She lets her boyfriends and his flatmates all have her
As Dan watched the hot teenage girl sucking on his house mate's cock he could not believe how lucky he was. From the first time that his flatmate Richard had brought Sarah round Dan had been jealous, as had their other house mate Philip. Now all three of them were going to have her. When Richard had suggested the idea Dan had thought it was some kind of joke. He knew from experience the kind of jokes the three played on each other. They had been friends since senior school and all through college. When Dan had needed a couple of people to share the rent on a house after college the other two were the obvious choices. That had been nearly two years ago now.

Richard had insisted however that it was not a joke, that Sarah really was interested in having all three of them at once. Finally Dan had agreed, never really expecting it to happen. But now it was, Sarah was on her knees in front of them. Sucking on Richard's cock while wanking Dan and Philip off. Which just made her look extra hot. Not that it was hard for Sarah to look hot, she almost exuded sexiness. With her olive skin and dark eyes and long black hair. As well as a nice full figure, with globular breasts and a nice shapely ass and great legs. All of this packaged up in her five foot of height. The black lace bra and stockings lingerie she was wearing as she sucked on Richard's cock simply added to her sexiness.

Sarah move to face Dan's cock. He watched as she slipped her full lips around him. A moan of pleasure escaped his lips at the feel of her warm mouth around his cock. She pushed down him until she was holding the whole length of his cock in her mouth, sucking firmly on it. Dan groaned, amazed that she could take all of him with such ease. She began to slide her lips along him, moving up and down his cock. Sucking on him, pulling him deep into her mouth each time she moved down him. Dan closed his eyes, simply enjoying the sensation of her mouth around his cock. She was warm, wet, sucking firmly on him as she slipped her mouth along him.

Then she pulled away, turning to face Philip. Like she had with Dan she slid her mouth down his cock, taking all of him in her. Dan watched Philip's reaction as the hot teenage girl sucked on him. His friend looked like he could not believe this was happening to him. Which was not surprising as Philip had never been that good with the girls, not that he was a virgin just not as good at getting girls as Dan and Richard. So to have this hot girl sucking on him like this was quiet a shock for Philip. Sarah pulled back from Philip's cock, leaning back onto her heels and looking up at them.

“So which on of you gets to fuck me first?” She said in a deep whisper.

“That'd be me.” Richard told her, leaning down to pull her to her feet. Dan watch him lead her across the sitting room towards the sofa. Her thin black lace lingerie did nothing to hide her sexy figure. Her full breasts, her nice hourglass figure, round hips. The stockings and the pair of black heeled shoes simple added to the look of her legs. So shapely and firm, running up to a perfectly round ass that Dan really wanted to fuck. He was not certain if he could, even though Richard had said as far as Sarah was concerned anything went tonight.

Dan watched as Richard slowly pulled Sarah's panties down, slipping them over her feet. Then he slid his hands back up her legs, running them slowly back up to her waist. Then he moved up to her bra, unclasping it with ease. Dan took a sharp breath in as the bra dropped to the floor and he saw her naked breasts. Perfectly round, natural looking, each topped by a large brown nipple. Nipples that Richard now played with, squeezing them between his finger and thumb. Sarah gave a soft murmur of pleasure at the touch. Then Richard guided her down onto the sofa, laying her on her back. He climbed onto the sofa between her legs, pulling her towards him. With a quick hard thrust he entered her. Sarah gave a soft cry of pleasure which turned into repeated moans as Richard began to thrust deep into her.

Dan watched for a minute as his Richard fucked his hot teenage girlfriend. Then Dan walked slowly towards the sofa. He stopped looking down at the sexy young body in front of him. Her eyes half closed, mouth open as she moaned in pleasure. Her large breasts rocking with each thrust into her. Dan glanced over at Richard, who nodded once in consent. Reaching down Dan cupped one breast, squeezing it hard with his hand. Feeling the nipple pressing against his palm. He moved his hand up to Sarah's head, turning her to face him. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, then down to Dan's cock as he guided her head towards it.

“I want to fuck your mouth.” Dan told her, she smiled in reply and slipped her lips around his cock. Dan pushed forwards, until all of his cock was in her mouth. He felt her sucking on him as he held himself in her until she gave a soft gag. Dan pulled back, sliding out of her mouth. She looked up at him, her dark eyes hooded with lust.

“Do it, I want your cock deep in my throat.” She said in a throaty whisper.

“Go for it,” Richard said. “She loved having my cock pushed down her throat.” Dan tightened his grip on the back of Sarah's head. Before pushing his cock into her mouth. Thrusting into her deeply, feeling the head of his cock brushing against the back of her throat. Sarah sucked hard on him as he held himself in her mouth. Then he began to slide in and out, slowly fucking her mouth. Each time pushing his cock as deep down her throat as he could. As Dan fucked her mouth Richard continued to pound at her pussy. Rocking Sarah's young body with his thrusts. Dan could hear her as she started to gag on him. But she did nothing to try and stop him. If anything she sucked harder on him. Her hand reached between his legs to grip his ass. Pulling him into her harder.

Taking that as a cue to go faster Dan increased his speed. Pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. Sarah made a mix of mews of pleasure and soft gagging noises as he fucked her mouth. Richard also increased his speed, ramming in harder and faster. Dan reached down to one of Sarah's breasts, twisting the nipple hard. Sarah gave a sharp loud mew around his cock. Dan twisted the nipple again, at the same time pushing his cock right down Sarah's throat and holding it there. He felt his fingers dig into his ass. He groaned at the sensation of her mouth wrapped totally around him, her lips pressing into the base of his cock. When he felt her gagging hard he pulled back out of her mouth. She took a sharp breath in, her eyes watering slightly.

“More,” she gasped to him. “I want more.” Dan lent forwards to thrust into her mouth again. Leaning over her to rest his one hand on the back of the sofa. His other hand twisted into her long black hair, pushing her head towards him. He began to thrust rapidly in and out of her mouth. Hearing her gag on him, along with her mews and gasps of pleasure. He heard Richard grunting hard, glanced over to see his friend slamming into her pussy with the same force Dan was using with her face.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum.” Richard gasped sharply as his thrusts increased. Dan grunted as he too felt his orgasm getting close. With a loud moan Richard held himself inside Sarah shuddering as he came. Dan thrust in and out of her mouth, feeling her sucking on him.

“Oh god, oh god.” He moaned as he tipped over the edge. Holding his cock deep in her mouth he emptied himself into her. Sarah gave a sharp mew of pleasure before her mouth was filled with his cum. He felt her swallow hard as he pumped himself into her mouth. He held his cock in her mouth until he had pumped every drop of his cum into her. Then pulled back to look down at her. She was gasping for breath, her mascara running slightly. Her chin was wet with spit and sweat. He could see a dribble of his cum on her cheek. Sarah reached up to wipe her face, slowly sucking his cum off her fingers.

“Umm, lovely, that was a good start.” She said in a deep voice. “Who's next?” Dan knew he was not going to be him. He needed a few minutes to recover from how hard he had cum in her mouth. As he moved back, breathing hard, he felt Philip moving past him. Watching Dan saw him climb onto the sofa. Reaching down to pull Sarah up towards him Philip thrust hard into her. Sarah cried out in pleasure as she was entered again. Philip began to thrust in and out hard, with the desperate need of a man who had not had sex in months. He reached up to grab Sarah's breasts, kneading them with his fingers. Slamming his cock in and out of her body as he did. Then he pulled his hands down to hook her legs pulling her into his thrusts. Ramming into her harder and faster.

“Oh yes, yes fuck yes.” Sarah gasped as her young teenage body was fucked hard. Dan watched for a minute more then headed towards his room. He knew that Philip was not going to last long, it had been too long since he had been with a woman. Dan needed to get something before he took his turn with her. In his room he opened his bed side draw and pulled out a small tube of lube. Time to see if Sarah was up for anything. Holding the tube he headed back to the sitting room.

As he had expected Philip was already finished. He was collapsed on one chair watching as Richard fucked Sarah's face. The girl was on her knees in front of him. Richard holding her head still as he pushed his cock deep into her throat. Dan could hear the sound of Sarah sucked hard on her boyfriend's cock. As Dan watched she ran one hand down to between her thighs, rubbing at her clit. Richard was groaning softly as he pushed in and out of her mouth. Sarah made small mews of pleasure as he fucked her face. Dan felt his cock hardening at the sight of the young woman having her face fucked. While she fingered her pussy, obviously enjoying the experience.

“Oh yes baby, swallow my cock.” Richard moaned as he pushed deep into Sarah's mouth. Dan guessed that his friend must be close to cumming from the sharp breaths he was taking. Soon enough he gave a deep groan and held his cock in Sarah's mouth, shuddering as he came. Sarah swallowed hard, Dan could see her throat moving as she did. Richard pulled back once she had taken all of his cum. Sarah looked round to where Dan was standing, pulling her hand from between her legs.

“I guess you're next.” She said to Dan.

“Yes but I can wait, if you want to continue.” He said pointing to her hand. Sarah smiled and nodded as she pulled herself up onto the edge of the sofa. She parted her legs and ran her hands back down to rub at her pussy. Using her fingers she parted her lips giving the three of them a clear view of her rubbing her clit. Her fingers sliding up and down over it, rubbing it firmly. Then she moved them down to push three fingers into her pussy, at the same time rubbing the pad of her thumb over her clit. Dan watched entranced at the sight of this hot teenage girl fingering herself in front of them. She lent back into the sofa, moaning softly as her fingers worked on her pussy. As they watch she ran one hand up to cup a breast. Curling her fingers around it, rubbing and twisting her large swollen nipple.

“Yes, oh yes.” She gasped breathlessly. Her body moving as she brought herself closer and closer to cumming. Now she was pawing at her breast, while rapidly rubbing her fingers over her clit. “Oh fuck, oh god, fuck.” She moaned deeply, arching backwards, her hear writhing as she rushed to her orgasm. “YES, FUCK YES.” She cried, her voice shrill as she stiffened into her orgasm. “God, oh god, yes.” She repeated as the orgasm ran through her. Dan watching her young body rippling with the effects of her orgasm. Then she sank down into the sofa breathing hard. Glancing between them with eyes that were heavy with sexual passion. She looked last at Dan.

“Was that what you wanted.” She said, Dan nodded in reply. Then he lifted the tube up and began to unscrew the top. “What's that?” Sarah asked.

“Lube.” Dan told her.

“Oh what do you want that for.” She asked the excited look on her face showing that she had a very good idea what it was for.

“I want to fuck your ass, and I want to do it hard.”

“Oooh, that sounds like fun. How hard.”

“As hard as I can, if you think you can take it.”

“I can take anything you've got.” She said with a challenging tone to her voice. Dan gave a short laugh then motioned for her to turn round. Sarah stood up and move to lay over the end of the sofa, her nice round ass in the air. “Like this,” she said looking back at him with her eyes flashing with lust.

“Perfect,” Dan said as he walked over to her. Rubbing lube over his cock as he approached. When he stood behind her he squeezed a good dollop of lube onto his fingers and rubbed it against her anus, pushing first one then two fingers into her. Sarah gave a soft hiss of pleasure as he pushed his fingers deep into her. Dan smiled, he was definitely going to enjoy this. Her ass was tight around his fingers, he knew it would feel so tight around his cock. He pulled his fingers out, looking down at the star of flesh that was her ass hole. He pressed his cock against it, rubbing the head of his cock over the ass. Then he pushed it against her, feeling her open slightly.

“Do it, she likes it hard.” Richard told Dan. Dan nodded, hooking one hand around her hip. He used his other to push himself into her so the head of his cock was just inside her. He moved his hand round to hook it around her other hip. Holding her still as he took in a deep breath. Before slamming his cock as hard into her ass as was possible.

“FUCK!” Sarah cried out as he entered her. Her shout was loud enough to hide Dan's moan of pleasure as he felt her ass opening around him. Ramming into her hard, stretching her open. He pulled out, then thrust in again just as hard. Sarah grunted sharply as he pound into her. Dan tightened his grip around her hips and began to thrust in and out of her ass. Slamming his cock hard into her, feeling her tight young ass stretching around him.

“Oh fuck, god, yes, fuck me yes.” Sarah gasped in a sharp voice, mixed with pleasure and pain. From the way she began to push back into his thrusts Dan guessed there was more pleasure than pain. He continued to ram in and out. Driving himself as far into her body as he could. He could see the way her body rocked with each thrust. The way her head lifted up and down in time with his thrusts. Sarah gasping loudly, her voice grown gradually shriller as his assault on her ass continued.

He released her hips, running his hands up to cup her breasts. Digging his fingers into their firm flesh he pulled her upwards. Ramming up into her ass, lifting her up onto her toes. Sarah arched her back into his chest, one hand curling round his shoulder the other reaching round to cup his thigh. Dan rammed in and out hard, fast, repeated thrusts into her. Pawing and kneading her breasts. Twisting her large nipples between his finger and thumb.

“Fuck Sarah you’re so hot.” He hissed in her ear.

“You’re so hard, fuck me, so hard.” She gasped back, twisting her face round to press her lips against his. Dan kissed her hard, pressing his tongue into her mouth. Probing, curling it around inside her mouth. She matched his strength with her own. As he kept on slamming into her ass, amazed at how much she could take. He felt her rocking her ass against him. Matching his thrusts to take him even deeper into her. Her nipples were like rocks they were so hard in his fingers. She broke from the kiss, moaning loudly.

“Fuck, oh fuck, don’t oh god don’t stop.” She said her voice shrill, tight. “You’re gonna make…unn oh yes fuck, Fuck, FUCKKK!” The last word turning into a wild squeal as she came. Her body jolting against him at the power of her orgasm. The sensation caught him totally by surprise. In a few seconds Dan was on the edge of his own orgasm. He grabbed her hair, pushing her back down over the sofa. Began to ram in harder, using the approaching orgasm to add to his thrusts.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH YES DAN FUCK.” Sarah squealed at the top of her voice as his thrusts grew wilder and faster.

“Going. To. Cum.” Dan gasped a few seconds before his orgasm erupted into her. He buried his cock right in her ass, pulling back on her hair as he came. Emptying himself into her young ass with deep moans of pleasure. Sarah gave out loud mews of feeling as he pumped into her. As his orgasm drew to a end he relaxed his grip on her hair. Sliding his hands along her body. Her skin was slick with sweat. He pulled out of her slowly, his legs shaky from his orgasm. Sarah crawled onto the sofa gasping for breath.

“My god, you can do that every time if you want.” Sarah told Dan.

“Hey I like fucking your ass too.” Richard said.

“That’s ok, you can take turns. You both make me cum fucking me like that.” Then she glanced over to Philip, who was still sat in the chair. His cock was rock hard from watching Dan fucking her in the ass. Sarah smiled and walked towards him. Philip’s eyes went wide as he watched her approach.

“You’re the only one who I haven’t sucked off yet.” Sarah told him, “I better do something about that.” Dan fought not to laugh at the expression of total amazement on Philip’s face. He covered his mouth to hide his attempts not to laugh as she watched Sarah drop to her knees between Philip’s legs. She lent forwards and ran her tongue over the head of Philip’s cock, then licked her tongue along the underside. Before slipping her lips over him, sliding them down to take all of him in her mouth. Philip closed his eyes and moaned softly. Dan sank onto the sofa watching as the hot teenage girl sucked on his friend. Sliding her mouth up and down him in a slow motion. Taking all of him in her mouth as she did. Philip curled both hands in her hair. She increased her movements, going faster on him. Then Philip began to push upwards, thrusting his cock into her mouth.

Sarah gave a stifled moan of pleasure as he pushed up into her mouth. She matched his movement, pushing her mouth down on him as he pushed up into her. Letting him thrust his cock into her mouth. Dan could only guess, but he reckoned Philip was driving his cock right to the back of her throat from the soft gagging noises coming from her. She did nothing to pull away, or stop him. Just let him take control as he pushed her head down onto his thrusts. It sounded like she was sucking hard on him as he fucked her mouth.

By now Philip was gasping her, his face twisted into a mask of pleasure. With a groan he stiffened, cumming in her mouth. Once he had finished cumming Philip released her head. She lifted it to look him in the eyes. As Dan watched she deliberately swallow Philip’s cum so he could watch. Philip’s eyes were wide in amazed pleasure. Sarah rocked back to sit in the middle of the room. Her expression was one of a cat which had just got the cream.

“Richard baby, you had better allow me to do this again. Your friends are seriously hot and very good at fucking.” She said, looking over at Richard.

“I somehow think than if I didn’t my friends would murder me.” Richard replied, Dan and Philip nodded.

“Umm good, maybe next time you can all take me at once.”

“How do you mean?” Philip asked.

“All together, one in my pussy, one in my ass and one fucking my mouth.” Sarah told him, “something tells me I’d cum like I never have before if you did that.”

“I’m sure me and my friends would be up for that.” Richard said, again Dan and Philip nodded in agreement.

“Soon, baby, soon.” Sarah said with a deep lust filled smile.

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