"This is a story about an innocent pet, lost in the gloaming woods..."
This is a story about an innocent pet, lost in the gloaming woods until a Master by the name of Vlad finds her. He knows the pet is frightened and overwhelmed in the darkling forest, but it being his home, knows well how to guide the pet. The trick is to find a way into the poor fightened pets mind, gaining her trust and loyalty, drawing her mind out of the closed space it is confined within, into his world where there are few boundries. He does this easily enough for him, with patience and a firm hand until he has made her his. Then he begins her true education.

Vlad is accustomed to keeping his pet collared, leashed, and naked always and on her hands and knees most of the time. Her cunt stuffed insanely full with anything that it pleases him to see inside her, keeping it stretched wide and open for his pleasure always. He keeps her on constant edge, constantly wet and ready for him with slaps or a belt to her tender, throbbing clit and swollen cunt until she begs him for mercy. Her cries for mercy only serving to inflame his passion more, Vlad continues to redden her cunt until he is pleased, adding handprints over her ass and thighs to compliment it's colour.

On those occassions when he allows her to remove whatever he has stuffed her cunt with this time, he quickly replaces it with his fist, brutally fist fucking her, making her his puppet, until she screams with pain and pleasure and floods him with evidence of his Mastery over her as he forces her to cum again and again. All the while marking her body with his teeth, some bites so hard they almost draw blood, his nails marking her with his name and cruel deep scratches. As he torments his pet with with the pleasure of his pain as only he can, he whispers in her ear that he is preparing her for something and that she will find out soon enough what it is....

Now everyone knows, wolf packs will tolerate lone males only until they become of breeding age, at which point the pack will exile them. Sometimes these young lone males will pack together for protection until mates can be found or won and territory established. It just so happens, there was a pack of seven such young wolves in Master Vlad's part of the forest. At night they would howl, speaking to each other, and perhaps to the wolves from their home packs as well.

In the night Vlad's pet would hear the wolves howl and would tremble in fear, nestling closer to the edge of her Master's bed. Sometimes her Master would hear her whimpers of fear, reach down and comfort her. She could not see in the dark the _expression of pleasure on his face, as he heard his creatures night songs and the way they made her tremble. He would whisper quietly "Have no fear, pet. They will not harm you, they will enjoy your company as I do." If his pet had only known the true meaning of those words, she may have made some attempt to flee.

After his pet had been with him some six months, and subjected to the terrible and exquisite
transformation into his twisted little slut, he was sure she would no longer try to run, and allowed her a bit more freedom, at times even allowing her to walk (her on all fours of course) in the woods with him during the day. That evening, when he was to set out on his evening stroll, his pet know something was up, when he snapped the leash on her collar and pulled her up short to him. She was happy to accompany him, yet frightened at the same time as the sounds of the wolves in the shadows of the trees of an evening always scared her and made her tremble.

Her Master smiles down at his pet as they walk the oft trodden path to the heart of the dark woods. In the full moonlight, the glint of his fangs that she has felt at her throat so often sending chills down her spine, as he whispers, "Remember pet, do not fear. My night creatures will not harm you, they will enjoy you as I do." The hint of amusement and the definite ring of pleasure in his voice, running a thrill of fear, pleasure and apprehension through her.

Upon reaching the clearing in the center of the woods where she and her Master have spent much time together, his pet noticed something she had never seen there before, four thick stakes driven deep into the ground. His pet stops short and looks from the stakes to her Master, a questioning look in her eyes. He on the other hand never stops walking and soon her leash is jerked hard, causing her to fall forward slightly, just managing to catch herself in time to avoid hitting her face on the ground. Her Master looks back only long enough to be sure his pet wasn't hurt as he approaches the stakes, turns and looks at his pet. "Come pet. You are to enjoy a pleasure yet unrevealed to you."

he whispers darkly as guides her between the four stakes. His pet, now trembling in very real fear, dares speak up and ask "Master, please, what is to happen to your pet? Please don't leave your pet out here alone, she is frightened, Master please!" she whimpers softly, "The wolves will get her!" As he begins to bind his pet to the stakes in her position on her hands and knees, her legs being spread wider by the space between the stakes at her ankles, he says softly with an evil chuckle, "Yes, pet...the wolves will get you."

His pets eyes grow wide and her heart races with her fear. She cries softly, as she feels her
Masters hands over her body, the sweet sting of the vicious slap of his hand on her ass making her fear soaked cunt flow with even more juices. She moans softly, unable to help herself as her absolute terror and helplessness are made even more clear to her when her Master drives three fingers into her cunt, bringing forth the proof of her servitude to him, his fingers dripping with her scent laden nectar which he then spreads over her cunt, ass and thighs, shoving his fingers back inside her for more until he is satisfied she bears inside and out, the strong scent of the slut she is for him.

He laughs softly, wickedly, "That's my pet, my little wolf slut." as he slips into the shadows near a standing stone and waits patiently, knowing he has carried the scent of his slut, along with treats to the wolf pack often enough that they will recognize it immediately and will not be long in arriving. His pet, bound to the stakes hand and foot, spread helplessly wide, whimpering in fear, her heart racing, looks up to see if her Master is still there. She knows he is, she can sense his presence, his eyes upon her, but even so, not being able to see him she feels abandoned and terrified. She tries to comfort herself with the thought that this is what her Master wishes, and that he had so far let no harm come to her. That lasts until she sees the first set of eyes blink, no more than a flash of luminesence in the bright moonlight and she cries out, "Master, please! Please come for your pet, please!"

He sees it even before she does, she who in her fear has a sharpened awareness of everything around her. He saw first a slight blur of movement between the trees, followed by the blink of a set of pale blue wolven eyes. That's when he heard her begin to cry out for him. He watches her, knowing no harm will come to her, as the wolves begin to filter like mist from between the trees, surrounding her slowly. His pet watches the wolves surrounding her, her heart beating a hard tattoo against her ribs. Her flesh trembling in her terror as she watches the predatory eyes of the wolves trained on her and her alone, their noses twitching, taking in the scent of her arousal, aided by the nectar her Master drew forth and inundated her with. She shrinks back as much as she can as the first wolf approaches her, his cold nose touching her cheek ever so lightly. Pet whimpers in fear at the sight of the deadly canine incisors so close to her. As his pet is concerned with the set of jaws near her face, another wolf shoves his cold nose in her cunt, making his pet yelp in fright and try to leap forward, restrained by the bindings to the stakes the best she can do is slip away momentarily.

The wolf who shoved his nose in her cunt advances enough to be able to continue to prod her with his cold, wet snout, tentatively licking, recognizing the scent. His pet gasps as the wolfs warm wet tongue comes in contact with her slick cunt, "Master, please!" and in return hears only a soft laugh from the shadows as the wolf begins to lick the well known scent from her.
In a panic, his pet looks around and sees the other five wolves advancing from the tree line, all
eyes upon the source of the scent that has always accompanied the tasty tidbits they have enjoyed for months. His pet looks around wildly as the wolves cautiously approach her, struggling against her bonds, she pulls hard, bruising her wrists and ankles in her attempt to flee. Her Master watching from the shadows knowing she won't loosen her bonds, he's tied her tightly for her protection, her running would only provoke the wolves into attacking. He wants her attacked, but not as their meal.

The wolf with his nose in her cunt, licks hungrily, the juices and her scent flowing freely,
dripping down her thighs. Even as she struggles to escape, her body betrays her and begins to react to the wolf's insistent tongue. Her back arches against her will, exposing more of her cunt to his steady licking, his tongue sometimes penetrating her, sometimes caressing her swollen and throbbing clit. Her loud pleading with her Master born of her fear begins to change as previously uncomprehended sensations and emotions flood her mind and body and become mere whimpers as her body takes over and forces her to give in to the pleasure.

Several more wolves join the one feeding from the nectar of her cunt, lapping up what has dripped down her thighs. Her Master can see the wolves becoming aroused at the scent of his pet which now flows as freely as water from her. He watches his pet as her writhing and fighting to free herself lessens and becomes more an aquiescence to the ministrations of the busy tongues of the young wolf pack. He smiles to himself as he watches, pleased that his plans have come together so well, pleased that his pet is accepting her fate and that she will not have to be given to the wolves as a meal after all.

His pet moans quietly as the soft, slightly rough tongues of the wolves caress her, her mind in
turmoil, ages of human teaching about this being taboo rising in her mist swirled thoughts, causing her face to blush crimson and her heart to beat hard in her chest. She sheds a tear feeling a small amount of humiliation that centuries of teaching has told her she should feel at how wrong this is....and yet, she struggles and opens her mind, looks into the shadows she sees her Master, and the pleasure he will enjoy as he watches her and suddenly, nothing else matters. Her thoughts and inhibitions now powerless over her, slide away and allow her body to do what it was meant to do, to give her Master pleasure in anyway He desires.

The first wolf, obviously the alpha wolf in the pack, finishes his fill of the juices of her
arousal. His own arousal is very apparent, his cock hanging turgid and heavy beneath his belly, snarls at the others who back off immediately to mill around Vlad's pet and thier leader. The tension heavy in the air as through body language they challenge each other to the right to be the next. He mounts her, gripping her with his paws around her and with little effort finds his mark and stabs his cock home, deep in her belly. Vlad's pet screams out in surprise and pain as she is penetrated with the wolfs huge cock so suddenly and brutally.

Vlad, still watching silently from the shadows, captivated by the sight of his pet about to be
impaled by the large and dangerous animal, takes a deep breath as he hears his pet cry out in the surprise and pain. He watches as she lunges forward slightly to escape the pain in her belly from the rock hard animal cock now buried inside her. The wolf begins thrusting and as he does so, Vlad sinks to a crouch to better see how much of this young beast his pet can take within her, wondering, hoping the wolf will be able to knot with her. Knowing he has stretched her and trained her well, but will it be good enough? He is sure it will be, but still waits with baited breath to see the proof of his patient labour.

After the initial shock and pain of the wolfs forceful entry, Vlad's pet finds her body craves even
more of this exquisite pain. All other thoughts gone from her head besides those of pleasing her Master and of obtaining release, her back arches down further, opening her to his attack even more. Her body pushes back against the wolf's cock as he begins thrusting into her, harder and deeper with each stroke. She feels a pressure against her cunt,and knowing only that she needs/wants more she rocks back as hard as the wolf thrusts forward. Vlad's pet gives a final scream of pain as the wolf's knot stretches her open and enters her with one vicious thrust from the wolf. The wolf feeling his knot inside the pet, her cunt closing tightly around it, begins fucking her even harder, deeper, faster. The bony tip of his cock slamming into the farthest reaches of the pets cunt, making her scream out with pain and exstacy with every thrust.

Vlad, still crouched in the shadows watches with satisfaction as the wolf's knot sinks deep inside his pets cunt, knowing that soon the wolf will spill his hot seed inside her, he takes another deep breath of satisfaction and continues to watch. His _expression of wicked pleasure and arousal more than what most mortals could bear to see. He whispers just loud enough for her to hear it in her head, "I am pleased, my pet."

His pet, hearing her Master's barely breathed words, is filled with a lust and desire for him so
great she is no longer able to control herself and with an animalistic growl, thrusts her hips
higher for the wolf to posses her, to fill her with his cum. The beast growls in response, and with a final savage thrust pumps his cum into the pet, her cunt contracting around his knot, holding him there, milking every last drop of hot seed from him as her orgasm rocks her body, the image of her Master burning in her head. The young wolf, temporarily exhausted from his efforts, rests his body atop her for a moment before attempting to dismount. Unable to free his cock from her, he stands ass to tail with her, his knot still buried inside Vlad's pet.

Her Master, smiles to himself as he watches the knotting, his own arousal becoming evident. He will not allow himself to release her until every one of the wolves has possessed her, this as a reward for their loyalty. In short order, he sees the first wolf disengage from his pet, hears her soft whimper of pain and of pleading, pleading not to be vacated. He makes himself comfortable against the standing stone as the next wolf wastes no time mounting his pet, slamming his huge cock home somewhat easier than the first one was able to, and rests his head against the stone not missing a single detail.

Vlad's pet cries out pleadingly as the knot of the first wolf slips from her over filled cunt, the
wolf's cum sliding down her thighs warmly. She has only a second to wish it had not ended before the next wolf takes the first ones place. As this one finds his mark and drives savagely deep within her, she again whimpers, from the pain of his huge wolf cock penetrating to her core, but also in pleasure. Her back again arching, hips lifting to him, she takes his abuse, the brutal thrusts of his cock inside her, even screaming out her Master's name as the knot of the second wolf stretches her swollen tissues, slamming into her as painfully,exquistly as the first had done.

His pets mind leaves her as wolf after wolf has his cruel, ruthless way with her, her orgasms innumerable, the quantity of her own cum, and wolf seed spilling from her open cunt, unimaginable to her.As one by one the wolves finish with his pet, they vanish quietly into the tree-line once again, seemingly as if they knew, this was just a treat and there would be more to come.

As the last wolf spills his seed inside her, his pets cunt so ravaged at this point knotting is impossible, he slides from her, dismounts and disappears as well. Vlad, rising from his place in the shadows, steps quietly to his exhausted pet, kneels in front of her, his thick hard cock brushes her cheek as he lifts her tear stained to face to his. "You aren't finished yet, my pet. You still have MY seed to coax forth. Let's see if you can milk my cock as well as you can a wolf's." as he places the head of his cock to her lips.

Even in her weariness she tries hard to please him, licking, sucking his cock as if it were the most precious gift he could give her, for indeed it was. Wanting to possess her, fuck her, fill her himself, he withdraws his cock from her hot mouth and rises then kneels behind her. Slapping her ass hard to get her attention, she yelps softly, arching her back down, thrusting her hips to him in offering. Her cunt open, the evidence of her recent ravagement still seeping from her, he teases her with his cock as she groans softly, trying to press back against him, to take him within her.

Her Master smiles and whispers softly to his pet, "Are you ready, my pet?" She moans softly, "Yes Master,please, now!!" She had no idea the manner in which he had decided to take her and she screams in pain as he possesses her as he never has before, claiming the one
thing he never had till this moment as he drives himself home in her ass. Fucking her hard and deep, she groans as the pain turns to pleasure, he feels her body begin it's tell tale grinding, pulsating that tells him she is so close to cumming, he growls "CUM now, my slut!!!" as his own orgasm rips through him, pumping his own hot seed deep within his pets belly.

His pet hearing his growled order to cum, lets go everything she held back so far, her orgasm so powerful, so overwhelming she cannot support herself any longer and sinks to the ground. Feeling the weight of her Master on her, knowing she is safe, she falls into a dead sleep, waking later to find herself in her bed, wondering if it was all just a dream. As she tries to sit up, she cries out from the pain in every part of her body and knows it wasn't a dream. Sinking back into the pillow, with a small smile of happiness at having pleased her Master, she drops back to sleep.

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2014-07-29 01:53:10
Great story. Maybe bring a few other animals into it too

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I enjoyed this story, it was GREAT & you seem to be a good writer. I don't find misspelled words and the content makes sense, this is not always the case.
I don't know if I could bring myself to have sex with any canine, much less a wild canine. But I DO like reading about it.

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Superb, well done, beastiality at its erotic best, excellent story. I creamed my panties reading it.

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incredible, just incredible. i would give it a 10-10 but all we have is the yes or no. yes all the way


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loved it contact me and i would do it with you

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