Have fun!!!
When Buster was fully locked into his master, he stopped his thrusting and
began to rest on top of Lyle. During the rest, Buster would give slight
jerks with his hips at Lyles ass as he started spurting his cum into his 16
year old master. I could tell Lyle was feeling Busters spurts because he
would let out a little moan-ish sound every 2 seconds or so. A few more
seconds later, Buster placed one of his front paws on Lyles back and began
to dismount him. Lyle moaned real loud as Busters knot and cock turned
inside him as they both went butt to butt, stuck to each other. Lyle
quickly moved backwards with his dog and placed his ass tightly against
Busters ass, and began submitting himself to Busters knot that was now
tightly locked up inside of him.
A few seconds had passed, and then Lyle looked over at me and said "Fuck
his knot is big, but god damn I love the feeling of being fucked by him." I
was just about to say something when he then said "Fuck dude, did Rascal
fuck you twice?" I didn't know what he meant, and said "Huh?" Lyle quickly
said "When Buster started fucking me, I heard you start moaning real loud
and noticed that Rascal was humping you again even though you and him where
already tied together." I adjusted myself a bit to Rascals knot and said
"I don't know, I was feeling his knot starting to shrink in me, and then he
pumped at me a few times and now it's back to full size in me." Lyle
laughed and said "Well, maybe he got horny again when he saw Buster fucking
me." I kinda laughed and said "I guess so, first time he's ever done that."
We both then fell silent and went back to being submissive to each of our
dogs knots that where tightly locked in both of our 16 year bodies, filling
us up (spurt by spurt) with their massive amounts of sperm. I remember
looking over at Lyle and Buster, and I noticed that one of Busters hind
legs was not fully planted on the ground. He was kinda standing on his toes
with that leg, and sometimes he would raise the leg a bit, and then put it
back down. It was kinda strange. I then wondered if Rascal was doing the
same thing with me, so I bent my head down and looked under me to see his
hind legs, and they where both firmly on the ground. So I have no idea what
that was all about. A few more minutes passed, when I felt Rascals knot
starting to shrink in me again. I was relieved just knowing that he was
about done with me since im sure we must have been stuck together for at
least 25 minutes now, and my insides where on fire with the amount of cum
that was inside me. As I waited to be freed from Rascals knot, I kept
looking at Lyle and Buster being tied together, and that made my cock rock
hard. I wanted to start jacking off, but I couldn't since Rascal was still
locked in me. Damn I was Horny!
A few minutes later, Rascal was ready to release me. I began feeling his
shrunken knot slide towards my exit and then it popped out of me followed
by his huge massive/long cock that when It came out of me, it sent my ass
into a tingling sensation as this massive amount of meat slid out of me. I
quickly just dropped to the ground and my body quivered from the sensation
my ass was feeling. I began panting myself as I laid there feeling the
sensation starting to subside. I then heard Lyle say "Damn dude, looks like
someone just got a good fucking this time." I was still in a daze and I
just said "Oh Fuck yeah I did." I then rose my head and looked over at
Lyle, who was looking right back at me, and he quickly said "Damn Dude!
Your face looks weird, you did get fucked good didn't ya?" I didn't know
what to say since I was still a bit in a diffrent world, but I managed to
choke out the words "Fuck...Im well fucked this time...I can't even move."
And I really could not move because that tingling sensation seemed to move
down into my legs. It felt like my legs where being shocked with an
electrical current or something. I then told Lyle what I was feeling, and
he was quick to say "Dude, Rascals knot is so fucking big, I don't know how
your able to take it every time. You two where stuck together for about a
half hour, maybe his knot made your legs fall asleep or something..He did
fuck you twice." I really didn't know what to say back to him, so I just
said "Maybe". I was just about to lay my head down on the carpet and rest
more, when I looked over at him, and saw that he was still fully tied with
Buster. I then said "Buster ready to pull out of you yet?" I then watched
as Lyle moved his ass slightly against Busters, and pull once. He said
"Nope, not yet, but I think he's done cumming in me since I can't feel it
hitting my insides anymore." I was just about to say something when Lyle
perked up and said "Maybe not, I think I just felt him shoot more cum in
me...I can't tell anymore since his cum has my whole insides are warmed up
from all of his cum." I replyed with "Thats cool, I have to rest dude."
Lyle didn't say anything, so I placed my head back down on the carpet and
began to rest. As I did, I remember moving my feet a few times just to see
if that would help the tingling sensation in my legs. It did start to work,
so I kept doing it for about 3 minutes until I felt the tingling go away. I
was glad it did, since I was kinda scared not knowing what this tingling
was, since I had never felt it before when Rascal had fucked me.
When my legs feelings came back, I remember that my balls felt all wet. I
raised my ass to see what was making them feel that way, and I saw a huge
wet spot on the floor. It was Rascals cum that had leaked out of me, and
Damn it was a lot of cum! My insides still felt like they where full of
his sperm. I started to stand up and my ass still had slight tingling, but
I was able to handle it. I looked for Rascal, and he was over near the
closet layng down, and looking over at me. He had strange look on his face,
kinda like a smirk. He knew he had just fucked me good. I then looked over
at Lyle, and he was still tied with Buster. I started to walk around just
to get my blood pumping through my legs and ass, when Lyle spoke up and
said "You alright dude?" I looked over at him and said "Yeah, I think
so.. at least I can walk again." He laughed and said "When Buster pulls out
of me, can I fuck you next?" I was quick to respond with "Dude, Rascal did
me in... my ass is so sore right now, I need to let it rest for awhile."
And with that, I layed back down on the floor to rest..Trust me, I was over
fucked, and at 16 years old, I was worried why my ass was still tingling.
As I layed there, I kept feeling my asshole being real tender and still
tingling a bit. Every time I would squeeze it shut (to keep Rascals cum in
me) it would tingle. At one point I decided to put my finger on my asshole,
just to see if I was bleeding or anythng. When I did, my hole shot a Huge
tingling sensation through my whole body! I was scared, but I looked at my
finger, and there was no blood, so that made me feel a lot better. I then
figured that Rascal had fucked me good when he was re-fucking me when his
knot was already locked in me. I started guessing that when his knot had
us tied together, and then he started fucking me again, that his knot must
have did something to my nerves in my butt when his knot was locked inside
me, durning his re-fucking of me. Whatever it was, my 16 year old body was
tingling and tired. I was so over fucked.
As I layed there, I looked over at Lyle and Buster, and they where still
locked together. I spoke up and said "Dude, you look so hot tied up to
Buster." Lyle was quick to respond with "I think hes done with me.I can
feel his knot getting smaller in me...damn im loaded up with his cum." I
then moved closer to him and put my hand up between his butt and Busters
cock, just to feel how tightly they where locked together. As I did, Lyle
moaned and asked me what I was doing, and I told him I was curious, and
that I wanted to see if I could feel Busters knot pulling at his ass. As my
hand went up between them, I could feel Busters small shaft that was
protruding out of Lyles ass, and I then felt Lyles asshole, and noticed
that it was pushed outward because of Busters knot that was still in him. I
then went back to to Busters shaft and began stroking it. Buster seemed to
not like it, because he gave a big pull that took both him and Lyle
backwards. Lyle moaned real loud and said "Dude! Please dont do that, that
hurt!" I said "Opps, sorry..I didn't mean for Buster to tug on you." He
said "No problem, it seemed to have made is knot shrink more in me. As I
backed off, I asked Lyle "Any idea on how long before he releases you?"
Lyle took a few seconds to respond, and said "Im not sure..maybe a few more
minutes...why do you ask?" I said "Because I have to get Rascal back to
the shop before anyone finds him missing." Lyle was quick to say "Well,
take him back right now, as you can see, im not going anywhere soon." I
laughed and said "Ok, I will be right back." I then called Rascal over to
me and he slowly lumbered his body off the ground and came over to me. As
we started walking down the stairs, Lyle said "Hurry back, this place is
creepy." Rascal and I then went outside and started heading down the train
tracks back towards the shop. When we where just about there, I grabbed
Rascal by his collar and we both slowly peeked into the shops yard, and it
was quiet. We reached the part of the fence where I let him out, and Rascal
seemed to know that it was time to go back in the yard, because he put his
big head down and waited for me to lift the fence. I took another look
around, just to make sure the coast was clear, and it was, so I lifted the
fence and Rascal quickly went right back in the yard.
As I started my way back towards the "Haunted House", Rascal was
following me along the fence line like he was guarding me. When I reached
the end of the fence, I stopped and reached in and gave Rascal a few pats
on the head, and said "Damn buddy, you fucked me good today..good boy. See
ya next time buddy." I continued on my way back towards the house, and I
remember still feeling my ass haveing a slight tingling to it as I
walked. It felt kinda cool. When I reached the house, I quietly went up
the stairs, just to see if I could scare Lyle, and as I was going up, I
heard Lyle give out a huge moan and then say "Oh fuck Buster..god damn you
put a lot of cum in me boy." I knew that moan, and could tell that Lyle and
Buster had just seperated from each other. Lyle was now laying flat on the
ground resting from Busters fucking, and since my 16 year old cock needed
to fuck something bad! I came up the stairs. As I did, Lyle looked at me
and said "Hey...Buster finally pulled out about a minute ago." I looked
down on him and said "Dude, can I fuck you now?" Lyle replyed "Damn, my ass
is sore and totally filled up with my dogs cum.

If you want to put your cum inside of me too, go for it!


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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