Sorry for Long wait
Since I was already fucked by Buster, and Lyle, and I was still
walking around with Lyles cum in me, I said "No, sorry dude, but its
way to late, I REALLY have to get home now! He then whimpered
"Please, I'll be gental and cum quick in you." I was almost about
ready to say "ok", since I didn't get fucked by Rascal, and Steve did
give me a great blow job, but I was 'I guess' still jealous that
Rascal was fucking him too. I wanted Rascal all to myself, and not
have to share him with Steve. Yeah, I was jealous. I then said
(tring to be nice) "I would, but I really have to go because my
parents will be waking up soon." Steve looked at me, with sad eyes,
and said "Maybe your right, I have to be to work in a few hours
too...Maybe we can do it later tonight, if your not busy?" I then said
(just to end this talk with him, and get myself home) "I know where
you live..maybe I'll come by later when I wake up." He then said "I
get off work around 6pm today, hope to see you later tonight." I
started walking away, and said "Cool". As I rounded the fence and got
onto the sidewalk and reached the side street where the side gate
was, I saw Steve locking up, and he saw me. He then quietly shouted,
since he was about 40 feet away, "Hope to see you later today, my
little hottie." I just smiled and waved at him, and continued walking.
When I got past his street, I started thinking about ways I could get
that German Shepard, Rascal, all to myself. I really hated the idea of
shareing him, as you all know by now. Sure. getting fucked by Buster
was cool, but Buster was Lyles dog. Rascal though seemed like my dog,
and I loved feeling his long fur brushing up against my body as he
fucked me. His knot was also much bigger, and I really enjoyed the
feeling, and slight pain, that his knot gave me. And when his knot
would lock us together, my whole body would quiver knowing that im now
being breeded, and there was nothing I could do about it, and be
forced to just submit to him. I loved submitting to him! It's a great
feeling knowing that you now have no say-so while that knot is locked
up inside you.

As I continued to walk home, my thoughts shifted when I began to
notice that Lyles cum was starting to leak out of me. I then stopped
walking, and just stood there on the sidewalk clinching my ass a few
times to keep it in me. About a minute later, I resumed my walk, as I
had his cum pushed back up in me, and staying inside me. Just as I
was about to reach my house, I felt his cum tring again to come out
me. I then hurried my pace, clinching my ass all the way, and went
into my house. I wanted to use the bathroom, but one of my parents was
in it taking a shower, so I went into my bedroom and layed down on my
stomach, hoping Lyes cum would stop tring to come out of me. His cum
then flowed back into my body and stopped leaking from me. At 16, I
learned something that day. If your walking upright, and are full of
cum, it leaks out of you. But if your laying on your stomach, gravity
takes over, and the cum stays in you. I wanted to see if this would
work with Rascals cum next time we fucked. My thoughts them want back
to Steve being fucked by Rascal too. I hated knowing that when I would
go to the auto shop, at night, to have Rascal fuck me, that I would
always be worried about Steve already being there, and/or showing up
when Im tied up with Rascal, and then wanting to fuck me when I got
unknotted. I wanted Rascal and I to just enjoy our nights together
Undisturbed, unless Lyle was there with Buster, then that would be
cool! I was plotting all kinds of crazy things, and I ended up
drifting off to sleep.

I woke up around 2 pm, and I began to check my body to see if any of
Lyles cum leaked out of me during my sleep. I quickly checked my ass
cheeks to see if they where sticky with dried up cum, and they where
clean. I then checked my bed sheets, and they too where still clean.
I then thought to myself 'Hmm..Lyles cum is still in me...I guess my
body absorbed it somehow.' I then layed back down in bed and turned
onto my back, to see if his cum would start leaking from me. I layed
there for about 15 minutes, and nothing was leaking from me. I was
(at 16 years old) wondering where all his cum went. I then got up and
did my normal bathroom stuff, still no cum found. I was about to sit
back in my bed when I just got horny again. My cock was rock hard,
and as a 16 year old, I was ready again for a day of sex! I then
started to think about Rascal fucking me again, but it was too early..
Damn I was horny! I then thought about Lyle and Buster, and that
maybe I could get knotted with Buster right now. I quickly dressed
and headed over towards Lyles house hoping we could have a good long
time together today since it was still early, and I was horny as
hell!! On my way to Lyles house, I had to pass by the Auto repair
shop. I was hoping to see Rascal, but I knew that he was never in the
yard during the day, so my hopes where low. As I reached the block
where the shop was, I noticed that all the gates where closed and
nobody was in the yard. I was puzzled as to why, and really didn't
think much of it until Rascal came running over to the fence and
greeted me. I was really puzzled why the auto shop was closed so
early. I looked around the place, and nobody was around at all. I
really checked the shop out well, because if nobody was there, maybe I
could get fucked by Rascal today. Once everything was clear, I didn't
want to jump the fence and get tied with him in the yard, since it was
still daylight. My thoughts where, the haunted house, that would be a
great place to go with him. I then walked around to the railroad
tracks side of the auto shop, and Rascal was right with me. He seemed
to know that I was horny, and that he was soon going to get layed. I
then patted him through the fence and said to him "Hey boy, wanna fuck
me today?" I could tell just by his eyes alone that he really wanted
to be on the other side of the fence with me. He even pawed the fence
a few times, and stuck his nose at the bottom of the fence as if he
was waiting for me to lift it up so he could be with me. I then
doubled checked the yard, and looked around me to see if anyone would
see me lifting the fence to let him out. All was clear, so I grabbed
the bottom of the fence, and Rascal was real quick to come crawling
under it, and be with with me.

The second he came out of the yard, he was all over me! He jumped up
on me a few times, as if he wanted to fuck me right now! I had to
push him off, and calm him down. I did look at his cock during all his
exctiement, and he had at least 4 inches of his pink cock hanging out
of him. I grabbed his collor and said "Hey! Stop it" He calmed down,
but he kept sticking his nose on my ass, smelling it, and wanting it
now. I then let go of his collor and said "Come on boy. let's go the
old haunted house, you can fuck me there." Rascal seemed to know what
I was saying, because he began to walk with me, and lead a few times,
as we went towards the house. When we reached the porch, Rascal went
flying into the house and ran up the stairs to the bedroom where Lyle
and I both got tied up with each others dogs. When I came into the
bedroom, Rascal was sitting in the middle of the room, with his toung
hanging out, and waiting for me. I looked at him and said "Ready
buddy?" He knew my words, and jumped up on me a few times, he was real
eager to fuck me! I think it was his third hit on me that sent me to
the ground, and even though I still had my clothes on, he mounted me
and grabbed onto me hard, trying to fuck me with my clothes still on.
I felt his cock hit my jeans a few times. He would stop tring to fuck
me once he figured out that my pants where still on, but his grip
around my body stayed very tight. I eventually got him off of me, and
said to him "Horny huh boy!" I kicked off my shoes and Rascal sat
down stareing at me with his cute-large black and tan face. His eyes
glued on me, waiting.
I started to take my shirt off, and when I did, he quickly stood up
with his tongue hanging out of his face, and his large tail was really
wagging hard. He knew he was about to get layed again, and was eager
for my tight little 16 year old hole. I then removed my pants, and
was completely naked now. Rascal quiclky came over to me and began
licking on my hard cock and balls. His tongue was kinda rough on my
shaft, but damn it felt great! Rascal just kept at me with his tongue
licking and cleaning my cock and balls until I felt myself getting
ready to cum from all this servicing I was receiving. I reached down
and grabbed my cock and pointed it right at his mouth, and he started
licking the top of my cocks head, and that was it. I started cumming
hard, and he started lapping his tongue quicker and quicker as he
lapped up every drop of my cum and swallowed it all. I was amazed, and
I looked down on the ground, expecting to see my cum on the floor, but
there was none, he got it all. I had to pull my cock away from him
because he was still licking away at it, and I began to feel it
getting raw from his thick tongue licks. As I did, he now started to
dig his nose into my butt, and started licking real hard right on my
asshole, preparing it for his cock that was soon to be breeding me

About a minute later, I could take no more of his togue digging at
my hole, I knew it was time for me to get on the ground and let him
have me. As I hit the ground, I quickly felt his heavy body jump on
me and his front legs latch tightly onto me. Rascal then began moving
his hips, and I could feel his cock poking at my ass, seeking my tight
well prepared hole. I moved my ass up a bit, and that was all it took.
He sunk his cock into me, and I gave out a little moan as I felt it
sink hard and fast into my hole. He then held me even tighter as his
hips started pounding hard at me, fucking me with great furry! I was
once again bouncing around under him like a rag doll as he kept
driving his cock deeper and deeper into me with each of his thrusts,
and growing fatter and fatter in me. He had only been fucking me for
about 45 seconds, and already my insides felt stuffed with all of his
cock meat that was inside of me. I then felt his knot growing in me,
and Rascal knew it too, because he moved his front legs down onto my
waist, and latched on tight as he thrusted hard a deep at me as his
knot began locking us together. I suddenly felt a huge burst of his
hot cum shoot into me, which made me moan real loud as it hit hard
deep inside me, almost feeling like it shot into my stomach. My
insides where quickly heating up as I felt more and more spurts of his
hot sperm slam deep into my body. Rascal though was still fucking me
pretty hard, even though his knot was fully locked into me. It was
starting to hurt real bad because his knot was not moving in me, but
he kept tring to drive it even further into me. I was just about to
pass out from all the pain when he finally just stopped and started to
rest on top of me. Since Rascal still had his legs wrapped tightly
around my waist, and I was exhausted from all the fucking I just
recieved, I lowered my arms and got onto my elbows to rest myself.
Rascal still held onto my waist, and would he would give me a few
small thrusts, which would hurt, but since his knot was tied into me,
I knew I had to take anything he wanted, since I was now under his
full control. About 30 seconds later, I felt his front legs release me
from his grip, and I was expecting him to turn and put us both butt to
butt, but he didn't. He placed his front legs on the ground and stayed
above me, breathing a little hard. I was great with him staying on
above me because this way his knot would not be pulling at my ass. As
he stood above me, I just stayed still as his cock kept shooting his
sperm into me, breeding with me. In this postion I noticed that I
could feel just about every spurt of his sperm shooting into me and
filling me up. Some spurts where small, some where large, at least it
felt that way. Everytime I felt a large shot of his sperm shoot in me,
I would kinda squrm and moan from the pressure as it hit against my
insides. This German Shepard had some pretty big balls that where
loaded with sperm. and I knew it from our other breedings he had done
with me.

About 15 minutes had passed, and my insides where on fire from all
of his hot sperm that was filling me up, I was fully being bred with
him. I knew he would soon stop sperming in me, and his knot would
start to shrink. About 2 minutes later I heard a noise from outside
the house. It sounded like someone walking around. I got scared and
wanted Rascal out of me, but I knew that was not going to happen, so I
just listened to the walking noise, and hoped that whoever it was
would just leave. I then heard someone comming up on the old wooden
pourch of this house, and I knew I was soon to be caught by somebody
Again with Rascals cock still locked in me. I was doomed. I then heard
a familar voice say "Come on buddy", and my fears all went away at
once, It was Lyles voice. But damn my heart was still pumping. A few
seconds later, Lyle came walking into the room with Buster and saw
Rascal and I tied up, and said "Whoa Dude, I didn't know you where
here." I just smiled and said "You scared the hell out of me!!" Lyle
laughed, and said "How long have you been tied with Rascal?" I
answered "About 15 minutes I think." I then said "What are you doing
here?" Lyle said "Im horny, and I want to get fucked by my dog, and
this is a cool place to do it."
Just then, Rascal and Buster started to smell each others noses, and
Rascal gave out a small, but very meaningful growl. Lyle quickly
pulled Buster away, and said "I guess Rascal knows that Buster fucked
you, and now he's pissed." I laughed, and said "That was strange.
Maybe he is." Lyle didn't say anything, and quickly went over to the
other side of the room with Buster and took off all his clothes, and
looked over at me and said "Fuck you look so hot tied up with Rascal,
if his cock wasn't in you right now, mine would be! Damn your hot!" I
was about to say something, but Lyle started takeing off his clothes
and just planted himself on the ground and said "Come on buddy, fuck
the hell out of me." Buster began licking away at Lyle's ass prepping
it up for his cock, and Lyle was moaning with each lap of his dogs
tongue. It was about this time that I felt Rascals knot starting to
slightly shrink in me. I wiggled my ass a few times to see just how
locked we still where, and his knot still had a firm grip inside of
me. Even though he was done cumming, I was still his bitch. I then
watched as Buster mounted Lyle and clamp down on him. From where
Rascal and I where, I saw Busters reddish-pink cock hitting at Lyles
ass a few times, and then disappear into Lyle as Lyle let out a moan
as it sank in him. I guess Rascal was also watching, because he made a
strange 'growl-ish' type noise. He then lifted one of his front paws
and placed it on my back. I thought he was getting ready to turn with
me and place us both butt to butt, so I took my elbows off the ground
and went back to being on my hands readying myself for his knot to
move me backwards during the turn. But Rascal had other ideas. The
second I was back on my hands, Rascal re-clamped onto me with his
front paws and I felt his hips starting to fuck me again. I got kinda
scared because his knot was still tightly in me, and I really wanted
him not to move much, because it caused me pain when his knot would
pull at me, but what could I do besides Nothing! So I braced myself
for another fucking while being already locked to him, but to my
relief Rascal didn't fuck me hard. He only held onto me semi-tight and
moved his hips very gently at me. I could feel his knot pulling at me
just a bit, which hurt, but not that much, I then felt his knot grow
back to it's full size in me, and thats when he stopped. A few seconds
later, he dismounted me and placed us both butt to butt. During his
dismount, it was tough for me to take it when his fully hard knot
turned in my body as he placed us both butt to butt. I let out a huge
moan as my body felt like a corkscrew was turning inside me. In pain,
I still had to back my ass up as close to his as I could to hopefully
hold the pain down.

When I got as comfortable as I could, I looked over at Lyle and he
was looking right back over at me, even though Buster was still on top
of him pounding hard at him. His eyes where all glossy and his hair
was hanging down in front of his face, bouncing away a few times to
Busters pounding. He took a breath and said to me "You alright dude?"
I had to catch my breath too before I said something. When I was just
about ready to say someting, Lyle swung his head away from me and held
his head up high and began to really moan out loud. I looked at
Buster, and I could tell by his fucking motions that he was starting
his tieing with Lyles ass. Lyle started breathing hard and moaning
pretty loud with each of Busters final thrusts that would bond them
both together for the next 20 minutes while Buster would seed and
breed with his master.


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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