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Story from Russian journal
This is not a genuine sex story, but here is young girl from Siberia, who walk outside naked every day despite of weather – temperature, wind or snow flurries. Only school she attends dressed, but sometimes she is doing home study as you will read below. Story was printed in Russian journal xxxxxxxx (name secret). You can see also original picture and printscreen from journal. It is translated from Russian to English, although both languages is not my native.

Siberia, morning of 23. December, second day of school holidays. Yulia xxxxxxx (family name secret), 11, unlike other girls, is nudist, which means, she spend holidays mostly naked. In summer it is not a big problem, only for community maybe, but here in xxxxxx (place name secret!) village nobody is complaining about matter.
But now is winter. This year weather has been more severe already before winter solstice. Temperatures has been fallen below -30 and today is not an exception. Thermometer shows -31 at 10 a.m., when sun is not yet risen. Humidity is also about 97% and wind not very calm. This day can be too harsh for Yulia, who planned spend naked holiday also in winter.
We (journalists – author) arrived to Litkovka at morning. Information about brave girl has spread and we decided to write a story for journal. Extremely cold weather led us to believe, that maybe today we are not lucky, because girl will not come naked outside. But arriving at Yevgeni xxxxxx home, where mother Anna was currently preparing breakfast, we quickly learned that our fears were unnecessary – Yulia planned to go long walk right after breakfast.
Mother was not worried. „Yes, today is very cold, but not for my daughter. Actually I am the person, who is not going outside, if weather is too cold. I am working as mailwoman and if weather is too cold and dangerous for my health, then Yulia replaces me. Last week it happened several days, because temperatures were all the time -30 and colder. When she replaces me, then father will teach Yulia at home, and this was the last week of the school and mainly marks already fixed,“ told mother.
„And she carried all the mail in village naked?“
„Of course. She is doing it every day,“ said mother.
„But you refused to go outside, although you are thickly clothed?“
Mother laughed. „Oh, no! I am too sick, I said it is dangerous for me.“
Then father explained: „We have prepared our daughter to use to cold weather since she was one year old. And practicing has been successful. Now we can say, that our daughter is completely healthy, but we were afraid at beginning a little bit, because I and my wife were too weak and Yulia might inherit our poor health. Thanks God, it didn’t happen!“
Yulia left home naked at 10.40 a.m, when the sun had already risen. Weather was nasty, but she was ready for cold, because she had walked naked and swimming in winter from early years. And she gained immunity against cold. She did not hesitate ever go out naked.
Daylight in xxxxxxx in middle of the winter lasted only 6,5 hours and Yulia had to meet friends Masha and Anzhelika at 11. a.m. They were living some hundred meters towards village center. „We have plan to go to the lake to watch ice fishing,“ informed Yulia, when she was leaving home. „Prepare lunch for me a little bit later.“
I was really impressed and asked girl: „How long you intend to be out?“
„Whole day,“ she answered briefly. Outside conditions were extremely chilly. In addition to the cold air was humid. But mother Anna was convinced, that daughter can stand it. „Dont hurry, I prepare lunch about four a clock,“ said she.
„Are you really spend five hours here in cold?“ I asked at street.
„Why not? Maybe even a little more,“ she answered.
People were clothed extremely warm, almost everybody wore special winter footwear. People greeted cheerfully Julia, who was complete contrast to them. One of them was Masha’s mother, who said, not taking even scarf off her face: „Masha already waiting you, but I am afraid she dont want to go to lake. She fears the cold,“ laughed mother. „I guess, that you are not.“
„You are right,“ laughed Yulia. „I dont want her to freeze, she has been frequently ill. But I go to the lake anyway.“
„Yulia, you look, that girls are not freezing!“
Now Yulia united with friends. Like it was predicted, Masha and Anzhelika were clothed very warmly. „What you wear?“ I asked Anzhelika, the shortest of three girls. She thought a moment and listed: „Knickers, wool pants, two pairs of socks, felt boots, a long shirt, plain shirt, sweater, woolen sweater, hooded jacket, wool mittens, warm ski hat, a thick scarf.“
„Here as been really cold,“ added Masha. „Last weekend even more frost.“
How you feel itself now?“ I asked Yulia.
„Legs a bit hurting,“ she answered. „Skin is pretty cool, but not cold. Humidity is also influencing, therefore breething is not smooth. But I will use to these conditions quickly.
All people here believe, that I am not freezing and I don’t want disappoint anybody,“ chuckled Yulia. Girls were going now almost half kilometer and village center was here.

(Here are pictures from this moment: original and print screen from journal: . As you see here, Yulia’s skin is somehow pink, but not red or blue. It seemed, she was now more relaxed and breathed more easily. Other girls didn’t remove their scarfs and these were icy because of breathing.)

Mikhail, driver of dairy farm, who worked some days early morning, was now waiting for the next task and kept the engine work. She greeted girls and turned to them: „You, girls, are going to lake as usually?“ asked Mikhail.
„I don’t know, we have not been outside more than hour last week. Today is almost same cold as last days,“ answered Masha.
“I will be sure to go. This year was supposed to be a lot of fish,“ said Yulia.
„Not very much, but I found better place. This is farthest corner of lake, wher fir tree extends over the bank. You remember this place?“
„Of course,“ said Yulia.
„Then maybe you wait me, I have one tip for milk transport more. I hope, I reach about two a clock to lake. Afterwards I can bring you back home and I also will bring hot food, we can eat on lake,“ proposed Mikhail.
„Is there really more fish?“
„You will be surprised!“ promised driver. „By the way, how you feel now? Last year winter was not so harsh during holidays. I hope, you will not need to go home for clothes?“
„I will withstand as usually,“ said Yulia.
„Then its OK, be fine!“ said Mikhail.
Later Mikhail said to us, that Yulia has been inspiring for him. „Let you think, I must go to work, run car in early morning, when cold is severe. Every time it takes minutes, but when I think about Yulia, all will be easier,“ laughed Mikhail. „Because how can I complain, if she is walking at the same weather naked?!“
Time was now exactly noon. We decided to wait in village and join Yulia later, if she reach to lake. Yulia has been hour and 10 minutes naked outside. We checked temperature and it was not raised much, now -29. Clouds covered the sky still strongly, wind was almost 10 kmph. But this was supposed to be just the beginning.
„Before you leave, say Yulia, briefly, what you are feeling?“ I asked.
„I am prepared,“ she said. „I knew, -29 is something, which naked body can’t survive long time, but this more or less routine for me. All people outside are feeling cold also. Fishermen for example.“
„They are clothed!“ I shouted.
„No matter! I think, they feel maybe more cold than me naked,“ said Yulia.
Yulia left, she took direction of road to lake and kept walking. We let her alone and were drinking hot tea inside. „We must drive to lake about 1.20. Then we reach on time. We have more than hour to warmed up. Let's take a little bit of cognac,“ I proposed to photographer.
When Yulia reached to the lake, she had been almost 2,5 hours outside and temperature was all the time between 28 and 30 minus grades. She saw first fishermen 200 metres from shore. There was very thick ice on lake, but fishermen had worked hard to bore hole through it. They were Nikolay and his son Artur, three years older than Yulia. Both watched curiously, how Yulia approached to them. Midday was now coming at 1.30 p.m, because Russia stayed at summertime and they always had sunrise and sunset later than in other countries. But no sun was shining and wind was little bit stronger on lake than in forest.
Nikolay now shouted to Yulia: „I am glad you came here. So long way to walk! Look, Artur, how healthy she is because of hardening. And she is not wearing any pants, bold and open girl!“
Yulia was happy and asked: „What about fishing. How is the catch?“
Nikolay said, that despite of efforts he have sought only two small whitefish. „But I have here vodka to keep myself hot, but for you I offer hot tea,“ he said. Fisherman had large thermos and he poured cup of tea to Yulia.
„Two journalists are here today,“ said Yulia. „Soon they are coming here.“
„Oh, this is great! Now everybody will know about you!“ said Nikolay.
„Not at all, maybe only few people, journal is small,“ replied girl.
„I try to catch some fish in your honour,“ said Nikolay. He moved fish hook, but nothing changed. But what suddenly changed, was weather. Nikolay heard voice of trees tops and realized that Siberian breeze was coming over the lake. That wind was forming because of temperature difference of the ground and the lower clouds. This was not happened every day, but sometimes.
Wind get really strong and snow blizzard whistled over the lake. Nikolay quickly grabbed blanket from his bag and covered himself and son. „As you see, I am prepared for breeze, but you are not,“ he said to Yulia. „Try to keep warm!“
Yulia stayed to watch, how Nikolay catched fish – now, during the wind he had good luck and pulled out a trout. Yulia was excited and forgot about strong wind and blizzard. „You brought me luck,“ said Nikolay happily „How you are feeling?“
„Wind will make me stronger!“ shouted Yulia.
At that moment I and photographer found Yulia through blizzard. „Oh, you are here! I give you something to cover!“ „No, thank you, take care of yourself!“ Yulia shouted.
After some minutes wind calmed down and all was like former. Nikolay catched one more trout and Yulia was drinking hot tea.
„Why you didn’t give a blanket to the girl?“ I asked Nikolay.
„I had to cover my son,“ said fisherman only. „Yulia don’t need this.“
Now was almost 2.p.m and we were going to the remote corner of the lake to find Mikhail, who was the best fisherman in village. He always had bigger catch than others.
Mikhail really arrive at 2.15, a little bit later, but he was not surprised seeing naked Yulia waiting. „I knew you are still here. I have brought cabbage soup and mashed potatoes in thermos. You can eat now,“ said Mikhail.
Yulia was sitting on the chair and now she had a possibility not to keep her feet on the ice all the time. We noticed, that nothing has changed – her skin was still red, but not frozen. „I feel much better now,“ said Yulia. „I said to you, I will use. This strong breeze was interesting, but not affected me.“
Mikhail had good luck of fishing, but he said, he knew it, because this place in lake’s remote corner was best. Yulia ate her cabbage soup and mashed potatoes. She was quite happy. At 3. p.m we get ready to go back to our car and I asked Yulia did she want came with us. „After 15 minutes you can get in the car and then home to a warm bath. You have seen enough fishing and we can write good article about brave girl,“ I said.
Julia doubted a bit. „No, I will come later with Mikhail walking. Maybe it is going to be dark, but he has flashlight,“ said girl.
At the way to our car I told to photographer. „Listen, what now came to my mind. Mikhail brought to Yulia soup, mash, chair and stronger flashlight, but didn’t bring any clothes. It means, everyone here thinks it is natural. Also the other fisherman didn’t give her blanket. Does it sound strange, that girl goes naked and nobody don’t care about this, or more precisely no one takes it unnaturally?“
When we returned to village, we went to the shop and salesperson, who knew about our article, asked: „Yulia didn’t come with you?“
„Unfortunately she preferred to suffer more and stayed with Mikhail to see ice fishing,“ I said.
„Suffering? I dont think so. I have seen her in last winters, she is quite happy every time. I am not surprised, that she didn’t come. I'm sure she has a good time there. You have not been here earlier years. She has never been clothed here. You imagine: every day, every hour despite of weather – although this winter is the most severe – naked and not complaining. Why would someone like to do this, if it would be an uncomfortable or suffering? I also remember last year: terrible snowstorm, no one wanted to go out, girl was naked in the store, swept the snow from body and walked between stalls to choose food. It turned out that mother did not want to go out and sent Yulia shopping.“
After that speech I understood, that Yulia was like icon here. It was not important, how much she had to be outside naked – if somebody asked her to be, she never contested.
Mikhail and Yulia left lake about 4.40 p.m, the time of sunset. Some fishermen were left on lake, but Mikhail has catched enough fish, They left straight over the lake to the main road. Flashlights wer not need yet and Mikhail didn’t switch it on in order not to spend batteries.
„Did you like today’s fishing?“ asked Mikhail.
„Yes, very much,“ answered Yulia.
„You imagine, last hour, when I was fishing, cold cut through my clothing. It was not very pleasant. And I really get jealous of you – I am here freezing and you even feel the heat. It’s not fair!“ laughed Mikhail.
„Interesting,“ smiled Yulia.
Quite slowly walking, they reached village at 6.10 p.m. Seven and a half hours were already completed. We took pictures of their arriving, Yulia was all smiling.
„Thanks, you didn’t force me to came with you,“ she said.
„Oh, really? You feel better?“
„Yes. It was interesting: Mikhail told, he get jealous to me, that I was feeling more warm than he.“
“OK, we ask you to tape the interview, we will talk about your habit, when we reach your place,” I said.
“Will your voice recorder work outside in the cold?” Yulia asked.
“Why outside? We can speak at your house.”
“I want to stay a little bit more,” said Yulia. “If you are not freezing.”
We reached at her home at 6.35 p.m. “Oh, Yulia, you came so late. You have not eaten lunch yet,” said mother.
“Mikhail brought me soup and mashed potatoes, it’s OK” said Yulia. “They are going to interview me now.”
“Outside?” asked mother.
“Of course!” said Yulia.
Mother was not surprised and left inside. And again: she didn’t offer her any clothes.
We took some chairs and settled place for interview. Also we put warm blankets around our body in order not to get frosty.
“Sorry,” said Yulia. “I see, it’s very hard for you. Unfortunately, you will risk freezing.”
“But it will be an interesting contrast between the naked girl and thickly clothed man,” laughed cameraman.
Below follows interview.

Yulia, you have now been eight hours successively outside at cold -30 temperatures. Not a single second to warm up yourself. How do you tolerate this?

I have practiced to get used to cold since infancy. After many years of being outside in minus temperatures I have get used to it.

Today is extremely cold. Doesn’t your body really feel this?

I can’t say, that I don’t feel the cold. Minus thirty is pretty severe. It requires a bit of effort to keep a cold away, but I can handle it every time. Never felt much cold.

But why then you go naked outside, if sometimes it is not comfortable?

This is not the right word. I mean, I don’t feel comfortable, when I wear clothes. Today I saw, how thickly were dressed Masha and Anzhelika. And these did not save them, they still felt the cold. And also, what I like, is to impress people. They appreciate my look and will be disappointed, if I come clothed. And their attitude encourages me. Sometimes I enjoy this position, what I have here. This is like privilege to be naked here at winter, when all the people complain about cold and can’t be even a half an hour outside. Fishermen had warm blankets, but no one has offered them to me. They are sure that I'm not freezing and I should not to disappoint them.

You are happy about people’s reaction?

Yes, I am happy, that they believe in me. Maybe, you don’t understand the point precisely, I can explain. Every time, when winter is approaching, I feel more and more lucky. I always dream about being naked in winter and imagine how fortunate I am because of the such possibility. I really can’t wait when I can go out naked, throw off all these nasty clothes. Maybe this sounds strange, but cold weather makes me self-confident and people more admired me. Every time I examine carefully the weather prediction. Last year I was disappointed, because only -10 was then temperature and nothing special for me. This year has been much more interesting, because here was week ago -41 in morning and even -35 at day. In this particular day I replaced mother and carried mail through village. I love tough conditions!

Also you are not wearing panties.

Oh, panties do not give more heat anyway.

I mean, you already begin to get that age, when men will follow you with a certain interest.

Let them look! (laughs). In any case, I'm not going to put pants. That will not change!

Mother as not said anything?

She had never mentioned this matter.

But now you don’t want to go inside, where is warm?

Being outside is somehow interesting. To get even more freeze is exciting, you know.

Can this be more tough than today?

Absolutely! We didn’t include today ice swimming, because there was not open water area on lake. I was not lying in the snow today, I was not thrown over by snow. And even temperature was not as low as possible.

You like challenges?

Yes. More naked things will be funny. Temperature here is not the most extreme. For example in Yakutia they have also -50 degrees. It would be very fascinating to try.

But we can maybe arrange for you a possibility. Only it have to be later in winter, when they have more daylight.

It would be very nice! I've heard that they wear there special clothing against the cold. Certainly it would be a big surprise for Yakut people, if anyone dared to come out naked.

Now we finished interview and girl finally went inside at 7 p.m.
Good luck to you, Yulia and more adventures!

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Can somebody upload these photos on another server? Because I can't see them...

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2013-05-28 15:30:17
Ok, cute premise, but the picture was photo shopped. And not very well. The edges around the lovely young lady are not smooth enough to have been her actually out doors in 30 below weather. The edges around her hair are clearly not from the same location where the actual picture was taken. There are shadows around the boots of the two kids on the left, there's no shadow under the girls foot on the right. The edges around the two kids all bundled up are perfectly smooth. There are no dark edges. Cute kid thou. Looks a little like my little sister. When she was 8 or 9.

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2013-05-28 15:23:27
Ok, cute premise, but the picture was photo shopped. And not very well. The edges around the lovely young lady are not smooth enough to have been her actually out doors in 30 below weather. The edges around her hair are clearly not from the same location where the actual picture was taken. There are shadows around the boots of the two kids on the left, there's no shadow under the girls foot on the right. The edges around the two kids all bundled up are perfectly smooth. There are no dark edges. Cute kid thou. Looks a little like my little sister. When she was 8 or 9.

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