit her lip while looking at my body like I was her prey. “Do you like what you see” She said unclipping her bra and holding it in place just to add to the excitement. “You have no idea how much I want you now” I said and she walked forward and let her bra fall and put her hand on her mouth as if she did something wrong trying to cover it up. Damn she looked so sexy while she did that. Trying to be so innocent but failing miserably. I beckoned her closer to me and she climbed onto me and straddled my waist. I put my hands on her hips and squeezed them and she closed her eyes and slid forward and backward on me rubbing her wet crotch against my hard-on. I wanted to take this girl and fuck her brains out right then and there but I knew I had to take it slow because the best is yet to come.

She caught me staring at her boobs that swayed with her movement and leaned closer to me and they were mere inches away from my face. My hands roamed up her soft back eventually going to the front cupping her boobs in my hands squeezing them lightly not to her hurt her. I heard a little whimper escape between her lips and I felt her nipples in my palms and rolled them between my fingers and she moaned louder this time. I continued playing with her delicious nipples and they got harder to the point of her opening her eyes and grabbing my head bringing me closer to her. I took that as the signal that I had to suck her nipples and make her scream. I couldn’t choose which one to start with they both looked so perfect and both of them deserved the best treatment.

I decided to start on the right one and took her nipple into my mouth. She gasped and I started sucking her nipple slightly harder and harder. I flicked my tongue over her nipple coating it with my saliva and she rewarded me with a moan that could be heard through the whole neighbourhood. “Oh my gosh Alex that feels so good please don’t stop please don’t ever stop doing that” Lara moaned and I wasn’t about to disappoint her on that. I switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment as the first one because that is what she deserved and nothing less than that.

She kept on rubbing herself on my crotch and went faster and faster. If she kept this up I don’t know how long I would be able to hold out. She grabbed my hair and pulled hard and I thought I did something wrong but actually quite the opposite. Lara started shaking and moaning on my lap. I slowly continued sucking her sensitive nipple knowing that it would be extra sensitive while she went through her orgasm. She held met against her sweaty body and I felt her heartbeat pumping louder and louder with each passing moment. I was worried that I might have given her a heart attack or something.

She finally let go and looked at me and smiled and I rolled us around and she lay on the bed and I kissed down to her panty and she shook her head. “I want you in me now! Enough with the teasing” Lara demanded and I pulled her hot-pants down that seem too clung to her body. She was soaking wet and it just seemed to spur me on even more to know that I did something as good as this to a girl like her. She fumbled with my slacks and I took her hands away and undid them pulling down my slacks and my boxers at the same time. My hard cock sprang free and Lara licked her lips and I put my cock at her entrance and rubbed it up down a bit and she moaned closing her eyes at the same time.

“Are you ready buddy” I asked and Lara nodded, eyes still closed. I slowly pushed into her hot warm love tunnel. Her pussy was very tight but I couldn’t expect any less from a vixen like her. I continued pushing deeper and deeper and felt more and more resistance but eventually she gave way and I was buried to the hilt. I slowly pulled out until just the head was in and pushed in again this time a bit faster and Lara met my thrusts. “ahhh fuck yes you fill me up so much I can’t believe it” Lara screamed and she pulled my shirt over my head. I steadily thrust into her warm love hole, going slow at first then picking up the pace. Her nails dragged across my back leaving marks in their wake. I was in heaven, total heaven being inside this woman. “Now Alex fuck me like you have never fucked me before” Lara said and I chuckled at that remark because I haven’t fucked her before in my life so yeah. I went faster and faster and our skin slapped against each other with each push into her. The heat our bodies were giving off was immense and we built up a sweat while in our sexual thrall.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better she pushed me off of her and got onto me again and lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly sat down onto me. “Now it’s my turn to ride you like a horse” Lara said staring into my eyes and licking her lips. She started grinding on me and humping my cock for all that she was worth. I took hold of her hips and thrust up into her with each push and she squeaked every time I did that. Our pace picked up and I sensed that I wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer. “Lara I am going to cum” I said and Lara moaned louder. “Cum with me buddy please cum inside me I want to feel your warm cum filling me up” Lara screamed and that sent her over the edge and I felt her juices started to pour over my cock and onto the bed. Wow she let loose like a floodgate opening of a dam. I couldn’t contain myself and started shooting load after load into her hot pussy and she became ridged and stopped breath all together and I look up at her and she opened her mouth and finally let out a moan that has been gathered up inside her. “oh my god Alex fuck me that feels so good” Lara screamed before collapsing onto my chest. I put my arms around her and felt her breathing slowing down. “Lara, are you still awake” I asked pulling her hair out of her face and she was sound asleep like and angel except with the smile of a devil on her face.

The end

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